Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 46

46 Smooth

Ling Ran slowly adapted to Zhao Leyi's rhythm.

As the surgery progressed, the difficulty of suturing increased slightly. But Ling Ran's proficiency improved at a much faster pace.

Debridement and suturing work were all too familiar for Ling Ran.

Speaking in terms of surgical methods, if you could carry out a surgical method about thirty times, you would be considered to be quite proficient with that method.

For example, if an easy operation like an appendectomy was done three or five times, the general practitioner would then be able to do it alone. If he did it a hundred times, then one could say he was skilled. Many attending physicians who had performed appendectomies could even do it without a laparoscopy. They only needed to operate with a small opening in the patient's abdomen, reach out, hook, and they could already find the appendix.

Although the Master Level Simple Interrupted Suture Ling Ran had mastered only allowed him mastery over interruptedsutures, he had done similar work like debridement up to hundreds of times. He could already handle it well, and he did not need the system to give him that particular skill.

The practical operations since his internship days had all turned into wonderful experience for Ling Ran. Not only did his experience provide him flexibility and competency in his operations, but they allowed him to accurately match up with the chief surgeon, Zhao Leyi.

Ling Ran could already got a handle of Zhao Leyi's operating habits just after stitching a few wounds. Now, he could even guess Zhao Leyi's thoughts when his hand turned to another direction.

On this basis, Zhao Leyi only felt working with Ling Ran was even more comfortable than having a massage.

To put it bluntly, Zhao Leyi was initially not very fond of this intern, Ling Ran.

'He's too proud! Too tall! Too handsome! And he learns too fast!'

In short, Zhao Leyi was very unhappy with a tall, handsome and arrogant intern who picked things up too quickly.

However, after Ling Ran joined him at the operating table, Zhao Leyi felt indescribably at ease.

The operation had gone way too smoothly.

As his eyes looked at the bleeding points being controlled one by one, with each and every wound being sutured and the patient's blood pressure getting stabilized, Zhao Leyi's heart was simply bursting with a sense of accomplishment.

It was especially so when several colleagues from other departments were around to watch them. Zhao Leyi felt much more delighted than having a beautiful woman or expensive cars around him.

In medical terms, his secretion of dopamine right then could even fill up the creases of his cerebral cortex.

Zhao Leyi looked up and snuck a glance at Ling Ran. He still looked unwelcoming, but he did not seem so unpleasant to the eye anymore.

"The whole arm will be yours to stitch, can you do it?" Zhao Leyi was also tired from carrying out the surgical operation. Concentrating all the time took up a lot of energy.

Moreover, the injuries of this patient from the car accident were mainly concentrated in his lower body. The wound on the arm was not relatively serious, but it would take much more than an ordinary debridement and suturing. The operation could be sped up and the other departments would not have to wait too long if two people stitched the wounds together.

Ling Ran was as calm as ever. He nodded and said, "Okay."

Then, he called out to the surgical nurse, "Tissue scissors."

A pair of surgical scissors instantly fell into his hands.

Zhao Leyi always felt that the speed at which the nurse gave the medical instruments to Ling Ran was faster than for himself.

If there were not so many people present and watching, he could have begun telling a saucy joke.

'Refresh your mind. Strengthen your heart.'


"Suture scissors."

The rhythm in Ling Ran's hands did not change at all even though he had obtained the opportunity to operate independently.

The general surgery resident doctors who were waiting in the operating theater were envious and surprised when they noticed this, but did not make a sound.

It was a rare opportunity for ordinary resident doctors to operate independently. However, for Ling Ran, that was not considered that rare.

In fact, the chances of Ling Ran getting such opportunities were much more than that of the resident doctors.

In the case of open wound treatment alone, during the three years of standardized training for an Emergency Department resident doctor, they only had to complete, as an assistant, ten cases of surgical debridement and suturing.

Of course, an Emergency Department resident doctor needed to master more than just debridement and suturing. In theory, they were required to carry out five cardiopulmonary resuscitations, two gastric lavages, five defibrillations, five tracheal intubations, and so on.

However, in terms of local standards, there were only a handful of hospitals that could allow their residents to complete that quantity and ensure the quality of all operations.

"Curved scissors."

Ling Ran looked up and exercised his neck for a while.

The scrub nurse handed the curved scissors to Ling Ran and took the opportunity to stare at Ling Ran for a few seconds. Her little heart was fluttering and palpitating.

Ling Ran looked cool, seemingly unaware of her stare.

He liked to be a doctor, and his favorite thing about being one was the environment in the operating theater.

If he was a civil servant, he would be considered by his colleagues to be nitpicky; if he went to do engineering work, it would be likely that he would not be liked by the people; but here, even if he was doing the simplest surgery, no one would urge him to be faster just because he wanted to do one more check on the bleeding points.

Ling Ran clearly called out the name of the instruments he wanted while he operated.

"#0 Thread Forceps Gauze"

Zhao Leyi found it somewhat hilarious.

Normally, doctors would not yell like this, especially senior physicians above the level of attending physicians. Most of them would be gossiping away. Some of the fat, middle-aged doctors would start cracking dirty jokes or would have already cracked a few dirty jokes while they reached for the surgical instruments and simply take the instruments themselves.

Surgical nurses who were cooperative would naturally hand the correct instrument to the doctor without needing the doctor to call out the name of the devices.

The nurses in the operating theater were more familiar with the surgical methods than doctors; they knew what the doctor needed next.

However, Ling Ran did not have that kind of experience and he was not familiar with the nurse, so he would naturally call out the instruments he needed.

"Hemostatic forceps Toothed forceps surgical magnifying glasses..."

The more Ling Ran called out for the surgical devices, the more Zhao Leyi found him interesting, but his smile did not last long.

"What are you going to do with the surgical magnifying glasses?" Zhao Leyi was still minding his own part when he heard this and quickly looked over.

The patient's hand was seen getting straightened by Ling Ran, and he was already busy stitching the patient's wound.

"Arm is lacerated. Blood vessels are anastomosed and the tendon is sutured," Ling Ran replied solemnly, the movements of his hands did not stop as the little nurse steadily handed the instrument to him.