Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 460

461 Simple Reques

"Everyone, could we talk?" Mei Tiangui earnestly gestured as an invitation. 

Lu Wenbin and the others looked at each other. They dared not leave like Ling Ran so they followed Mei Tiangui to the waiting room on the other end of the corridor. 

Doctor Jin was also called over by Mei Tiangui. He sat by the side and eyed everyone with a judgmental gaze. 

"Truly, being young is a subject of envy." Doctor Jin was a proper medical practitioner. He always acted with an air of supremacy that cultured people had when he faced his juniors, and he always possessed the urge to rank them in his mind. 

Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin could only giggle foolishly.

They were a resident doctor and a houseman in Yun Hua Hospital respectively. They were both considered the type of doctors who could be easily bullied, and they had already gotten used to being bullied. 

Yu Yuan was actually about the same too. She was now a chief resident, but she used to be a senior resident doctor. However, to Doctor Jin, who had been a chief physician for a long time, she still faced the destiny of being bullied. 

There was no need to even mention Zuo Cidian. He had been bullied since he was young.

Doctor Jin was the exact opposite of them. He graduated from a famous university a long time ago, and he had been famous ever since he was still young. He was valued by the hospital and trusted by patients as well as their families. Then, he got connected with Mei Tiangui, so he had lucrative resources, and no one dared to mess with him… 

The term "famous doctors" referred to doctors like Doctor Jin. In their social hierarchy, they were the standard type of people whom others would avoid offending even if they had the power to do so, while those without the power to do so would run far away from them. 

Doctor Jin looked at the four of them before he laughed again. "Relax a little. This talk is for all of us to relax."

Mei Tiangui took out a pack of cigarettes from his bag. He did not light it, but he asked the others, "Do any of you smoke?"

Zuo Cidian was the only one in the Ling Treatment Group who smoked, but he shook his head too.

"Yes, it's not good to smoke." Mei Tiangui looked at everyone again. He wore a stern smile. "Let me try to identify all of you. This lady must be Yu Yuan, yes?"

"Yes," Yu Yuan answered politely like a tame animal.

"This young man looks like he has been going to the gym. You are Doctor Lu, right? You're Ling Ran's first assistant?"

"Yes." Lu Wenbin felt slightly uneasy.

Mei Tiangui identified Zuo Cidian and Ma Yanlin as well before he asked, "Where's the anaesthetist? Didn't Doctor Su come along?" 

"The anaesthetist will usually go into the operating theater first in order to get prepared." Doctor Jin stood up and said, "I'll go and take a look."

"Okay." When Mei Tiangui saw that Doctor Jin had left, he played with the cigarette box in his hands. He said, "Actually, I've been thinking about appointing a better team to Doctor Ling."

Four of them were stunned. 

"But, Doctor Jin told me that a mature team won't necessarily be the strongest team. The most suitable team is the most important." Mei Tiangui's voice was slow and deep. "The surgeries and the patients who've recovered over the past few days have proven that all of you form a mature team."

Although they knew that he was trying to flatter them, Lu Wenbin and the others still felt slightly excited. 

"Doctor Ling is special." When Mei Tiangui talked about Ling Ran, the sternness of the Mei family lessened slightly. 

Four of them nodded gently, and they could not hold their laughter. 

Zuo Cidian said, "He's not just special."

"Yes, he's not just special." Mei Tiangui agreed and nodded. "I consider myself someone who has seen many things, but I really seldom see someone who doesn't want anything for himself and just wants to share everything with his teammates."

The four of them were astonished, and their expressions grew more tense. 

"I don't know how all of you communicate with each other usually, but based on what I've seen, he truly is a good leader." Mei Tiangui looked at their expressions and adjusted his words from time to time. For him, it was so easy to merely use words to persuade these young people and Zuo Cidian to do whatever he wanted. 

Mei Tiangui had total control of Lu Wenbin and the others' emotions.

They thought about their medical lives before they met Ling Ran. They thought about how Ling Ran always taught them by tactlessly going straight to the point. They also thought about how Ling Ran was inattentive but still thought about every possibility when he handled things. They also remembered how Ling Ran would go to Yun Hua Hospital and the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center at three o'clock in the morning. Ling Ran had also gone to the First People's Hospital of Wuxin City and many other hospitals to perform freelance surgeries at three o'clock in the morning…

Mei Tiangui felt like he had formed an adequate foundation. So, he went straight to the point. "If you have any personal requests or thoughts, you can mention them now. I'll try my best to satisfy your wishes."

He stressed the words "personal requests" and felt like he had fully stated whatever was summarized during his previous encounter with Ling Ran. 

Mei Tiangui looked at the four hesitant doctors and was secretly happy. He said, "I just wanted to express my filialty as a son. Please don't feel burdened about that. In fact, I'm here to help reduce some of your burden."

Four of them looked at each other and did not know what to say. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Doctor Yu, ladies first. Why don't you say whatever you want first?" Mei Tiangui said her name and looked at Yu Yuan eagerly.

Deep down, Mei Tiangui actually loved to satisfy other people's wishes.

It was especially so when he did not need to spend much to fulfill someone's lifelong wish. He would feel a great sense of accomplishment from it. 

Yu Yuan was slightly bashful as she said, "I have no requests."

"Just name it. All humans must have some dreams or wishes, right?" Mei Tiangui's stern face had now become gentler. With a nostalgic tone, he smiled and said, "Just like me, when I was young, the thing I wanted to do the most was to sit in a fighter plane. After that, I had an uncle who brought me to sit on a trainer. That feeling was…" 

Mei Tiangui gasped in amazement.

"I'd like to go to a few national conservation areas and collect some things. Um... I'll be touching some plants, animals, and insects. I'll just collect some residue samples." Yu Yuan knew this opportunity was hard to come by. She gathered her courage and voiced her request. 

Mei Tiangui laughed out loud. "Miss Yu, you like nature? Okay, that's simple to handle. But what do you mean by collecting residue?"

"Mainly biological waste," Yu Yuan said. 

"Like dead twigs and amber?"

"It's a bit different," Yu Yuan said. 

"You need to be more detailed, or else others will keep questioning you about it." Mei Tiangui waved his hand and called in a subordinate who had been waiting outside. 

The young man took out his notebook and started to take notes seriously. 

Yu Yuan hesitated slightly and said, "I want to collect animal feces."

"Hmm?" Mei Tiangui's hands stopped toying with the cigarette box. 

"It doesn't have to be fresh," Yu Yuan quickly added. "Old fecal samples will be okay as well. It's not dangerous."

"Hmm…" Mei Tiangui turned away and said to that young man, "You'll have to ask the related departments."

The young man looked stunned. He was holding a pen, and he looked foolish. 'Is there any department that works with feces?'

"Does that mean you're okay with it?" Yu Yuan became excited and thanked him. Then, she said, "I submitted an application to the Forestry Department in the past, but it was rejected directly. I was even treated as someone crazy…"

The subordinate smiled politely. He made an assessment in his heart, 'Our Forestry Department is still quite reliable.'

Mei Tiangui's expression also changed in a similar manner. He no longer had a fierce face or tried try to remember his past again. He seemed bewildered and shocked. 

A few seconds later, Mei Tiangui pretended to forget Yu Yuan's existence. His sight shifted upward, and he looked at Lu Wenbin before he said, "Doctor Lu, what about you?"

Doctor Lu stared at Yu Yuan, and the hope in his heart suddenly increased. 

'If Yu Yuan's crazy request could be fulfilled, my request would be even simpler! Maybe he would even go the extra mile to fulfill my request!'

Lu Wenbin looked at Mei Tiangui and the subordinate beside him. He said eagerly, "I want to get married!"

Mei Tiangui cast Lu Wenbin a profound glance. 

Lu Wenbin's face was full of smiles.

Mei Tiangui actually had many questions to ask. But in the end, Mei Tiangui set aside all his feelings and thoughts. He said to Doctor Lu Wenbin, who was about to serve as the first assistant in his father's surgery. "Let me arrange some blind dates for you."

Lu Wenbin quickly nodded. "I like the ones with big butts and who love the gym. It's okay if her breasts are big."

The subordinate who was recording everything in a daze while holding his notebook also had hope blooming slowly in his heart. 'So, can I ask the organization to get me a wife too?'

"Doctor Zuo?" Mei Tiangui looked at Zuo Cidian, who was the oldest. He wanted to catch his breath slightly. 

Zuo Cidian had been waiting for quite a while. "I want to help my son transfer to a new school."

Mei Tiangui sighed in relief. He quickly said to his subordinate next to him, "Write that down."

For him, helping people change jobs or change schools was a basic operation. 

The subordinate also felt slightly relieved. If the new school was not too troublesome and stubborn, he could still get it done. 

"Doctor Zuo, which school do you want to have your child transferred to? Which school is he studying in now?" The subordinate wanted to think about the difficulty of the request.

Zuo Cidian remained silent for a while before he said, "I don't know."

"Hmm? Then, what do you require?"

"I actually don't require much. I just want a more responsible school that can improve my son's grades…" Zuo Cidian bent his waist humbly.

"Anything else?" Mei Tiangui nodded gently to show encouragement. After he heard about so many crazy requests from the doctors, he felt so happy to hear such a simple and straightforward request. 

Zuo Cidian knew how to observe people's faces. He immediately realized that he could still request more from Mei Tiangui as Mei Tiangui had not stopped him. At that moment, Zuo Cidian thought of basketball, soccer, swimming, fencing, tennis, and golf. He also thought of piano, violin, sketching, painting, and Spanish lessons…

However, Zuo Cidian's careful personality prevented him from saying those words. 

"It'll be enough as long as he has a place to study quietly. My ex-wife doesn't know how to bring up our son too, so we need the school teachers to give him more attention," Zuo Cidian answered honestly. 

Mei Tiangui secretly sighed in relief. 'That's right. That's how a normal doctor should act.'

Mei Tiangui nodded and agreed to his request. Then, he looked at Ma Yanlin.

Houseman Ma Yanlin smiled brightly. 

The flabby flesh on Mei Tiangui's face became softer. 'A doctor who smiles so brightly would raise a normal request, right?!'