Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 461

462 Clean Cu

While Mei Tiangui was still conflicted, Su Jiafu ran over with small and brisk steps.

"Mister Mei, you asked for me?" Su Jiafu stood outside the door politely.

"Oh, you're the anesthetist, Su Jiafu." Mei Tiangui stood up. It was because he wanted to escape from the weird atmosphere.

"Yes." Su Jiafu wore a smile on his face.

"Has Doctor Jin told you?" Mei Tiangui asked.


"Okay, have a seat. Let's listen to Doctor Ma's requests." Mei Tiangui touched his forehead a little tiredly.

"Oh." Su Jiafu was a little skeptical as he sat on the other side.

Mei Tiangui coughed and said, "Doctor Ma?"

Ma Yanlin already had his request ready a long time ago. There was a smile on his pale face as he asked, "Can you send my wife for advanced studies? It'll be better if the course has a few stages."

Mei Tiangui felt his spirits lift. 'That's right, this is what a doctor should ask for.'

Doctors who wanted to be assessed for their professional titles, and pursue advanced studies were the type who strived for excellence.

This was what a mature and highly capable medical team with potential should pursue.

"Doctor Ma, can you provide a more details regarding your request?" Mei Tiangui smiled gently and asked, "Where do you want your wife to go for advanced studies? Which areas does she wish to pursue?"

"My wife is an attending physician from the Department of Urology." Ma Yanlin straightened his back and said, "She's okay with going anywhere for advanced studies, but it'll be best if it's related to her specialization. If it's an irrelevant profession, it should be okay if it's slightly useful. The main point is that the advanced studies proceed through different stages."

Mei Tiangui was attracted to the term "Department of Urology" for two seconds before he asked again, "What do you mean by different stages?"

"The best condition would be her going there for two to three months, then coming back for a month before going back there for another two months again. Then let the cycle just repeat itself." Ma Yanlin's request was very specific. He was making arrangements while massaging his waist.

Mei Tiangui and his subordinate were attracted to Ma Yanlin's detailed arrangement.

The subordinate could not help but ask, "How long will she need to repeat the cycle?"

Ma Yanlin immediately said, "Just keep the cycle repeating, the longer the better."

"Why?" Mei Tiangui became more curious. for visiting.

"Because" Ma Yanlin chuckled and asked, "Can I not say it?"

"Of course." Mei Tiangui's mind was filled with questions, and he did not mind adding one more.

"It's better to pursue long-term advanced studies in schools." The subordinate thought and said, "Will the duration be too long if she needs three to four years of study to get her certificate?"

"No, not at all." Ma Yanlin placed his hands on his waist, and he straightened his back.

Su Jiafu and Lu Wenbin looked at Ma Yanlin sympathetically. Zuo Cidian, on the other hand, admired and sympathized Ma Yanlin.

Mei Tiangui secretly decided that he had to find out the secret between them afterward.

"Doctor Su, how about you? Have you thought of anything yet?" Mei Tiangui was like Santa Claus who was ready to give out gifts.

"Yes, I have. I made up my mind when I was on my way." Su Jiafu smiled shyly. With his IQ that got him 600 marks in his national college entrance examination, he did not even have to think much when he encountered a good thing like this.

If he did not even know his exact and most desperate need, how messy and disorderly would his life be?

Humans needed to live with the mindset of being safe rather than being sorry.

Chances were always given to those who were ready. Just like the stools in the operating theater, although they looked simple, plenty of resources needed to be gathered for them to be made. Firstly, the stool was a shared property, so it could not be used any time a person wanted to. Secondly, the stools in the operating theater were all disinfected and could not be simply brought in and out. Lastly, if someone was tired from standing for a long time during surgery and wanted to experience sitting on a stool in the operating theater, they would find that the stools were extremely scarce, so much so that they would have to wait until the day green trains were completely cancelled.

In fact, even if Su Jiafu was only given three seconds to think, he could still accurately shout his most urgent need.

When he faced Mei Tiangui, Su Jiafu's tone was slow and steady. He enunciated his words clearly, "My money is saved in a P2P lending company, can you help me get it back?"

"No problem." Mei Tiangui's expression was calm.

Su Jiafu frowned gently. "Will it be too troublesome? Actually, it's not something that's really bothering me"

"You don't have to explain." Mei Tiangui waved his hands and said, "Your request is the most normal request for today. Okay if there is nothing else, let's get back to our own work"

Everyone stood up. They carried with them their greatest expectations in life and work as they left.

"Doctor Zuo, please wait for a moment," Mei Tiangui called Zuo Cidian and said, "The two nurses and Doctor Ling did not have any requests. I'm still thinking about informing your hospital when the time comes and giving them some honorary badge or banner. What do you think?"

"That's good." Zuo Cidian did not say anything unnecessary right then.

Mei Tiangui nodded and said, "Let me show you out."

Mei Tiangui followed Zuo Cidian and sent them all the way to the door of the operating theater. He stood there for a few seconds before he left resolutely.

The atmosphere in the operating theater gradually grew tense.

Ling Ran stood in the position of the chief surgeon, while Lu Wenbin stood in front of him as his first assistant. Ma Yanlin and Yu Yuan were the existing assistants. Zuo Cidian seemed like he did not exist in the room. But he moved around in the operating theater and was ready to serve as backup at any moment.

Meanwhile, Professor Huang stood in front of the anesthetist's workstation. He observed the data chart on the display screen while he looked at Ling Ran's surgery. He did not have the power to make decisions in the surgery, but he had the authority and duty to stop it.

"The whole surgery will be monitored. The voices and imagery will all duplicated into multiple copies. Also, there are people who will be observing from outside the operating theater as well," Professor Huang reminded and explained to Ling Ran. He then looked at him. "Doctor Ling, I'll leave the rest to you."

"Sure. Get ready for the surgery." Ling Ran appeared calm. He had performed three cases of hepatectomy related to hepatolithiasis that day. If it had not been due to the patient's special status, he could have finished the fourth surgery by then, working as he usually did

Lu Wenbin and the others were all serious. They even felt slightly nervous.

Ling Ran noticed their nervousness, so he did not immediately take the scalpel. He turned around and said, "Let's practice first. We've performed a lot of hepatectomies. During the preoperative consultation, we mentioned many problems as well. Let's talk about the main points and challenges of this surgery. Lu Wenbin..."

"Huh? Ah" Lu Wenbin was already a little confused, and he became totally lost when his name was called.

There were many ways for senior doctors to bully junior doctors, and asking questions was the most commonly used method.

The questions from prestigious senior doctors were used to teach and nurture junior doctors. However, questions from senior doctors who were not prestigious were just plain bullying.

Naturally, the person in charge of a treatment group would never bully his or her junior doctors. Even if it happened, it would only be chalked up to the person in charge of the treatment group being humorous.

"The main point and challenge would be controlling the bleeding during the hepatectomy, right?" Lu Wenbin answered with the partial information he had heard during the preoperative consultation.

"Controlling the bleeding isn't wrong. It's not just the liver that will be bleeding, but the abdominal cavity will also be bleeding." Ling Ran, who was experienced with anatomical dissection, looked at the plump patient on the operating table. He knew what problem he would be facing. The endotherm knife could not be used in that instance. Bleeding control had now become a complex systematic task.

Lu Wenbin kept nodding. He finally remembered, and he quickly said, "During the surgery, it'll be quite hard to find the bleeding point."

"Okay, anything else?" Ling Ran looked at Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan said clearly, "A clean cut, because the liver is fragile."

"Exactly. Be careful so that you don't break it," Ling Ran said in a clear-cut manner as well. He extended his hand and said, "Scalpel."

A long incision was then made along the drawn line.