Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 463

464 Surgeons

Professor Huang's attention to the abdominal closure was as great as the surgery itself.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran went to change into gloves, Professor Huang purposely waited by the side of the operating table and showed a look that he wanted to help.

Even if Lu Wenbin and the others had some special pursuits, they were not arrogant enough to let the medical professor become their assistant.

So, until Ling Ran came back, the progress of abdominal closure had been stopped.

However, outside the operating theater, the doctors and the patient's family were emotionally stable.

The family members needed even more time to understand the current situation in the surgery. for visiting.

"We're officially performing the abdominal closure now Hmm, it's stained with fat again." Ling Ran's new gloves were stained with fat right when he just started. He could not help but sigh.

Professor Huang coughed and asked, "Do we want to check the abdominal cavity again?"

"Are there any questions regarding it?" Ling Ran raised his head and looked at Professor Huang.

"I don't have any questions. But it has only been a short while since the surgery started, and we have ample time in our hands." Professor Huang was a bit worried too. Although Ling Ran had performed the surgery exactly this way before, it would still not hurt for him to be more careful when he operated on Elder Mei.

Ling Ran did not oppose to that as well. So, he said, "Then, let's check again. You do it."

Some devices used in the surgery were very professional and usually needed doctors from the Medical Imaging Department to help. But if Ling Ran did not know how to use them, he will not find it necessary to use those devices.

If the chief surgeon was required to perform this kind of checking, the assistant would be totally useless and had no work to do.

During the gap in the surgery that appeared because of the checking, Professor Huang came near Ling Ran and whispered, "You'll have to perform in the abdominal closure better."

"Okay." Ling Ran did not oppose a request like this.

Meanwhile, it was quite interesting to perform abdominal closure on a plump person.

The procedure for abdominal closure for a patient with a normal body size was quite standardized, but for a big plump man, abdominal closure will not be that easy.

It was difficult to suture fatty tissue because they tore easily.

If the stitches were too close to each other like how it was for a normal person, fat liquefaction would occur, and they would stubbornly make themselves known.

But if they did not perform the stitches meticulously, a complicated infection would form once there was a formation of an anatomical dead space, and the use of medication would give the patient an impression that the doctors were toying with them again.

Ling Ran did not always have the chance to meet plump patients like Elder Mei. His Master Level Simple Interrupted Suture Technique was only somewhat sufficient for this surgery.

It felt as though he had received a suturing quest with an increased difficulty level.

Professor Huang watched for a while by the side before he secretly let out a sigh of relief.

If the surgery was a success, his greatest worry would be the prognosis, especially the things in prognosis that were considered as problems in the eyes of the Mei family.

The healing of the liver in the abdominal cavity depended on the doctors. Its development, regardless of it being good or bad, could not be seen by the family. So, most of the time, they could accept rational explanations explained in a medical manner.

However, the healing of the incision on the stomach was a small yet important prognosis problem.

It could be said as a small problem, because most of the time, the healing of the incision was not important, regardless of whether the healing turned out good or bad, and whether it could recover in two days or in another two more days.

But when everyone could see it and stare at it, it became a major problem.

If the wound was infected or fat liquefaction occurred, Professor Huang wondered whether the Mei family would be very reasonable.

Of course, if the surgery was good overall, even if a few flaws happened, it was understandable. However, it would be hard to avoid the patients and their families dismissing the surgeons' efforts when that happened.

Since the hepatectomy had been performed perfectly, if the patients ended up dismissing their hard work because of fat liquefaction, it would make others feel uncomfortable. Professor Huang had deliberately reminded Ling Ran to perform the suture well because of this as well.

As a doctor, he did not think that other young doctors including Lu Wenbin had the ability to avoid trouble.

They were considered really lucky if they did not get into any trouble.

"Don't be in a hurry, take it slowly. The surgery is over now. Give it a perfect ending," Professor Huang said while he turned his right leg into a hook and obtained a stool from somewhere.

Su Jiafu had been busy adjusting the anesthetic dose. When he turned his head around and looked, he widened his eyes so much that his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

"Professor Huang? Don't you want to continue to observe the surgery?" Su Jiafu stared at Professor Huang's groin. He wanted to pounce on him and get him off

"Can you see anything when you're sitting? Why would there be any problems with Ling Ran's abdominal closure?" Professor Huang said some nice words, but he actually felt quite nervous.

Completing the surgery from beginning to the end was Professor Huang's greatest wish right now.

Su Jiafu cheeks twitched, and he comforted himself. 'There aren't many surgery cases today, so it's okay for me to not sit on the stool Besides, the stool will not break that easy, and it's also a stool from the First People's Hospital of Wuxin City'

"Doctor Su, are you not feeling well?" Professor Huang took a look at Su Jiafu, stood up, flung his white coat, and sat down again.

"The patient's condition is stable. How can I not be feeling well?" Su Jiafu chuckled.

"It's good that his condition is stable now." Professor Huang shifted his attention from the anesthetist to Elder Mei.

"Alright, I'll go wash my hands." Ling Ran completed the abdominal closure. He took off his gloves and left the operating theater.

When he went out, Ling Ran washed his hands again before he went to the shower room. He washed his body thoroughly until he no longer felt any oil on his body. Then, he put on a pair of new underwear. He changed into new scrubs, took his white coat, and left the Operating Area while feeling refreshed.

There were more than one hundred people from the Mei family who came, and right now, they descended into chaos.

Some called to inform others of the good news.

Some were here to meet new friends.

Some expressed their gratitude to their colleagues and friends and even welcomed new colleagues and new friends.

Some cared about the patient's condition, gained some understanding about the surgery, and also questioned the doctor's abilities.

Some wanted to look for practitioners of alternative treatment and ask them to recommend supplements.

When Mei Tiangui waited outside, he stood firm and showed that he will not move.

"The boss is still quite powerful. This is a major matter, and yet he settled it in such a stable manner."

"Once the decision is made, there is nothing to worry about."

"When the old man is awake, he'll definitely rely on the boss even more. This is a preview for a smoother life for us later on."

"The boss is indeed very level-headed. He has always been mature since he was young. I've seen that when I studied with him."

The family members of the Mei family started to talk about Mei Tiangui and the others.

For them, this was a chance where they could say anything they wanted to, and it was a rare chance that came by.

"Doctor Ling." Mei Tiangui suddenly stood up and made everyone stop their discussion.

Ling Ran did not care about the other people's stares.

For Ling Ran, it was normal for him to be stared at by hundreds of people.

He nodded at Mei Tiangui and did what he always did. He said, "The surgery is successful. All of you do not have to worry too much."

"You didn't encounter any problems, right?" Mei Tiangui was a bit nervous. Although he did not care about the contents of the informed consent forms, he was still worried about hidden troubles.

"The patient's main problem is his old age and obesity. The health of his liver is also a cause for concern. But we overcame the problem successfully," Ling Ran replied honestly, just like how he always replied to the other patients' families.

Zuo Cidian clenched his fist while he stood behind Ling Ran. When he saw that Ling Ran had successfully communicated with the patient's family, a proud look could be seen from his face.

"So what should we do now?" Mei Tiangui could not help but show his worry.

"If there is no new problem, the patient can be discharged soon," Ling Ran said.

"I did not mean that"

"Are you asking me?" Ling Ran raised his head and said, "I'm going for another surgery"

"No. I'm just trying to ask if there is anything that the patient's family could do" Mei Tiangui's voice became softer. He was stunned when he saw Ling Ran turn around and head back to the Operating Area.

Mei Tiangui was surprised and turned around to look at Professor Huang and Doctor Jin.

"Surgeon, huh?" Professor Huang said with a guilty conscience.

"Surgeon!" Doctor Jin let out a sigh from the depths of his heart.