Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 466

467 The Quality Of Life

It was an hour later when Ling Ran returned to the operating theater.

The new underwear he replaced cost 399 RMB, which was the most expensive one in his current inventory. It was also the softest, most fitting, and the one that can make him focus the most.

"Buckle up, let's perform well." Ling Ran was not good at boosting doctors' morale with words. Most of the time, he just bore the heaviest task and gave his assistants space to express themselves so they could give them a chance to go along the flow and perform smoothly.

Going with the flow was always better than going against it.

Even when it came to motivating them, Ling Ran's vocabulary was still sorely limited.

But for Ling Ran's team members, these were enough.

The two young nurses straightened their small waists.

This period of time was the most tiring and happiest time for Nurse Wang Jia and Su Mengxue.

They were tired because they did the majority of the tasks in the surgeries. Even with other nurses' help, their working hours were still extremely long, and they could only guarantee that they slept for the minimum requirement for humans.

But they were also quite happy.The two ladies were stunned by the fact that they were able to work with Ling Ran for a long time, but also by receiving a promotion in their status and the income of participating in freelance surgeries.

The most surprising thing for both Wang Jia and Su Mengxue was when Doctor Jin came forward and solved their problem of not being authorized personnel. It was something out of their expectations.

Under the current hospital system in the country, authorized personnel,contracted employees, and third parties were equal in name, but in truth, they were essentially a ranking system.

Doctors and nurses with authorized personnel could get the labor security that was the most perfectly tailored based on socialism values. Even if they decided to be idiots, they had to do really stupid stuff a few times before they would lose their job, had their bonuses deducted, or something else of the same degree. Medical staff who were contracted only received labor security at the capitalist level, and their income and welfare would be reduced by varying degrees.

Third party labor dispatches were laborers who received labor security at the level of primitive capitalism, and there were direct differences in terms of income and welfare.

For doctors, the differences in treatment were mainly among authorized personnel and contracted workers, and there were basically no doctors dispatched by third parties. The nurses had no similar guarantees, especially for new nurses. There were a lot of nurses who could not be contracted, and it was even more difficult for them to become authorized personnel. Usually, those were benefits strictly for old nurses.

Since Wang Jia joined the hospital earlier, she was contracted. Su Mengxue was still working hard on getting contracted. Being able to be authorized personnel was a great encouragement for both of them.

Therefore, although the continuous surgeries were a little tiring, the two still had enough motivation to keep going.

Today's assistants, Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan, were also very focused. for visiting.

For the duo who were resident doctors, the opportunity to participate in hepatectomy was itself an encouragement.

An attending physician in Yun Hua Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery might not even be able to participate in a hepatectomy. There was no chance to do hepatectomy if one's performance was not good enough. Hence, even if they were junior attending physicians, they will still have no chance in participating in hepatectomies.

Of course, the most important factor was Ling Ran's accumulated prestige over many days.

In an operating theater, a patient's prognosis was a surgeon's record.

Surgeons who could revive people were first-class, and surgeons who can relieve people's pain were top of the crop.

Even up to this date, Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan did not hesitate to receive orders from Ling Ran even when they stood in the operating theater of the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City.

"The patient's vein walls may be thin. Pay attention to the amount of bleeding." Ling Ran did not immediately start the surgery. Instead, he looked at the ultrasonography scan and made a judgment first.

His ultrasonography reading ability was only at Specialist Level. It was considered not very strong.

But this depended on who he was comparing himself to.

Compared with professional radiologists who specialized in ultrasonography, Ling Ran was at the level of a senior attending physician. However, compared with professional surgeons, Ling Ran was like a mammoth in a zoo.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran's one hundred and seventy times experience in abdominal dissection was not a joke as well.

His Specialist Level Ultrasonography Analysis plus his one hundred and seventy times experience in abdominal dissection could not be compared with Master Level skills. But it was more than enough to make preoperative and intraoperative judgments.

By informing Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan of the condition of the patient, this could instantly their understanding of this surgery.

"The patient is old. The quality of his blood vessels is not good. So, be sure to pay attention not to pull too much. You must pay attention when you aspirate.

"Don't worry about small injuries. It's hard to avoid rupturing blood vessels in such a major surgery. The key is how we deal with vascular ruptures. What's the first step, Lu Wenbin?" Ling Ran still had not started the laparotomy. He started off by giving a lesson.

Lu Wenbin took a deep breath and said, "When there are ruptures at the small blood vessels, I will need to press it with my fingertips first to stop the bleeding and notify the chief surgeon."

He did not mention about major ruptures, because if it did happen, he would not be handling it.

Ling Ran continued to ask, "How should we deal with it, Yu Yuan?"

"Aspirate the flowing blood, suture it, and continue the surgery. If the blood vessels near the second hepatic portal is damaged, the nearby liver tissue can be sutured together to avoid re-rupture. If the damage is large, I can hold the rupture with satinsky clamps..."

Yu Yuan answered with a dozen words in one breath, and Lu Wenbin was stunned.

Ling Ran asked multiple questions. This process repeated itself until he saw that Yu Yuan and Lu Wenbin were confident before he extended his hand to Wang Jia.

Once they came to a tacit understanding and were familiar with Ling Ran's operating plan, Wang Jia handed Ling Rang the appropriate scalpel without him asking her to do so.

"Our goal is not to restore the health of a 67-year-old man to a 37-year-old man. Our goal is to make his body bear as little damage as possible, so that they can live like a healthy 67-year-old person. This should be our super goal" Ling Ran was not only briefing Lu Wenbin and the others of the situation, but was also sorting out his own ideas.

Life and death was always involved. Under a surgeon's knife. Survival was a matter of life and death, but living was a matter of quality and time.

Surgeons must have clear perception, rational thinking, and calm judgment to be able to successfully solve problems on the operating tables.

Being immortal, young forever, and returning to their youth were what humans chased after for eternity, but they were also mine fields for surgeons.

Ling Ran had hope in his heart, and hoped that it was the same in Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan's hearts, but that hope could not be wishful thinking.

Under the shadowless light, the operating theater of the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City was quiet like a grove at the back of a mountain.

The surgery was not done hurriedly. It was slow and orderly. It seemed that it was no different from Ling Ran's previous hepatectomies.


Chen Tong slowly opened his eyes.

He could smell conifers.

Chen Tong let out a long sigh and said, 'Am I finally dead?'

He wondered whether there was scientific expedition team in the world of the dead.

"Mister Chen, you woke up." Yu Yuan had estimated the time he would wake up and stood beside Chen Tong's bed when it was about time.

Chen Tong looked up at Yu Yuan and tried to get rid of the oxygen tube.

Yu Yuan helped him to take it away.

"Doctor?" Chen Tong asked.

Yu Yuan craned her neck and nodded as she said, "Yes, I am. Your surgery was a success. The residual stones are less than 1%! You need to rest well for some time"

"I can smell conifers." Chen Tong's tone was slow and hoarse. The muscles on his face moved to form an ugly smile as he thought to himself, 'I am too old. Do I have illusions? Just like they said, I can only live in my past?'

Yu Yuan could not help but smile, "Your nose is quite good that you can smell it. I have a bottle of pino perfume right now. However, most people will say it smells like pine trees. Conifers sounds better"

Chen Tong's eyes lit up, and he tried to sniff with greater effort.

Living in the past was also pretty good.