Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 469

470 A Long Cherished Wish

People walked to and fro in the waiting area of Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Medical Center. Some of them had their arms around their stomachs, and some clutched their arms while they moved about the area.

Jiang Ping alone occupied two spots. She was scrolling through her phone with one of her feet up. She looked up from time to time at the chaos in front of her.

She worked in a town clinic for twenty years. She was so used to the hospital's smell and was bored with the hospital's appearance. Even though Yun Hua Hospital was bigger and more advanced, for Jiang Ping, it seemed to be a dirty and chaotic place.

Jiang Ping looked down upon all living beings with contempt in her heart. 'Even if there are no traces on the surface, the area is still full of bacteria, and the places that outsiders cannot see are filled with waste that God knows where they came from.'

Jiang Ping wrinkled her nose. Even though she did not smell it, she still felt very annoyed.

In particular, Jiang Ping felt uncomfortable with the much denser crowd in this hospital compared to the town hospital.

"Jiang Ping."

Zuo Cidian wore a white coat on his body and sneakers on his feet. He stood across Jiang Ping with a lamentful sigh.

His ex-wife still had the face he was familiar with, but she had become more fashionable.

Her hair was no longer dyed crudely but had been rebonded, just like how it was when she was younger.

The clothes she wore were also very beautiful. She was dressed in a manner as if she was not afraid of the cold. She still wore a short skirt with thick scarves made of wool or cashmere wrapped on her upper body.

Her small nose, small eyes with glasses, and her red lipstickIf someone did not pay careful attention to her, she would look like one of the young nurses in the hospital

While Zuo Cidian looked at his ex-wife, Jiang Ping, she also sized up him up, and her gaze on him was even more critical.

"You finally got the Heilan Home you dreamed of?" Jiang Ping sneered at Zuo Cidian's gaze. Even after they were divorced, she could not help but to make sarcastic quips at him.

Zuo Cidian's expression did not change. "I saw an advertisement and mentioned it in the past, that's all."

"I didn't buy it for you, and that is why you divorced me and bought one for yourself? Now, you can spend all your money on yourself, you must be very happy about it," Jiang Ping mocked him.

Zuo Cidian said, "I decided on the divorce because you cheated."

Jiang Ping's expression changed. "Our son is still yours. How can you be so cruel? You went for the divorce straightaway. Do you know how difficult it is for me to give birth to our son? Could you ever pay me back for all the suffering I went through when I gave birth, no matter how much suffering you have to go through? Whatever it's good that we're divorced. I don't have to stay in the house all the time because of you anymore."

She flipped her straight, black hair. It danced in the air.

"Didn't you come to me to discuss our son's school?" Zuo Cidian glanced at her. His expression did not change.

Jiang Ping glared at Zuo Cidian, but it did not have any effect. She looked around and could not help but laugh. "Not bad. Ever since you came to this big city, you saw more b*tches, right? You could even pretend to be annoyed with me. Who gave you this courage, is it Heilan Home?"

"What does it have to do with Heilan Home? Aren't we talking about something serious now?" Zuo Cidian argued in resignation.

He did not dare to argue in the past. The more he argued, the worse it would get. But there was no need for him to worry now.

It was not as if Jiang Ping could ask for another divorce.

"It's not as if the caged bird that's finally free managed to fly far away. You just flew to a park, and you think you saw a forest." Jiang Ping shook her head in disdain as she said, "I knew I didn't choose the wrong person when I look at your current outfit. If I'm still with you, I can only afford Bosideng and use Gionee"

"I bought a few iPhones for you."

"What? Shouldn't that be compulsory? Other people keep changing cars and you complain when I change phones. I am also working. What's wrong with me buying an iPhone?" The more Jiang Ping spoke, the angrier she became, and her voice became sharper.

The people who were waiting in the area turned their heads around and stared at them. Many people gave Zuo Cidian contemptuous looks.

Zuo Cidian was a little angry. His face was red, his muscles were tense, but all of a sudden, he relaxed.

It was the same quarrel and the same war of words. He had already gone through it multiple times in the past, why should he go through it again?

He sighed heavily. Then, he snickered.

Jiang Ping was stunned. Her expression gradually scrunched up. The crow's feet at the corner of her eyes and nasolabial fold became obvious. for visiting.

Zuo Cidian just smiled. His crow's feet, nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, and neck wrinkles were as obvious as always.

"I have looked for people to transfer our son to Loudi No.3 Elementary School." Jiang Ping finally controlled her emotions and said with a calm tone, "I have settled the entrance fees and also paid the expenses for the people to give us a favor. You will be responsible for picking him up and dropping him off at school in the morning and evening. Send him to where I live now. You can order his lunch for him from Small Dining Table[1]."

Jiang Ping looked at Zuo Cidian and said slowly, "You'd better buy a car. There are so many places where you can get loans to buy a car nowadays. If you really have no choice, you can rent or borrow one. I'm done working as well. After the Spring Festival, Jinhua and I will be moving to Loudi No.3 Elementary School"

"I am going to let our son go to an experimental primary school." Zuo Cidian interrupted Jiang Ping's words and said, "Our son is very smart. He learns everything quickly. His previous learning environment was not very good. Now that there is a chance, he should go to an experimental primary school, it will be more suitable for him."

Jiang Ping looked at Zuo Cidian and could not help but laugh. "If you can make your dream come true, you would have died a long time ago. Let me tell you this, our son is going to Loudi No.3 Elementary School. Jinhua contributed greatly in this. Be polite to him when you both meet. Bring out about 30% of that disgusting energy you have when you face your leaders, and it'll be enough."

"The experimental primary school"

"That's enough. Just because you heard how good an experimental primary school is, you're now talking about it non-stop. What's with you? If he's not the best in the world, he will not be as great as you are, right? Let me tell you this, transfer him to an experimental primary school if you can, or else, shut up."

Zuo Cidian had so much to say, but he did not want to say them now.When he stared at Jiang Ping's black and straight hair, Zuo Cidian said, "I have already transferred him to an experimental primary school."

Jiang Ping laughed. "Oh, stop bluffing. Do you know who Jinhua looked for to transfer our son to Loudi No.3 Elementary School"

"I just called to confirm. He has already been transferred over there," Zuo Cidian said, "I wanted to tell you about this today as well."

Jiang Ping looked at Zuo Cidian suspiciously. "Who did you flatter this time?"

Zuo Cidian laughed. He had so much to say to Jiang Ping, but he just looked at her with a calm gaze.

After a long time, Zuo Cidian said, "I will be picking up our son tomorrow."

Then, he flipped his white coat, turned around, and left.

Jiang Ping looked at Zuo Cidian's back and suddenly felt that the man's back was unprecedentedly straight. The confident gaze just now seemed very masculine as well

"Faker!" Jiang Ping flipped her long hair that had just been done and was ready to find her boyfriend to ask about the situation.

Zuo Cidian went straight to the waiting room.

Over the past few days, he had also been really tired.

Since Zuo Cidian finally had a day off, he decided to take a nap.

When he woke up, it was already day time.

Zuo Cidian quickly turned on his phone and saw a row of missed calls. It was noon.

"I slept really deeply, huh?" Zuo Cidian sighed as he thought, 'It's too tiring to follow Doctor Ling around. If another year goes by like this'

Zuo Cidian could not help but have his eyes focus on the text message that just popped up. [China Merchants Bank: Dear Mister Zuo Cidian, Yun Hua Branch invites you to participate on Friday Financial Day]

Zuo Cidian was sure that he had never received such a message about financial planning before.

After all, he never had any money to manage in the past.

'I'll buy a car.' Zuo Cidian suddenly had a thought, or rather, his wish for many years came to the front of his mind. 'I'll buy a new car and go to meet my ex-wife'

Zuo Cidian took a look at his message from the bank and thought about Lu Wenbin's BMW 5 Series and thought, 'I think it should be okay to take a loan. Next time, I'll drive a BMW'