Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 470

471 Parcel

Dew swam around the tips of the spider plant early in the morning, as though the spider plant could not bear with the condensation from last night.

The devil's ivy that was near the air-conditioner had dried up slightly. Its curled leaves gave people the impression that it was exhausted.

Lu Wenbin lay next to the devil's ivy. He stared outside the window while he felt the same way as the plant. A cold Coca-Cola bottle was placed in front of him, but it had been reduced to room temperature after it lost its cold soul.

The pork trotters beside the Coca-Cola had also lost its heat as well. This was just like how the two trucks driving in the opposite direction of each other had crashed into each other. One traveled at a speed of 68 miles per hour, while the other traveled at a speed of 31 miles per hour


Lu Wenbin shot up from beside the devil's ivy when he heard his phone rang.

"What is it?" Lu Wenbin took out his phone and asked.

"The cars from Wuxin City who want to buy pig hooves have arrived. They want another basket." Noisy sounds could be heard from the phone.

"We don't have any. Not even an extra one," Lu Wenbin said firmly.

"Alright." The worker at the end of the phone hung up obediently.

Lu Wenbin stretched and drank a glass of water before he walked out slowly of the room.

"Doctor Lu!" Some of the patients' families who knew him greeted Lu Wenbin immediately. Hepatectomy patients would need a longer time to recover. So, that meant that they had more family members who would appear more often.

If they stayed at the hospital for some time, they would be familiar with the resident doctors who came often for ward rounds.

Some people could even figure out the route the resident doctors took for their ward rounds so that they could block them for any inquiries or obtain more information as they walked around and chatted with the resident doctors.

Lu Wenbin mimicked Ling Ran and showed a socially-appropriate smile until he was stopped by someone.

"Take over for me for the next surgery." Ma Yanlin begged, and he appeared to be a sorry sight when he did so.

Ma Yanlin had the most significant change during the few months they came to Wuxin City.

On one hand, the difficult surgeries had greatly increased Ma Yanlin's confidence. Under normal circumstances, Ma Yanlin would need a few years of experiences before he was qualified to serve as an assistant to operate the retractor in major surgeries like hepatectomy in Yun Hua Hospital. Without three to five years of experience, he would not be able to get a chance like this.

This meant that Ma Yanlin had saved up those three to five years of his time when he followed Ling Ran.

For a surgeon, such an experience was like an aphrodisiac that could give an instant effect when compared to bull p*nis, tiger bones, sea horses, striped bass, chives, oysters, cuttlefish, kidneys, and black sesames (you may send this to those who need it, no need to thank me).

On the other hand, perhaps the air in Wuxin City was really clean because once Ma Yanlin came here, he looked better. His cheeks became rosier, and he was more energetic. His eye bags and dark circles disappeared as well.

Lu Wenbin looked at Ma Yanlin while he was in this manner and admired his happiness for being able to sleep until three to four o'clock in the morning. He said in surprise, "Me taking over your surgery requires us getting an agreement from Doctor Ling, right? Have you told Doctor Ling?"

"I've told him, and Doctor Ling also agreed. But I need to ask you, can you make it?" Ma Yanlin placed his hands together and begged him again. "I've organized all the documents. Can you spend a few hours to finish them? Doctor Ling might test you."

"I need to get tested?" Lu Wenbin cried out.

Ling Treatment Group seldom had doctors take over another's surgeries, because Ling Ran had strict requirements, particularly during those major surgeries. Every assistant would be required to read large amounts of information, and they would be randomly tested during the surgery.

Even though the young doctors would not get any punishment if they could not answer the questions asked by Ling Ran, for some strange reason, every assistant would be very enthusiastic in reading the documents.

In comparison, it was still very rare for Ling Ran to specifically mention that he wanted to test someone.

Lu Wenbin felt diffident, so he was hesitant as he said. "I might not pass the test."

The few doctors who followed Ling Ran now were quite familiar with hepatectomy, but the patients' information were not always the same.

Ma Yanlin said helplessly, "My wife came over from Yun Hua for just a day. She'll be leaving tomorrow, and she insisted me to go over."

"Zuo Cidian is not back yet. Only Yu Yuan and I will become the assistants, so it's only logical that we won't be able to take over each other's places quickly should any emergencies occur and one of us has to leave.It's no wonder then why Doctor Ling wants a test. After you leave, our workload will be very high!" Lu Wenbin quirked an eyebrow.

With Ling Ran's surgery speed, it was already tough enough for three of them to take shifts and serve as his assistants. They always needed the team prepared by the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City.

However, the effectiveness and level of the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City could not be compared to Ling Ran's group.

They did not have a professional Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, so they did not have the basis in performing hepatectomy. Therefore, on this point alone, their quality was much lower than Ling Ran's group. for visiting.

Meanwhile, the time they had spent learning hepatectomy and time they spent on performing surgeries as well their chances to exercise their skills could not be compared to people like Yu Yuan, Lu Wenbin and the others. As the surgery frequency increased, the gap between the Ling Ran's assistants and the team from the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City would become very large.

Of course, if they were to look at the situation based on absolute values alone, the team from the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City would be quite sufficient to serve as Ling Ran's assistant. But it would be an entirely different matter as to whether they could follow Ling Ran's large number of surgeries, whether they could make sure they could stay awake after waking up at three o'clock in the morning, or believe that Ling Ran had overslept when he woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning.

However, if they looked at this from another perspective, Ling Ran and his team had only managed to stay at the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City for so long because Ling Ran's group lacked manpower. Otherwise, if they only used the people from Ling Treatment Group and occupied the hospital beds and other resources in the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City, the hospital would definitely stand up against them.

Ma Yanlin sighed and said, "It's just one day. I've told the people from the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City and asked them to help on this. I'll treat them to food after this. So, both of you should take turns. There are three surgeries today"

Ma Yanlin said and put his hands together again.

"I'll count interest, which means you owe me five surgeries." Lu Wenbin not just conduct a pork trotter business, he had even learned how to do accounting.

"Sure." There was nothing that Ma Yanlin could say but agree to that.

"I'll change my clothes." Lu Wenbin finally smiled. Five surgeries. If he was lucky, he could skip two days of work.

Although it would be impossible to deduct the surgeries in one go, if he deducted them separately, he could at least skip those surgeries he did not like For example, finger replantations for six amputated fingers.

Ma Yanlin immediately nodded. When he was about to leave, he was called by a young nurse at the nurses' station.

"Doctor Ma, it's your express delivery. It was sent in this morning, but I haven't had the time to deliver it to you." The young nurse remained polite for a moment. Only doctors with the ranks of associate chief physicians or above, or doctors like Ling Ran would receive express delivery.

After Ma Yanlin thanked the young nurse, he immediately tore his parcel once he held it in his hands.

Ma Yanlin's expression changed in an instant.

"What is it?" Lu Wenbin was curious.

Ma Yanlin took two steps forward before he lowered his voice and said, "Condoms."

"What?" Lu Wenbin did not get it.

Ma Yanlin turned around and glanced at Lu Wenbin. Then, he looked at the pimples on Lu Wenbin's face, and he could not help but laugh, "Something you won't use."

Lu Wenbin tugged Ma Yanlin's arm and cast a glance at the box. It was only then that he understood. Then, Lu Wenbin frowned and immediately thought of something to refute him. "Who said I don't need them? I usually don't wash my hands."

Ma Yanlin was stunned and said in an impressed manner, "You're awesome, big brother!"

Lu Wenbin had his lips curl up smugly.

"Doctor Ma." The young nurse from the nurses' station immediately chased after him and waved at him. She said, "Doctor Ma, you still have two parcels that were sent separately. Why don't you take them away as well?"

Two more parcels that were much bigger were taken out from under the nurses' station.

Ma Yanlin turned around curiously. He quickly opened the parcel, and he looked terrified.

"Why didn't the sender deliver it together?" Lu Wenbin asked with an attitude to learn, but he also wanted to watch the drama unfold.

Ma Yanlin had tears in his eyes while he smiled. "Because they're not the same brand."