Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 471

472 It Would Be Better To Return

The liver was pink and slightly white.

The rotten part was still yellowish. It gave people the visual impression that it had undergone necrosis.

Obviously, it really did experience necrosis.

Ling Ran carefully and cautiously lifted the rotten liver.

Although such a liver might end up destroying a vendor's reputation if it was sold in the market, patients only had one liver, and hence, it was the best for them.

With Ling Ran's Perfect Level Hepatectomy, Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, and experience in one hundred and seventy abdominal anatomical dissections, the probability of him making a mistake when lifting a liver could be said to be very small.

However, as far as Ling Ran's character was concerned, he did not believe that the probability was very small.

A small probability did not mean that it would not happen. It was like when he was still studying. When the TV station came to choose child stars, among the tens of thousands of children in the city, three people were selected. It could be said that the probability was very small, but not for Ling Ran. When they had to perform in a stage play, hundreds of children from all over the country came over. Some acted as backup, some acted as flowers, trees, and small animals. Only one of them would take the leading role. In other words, the probability was very small, but not for Ling Ran. The probability of being the top-ranked student with nearly one thousand students in one grade was also very small, but Ling Ran would get it every year

Ling Ran's life experience made him destined to think of problems very carefully, and this had almost become his nature.

So even if there was a system, Ling Ran would still scrutinize every step of his life with great care.

The unexpected benefits brought by the system were not uncommon in Ling Ran's life. This was also the first time he obtained a system, which was why Ling Ran was even more cautious than before.

Ling Ran lifted the patient's liver by supporting half of it and grabbing the other half of it.

The assistants and nurses' gazes were naturally on the liver.

Ling Ran's gaze was also concentrated at the patient's liver, but his attention was not.

Ling Ran divided his attention and adjusted his movements. He made sure that his shoulders were in a very smooth position where he could exert force. Then, he nudged the liver using the hilt of the scalpel in his right hand and moved it with his left hand

The spoiled part of the patient's liver was cut off.

Although he had seen it a few times, Lu Wenbin could not help but suck in a sharp breath before he shut up in a show of great sensitivity.

Anyone would have freaked out too if they saw a hand breaking off a part of the liver.

If senior doctors could not do it, let alone new junior doctors.

"Okay, blunt separation went smoothly. We'll continue the surgery." Ling Ran's tone was relaxed, and Lu Wenbin and the others also relaxed instantly.

Yu Yuan stepped on a double-decked stepping stool and said, "Breaking off the liver by hand is about to become the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City's signature. I was in the canteen yesterday and I think I saw them use squashed livers with broth instead of fried liver.

"Isn't that a little disgusting?" Su Jiafu needed something interesting to talk about to fight his fatigue, which was becoming stronger and stronger. He looked incredibly excited right now.

Lu Wenbin frowned and said, "Fried liver is fried liver. What's up with squashed livers in broth? Is it the liver version of mutton in soup? Are all restaurants operating on the law of nonsense nowadays?"

Ling Ran lowered his head to look at the patient's liver before he made a quick suture and tied a knot as if he had not heard the discussion of his assistants.

His assistants were actually used to it, and they talked among themselves.

This was especially so for Su Jiafu. He did work that was worth three people's workload alone. He was barely able to sleep for six or seven hours a day and was drop-dead tired. If he did not talk, he was afraid that he would fall asleep.

He stared at the display screen and felt that the patient's condition was acceptable. He let out a sigh of relief and said, "I would rather the cook experiment. The food in the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City cafeteria is too nasty. Even if they made it seriously, they still challenged my tastebuds."

"Wuxin City's food tastes like that," Lu Wenbin spoke in disdain. "They only think about cooking wild game meat, and they care about the original taste of the meat a lot. This is a place where they find cooking pig hooves in the same pot as the one used to make soybean broth acceptable, what good food do you expect them to have?"

"I personally think soybean pork trotter soup is very good." Yu Yuan voiced her opinion.

Lu Wenbin laughed and gave Su Jiafu a meaningful glance before he said, "Look at you and your tastebuds."

Yu Yuan said indignantly, "This patient does catering. Let's ask Su Jiafu to wake him up. Then, you can ask him personally whether soybean pork trotter soup is good or not."

"If he said it was good, are you going to anesthetize him again? What will you do to him if he said it was not good?" Lu Wenbin mocked her.

Yu Yuan checked the patient's short and thick neck as she said, "If those who do catering don't know how to make soybean pork trotter soup, then it must be God's punishment for him. I don't need to do anything to him."

Lu Wenbin was amused. "I have to ask the patient's family if he has soybean pork trotter soup on casual days."

Ling Ran sighed and straightened up. He carefully examined his suturing just now and said, "You won't be able to eat the food here in a few more days. It's time to go back to Yun Hua Hospital."

"Huh? We're going back already?" Su Jiafu became awake and was shocked. The thought of transferring from freelance surgeries back to daily duties arrived in his mind in a flash, and he slouched again.

Choosing between life and money was really a dilemma.

Ling Ran trimmed the suture as he said, "I'm concluding my research paper already. After completing today's surgeries, we can start preparing to return."

"That's fast," Su Jiafu suddenly felt a little reluctant to go back. If he wanted to talk about it, it would still be okay for him to stick around a week and work himself to the bone. Performing a week's worth of surgeries was not a low income.

At that time, he might be able to cover his loss caused by P2P explosion.

Then, even if he made bad investment choices, he still had money to spend.

Ling Ran continued. "The Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City does not have its own patient resource. We've already operated on all of Doctor Jin's patients. Now, we need to see if there are any patients who will come to us on their own. If there isn't any, and if the ICU here does not have enough space, we will go back."

"I have to say, the standards of the ICU in the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City is really not that good. If Doctor Jin didn't find people to come over to help, they would have collapsed a long time ago." Lu Wenbin often went to the ICU to observe the situation and was not very satisfied with the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City's standard.

Yu Yuan could not help but make a sarcastic quip. "Yun Hua Hospital's ICU isn't any better."

"They are much better than the First and Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City."

"Yun Hua Hospital's ICU has a few good doctors, but there are a few who are not quite good," Yu Yuan said.

"They're standards vary." Lu Wenbin agreed.

"That is why I want to have my own ICU," Ling Ran suddenly said, "An ICU is valuable for its quality, not its quantity, but we must have one."

Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, Su Jiafu and the young nurses looked at Doctor Ling Ran with admiration. All of their thoughts were almost similar, 'We believe you."

Everyone knew Ling Ran's thoughts. If the Emergency Medical Center had its own ICU, it would definitely be stuffed full of patients very quickly if it was small. Therefore, no one would believe his words when he said that the ICU was valuable for its quality, and that quantity did not matter.

However, if the Emergency Medical Center had its own ICU

Lu Wenbin and the others looked at each other, and they agreed to his suggestion in frenzy.

"Pay attention. I'm going to get rid of the block." Ling Ran waited for a moment after he finished speaking. Once he noticed that they had become focused, he slowly loosened the forceps that was clamped at the first hepatic portal.

"There's no oozing of blood."

"Firm suture."

"Blood vessels are looking good"

Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan quickly checked the conditions around the liver to prevent themselves from missing out any potential problems.

Ling Ran also seriously checked the surgical area three times, but in his heart, he was certain that he had done well.

Today's surgery was extremely smooth, and he had definitely performed beyond his usual standards.

According to Ling Ran's experience, this was another extremely high-quality surgery. for visiting.

If he successfully completed this surgery and the system verified that he had indeed completed it, it could prove that Ling Ran's judgment had also improved by one level!

"Abdominal closure." Ling Ran gave out his position and handed the work to Lu Wenbin.

Assistants also needed to be trained. Performing abdominal closure was a waste of time for Ling Ran, but not for Lu Wenbin and the others.

Ling Ran watched by the side. He did not even need to give any reminders.

After a while, Lu Wenbin smoothly completed another abdominal closure.

A system notification popped with resolutely before Ling Ran's eyes.

[Mission accomplished: Extremely High-Quality Surgery (10/10)]

[Mission Details: Solve a patient's pain through extremely high-quality surgery.]

[Mission reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]