Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 472

473 Return To Yun Hua

The Intermediate Treasure Chest was silvery-white and sparkly. It looked cute.

Ling Ran watched the nurse as she wheeled the patient out of the ward. He then took off his gloves and scrubs before taking a comfortable shower. He only exited the shower cubicle after he changed into a new set of clothes. He felt refreshed as he opened the Treasure Chest.

The moment the cover of the Treasure Chest flipped open, bright and colorful light poured out, signifying the birth of a treasure...

"Doctor Ling!" for visiting.

"Doctor Ling."

Two young nurses who were passing by called out in surprise when they saw Ling Ran.

Ling Ran turned to nod at them and flashed a socially appropriate smile.

The two young nurses were shy and happy at the same time.

"Doctor Ling's face looked like it's shining."

"He's really handsome. I feel like I just saw a rainbow."

"It's so unfair that Doctor Ling has to carry out surgeries every day even though he's so handsome."

"I know right. All the other doctors are so lazy. They lay around the on-call rooms like pigs all the time. They don't even bother to lose their weight even though they are doctors."

"Hey, stop talking about other doctors. I'm looking at Doctor Ling's large white coat. Why is he so handsome?!"

They chatted in hushed tones as they slowly walked out of Ling Ran's field of vision.

Ling Ran focused his gaze on the skill book that was hovering above the Intermediate Treasure Chest.

A few words were printed in small fonts on the title page of the skill book: Lymphadenectomy (Perfect Level).

Ling Ran was rather surprised as he read the annotation.

Even though every single medical skill could be said to be very valuable, it was undeniable that certain medical skills were more valuable than others.

To put it simply, lymphadenectomy was a skill that was used to stop the metastasis of cancer cells.

Most of the time, cancer cells metastasized through the lymphatic system. This was why during the treatment of cancer, lymphadenectomy had to be carried out on the corresponding lymph nodes.

For example, patients with breast cancer had to undergo lymphadenectomy of the axillary lymph nodes, while patients with uterine cancer had to undergo pelvic lymphadenectomy...

As for patients with liver cancer, they would also need lymphadenectomy after receiving hepatectomy, because it was only then that the probability of recurrence and metastasis would be reduced.

If lymphadenectomy was carried out well enough the patient would be able to leave his fate up to God while feeling completely at ease.

In other words, lymphadenectomy was a medical skill that could save people's lives.

Because many people die from cancer in this modern society, the practicality and value of this skill when it came to extending patients' lives were extremely obvious.

And since Ling Ran had mastered hepatectomy and lymphadenectomy, he was now skilled enough to operate on patients with liver cancer.

Ling Ran whipped out his phone. He gave Department Director Huo a call and asked, "Is it possible for us to operate on patients with liver cancer?"

"Are you talking about the Emergency Medical Center?"


"Patients with liver cancer in the Emergency Medical Center?" Department Director Huo contemplated for a moment and said, "We do occasionally need to perform emergency treatment for patients who suffer from hepatocellular carcinoma rupture. But after emergency treatment, we would transfer them to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Besides, this kind of patient might no longer be suited to receive malignant tumor removal surgery."

"That's true" Ling Ran sounded a little disappointed.

Department Director Huo immediately said, "You know what, if you want to operate on patients with liver cancer, you can just head over to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery to participate in a few surgeries. You can give it a try after watching a few surgeries and acting as an assistant in a few more surgeries."

"Can I do that?"

"I'll talk to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery about it. But I reckon that it'll take a few days, as they won't easily agree to this" Department Director Huo paused for a moment and said, "The timing is just right. You can rest for a few days after you come back by joining our department's team building trip. Sigh, I thought that you called me to talk about the team building trip."

"Team building trip?" Ling Ran could not quite understand what Department Director Huo was saying.

Department Director Huo said with a grin, "The higher-ups organized it, and everyone in the hospital is required to go. But it'll be pretty fun. You can ride bikes and look at the beautiful scenery. By the time you're back, I'll have settled matters with those old fools from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery already, and you'll be able to start watching surgeries there."

All surgeons aimed to increase the number of surgical methods they were proficient in. Even though there were doctors who spent their entire lives fine-tuning their mastery of one or two surgical methods, they had definitely delved into a couple of surgical methods at the beginning stages of their career.

For a department like the Emergency Department, it was only par for the course that it would be more beneficial for the department if their doctors mastered more surgical techniques. Take what Huo Congjun just said about hepatocellular carcinoma rupture as an example. It was obviously much better to have someone who could deal with situations like that in the Emergency Medical Center than to have to seek for another department's help in a short span of time.

Ling Ran stayed silent for a few seconds. He then said, "Perhaps I can stay here for a few more days and only return when the team building trip is over"

"If you do this, you might have to go on a team building trip with people from other departments."

"Is it mandatory for everyone to go?"

"Of course. It's a requirement. They just want young people like you to release your stress. Every year, there would be people finding the love of their lives during the hospital's team building trips Hmm, you don't need this, but you still have to go on the team building trip. This is unavoidable since you're already a resident doctor now" Department Director Huo rattled on for some time before asking Ling Ran about how he and his team did in Wuxin City.

Even though the doctors in Ling Treatment Group did not carry out emergency tasks most of the time, their prolonged absence still affected the normal operation of the Emergency Medical Center a lot.

It went without saying that Huo Congjun missed Ling Ran and his treatment group a lot. He only agreed to let them go to Wuxin City because of Professor Huang and Doctor Jin, and because the ICU of Yun Hua Hospital was full.

And now, the ICU of Yun Hua Hospital was no longer crowded.

Ling Ran gave a realistic description of how the First People's Hospital of Wuxin City and the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City was like. He emphasized how the ICUs of the two hospitals were like, and the level of crowdedness in them. This made Department Director Huo feel guilty.

Hospital beds in the ICU were a lot more expensive compared to ordinary hospital beds. It would not be easy for them to establish their own ICU.

Fortunately, Ling Ran soon changed the topic and talked about the research paper he was writing: Use of Precision for Hepatectomy in Patients with Hepatolithiasis.

Huo Congjun immediately played along to mask his surging emotions.


The following day, the leaders of the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City reluctantly bade farewell to Ling Ran and his team.

Naturally, they wanted Ling Ran to stay. However, there was no point in asking him to stay as they no longer had hospital beds and ICU beds to spare.

Besides, they had run out of patients who needed hepatectomy.

Ling Ran needed an endless supply of patients. One or two cases of patients who needed hepatectomy a week would not do.

But they could totally hire Ling Ran as a freelance surgeon to supply him with an endless number of patients.

This was because hepatectomy in patients with hepatolithiasis was a scheduled surgery.

With Ling Ran and his team members inside the tiny car Doctor Jin sent over, the car slowly left the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City.

Yu Yuan bade farewell to the rest of the team members as she stood at the entrance. She had decided to use up a few days of her annual leave to explore as many national conservation areas as possible.

Lu Wenbin had to go somewhere for two days due to non-work related matters.

In the end, only the two young nurses, Su Jiafu who was almost in a coma, and Ma Yanlin who was basically in a comatose state returned to Yun Hua together with Ling Ran.

"We look like a beaten army." Wang Jia commented on the remaining members of their team.

"I'm so happy that we get to escape the battlefield together with Doctor Ling." Su Mengxue was so exhilarated that she waved her arms around.

At the same time, the fact that Ling Ran would be joining the annual team building trip that Yun Hua Hospital just came out with created a commotion throughout the hospital. Because of this, many people were looking forward to the trip.