Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 473

474 Chatter

Tiger Leaping Gorge was named after the Tiger Leaping Village because it was near the village. Tiger Leaping Village was also called Tiger Killing Village. Its original name was Black Bear Creek because it was named after a black bear that once came out in the vicinity. Later, the people found that it was not a nice name, and they changed it to Four Paths Creek. Therefore, on the Baidu map, the village was called Four Paths Creek. But if a foreigner came and asked where Four Paths Creek was, most of them will receive an eye roll instead.

The people of Four Paths Creek were all proud of Tiger Killing Village, and they live in Tiger Leaping Village.

Similarly, the Four Paths River was also a name that only existed on the map.

Even if the people of Yun Hua organized a team-building activity, they will not say that they were going to Four Paths River to have a team-building activity. They will only say that they will go to Tiger Leaping Gorge for a team-building activity.

The latter sounded like it promised a lot more fun.

In recent years, because there had been many people who came to travel, new roads were built in the region, the hiking trails in the mountains was improved, and farm stays were assigned to prescribed areas. It had instead attracted even more tourists.

Tiger Leaping Gorge became even more crowded during the weekends.

A variety of private cars, black cars, buses, and commuter cars fully occupied the parking lot.

The bus rented by Yun Hua Hospital had to stop far away.

"Doctor Ling, come cycle with us." Several young nurses in hot pants took off their jackets and wrapped them around their waists to show off quick-dry clothes that fitted their bodies, allowing them to show their curvaceous figures. Anyone who looked at them could feel the early summer heat.

Before Ling Ran could answer, they just grabbed the bicycles from the bus and said, "Doctor Ling, we have exactly one extra bicycle, let's go together. Cycling around Tiger Leaping Gorge is very famous. You can see the river water flowing rapidly between the mountains. It's very fun."

"If you want to see the scenery, you have to hike!" The invitation this time was made by several doctors from the Surgery Department. They were the ones who were left behind from the previous team-building activities because they did not attend them.

In truth, female doctors did not necessarily like to hike during traveling, but if someone needed to find an activity for everyone to enjoy, then hiking was good because the requirements for it were already low enough.

"I don't like to go into the forest too much." Ling Ran carefully shook his head. What he hated most were a disorderly life and disorderly environment, and jungle trekking had both.

"Let's do a barbecue." The ones responsible for the hospital's team-building activity was a local travel agency. They had sent a total of four tour guides this time. All of them were young women, and each one of them was filled with enthusiasm. They exuded a youthful presence, and they made countless young nurses roll their eyes.

Ling Ran hesitated a little and thought that barbecue was not a bad idea.

"Barbecue sounds good. Where do we barbecue?" Zhao Leyi, who was sitting at the back, jumped out. He wore a cowboy hat and looked like a pirate.

The young and beautiful guide who stood at the center position just glanced at Zhao Leyi and was not interested. They served the hospital line all year round, and they knew that forty-year-old attending physicians did not have power nor money, and had bad body odor. As for whether they were ugly or not, they could tell with just one glance, and there was no need for them to forcefully blame it on age.

"We did plan to make a small-scale barbecue, but there's no space anymore." The young guide who was not really at the center position smoothly rejected Zhao Leyi.

Zhao Leyi chuckled, pouted, and turned back to Doctor Zhou, "If we knew this, we should have called Boss Shao to come along and asked him to bring a barbecue grill or something, then we could also do a barbecue."

"Stop dreaming." Doctor Zhou walked down the bus drowsily and said, "Who'd be barbequing at that time?"

"Fine, I'll be grilling, okay?" Zhao Leyi answered skillfully. He had been in Yun Hua Hospital for more than a decade, and since he had been working with Doctor Zhou all this while, he also compromised to him. Of course, at the very beginning, he thought that it was Doctor Zhou who gave him all those opportunities because of his humility, and he was really grateful for that for a while.

Doctor Zhou shook his head and said, "Why waste so much energy? We could just simply find a farm stay, and we'll be able to easily eat barbequed stuff."

"It's more fun to barbecue it ourselves," Zhao Leyi said, "Or else, why would we have come this far? If that's the case, it's better to eat at Shao family's restaurant."

"Barbequed stuff is a carcinogen." A young doctor behind him who had an appearance so ordinary that people could not remember his name whispered his opinion.

The doctors present chuckled, but none of them replied him.

The crowd came out of the bus in succession and split into groups. One of them was the farm stay group, another was the mountaineering group, and another was a team who intended to worship Buddha at the temple...

Similarly, there were people from the rest of the teams who came forward and invited Ling Ran along.

Ling Ran thought about it slightly. Then, with his years of experience, he quickly made a swift decision and said, "I am going to a farm stay." for visiting.

The people around let out disappointed sighs at the same time.

Ling Ran was unmoved. In his experience, there were always people who will get disappointed. An answer to meet everyone's expectations was almost nonexistent.

The nurses and doctors were okay. Although they were very reluctant to leave Ling Ran, they felt calmer after knowing that they could see Doctor Ling as soon as they returned to the hospital.

The few young and beautiful guides were very reluctant. If they gave up this time, who knew when would the next time be until they meet such a handsome man?

"Don't stop me, I'm going to use my best move." The guide at the center position put on a little lipstick again to build up her momentum.

A guide who was slightly off the center position wanted to go up herself, so she advised her, "Is it necessary? You have been practicing your big move for so long, isn't it meant for you to get a rich man?"

"Can you be happy if the person's only rich?But I do know that if my husband is that handsome, I could wake up laughing in my dreams." The guide at the center position straightened her back as she wore her high heels and took two steps forward. She yelped and fell.

She happened to fall on a patch of grass at the side. A person who fell on the patch of grass at the side like that would neither scratch her skin nor mess up her makeup.

Chattering sounds rose!

Several doctors could not help but chase after the voice and look at her.

Ling Ran also looked over, but he only snuck a few glances at the girl before he turned his head around.

At most, the level of her sprain was purely the work for the Emergency Department or Orthopedics Department. Ling Ran could only speak to be familiar with it, but he was not very interested in it.

"I'm going to take a look at the front," Ling Ran said as he walked along the asphalt road at a languid pace.

More chattering sounds rose.

Ling Ran tripped over a small stone and fell on the ground.

Ling Ran was stunned from the fall.

The others were also stunned by watching it.

"Doctor Ling can even fall?" A young nurse was extremely surprised.

The young nurse next to him said in resignation, "How naive can you be? People can fall down as long as they're human. It's normal for Doctor Ling to fall down."

"Have you ever seen Doctor Ling fall down?"


"So... why is no one helping him? Oh, it's my first time seeing Doctor Ling fall. He's so handsome, I want to take a photo..."

Among the chatter, someone was seen getting closer to Ling Ran.

Then, Ling Ran sat up and tried to step on the ground. He showed a strange expression.

"I may have twisted my ankle," Ling Ran said.

His voice was not loud, but when it went into everyone's ears, it was simply deafening.

"Twisted his ankle?"

"Huh, did he really twist his ankle?"

"I have waited for this day for a long time, who did it?"

The doctors and nurses present excitedly discussed the matter while they rushed in a large crowd toward Ling Ran.

Ling Ran subconsciously withdrew his leg and said, "I just twisted my ankle."

A female doctor who was originally preparing to hike laughed out loud and said in a familiar manner, "There is no imaging equipment here. It's hard to say whether there is any bone damage. Of course, it should be handled according to the level of injury."

"Wait, wait, I'm pretty accurate when it comes to feeling bone injuries."

"Just nice, I brought gloves," said a plain-looking resident doctor timidly.


Murderous glares were focused on his face.