Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 474

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In the blink of an eye, everyone crowded around Ling Ran.

A few male doctors and female doctors started to argue because all of them wanted to be the one to treat Ling Ran.

The atmosphere surrounding the nurses was a lot more peaceful, and they had tasks allocated to every single person. They huddled together as Nurse Liu ordered in a hushed tone, "I'll be acting as the third scrub nurse. Beginning from my left, the first person will be the second scrub nurse, and the second person will be the first scrub nurse. Starting from my right, the first person will be the first surgical nurse, the second person will be the second surgical nurse, and so on…"

"Is there a need for so many people?"

"Do we even have the necessary equipment?"

"We don't have an operating table either."

The young nurses did not understand what was going on and questioned the arrangement in a soft voice.

Nurse Liu shook her head in resignation and said, "Have you guys participated in organ transplant surgeries before? Every nurse will leave after they're done with the task at hand. We'll follow a rotation system where all of you take turns. After you perform one task, stand aside and let the next person do the next task."


"This works."

"Sounds good."

All the nurses voiced their agreement. They then took out a large bottle of spirit to wash their hands and wrists. Some of them were so excited that they took a large gulp of the spirit. The male tourists who were unable to squeeze themselves into the crowd got worried and diffident when they saw that.

The young tourist guide at the center had gone to find Ling Ran a wheelchair. By the time she returned, two bodyguards from the parking lot and two hack writers from the office trailed behind her. Like happy pugs, they insisted to help.

"The wheelchair is here. Please make way," the young tour guide at the center yelled as she stood beside the crowd. She tried hard to force her way through. 

One of the bodyguards behind her refused to play second fiddle. He shouted, "I know how to administer emergency treatment. Let me in."

In an instant, a few employee cards appeared in front of him. Those people were obviously wearing large white coats in the photographs displayed on the employee cards.

"The Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital?" The bodyguard read out loud and looked at them with a puzzled expression. "Are you guys here for a team-building trip?"

The doctors quickly put away their employee cards.

It only took a while for a few doctors to inspect Ling Ran's injured foot.

Of course, those doctors were wearing gloves as they did so. Ling Ran had prepared many pairs of gloves before the trip and kept them in the box where he kept his tracheostomy equipment.

The doctors who managed to squeeze to the front of the crowd reported their tasks one by one.

"I've cleaned his foot."

"Let's bandage it."

"Secure it with a splint."

"Huh? You even brought a splint along with you?" Doctor Zhou stared at the senior resident doctor behind him—Zheng Pei—in astonishment.

Zheng Pei had thick eyebrows and large eyes. He chuckled good-naturedly and said, "I encounter patients who broke their legs at places like Tiger Leaping Gorge around every ten days or half a month in the Emergency Medical Center. It's not often that we visit somewhere like this, so I thought of doing a good deed and bringing a splint along in case we encounter a tourist who fell down while hiking or something. Securing an injured foot with a splint definitely triumphs doing so with a tree branch. It's more effective and convenient."

"Seriously? The next time you come over to my place, you better do your homework before preparing a gift. Don't just bring over whatever is on top of your head. Couldn't you have brought something better to our team building trip?" Doctor Zhou shook his head as he spoke.

Zheng Pei chuckled. "Well, it came in handy, didn't it?"

"Thank God you didn't bring a defibrillator along." Doctor Zhou laughed.

Unperturbed, Zheng Pei said, "You're welcome. There'll definitely be a defibrillator in ambulances, but it's a different story when it comes to splints. Sigh, I was just worried that some beautiful lady would fall down while hiking and break her leg. It would be a pity if her leg isn't secured well."

Doctor Zhou nodded slowly and said to Ling Ran, "Well, in this case, the splint Doctor Zheng brought did come in handy."

Doctor Zhou secured Ling Ran's injured foot with the splint as he spoke.

Ling Ran sighed. "I merely sprained my foot."

"You can never be sure," Zheng Pei said, "We can only get a definite diagnosis after you get an X-ray."

"I merely stepped on a stone and sprained my foot." Ling Ran raised his voice. "There's no need for a splint."

"The splint is here anyway. It would be such a waste if we don't use it." Doctor Zhou ignored Ling Ran and forcibly secured his foot with the splint.

Ling Ran had no choice but to let Doctor Zhou do so.

"I've encountered a case like this before. It was also a minor injury. The patient told me that he fell while riding a bicycle and injured his head. He wanted to leave after I sutured his wound, but I forced him to stay. After he got a CT scan, he was diagnosed with an aneurysm." Zheng Pei raised his chin and said, "If I didn't stop him from leaving the hospital, he would definitely die from a ruptured brain aneurysm."

"What happened after that?" The beautiful tourist guide at the center got interested.

Zheng Pei immediately perked up when he saw that a beautiful woman was paying attention to him. He said, "I got a doctor from our Neurosurgery Department to treat him. That doctor is pretty skilled. He immediately arranged for the patient to be admitted into the hospital. Fortunately, the patient had health insurance, and the aneurysm was also discovered in time. However, the location of the aneurysm was kind of bad."

"Did the doctor you introduced him to manage to cure him?" The beautiful tourist guide at the center was ready to praise Zheng Pei.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zheng Pei chuckled. "That's a totally different story."

"What story?" 

"Why don't we find a shady spot and grab a drink before continuing the conversation?" Zheng Pei was not perturbed by the fact that everyone could hear him. Instead, he was even bolder and more proactive than usual. Even in the operating theater, he would usually act in a very excited manner when he saw that he had an audience listening to him. 

The tourist guide at the center smiled coquettishly. "Why don't you tell me the story first?"

"Alright, then." Zheng Pei smiled too. "After that, the patient was admitted to the hospital, and the neurosurgeons operated on him. But he did not manage to weather through it…"

The tourist guide at the center who was smiling coquettishly froze. "What do you mean by that?"

"There was a hemorrhage in the brain, and the surgeons failed to stop it. He did not get to leave the operating table alive." Zheng Pei shrugged.

"Then… is this going to happen to Doctor Ling too?" As the tour guide at the center gazed at Ling Ran, a person could see how sad she was just by looking at her C-cup breast.

Ling Ran felt a chill run down his spine when he heard that. "I merely sprained my foot."

Zheng Pei gave the tourist guide at the center a look and said, "For now, it seems so."

The tourist guide at the center, too, quickly nodded. "Yes, it's definitely just a sprain."

"Come on, let's join forces and help Doctor Ling onto the wheelchair." Doctor Zhou could not take the conversation anymore. If this went on, they would not have any time left for team-building activities.

A few young nurses scrambled to help Ling Ran up.

A nurse grabbed his left leg, while another grabbed his right leg. A nurse even grabbed his arm. All of them had hidden intentions as they carried him, they even shifted his body to a position where it would benefit themselves. 

Ling Ran was way too used to such a scene.

"All of you, stop!" Ling Ran mustered the strength to stand up by himself and said, "If there's nothing else, all of you can go back to whatever you guys were doing before this. Doctor Zhou, please push me to a farm stay."

"Shouldn't we go downhill immediately?" The tourist guide at the center froze when she saw that and said in a timid voice, "You're so badly injured…"

"I merely sprained my foot." Ling Ran emphasized once again and turned to look at Doctor Zhou. "If you're not pushing me there anytime soon, we'll have to go downhill for real."

"Let's go." Doctor Zhou immediately started pushing the wheelchair.

Since Ling Ran's leg was extended outwards, all the people in front of them made way for them.

The parking lot's surface was very even, so it was surprisingly easy to push a wheelchair there. It only took Doctor Zhou a short while to reach a battery-powered cart that was parked by the road. As he folded the wheelchair, he did not even dare to look at the crowd that followed behind them. He asked the driver, "Do we get to play mahjong at the farm stay?"

"Sure, no problem." The driver slowly turned on the ignition. He then turned to glance at Ling Ran and said, "Handsome boy, you still want to go uphill to play mahjong even though your foot is so badly injured? You're really going all out, aren't you?"

What could Ling Ran say? He merely stroked the box that contained the equipment for tracheostomy beside him and remained silent. 

The sun was out, and the weather in Tiger Leaping Gorge was very fine today.