Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 476

477 Fragrance Yard

"Doctor Zhao, eating, drinking or going to the toilet are considered tertiary when we're at the mahjong table. They take away from our quality game time." Ling Ran repeated what Doctor Zhou had said previously in a serious manner.

Since this was a rule that everyone had agreed upon, that meant that it had to be enforced and maintained seriously.

Zhao Leyi stuttered and fell silent. So, he quietly sat back down against his seat and played mahjong unhappily. He would occasionally look around to see if there was any fool who could replace him

While waiting, Zhao Leyi's money started to trickle away. However, when he thought about the fact that the money he spent was the secret stash that he had with much difficulty procured in order to buy his wife a handbag, he started to be greatly distressed.

'Should I pretend to leave because of a heart attack? Or should I pretend to have some stomach disease? But even if I pretend to have stomach disease, it doesn't mean that I can leave for sure. Old Zhou specializes in stomach diseases. But even if I pretend to have a heart attack, they'll only give me an electric shock. I'll be getting a 150-joule shock for no reason, my legs will go to sleep prematurely. If the person who administers it is careless with his hands and gives me 200 joules instead. I won't be able to withstand it" for visiting.

Ling Ran was so focused that he won another two rounds.

When he stayed at home, the neighbors of Lower Groove Clinic always came for mahjong sessions. When Ling Ran was young, he often replaced his dad or any middle-aged man, middle-aged woman, elderly man, or elderly woman who had to temporarily leave. He would continue playing until the neighbors were no longer willing to play.

The mahjong table, which followed a set list of rules, could somewhat be considered as one of the entertainments Ling Ran could accept.

The rules of every round would be more or less the same, just like games.

A crowd started to gather behind Ling Ran.

Zhao Leyi started to be annoyed, so he called out someone's name and asked, "Weren't you going for a walk?"

"We came here by coincidence."

"How about cycling? Don't tell me you cycled here by chance as well."

"That's right."

These people all came from the operating theater. They might not be excellent in their skills with surgery, but their conversation skills must not be weak.

Zhao Leyi had no choice but to straighten his back again. When he was ready to go for a game, a loud bang could be heard from the kitchen in front of him. It sounded like a pot had been broken.

If a normal person heard this sound, they would guess that something had dropped on the floor or that something had spilled out.

But for doctors, this sound usually meant danger.

'Did anyone fall down? Is it an external wound or internal bleeding? Is it a stroke or cardiac arrest?

'Did anyone get scalded? Is he or she scalded by oil or hot water? How big was the area? What is the contamination level?

'Did the person fall from a high place? Is there any massive bleeding?'

All the people at the courtyard became alert and looked at the kitchen, which was where the sound came from.

Zhao Leyi was the first to stand. He said loudly, "I'll go and check on the boss."

He moved his legs, which had been trained for a long time while he served as an emergency physician. Zhao Leyi rushed into the kitchen as if the wind was right behind him.

Doctor Zhou and Zheng Pei looked at each other. They immediately pushed away their chairs and shouted, "We have to save the people first."

They left the mahjong table as though the table was something that could hurt people.

Resident Doctor Zheng Pei was even attentive enough to pick up the first aid kit and followed Doctor Zhou.

Their reaction times, the distance they managed to close within a short time, and their gait made it clear that they had been trained in disaster response training for years.

Ling Ran's movements were obviously slower. With his injured leg propped, he moved his wheelchair slightly. When he saw the scenario in front of him, he suddenly realized that this felt as if Yun Hua Hospital had just received a patient in a critical condition.

The people who were scattered at the other tables became interested and looked at the direction of the kitchen.

There were already two attending physicians and another resident doctor who went over. Naturally, there was no need for more people to go in. Everyone was just trying to guess what had happened inside because they were bored.

At this moment, Zhao Leyi's voice could be heard from the kitchen. "I applied pressure. Perform bleeding control first."

Zheng Pei's voice was next to be heard. "I brought hemostatic agents."

Zhao Leyi said loudly, "What's the use of hemostatic agents when the wound is so big? A suture is needed. Do you have any anesthetic?"

The boss said with a trembling voice, "I don't want anesthetics anymore"

"Ah, you people... Anesthetics will not cause any side effects, and it can be metabolized in a short time," Zhao Leyi spoke with a criticizing tone. He shouted at the same time, "Press it firmly. Don't move. If you don't want anesthesia, you'll have to sweat more."

"Why don't we just give him some painkillers" Zheng Pei said in a trembling voice. Obviously, he could not press down against the wound any further.

Zhao Leyi said in dissatisfaction, "If this is your family member, will you still say that?! 'Why don't we just give him some painkillers?' Why don't we just give up on saving him?!"

"I don't think it's serious." The boss sounded scared. His voice had passed through the walls, but he still sounded very weak.

"You aren't the one who gets to say whether it is serious or not. Be silent. Doctor Zhou, try to help too. Don't just stand there so lazily Splint, Young Zheng, did you bring along a splint?" Zhao Leyi's voice was the loudest, and he sounded like he had controlled the scenario.

A few nurses could no longer sit still when they heard that. They said, "Let's help too."

"Okay. The farmstay that we found this time doesn't have many sceneries to speak of. It's better for us to just dress the wound."

"All of you should not look down on this farmstay. Try to look from another perspective, maybe the boss knows that his farmstay has fewer views, so he wanted to arrange a special show."

"Are you saying that the special show is the boss trying to hurt himself? Sounds logical, actually."

They entered the kitchen as they chatted. Soon, a shout could be heard.

"It's bad!"

"Doctor Zhao is right. This injury is so serious, it has to be sutured."

"Let me put on the splint."

When Ling Ran heard the sound from the kitchen, he moved the wheelchair to head to the kitchen.

The small yard became even more crowded. Tables and chairs were everywhere, while there were people coming in and out occasionally. When Ling Ran moved over, the door of the kitchen was already opened.

Before the expectant gazes, Zheng Pei was the first to walk out, and he was followed by the boss.

The boss wore a grey jacket, and they looked like a village committee. There were some bloodstains at his left waist. But it looked quite strange in the doctors' eyes. Putting on a splint at the waist should not be done this way, right?

"Someone please come and help!" Zhao Leyi walked out from the back. In his hands, he held a white goose. The mouth of the goose was bound, while its leg was wrapped with bandages. There was even a splint on it. It was straightened.

Ling Ran was stunned as he looked at the big white goose that weighed almost eleven pounds.

Meanwhile, the big white goose across Ling Ran also curiously eyed on Ling Ran, who had a leg straightened out.

It even looked at its legs before it cast another glance at Ling Ran's leg in a show of great intelligence.

"Wow, this big white good is so cute." Naturally, there was a girl who shouted happily.

"Boss, why is your big white goose injured?"

"Exactly, it's so pitiful that the cute goose got injured."

Other girls started to give their remarks, and they had the males universally agreeing to them.

The boss used his fingers to flick on his waist and said, "It ran away when I was about to kill it. It even broke one of my casseroles."

The small farmyard had an awkward atmosphere descend on it for three to five minutes.

Now, everyone finally knew the reason why the boss refused to use anesthetics.

There was indeed no reason for anaesthetics to be used!

Zhao Leyi felt slightly awkward. He coughed and said, "It's a waste to kill such a big goose."

"The goose eats a lot." The boss turned around and looked at Zhao Leyi before he said, "If I don't kill this goose, I won't be able to bear the cost of rearing it anymore."

"Ah, killing the goose just to save some fodder money is such a waste."

"This is the farm goose that was ordered by other customers!" The farmstay boss had no choice but to say, "If all of you think it's such a pity to kill it, you may just buy it."

Zhao Leyi stared at the dressing he did for the goose and said, "The amount of money I charge for the patients in the hospital to put splints on them is already enough for me to buy this goose."

The boss chuckled and said, "I'm selling this goose for 75RMB for every pound it weighs."

Zhao Leyi shook the goose in his hands and looked for his wallet. He then smiled bashfully.

The big white goose leaned against Zhao Leyi's arms and stretched out one of its legs that was held by the splint It looked confused!

The goose that was held by Zhao Leyi was really too heavy. Suddenly, the goose slipped from his hands and opened its wings to fly so that it could escape from his bosom.

The big goose flew to the ground and just so happened to stand at the empty space in front of Ling Ran. It raised one of its legs just like Ling Ran.

Suddenly, a young nurse shouted, "It's so cute, let's buy it!"

"Let's collect money from everyone to buy this goose!"

"Yes, this white goose is so white."

"Ahhh we'll rear the goose together."

"Where should we rear it?" The eldest nurse in the yard was the nurse supervisor, Nurse Liu. She showed slight opposition to this.

"We can rear it in the fountain behind the Emergency Medical Center." Ling Ran stood on one leg and stretched out his hand to touch its forehead while he said, "Let's call it Fragrance Yard."

Then, Ling Ran waved and called the boss over before he said, "The cost of the goose can be deducted from the money I won from the mahjong."

The big white goose, now dubbed Fragrance Yard, stood on one leg. It hid by Ling Ran's side while it waved its wings and rubbed against Ling Ran with its head.