Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 477

478 Clashed

The big white swan's feathers were white and glossy.

It stood beneath the cascading fountain and darted its little eyes around. It could not stand the sight of these humans, and found everyone weak and useless. It pompously puffed its chest out.

The fountain had always been surrounded by patients' family members.

While they used to gaze at the fountain, right now, most of them were staring at the big white swan called Fragrance Yard.

Some of the kids were even yelling loudly to capture the swan's attention.

Every time this happened, Fragrance Yard would glance at them in disdain. At most, it would waggle toward them as much as the thin chain that was fastened to its leg allowed it. It would then turn elegantly, fart, and poop.

Most of the kids, who had never seen an animal poop before, were struck dumb with astonishment.

"Do big white swans poop too?"

"How is it possible for it to poop while standing?"

"Why isn't the big white swan wiping its arse after pooping?"

The children raised all kinds of questions as they scurried around the fountains, and the adults had no choice but to chase after their kids.

The big white swan regarded this with contempt.

Even though it was new to the place, since the pond had no other swans around, Fragrance Yard regarded itself as the garden's keeper.

Aside from…

*Pound, pound, pound, pound.*

The sound of sneakers pounding against the ground was barely audible over the cacophony of noises.

The swan's prideful, elegant and glossy figure immediately stiffened.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The swan stretched its head out. It turned arduously toward the source of the sound and quickly located a terrifying figure.

It was a four feet nine, ordinary-looking, and slightly tiny figure.

Compared to the people around it, this figure was even tinier than many of the silly elementary school students.

However, Fragrance Yard knew how terrifying she was.

Fragrance Yard quickly darted its eyes around and extended its wings. It raised its head and let out loud quacks. 

"Shut up!" Yu Yuan quickened her pace and firmly stopped the big white swan from acting in an uncivilized manner. She then stood beside the fountain and criticized the swan. "You are disturbing the people around you by doing this. If you carry on like this, I'll have no choice but to tape your beak together."

There was no telling whether the big white swan understood what she said, but it stood rooted to the spot without moving at all. It looked like a white marble statue.

Yu Yuan bent down and grabbed the thin chain which was connected to the swan's leg from the bottom of the fountain.

Some kids had also tried to grab this thin chain which was made of stainless steel, and they ended up being chased by the big white swan to the point that they almost died of asphyxiation. 

However, the big white swan did not dare to utter a sound when Yu Yuan took the chain. It had no choice but to play along. It slowly inched backward until it was dragged to stand in front of Yu Yuan in despair. It then displayed absolute obedience in front of this big boss, whose body emanated the scent of all kinds of wild, ferocious beasts.

Yu Yuan, who had just returned from the national park, was no longer terrified of tiny animals who weighed less than 88 pounds.

She skillfully extended her left hand and grabbed the big white swan's wing. She then whipped out a thermometer from her pocket using her right hand and thrust it into the big white swan's anus.

Yu Yuan then lifted the swan with one hand and whipped out her phone with her other hand. She found a research paper and started reading it leisurely.

After a while, Yu Yuan took out the thermometer and held it in the air. She then muttered the figure to herself, "106 degrees Fahrenheit. It's two degrees Fahrenheit higher than yesterday. You need to take care of your body."

As she spoke, Yu Yuan tossed the big white swan back into the pond.

The moment Fragrance Yard was back in the pond it was familiar with, it flapped its wings furiously to move away from Yu Yuan. Then, it turned its head around quietly. 

Yu Yuan bent down and cleaned up the feces on the ground. She gathered the feces and scooped it into a big tupperware. She then placed it into a microwave not far away and set the temperature and time. After the feces was baked, she tossed it into a flower bed. She was obviously very used to doing this, as she did it so very skillfully and elegantly.

"You did quite well this time. Remember not to poop in such a way that your feces is scattered around in the future either." Yu Yuan did not care if the large swan understood what she said. She only left after chiding the swan for a bit.

The large white swan stared after Yu Yuan. Only when it could no longer see Yu Yuan did it relax its neck, and its expression became elegant once again.


In the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital were all the doctors who were Department Director He Yuanzheng's subordinates. They sat in an office and pretended to look troubled.

He Yuanzheng was an extraordinary talent hired by Yun Hua Hospital, even though he was not from the province. He obtained a Ph.D. from Xiangya School of Medicine ten years ago, and it only took him a few years to go from being a resident doctor to an attending physician, and then an associate chief physician. He then served as a chief physician before finally becoming a department director. It was relatively easy for him to work his way, step by step to the top.

However, the hospital's regulations and the hospital's internal ecosystem were two entirely different things.

Those who had been working in the hospital for practically forever, such as Huo Congjun, treated He Yuanzheng like a total newbie who had just arrived at the hospital yesterday. Therefore, even though He Yuanzheng held the position of the Department Director of the Hepatobiliary and Surgery Department, compared to the powerful Department Director of the General Surgery Department, Huo Yuanzheng had much less power.

If a person were to compare him with Department Director Jin Xi from the Hand Surgery Department, which was one of the top departments of the hospital, Huo Yuanzheng was a mere wall ornament.

Of course, no matter how much those who had been around for a long time looked down upon him, He Yuanzheng was still a department director. Hence, he was still quite a powerful figure in his own department. Besides, sensible pharmaceutical sales representatives also fawned over him like a king.

This was why He Yuanzheng had always felt pretty good about himself.

Ever since he started his Ph.D., life had been a breeze for him.

His teacher was a renowned hepatobiliary and pancreatic specialist in China (if he were not, his teacher would not have been able to become a Ph.D. student's supervisor, to begin with). He Yuanzheng's performance in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was also pretty good. His patient's death rate was not high, the impact factor of his research papers was pretty high, and the number of surgeries performed by doctors in his department were also increasing by the year. Aside from this, his department also cultivated more and more top doctors, and they launched a new surgical method or a new project every few years...

His performance was considered average in a hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, who was the top in its province. 

The Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital was neither the first choice of the citizens of Yun Hua City nor the first choice of the citizens of Changxi province. They were not considered one of the top three Departments of Hepatobiliary Surgery in the hearts of the people of Changxi province, but they definitely ranked in the top five.

Even though this meant that the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery of Yun Hua Hospital ranked behind those of one or two hospitals that were not among the top three hospitals in Changxi Province, in the end, it was not too bad to rank in the top five.

Every year, He Yuanzheng would experience multiple headaches over the ranking of his department. Not only did he have to worry about other Departments of Hepatobiliary Surgery within the province, but he also had to consider the threat posed by the General Surgery Departments of certain hospitals. But never had he thought that the biggest threat he faced this year would come from the Emergency Department of the hospital he was in!

'Alright, fine. They're an Emergency Medical Center now. But what's the difference?'

"Department Director Huo from the Emergency Medical Center is here." A medical intern entered the office and said obediently. He then turned and fled.

He was the sacrificial lamb chosen this time, and he tried to flee as fast as possible so that He Yuanzheng would not remember his face.

He Yuanzheng immediately rose.

"I'll go and welcome him." He Yuanzheng turned to look at the others and said authoritatively, "Carry on with your tasks, and do them well."

As he spoke, He Yuan Zheng strode out of the office steadily.

Ten seconds later, all the doctors in the office rose.

"I'm going to make ward rounds."

"I'm going to make ward rounds."

"I'm going to operate on a patient."

"I'm going to operate on a patient."

No one even bothered to come up with a new excuse.

All of them exchanged a knowing look. They then stared after He Yuanzheng.

Huo Congjun emanated a powerful aura as he walked along the corridor. 

He Yuanzheng emanated a similarly powerful aura as he walked toward Huo Congjun.

Their gazes clashed violently when the distance between them were about thirty feet apart. They were just like two air force armies that were about to open fire at each other.

Huo Congjun quickened his pace and swayed his arms as he walked.

When He Yuanzheng saw that, his strides became even wider.

Both of them had their backs straightened, and they looked like they were about to crash into each other. They looked like they were members of two artillery troops throwing fierce glances at each other before the war started.

Suddenly, He Yuanzheng extended his hand like a tank technician. He then bowed.

"Department Director Huo, welcome to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. We are greatly honored that you are gracing our humble department with your presence." He Yuanzheng held Huo Congjun's hand and shook it a little. He had no choice but to welcome Huo Congjun with flowery words. He fully utilized all the polite words he learned before his national college examination. 

"I'm not really visiting. I'm just taking a look. You know that patients nowadays are quite demanding." Huo Congjun nodded a little. He was able to contact a friend of Elder Mei, who was also a patient, through Doctor Jin.

As Mei Tiangui's family doctor, Doctor Jin was naturally only able to take up so much of Ling Ran's time because Huo Congjun agreed to it. Correspondingly, the introduction of a suitable patient to a suitable doctor made both the patient and the doctor rather happy. This was how Chinese-style family doctors like Doctor Jin made a living.

He Yuanzheng only had a rough idea of the patient's identity. At this moment, he forced a smile. "Department Director Huo, if there's anything you need, go ahead and tell me about it. The Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery—"

"We are going to need some of your equipment. So, it's better if we get to use your operating theater." Huo Congjun cut off He Yuanzheng's babbling. 

He Yuanzheng smiled. "Of course. No problem."

"That's great, then." Huo Congjun finally smiled.

Yun Hua Hospital worked using the surgical floor system. Aside from the operating theaters of the Emergency Department, the operating theaters of all other departments were centralized and located on the same floor. Not only was this easier from a managerial perspective, but it also reduced expenditure costs. 

However, even though all the operating theaters were on the same floor, they still belonged to different departments, with different equipment and facilities inside. They were also operated by nurses and doctors from different departments.

Compared to surgeries like emergency hepatectomy and hepatectomy in patients with hepatolithiasis, patients with liver cancer needed to be operated in operating theaters with the best equipment and facilities possible.

It was the most convenient for Ling Ran to use the operating theater of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

Huo Congjun nodded slightly and said, "Since we're allowed to use your operating theater, I'll call Ling Ran over, then."

"Of course, no problem." He Yuanzheng swallowed his aggrievances. He allowed Ling Ran to use the operating theater of his department not just because of Huo Congjun's status as an authoritative figure who had worked in the hospital for many years, but also because he had secretly watched the footage of surgeries carried out by Ling Ran.

As the department director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, aside from watching the footage of surgeries carried out by Ling Ran, He Yuanzheng had also looked at the information of Ling Ran's patients.

And this was the conclusion He Yuanzheng came up with after looking at the information of more than a hundred of Ling Ran's patients. 'There's no need to be afraid. As long as I don't do something extremely foolish, they can't just kick me down from my position and make Ling Ran the department director.'

"Is Doctor Ling here?" He Yuanzheng flashed a smile as a welcoming gesture.

"I'll give him a call to tell him to come upstairs." Huo Congjun whipped out his phone and turned toward the elevator.

He Yuanzheng naturally followed Huo Congjun, and he was tailed by a group of doctors.

Soon, the elevator doors slid open, and Ling Ran appeared in front of anyone.

He was… sitting in a wheelchair with his leg extended. There was a splint on his injured foot, and all five of his toes and the soles of his injured foot were exposed. He still looked as handsome as ever...

"What is this…?" He Yuanzheng did not know what to say as he gazed at Ling Ran who was sitting in the wheelchair.

"It aids recovery." As Ling Ran spoke, he stood up with one leg. "It's not going to affect my performance either."

He Yuanzheng's lips twitched. "But…"

"Is the patient here?"

"He is already admitted."

"We'll go and take a look." As Ling Ran spoke, he sat back against the wheelchair and propped his injured foot up.

When Lu Wenbin who was standing behind Ling Ran heard that, he started pushing his wheelchair. The gigantic muscles on his arms bulged, and he looked like he was born just to push wheelchairs.