Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 478

479 Liver Cancer

The patient still looked young, all things considered. At most, he was sixty. There were not many wrinkles on the patient's face. He sat on the bed and chatted happily with his family.

When she saw doctors coming over in a group, the wife who had hidden herself in the pantry to wipe away her tears immediately wiped her face with her scarf before she walked out.

"Madam Li, our Doctor Ling Ran has just come over, and he is now ready to meet Mister Yao Xueyi." He Yuanzheng smiled at the patient's wife before he introduced Huo Congjun who was beside him to her. Then, he made way for Ling Ran, who stood at the back of the crowd.

Lu Wenbin gently pushed Ling Ran forward.

One of Ling Ran's legs was in a splint, and he sat up straight in the wheelchair. He still looked very handsome!

However, Madam Li was stunned and said, "Doctor Ling Doctor Ling was the doctor who performed surgery for Elder Mei?"

She might have wanted to talk about his leg before she instantly realized what she was about to say. Then, she changed her words.

Ling Ran nodded slightly and said, "I performed the hepatolithiasis only."

Madam Li quickly explained, "My husband Xueyi used to be hospital mates with Elder Mei. They lived together in a sanatorium before. I heard from Mister Jin that you perform surgeries very well, so I wanted to see if you can perform surgery for my Xueyi as well"

This was the news that Huo Congjun and the others had heard before, so they nodded politely at this moment. Those who could live in a sanatorium with Elder Mei and got to know him would not be normal people.

Huo Congjun followed up and asked, "So, why did Mister Yao Xueyi stay in the sanatorium previously?"

Madam Li was stunned for a while before she said, "He was the province's model worker"

Huo Congjun and the others came to a realization.

Previously, they thought that he might be someone important within politics or the business world, and they did not understand the patient's choice.

Elder Mei was someone very special, and he had some special requests. Even if he chose to receive surgery in Changxi Province, Professor Huang, whom he recognized and sent to find a doctor for him, had still observed Ling Ran for a long time before he made his decision.

In comparison, the choice made by Yao Xueyi and his wife was more direct. They obtained the information directly from Doctor Jin and immediately contacted their hospital.

So, Yao Xueyi and his wife had chosen a straightforward strategy, which was more or less to do what Elder Mei chose and did.

A family with a better financial status would clearly make more preparations and analyses before the surgery at this moment.

Even if they could not hire professional doctors like Professor Huang and Doctor Jin, they would have asked around and understood liver cancer as well as the chief surgeon before they made the decision.

However, if the doctors ignored the couple's relationship with Elder Mei, Yao Xueyi and his wife would just be normal citizens. They could not afford to hire Professor Huang or Doctor Jin, and they did not have the resources to further investigate liver cancer and the chief surgeons in this area.

In fact, it could be said that it was pointless for them to get any sort of further insight on this matter.

Perhaps searching for Elder Mei's doctor was the best choice they could make.

A patient like this was actually the major group of patients they received.

They were just like the patients who queued up in front of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, West China Hospital, and even Yun Hua Hospital.

They could not afford to do a comprehensive analysis of the illness or the background of the doctors. Hence, they could only head to the hospitals with more patients or had a better reputation. In fact, they could not even be certain of the doctor's field of expertise, the prognosis he produced after surgery, or whether they should look for the doctor to perform a certain surgery for them.

However, for a normal person, this was already their best plan that would produce the best price-performance ratio.

Getting a big hospital with a doctor with a good reputation was the best choice that a normal person could make.

The same theory was applied to Yao Xueyi and his wife, who came searching for Ling Ran.

They knew nothing about medicine, and they could not find suitable people to consult them about their problems. In the end, they made the same choice as Elder Mei. Perhaps that was the best choice for them.

They were not wrong either.

Naturally, this was Ling Ran's knowledge. Huo Congjun and He Yuanzheng could not guarantee Ling Ran's standard.

Both of them had seen Ling Ran performing hepatolithiasis, but after all, liver cancer surgery was something else entirely different.

"Mister Yao Xueyi, how aware are you of your own condition?" Ling Ran moved his wheelchair to slowly head into the room.

Madam Li immediately followed him and said, "Yes, he's rather chipper about it, and he is pretty confident."

Ling Ran nodded and said, "It's liver cancer, after all."

"Yes, we know."

"Okay." Ling Ran did not say much. Although his cancer was somewhere between early and intermediate stage and even though Ling Ran had Perfect Level Lymphadenectomy and Master Level Hepatectomy, cancer was something that could be solved with surgery alone.

What Ling Ran could do was quite limited as well.

At most, what he could do was to let his patients live a few more years compared to other people.

Ling Ran entered the ward and greeted Yao Xueyi.

Yao Xueyi looked over with a surprised expression. Then, he could not help but laugh before he joked subconsciously, "Doctor Ling, don't tell me you broke your leg because you're afraid of performing surgery for me."

"I just have a sprain." Ling Ran explained seriously. "I'll be healed in just a few more days. I'm just sitting in a wheelchair right now for a faster recovery."

"You even put on a splint when you just have a sprain?" Yao Xueyi laughed and said, "When we worked in the factory, we didn't use splints even when our legs are broken."

"Oh," Ling Ran replied and asked, "Did you become a cripple?"

Yao Xueyi remained quiet for a few seconds, "We did become cripples, but we're not that ugly. I even got married later. Of course, Doctor Ling, you don't have to worry about that. Even if you're crippled, you can still get a wife since you're so handsome"

"Dad!" The son who sat at the edge of his bed shouted. He had a resigned look and apologized to Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, I just don't have the energy to take off the splint." Ling Ran stopped for a while before he explained. "There's no need for a splint for a sprain, but since the splint has been put on, there's no need for me to deliberately take it off."

Yao Xueyi was stunned as he stared at Ling Ran for a few seconds. Then, he laughed. "Doctors like you just don't joke around like normal people."

"Dad!" Yao Xueyi's son shouted once again. Then, he apologized to Ling Ran again.

Ling Ran showed a socially accepted smiled before he said,"It's very important for your father to be in a good mood, this is also a requirement on the guidelines. As for the other aspects, my legs would not affect the surgery."

Ling Ran stood as he said. He stepped on the ground with both his legs before he made an act of bending his back and performing an incision.

His leg was just sprained. He would not be in pain if he did not move at all. Even if he needed to take two steps, it would only cause little discomfort.

And during the surgery, the chief surgeon did not need to walk around most of the time.

Ling Ran knew he had sprained his leg, but the other people in the room were not too certain that it was merely a sprain. The people, including He Yuanzheng, stood up swiftly, and Yao Xueyi's son even immediately moved to protect him.

Yao Xueyi's son was a worker in a machinery factory. He stood up swiftly, and he seemed like a general during ancient times.

Lu Wenbin stood up subconsciously too, and he stood next to Yao Xueyi's son closely. They stared at each other as if they were two like-minded people. for visiting.

After stepping out of the room, Ling Ran requested Yao Xueyi's MRI scan, and he read them quietly using the computer. He might need a few minutes to glance through more than one thousand scans, but he would need to take a much longer time to look at them in detail.

Lu Wenbin stood by his side. He took a glance at Ling Ran's expression and said cautiously, "Doctor Ling, how confident are you in performing liver cancer surgery for Yao Xueyi?"

"How confident can I be for performing liver cancer surgery?" Ling Ran looked at Lu Wenbin and said, "Even if it was removed cleanly, there will still be a chance for relapse."

"Hah" Lu Wenbin sighed.

"We've performed more than one hundred hepatectomies, so there won't be much of a difference for us if we perform hepatectomy for liver surgery. The remaining steps would be lymphadenectomy, and the rest is up to the Department of Internal Medicine." Ling Ran shrugged and said, "From today onwards, you'll follow Yao Xueyi. Perform ward rounds three times a day. Send the daily report over every day. I'm going to perform lymphadenectomy now."

"Huh, aren't we going to perform the surgery immediately?"

"We accepted the suggestion from the Department of Internal Medicine. We'll first do a round of chemotherapy and radiotherapy before the surgery. I agreed to it." Ling Ran did not control the medical procedure. In fact, during cancer treatment, most of the time, surgeons were only responsible for the surgery.

However, for young doctors, the surgery itself was already fascinating enough.

Lu Wenbin then pushed Ling Ran out at a faster pace.


Meanwhile, Huo Congjun noticed a few people's expressions and movements. He walked silently to the corner before he opened his phone and said, "Reporter Deng, it's been a while since you last came to our hospital. You must come back and visit us Alright, let me get a few bamboo rats. Let's try some!"