Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 480

481 Limited Hepatectomy

While Lu Wenbin performed the surgery, he peeked at the young nurses around him, along with the young nurses and female doctors who came to observe by the side.

Just as Lu Xun said, "a rabbit does not nibble the grass near its own burrow." Lu Wenbin also did not want to find his other half from the Emergency Medical Center. Even if there might be somebody who was willing, he could probably reject her too!

However, it was different in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

The Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was no longer like the grass by the burrow, because the department was already far from the burrows.

Lu Webin's attention was particularly attracted by a scrub nurse.

The young-looking scrub nurse had a small face, sharp chin, small boobs, and thin legs, and her movements were gentle when she passed the devices

"Aspirate." Ling Ran ordered.

Lu Wenbin s straightened his back and raised his head in a well-trained motion. He tried to hide his tummy, but at the same time, he subconsciously tightened his grip on the machine.

A stretch of dirty blood was sucked out from the abdomen, and the liver that had hardened slightly was exposed again.

"The cirrhosis is rather serious. We will now perform blunt separation," Ling Ran said and took out the liver with his hands without hesitation.

He did this many times, and for Lu Wenbin and the others, it was not something shocking anymore.

Recently, when they ate pomelos, they practiced the method of extracting a liver using hands using it. The pomelo skin could be used to practice sutures, while the pomelo fruit was used to practice liver extraction. Hence, the pomelo was considered to be a very useful fruit.

However, for the reporter, Ling Ran's action was very impressive.

He immediately raised his camera lens and pressed the shutter button. He pressed it while he busied himself adjusting the angle.

Ling Ran did not bother to look at the reporter. He continued performing his surgery.

For him, reporters were not something new. Even people like Lu Wenbin were already used to this kind of situation.

"Do you want to cut more?" He Yuanzheng who did not really make any comments throughout the whole surgery. But at this moment, he made a suggestion.

He was an "old" doctor in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, and he was very experienced. Most importantly, he was experienced in performing liver cancer surgery. From this perspective, he was more experienced than Ling Ran, who had mastered Master Level Hepatectomy.

Ling Ran hesitated for a while, and his hesitation was clear. Then, he said, "If we consider the area of the liver we already resected, it'll already be very difficult for the liver to recover."

When a part of the liver was removed, it could regenerate on its own, and that was the basis for hepatectomy.

However, a foundation was needed even for regeneration. If too much of the liver was removed, the regeneration would be very slow. Naturally, another possible circumstance would be insufficient liver function. The patient would not even be able to leave the ICU alive.

Meanwhile, He Yuanzheng spoke based on his experience, "Based on the severed ends of the liver, I think we need to resect more parts of the liver to fully get rid of the cancer cells. Of course, this is my personal habit, I usually cut a little bit more"

Lu Wenbin and the others could not help but schooled their expressions while they listened obediently to the conversation between them.

Those who liked drama even cast a secretive glance at the reporter and looked forward to whatever will happen next.

The chief surgeon and the actual chief surgeon had a disagreement in the next part of the surgery plan. In the operating theater, the level of intensity and excitement for this sort of argument could only be considered second to p*rn videos about a doctor and a nurse, a doctor and a patient, a nurse and a patient, a doctor, nurse, and patient, and a video about a patient who ran away from the hospital suddenly entering an operating theater.

If a reporter was there, there was no doubt that this would increase the intensity level of the argument.

Even though Lu Wenbin was slightly worried, he dared not raise his head and interrupt the conversation. How could he even have a chance to speak when Department Director Huo was there?

At that moment, Ling Ran raised his head and looked at He Yuanzheng before he glanced at the reporter.

He Yuanzheng said, "The relapse rate for liver cancer is very high. If you don't cut any further, it'll be very hard to guarantee the effects."

Ling Ran muttered and said, "But if we cut more, the patient will be in danger."

"If the patient experiences relapse within a short period of time after surgery, it'll be better for him to die than stay alive," He Yuanzheng said earnestly. He had performed many liver cancer surgeries, so he did indeed have a deeper understanding about it.

If the patient could have a higher quality of life during the period of stable disease, even if the patient experienced a relapse or the cancerous cells shifted elsewhere, he would have the confidence to go through another round of dangerous surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and so on

However, if the period of stable disease for the patient was very short, the patient's will to continue surviving would be greatly reduced, because they needed to suffer again right after they had just recovered from the pain.

The reporter lifted the camera gently.

Huo Congjun frowned and wanted to stop the conflict. 'He's deliberately stirring mud up!'

At this moment, Ling Ran made his decision. "We'll do it your way, deepen the incision."

Those people who were waiting to be entertained could not help but put on expressions of disappointment.

If this conflict turned out to be a great quarrel that ended up with the department director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery punching Ling Ran or the Emergency Medical Center taking over surgeries from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, countless drama will occur!

However, Ling Ran lowered his head and observed the patient's liver. Then, he lifted it up slightly.

"I estimate that surgery time will be extended by 15 minutes." Ling Ran reminded the anesthetist before he concentrated on removing the liver again.

But this time, Ling Ran removed the liver more carefully. for visiting.

The patient today was in his sixties. He was a patient received by the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. He did not have a good lifestyle, and his liver cancer was also caused by recurring hepatitis and cirrhosis.

This resulted in the quality of his liver becoming extraordinarily bad. From Ling Ran's perspective, cutting more of the liver might cause the patient to be unable to leave the surgery alive.

However, He Yuanzheng's experience as the department director in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery forced Ling Ran to consider things seriously.

Just as he said, short-term relapse was a torturous experience forpatients with liver cancer. At this phase, many patients who did not have a strong will to survive would give up and will not take an active part in treatment. They will just choose palliative care.

It was truly too painful, and it was just like torture. Not everyone could withstand the pain.

Regardless of looking at it from the point of view of the quality of life or the length of life, reducing the possibility of cancer relapse was what a chief surgeon should do.

Ling Ran flipped the liver carefully and did not do it as boldly and decisively as he had just now.

The patient's liver was not functioning well, and many liver tissues had been removed. Even if the patient could get down from the operating theatre, he could hardly get out from the ICU; even if he could get out of the ICU This depended on luck, and it had never been part of Ling Ran's considerations.

He did not just have to remove the cancerous tissues, he also had to remove some healthy tissues that had not mutated. But there was a probability that he might end up increasing cancer cells and tissues With this as a basis, if Ling Ran still wanted to retain a higher level of liver function, then all Ling Ran could do was to remove more useless liver cells.

It was hard to balance.

Since Ling Ran had made the decision, he lowered his head and performed the operation.

For surgeons, it would be better to make a decision fast. Whether or not that decision was the best could only be discussed properly when the patient died.

He Yuanzheng was also quite surprised by Ling Ran's attitude.

In his impression, a celebrity doctor like Ling Ran who became famous while he was still young should have the arrogance and conceitedness of a surgeon, even if he was not wild and untameable. In fact, that arrogance should be rather bad.

Who knew that Ling Ran was willing to accept his suggestion?

This, however, made He Yuanzheng admire him slightly.

When he turned his head around, He Yuanzheng watched Ling Ran's operation even more seriously. As he watched, He Yuanzheng realized that Ling Ran's operation was extremely refined. Although he knew long ago that Ling Ran's operation was already very detail-oriented, if he compared those operations to the current operation, the difference would be as great as the difference between braised tofu and minced tofu.

He Yuanzheng suddenly realized and became very nervous.

No surgeon would be so bored that he would choose to increase the burden in his surgery for unknown reasons.

This was just like how a professional athlete must compete with other professional athletes so that the athlete could obtain his greatest achievements because that meant they would push themselves to perform at their best, and if they could not compete with other professional athletes, they will not perform at their best.

He Yuanzheng believed that Ling Ran would not randomly increase the complexity of the surgery. The only possible reason would be that the possible percentage of liver resection had reached its limit, and he was trying to push at the borders of this limit!

"Let me become Doctor Ling's first assistant." He Yuanzheng felt excited after watching the surgery for some time.

Surgeons could not always perform surgeries that pushed them to their limits like this. While athletes could join all kinds of high-level competitions to push their limits, surgeons could only wait for that.

Limited hepatectomy was a surgery that even He Yuanzheng might not be able to perform!