Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 482

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"Doctor Ling, Doctor Ling" Reporter Deng Wensheng stepped on the airtight access door to open it. Then, he followed Ling Ran closely.

Ling Ran was moving around in his wheelchair, and he did not want to stop at all. He spoke without turning around, "Today, I'm not accepting any interviews."

"Not accepting I was invited by Department Director Huo Congjun." Deng Wensheng laughed awkwardly.

Ling Ran said, "I don't want to be interviewed now."

"Why are you in a bad mood? Did the surgery not proceed smoothly?" In truth, Deng Wensheng had already started the interview.

Ling Ran stopped his wheelchair because Deng Wensheng just kept talking to him. He crossed his legs and answered, "The surgery went smoothly, but for liver cancer surgery, the recurrence rate within five years is 60% to 80%. No matter how clean the cut made by the surgeon is, it does not necessarily solve the problem."

"So, you're worried about the patient, right?" Deng Wensheng immediately made a note in his heart while he confirmed what he believed was his assumption by asking Ling Ran.

"Surgery is not the solution for liver cancer." Ling Ran gave an irrelevant answer. for visiting.

"So, what do you think the solution should be? Targeted drugs?"

"I don't know." Ling Ran did not like this kind of answer, but he still answered honestly. Then, he moved his wheelchair and left the corridor at a faster speed.

Deng Wensheng followed after him quickly. He cast a glance at Ling Ran's expression, and he did not ask anything else about this topic. He smiled and asked something else instead, "Doctor Ling, what are you going to do now?"

"Relax for a moment."

"Relax? How will you relax, Doctor Ling?"

"Perform surgery," Ling Ran answered as he pushed open the door of an operating theater and glanced at the anesthetist and nurses who were busy. Then, he asked, "How's the preparation?"

"Five more minutes." The anesthetist who was busy in front of the operating table answered.

Ling Ran nodded. "I'll go take a shower first, take your time."

As he spoke, Ling Ran moved out of the operating theater and rushed toward the shower room. Then, he quickly covered his injured leg with a plastic cover.

Deng Wensheng was totally confused.

'What was that?

'What was the process that I experienced just now?

'There seems to be a logical fallacy in what Ling Ran, but how should I catch it?'

Ten minutes later.

Ling Ran had changed to a new set of attire. He stood at the operating table again, and he started the hepatectomy for hepatolithiasis, which he was familiar with.

This was the hepatectomy that could really treat the disease.

The patient who suffered tremendous pain would obtain a much better life quality and lifespan after the surgery and treatment. Meanwhile, the better the hepatectomy was performed, the patient's postoperative comfort level would be higher.

Ling Ran liked this type of surgery.

There was certainty, stability, and difficult techniques, so it was considered an interesting yet serious surgery.

Ling Ran performed the surgery at his own pace.

He did not rush for time. On the contrary, he just enjoyed the whole process in the surgery. At the same time, he enjoyed the temperature and environment in the operating theater.

The first assistants who helped this time were Yu Yuan and Ma Yanlin. Their skills were not suitable for them to participate in liver cancer surgery, but after they witnessed many unique livers in the abdominal cavity among the hepatectomy surgeries for hepatolithiasis, both of them could also perform the surgery skillfully and with ease.

After about twenty minutes, Su Jiafu rushed over. He was followed by Huo Congjun, who walked over slowly.

Su Jiafu came to act as an assistant.

As surgeons, people like Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan could come under Ling Ran's guidance.

However, Su Jiafu was a resident doctor from the Department of Anesthesiology. Previously, when he participated in the hepatectomy in Wuxin City, he could be considered to have operated above standards. After he came back to Yun Hua Hospital, Su Jiafu still needed to continuously prove himself.

Huo Congjun naturally came for the reporter.

He just ate something to refill his energy. At the moment, he looked as if he was suffering. He then took a look at the surgical record before he asked Deng Wensheng, "Do you still want to watch the surgery?"

"I want to watch one more." Deng Wensheng wanted to know the difference between this surgery and the other surgery. But he would not ask. He wanted to observe on his own.

Huo Congjun did not mind. He said, "Observing the surgery is tiring too."

It would have been better if he had not said it, because once Reporter Deng Wensheng heard his words, he suddenly he felt that he could not keep going anymore.

The previous surgery took about four hours, and he had stood for another thirty minutes just now without even realizing it.

If he were still young, he would still be alright. But now, it was not Deng Wensheng's main job for carrying the instrument that weighed more than ten pounds while standing straight to film the surgery.

It could no longer be his main job.

Deng Wensheng was dizzy. He walked closer to the table behind the anesthetist, and he saw a stool at the corner. He then said, "Can I sit for a while?"

Without waiting for the anesthetist to answer, Deng Wensheng relied on the extra bit of shamelessness that seemed to come naturally to reporters and sat down on the stool.

Su Jiafu felt uneasy while he stood by the side as the assistant. He also cast a glance at the anesthetist who was also an attending physician by his side. He forced himself to shut his mouth while he repeatedly deceived himself, 'It's another person's stool, don't interfere It's another person's stool, don't interfere'

If he were not afraid of getting caught on the spot, Su Jiafu might want to give himself some propofol and take a nap happily.

However, the surgery level today was higher, and they performed the surgery in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, so Su Jiafu who just came to learn was not qualified to make any noise.

All anesthetists belonged to the Department of Anesthesiology in the hospital, but everyone had their inclinations. Su Jiafu did not want to leave Ling Ran, so he could only follow and learn whenever Ling Ran performed a surgery. He even needed to beg his attending physician to bring him along. Stress from reality made Su Jiafu sit down firmly on his stool

"Oh, Young Su, you're on duty in the surgery today?" Huo Congjun supported his waist with one hand while he came to next to Su Jiafu and looked at him in a friendly way.

Su Jiafu stared at with his eyes opened wide.

'You only know NOW that I'm on duty for the surgery?

'I was also the one in the previous surgery!

'I was also the one in the surgery before the previous surgery too!

'The one before the previous two cases was me too!'

Su Jiafu rolled his eyes'So heartless, so inhuman! Do you know how miserable is an anesthetist's life? I spend twenty-five hours per day in the hospital. In the beginning, I had five meals in a day because I felt hungry all the time. Later, I did not even want to eat anything, because my stomach churns when I look at the screen.'

For an anesthetist who spent days and nights in the operating theater like this, the only comfort they had was that they had one extra stool compared to the surgeon.

Of course, if the surgeon wanted to own a stool, they could also get one as well. But the posture they usually needed to maintain during surgery would not allow them too.

Therefore, the stool in the operating theater was the pride of an anesthetist. Who would he be as an anesthetist without a stool? An anesthetist technician?

Su Jiafu roared in his heart while he slowly moved his butt away

"Department Director Huo, sit on my stool." The attending physician from the Department of Anesthesiology gracefully stood up and gave away his seat to Huo Congjun.

Huo Congjun did not hesitate to sit down. He smiled and said, "I've been busy for the whole day. My waist can't stand it anymore."

"Yes, it's very busy in the hospital. It's also very stressful. The Department of Anesthesiology is also the same. Sometimes, we will need to keep working for twelve hours continuously. During the surgery, we face great stress. We need to keep track of the respiratory channel, observe the venous access and the drug channel, along with many other small details. I really can't stand it sometimes" the attending physician grumbled a lot, as though he had held it in for a long time as well.

Ling Ran's surgery was quiet, and people seldom talked to each other. Su Jiafu was temporarily used to it, but other anesthetists might not get used to it yet.

Huo Congjun nodded lightly because of the stool and said, "We're running out of manpower now. But after our Emergency Medical Center is upgraded and we recruit more people, our manpower will be sufficient."

"Exactly, our Department of Anesthesiology is lacking manpower now. Take the Gynaecology Department as an example, don't they always encourage painless labor? There is no way to find so many anesthetists who are always free. Luckily, not many people request this," the anesthetist said while he kicked Su Jiafu's stool and said, "You go and get more drugs over here to get prepared."

"What drugs?" Su Jiafu stood up unwillingly.

"Just see what's suitable." The attending physician's open-minded attitude made him a good doctor who gave chances to his subordinates.

Su Jiafu had no choice but to stand up.

This was an order from a senior doctor. Regardless of whether he understood it or not, it had to be executed.

The chief surgeon sat on the stool which Su Jiafu had to give out.

Su Jiafu gnashed his teeth. He left and came back silently. Then, he stood behind Huo Congjun and watched Huo Congjun while he also looked at the display screen. Then, he looked at Huo Congjun again.

As for Ling Ran, he performed a familiar surgery happily.

"Alright, everyone can go and rest." Ling Ran closed the abdomen by himself at the end.

Yu Yuan and Ma Yanlin did not have the chance to do it, but they took to it very calmly.

They had followed Ling Ran for more than one hundred surgeries. So, they had long since gone past the period where they would get excited for the first fifty surgeries where they could do something.

Even Ma Yanlin wanted to play with the liver and not perform abdomen closure. It was now a miserable concept to him.

Deng Wensheng wanted to interview Ling Ran again, but he was not successful.

Deng Wensheng left the surgical floor unhappily. Then, he went back to the fountain and looked at Fragrance Yard while he quietly planned today's interview.

"Honk, honk."

The big white goose honked twice when it bit the butt of an elderly woman who tried to act like an old kid.

Deng Wensheng was greatly amused when he saw this, so he took out his phone and wanted to share it on Weibo.

It was only at that moment that he realized that his entire Weibo feed showed the same news in multiple posts: Meng Xue's boyfriend seems to have been discovered!

Deng Wensheng felt that the picture on Weibo was familiar the more he looked at it.

"Holy crap!" Deng Wensheng suddenly shouted loudly and yelled a classic line during the 1970s.

"Honk, honk, honk!"

The big white goose that swam in the fountain was shocked. It turned around and used its small eyes to stare at Deng Wensheng. It opened its sawtooth-like mouth slightly before it turned around and lowered its head. It crushed the branch that some brat had thrown into its food bowl, chewed twice, and swallowed it.