Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 483

484 All Because Of A Photograph

"What the hell! Is this Ling Ran?" Doctor Zhou who was scrolling through his Weibo newsfeed suddenly leaped out of his seat. He yelled loudly as if he was about to announce earth-shattering news.

"What's with Ling Ran?" Zhao Leyi's voice was so muffled that it sounded like it was ringing out from beneath two layers. He was debriding the wound of a patient whose thigh had been clamped by the door. As the patient was so scared that he soiled himself, there was even a bit of a stench.

Doctor Zhou stood up and paced around excitedly. "Didn't you look at your Weibo newsfeed? Meng Xue! We're talking about Meng Xue here!"

"I don't have time for that. Do you know how many surgeries Hey, Old Zhou, come over here"

"Why should I go over there?!" Even though Doctor Zhou's voice was hoarse from all that shouting, he turned and chuckled. "We're both on the night shift and have each performed a surgery. No one's bullying anyone, right? Are you blaming me for your inefficiency?"

"You just removed corn earlier!" Zhao Leyi's voice was trembling, both from anger and from the fact that he could not take the stench anymore.

Doctor Zhou shrugged. "What's wrong with treating corns? They hurt a lot too, okay? You're just treating a wound near the patient's a**hole right now, anyway. Why, do you find a**holes classier than corns?"

"I Wait for me while I finish suturing the patient's wound." Zhao Leyi was so angry that he no longer knew what to say. He inserted the needle into the patient's skin and started suturing, and he was slightly faster than usual.

As he sutured the patient's wound, Zhao Leyi felt that something was off. He then glanced at the patient's pants and said slowly to the nurse beside him, "The stain didn't seem this big just now."

"Yes, I think so" The nurse was a little confused. Both of them had been working for an entire day, and their IQ was not exactly high right now.

The patient who was lying on his stomach smiled wanly. "I kind of couldn't in anymore."


"I kind of couldn't hold it in anymore." The patient lowered his voice and said in a hushed tone, "I had hot pot before this."

"Are you talking about the time before you got clamped by the door?"

"Yes I can't hold it in anymore" As the patient spoke, his voice became softer and softer. At the same time, the muscles of his thighs contracted in a strange manner.

Zhao Leyi swiftly rose. Even so, the faint stench traveled through the air into his nostrils...

"I'll be back in a bit." Zhao Leyi turned and left. He hated this type of people who ate a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes during hot pot meals the most.

Since Zhao Leyi had left temporarily, Doctor Zhou was the only attending physician left in the treatment room.

Doctor Zhou roamed around freely like a Border Collie. He held up his mobile phone and walked toward an ordinary-looking resident doctor who looked relatively free.

"Did you see this hot topic on Weibo?" Doctor Zhou waved the screen of his phone in front of the ordinary-looking resident doctor.

The resident doctor had not slept for seventeen hours. He opened his eyes and asked, "What's a Weibo hot topic?"

"Weibo's hot topics means Wait, what on earth have you been doing all this while?" Doctor Zhou wore a baffled expression.

The resident doctor gave Doctor Zhou's question serious thought and answered, "Working."

"Oh my God, that's so uninteresting." Doctor Zhou waved and looked at the young nurse beside him. "You should know about it, right? The hot topic."

"Shut up. I'm very busy." The young nurse was holding her phone and typing furiously, alternating between a Weibo group and a QQ group.

Doctor Zhou found these people uninteresting. After he gave it some thought, he simply went to the ward area with his cell phone.

Most of the patients in the ward area laid obediently on their hospital beds. Since they had nothing to do and were bored, they soon started engaging in a conversation with Doctor Zhou.

"It's so unexpected for Meng Xue to have a boyfriend. It's very unexpected indeed!"

"It's not even someone from the entertainment scene. Who would have thought about it?"

"Hey, take a good look at it. That's Doctor Ling! Meng Xue's boyfriend is Doctor Ling!"

The patients reacted in a much more normal manner.

Doctor Zhou listened to their fiery discussion and basked in the heated atmosphere and gossip as he patiently waited for his shift to be over. He criticized internally. 'Everyone keeps calling them patients, but these patients are obviously very normal! That doctor who doesn't even know what Weibo hot topics are is the true patient here!'

As the discussion reached a peak, a patient's (female) family member suddenly rushed into the room. "This person on Weibo is bullshitting. How could Meng Xue's boyfriend possibly be Doctor Ling? Doctor Ling spends all day in the ward. It's impossible for him to have a girlfriend!"

"Doctor Ling is so handsome, it's only natural for him to have a girlfriend!" The woman's father, who was lying on one of the hospital beds, let out a mournful sigh. "What's with women nowadays? You don't even find such a handsome young man good enough? What's good enough, then?"

"I never said that Doctor Ling's not good enough," the woman said, flustered. "I mean, I mean Doctor Ling is a doctor. It's impossible that he's Meng Xue's boyfriend!"


At the same time, Meng Xue's team members, who were there along with her for a show in Shanghai, were also in chaos.

The director of the brokerage business department of Blue Star Company spoke to Meng Xue with a solemn expression on his face. It was not something he often did. He advised her earnestly, "Meng Xue, even though such a rumor could amount to nothing, it could also blow up. You should have alerted the company before this, don't you think so?"

Meng Xue's expression kept changing as she scrolled through her Weibo newsfeed. She ignored the director.

The director lowered his voice a little and said, "Meng Xue, you can tell us what's on your mind. Why don't you be frank? Your contract with our company is different from those of our other celebrities. You know, you can tell us whatever you're going through. All of us in the company will definitely try your best to share your burden and solve the problem."

Meng Xue opened her WeChat and started writing a text message with her back facing everyone.

Her manager could no longer stay silent. She cleared her throat a few times and said, "Director Kong, isn't it obvious that Sister Meng was being framed by other people? Take a look at the photographs on Weibo. All of them were taken from the back, and they aren't clear either. They're not convincing at all."

"I was about to talk about this." The director changed the topic and said, "First of all, even though these pictures were taken from the back, the phone in the picture is indeed Meng Xue's, isn't it?"

Meng Xue's manager did not say anything. Meng Xue's personal phone had a tiny keychain on it. All her fans knew about it and were familiar with it.

The tiny keychain gave a lot more credibility to the photographs.

When the director saw that the manager stayed quiet, he sighed internally and continued, "Since we're sure that the phone in the photographs belongs to Meng Xue, this issue is a lot easier to solve. The question now is, who is that man in the photograph in Meng Xue's phone? And where did she take that photograph?"

"Director Kong, Sister Meng has a lot of photographs on her phone. Can't she have a photograph of a man?"

"Do you really think that this is the case? Stop trying to lie to me" The director did not bother to speak humbly to Meng Xue's manager. He confronted her and said, "It's obvious from the photographs that Meng Xue was looking at the photograph of the man, and did so for a long time. Do you think that I would believe you when you say that it's nothing?"

The manager had no choice but to look at Meng Xue.

"He's my private doctor." As Meng Xue had just spoken to Ling Ran, she was a lot calmer right now. "I usually go to him for physical examination and other stuff when I don't want too many people to know about it."

"Then, why do you have his photograph on your phone? And that photograph was obviously not taken in a public space." The photograph the director was talking about was captured by Meng Xue, and it showed Ling Ran's side profile. Ling Ran was writing a research paper at that time, and his expression was a focused and determined one. He looked absolutely handsome, and even his face was sparkling.

And this was also why the director was so anxious. The other party was so handsome that he could not help but think that the rumors were true.

Meng Xue, though, did not give the director too much time to think about it. She chuckled softly and said, "Aren't you the ones who are supposed to come up with an explanation?"

The director froze when he heard that. He said through gritted teeth, "If you're giving me the right to offer an explanation"

"That's impossible. Go ahead and come out with the script, and I'll take a look at it." Meng Xue raised her chin as she spoke.

Her manager stood up at the opportune moment. "Director Kong?"

The director stood up in resignation. He turned and said mournfully, "At least let me know who he is."

"Ling Ran. Doctor Ling from Yun Hua Hospital," Meng Xue answered concisely. Ling Ran gave her the right to do so after they conversed through WeChat just now. for visiting.

Meng Xue admired how understanding and unperturbed Ling Ran was the most.

If this were to happen to another person who was not in the entertainment scene, that person would probably be in such a panic that he no longer knew what to say. He might even babble incoherently.

However, Ling Ran's heart was steeled as he had been in such situations way too many times before. Hence, he was able to forgive her wrongdoing. Meng Xue had never seen someone handle things with such grace before this.

"Doctor Ling is very skilled. He is also a very special person who handles things in a very special way." Meng Xue concluded as she offered the director a little bit more information.