Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 486

487 Mice Love Rice

Outside the operating theater was a doctor who had a cap over his head. He had lowered his head while he walked out of the operating theater.

"Please wait for a moment." A sweet-looking young girl stood up and stopped the doctor. She took a look at the doctor's side profile before she smiled and said, "I mistook you for someone else, sorry."

The doctor nodded before he continued to move forward.

A few minutes later, another doctor who was wearing a mask walked out again.

At this time, it was another young girl who stood forward.

The doctors and nurses who came in and out from the surgical floor immediately noticed the changes. Then, they found it both funny and annoying.

Lu Wenbin wore a pair of AJs while he stared at the young man who was wearing a pair of limited edition AJs as he did his work seriously. He walked past him with a smile, even though he felt displeased."You actually want to detain Doctor Ling in the operating theater? So naive."

"It's just like locking a mouse in a barn." Yu Yuan then made her own comment.

Lu Wenbin was stunned when he heard this. Then, he immediately looked around and whispered, "Hey, don't let people hear what you've just said."

"Why should I be scared if people hear me? I'm telling the truth." Yu Yuan slowly put on her cap and fastened the drawstring. She was not in a rush at all.

Lu Wenbin raised his chin and said, "Of course it doesn't matter if Doctor Ling is the one who hears it. But if other doctors hear what you've said, we might end up causing unnecessary trouble?"

Yu Yuan shrugged, and she did not look like she took Lu Wenbin's words seriously.

Lu Wenbin did not want to say anything else, but he laughed after taking a few steps forward.

"What's wrong?" Yu Yuan felt surprised as she looked at Lu Wenbin.

"Detaining Doctor Ling in the operating theater is literally the same as locking a mouse in a barn. It's really funny when I think of it." Lu Wenbin could not help but laugh out loud.

However, Yu Yuan did not laugh. She looked at Lu Wenbin as if she was looking at a lunatic. She looked at him before she cast a glance at Lu Wenbin's left side.

Lu Wenbin's smile slowly faded. "Is Department Director Huo here?"

Yu Yuan nodded.

"Is he behind me now?" for visiting.

Yu Yuan nodded again.

"Did he hear everything, or did he just listen to half of the conversation?"

Yu Yuan spread her arms to show that she could not help him.

Lu Wenbin sighed before he turned around. He saw Department Director Huo and Department Director He Yuanzheng from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. They looked at him as if they were looking at a lunatic.

"Department Director Huo, Department Director He." Lu Wenbin tried hard to smile as brightly as he could.

Huo Congjun also took a deep breath before he sighed and said, "Lu Wenbin, what should I say to you?"

Lu Wenbin lamented and said, "Department Director Huo, please listen to my explanation"

Department Director Huo looked at him for around ten seconds before he said, "Explain now."

Lu Wenbin was stunned. 'Dramas don't go this way, and how should I explain myself? I can only explain myself if I betray Yu Yuan.'

Lu Wenbin's eyes slowly turned to look at Yu Yuan.

The four feet nine Yu Yuan slightly raised her head and showed a gentle smile. Her little canine tooth was exposed like a small and fierce lynx that lived in a national conservation area.

Lu Wenbin could not help but hunch his shoulders.

"Department Director Huo, I was just joking." Lu Wenbin was as demure as a kitten. Doctors in the Emergency Department generally existed like kittens when they faced Huo Congjun.

Huo Congjun slowly nodded. "There's no problem for you to joke around, but junior doctors must respect their senior doctors, especially in the operating theater. You must differentiate clearly between jokes that you can make and jokes you can't make."


"For today and tomorrow, you'll be in charge of everyone's meals in the Emergency Department. Buying takeaway meals, buying food from the canteen, and delivering instant noodles will all your responsibilities. Is there any problem?" Huo Congjun's expression was stern.

"Sure." Lu Wenbin dared not oppose him. Even if he did not have any problem in bench pressing Huo Congjun, he still felt weak in the knees when he faced the department director.

Huo Congjun nodded sternly before he smiled and said to He Yuanzheng, "Department Director He, shall we go now?"

"Sure." He Yuanzheng also looked obedient.

Lu Wenbin watched them while they turned the corner before he slightly sighed a relief. He followed Yu Yuan's steps and strode forward. They might not be able to make it to the surgery if they delayed anymore.

At this time, Huo Congjun's laughter was heard. "Hahaha, Ling Ran really looks like a mouse that fell into a rice bucket now. When I saw him just now, he was smiling widely."

"Does he really like performing surgery?" He Yuanzheng still could not believe this completely.

Huo Congjun lowered the volume of his laughter before he said mysteriously, "If he were a mouse, he will definitely take out the embryo from the rice. Hahaha"

He Yuanzheng was forced to laugh, but he did not find it funny at all.

Lu Wenbin, who stood at the other corridor, felt angry. "This is the epitome of what they say, 'only the powerful can do whatever they want.'"

Yu Yuan burst into laughter suddenly.

Lu Wenbin felt angrier. "Now you feel it's funny?"

Yu Yuan smiled. "I remember there's this one time when I was in the national conversation area"

Lu Wenbin could not help but feel anxious. "Hey, I don't feel like listening"

Yu Yuan did not care about him. She smiled and said to herself, "It's very funny. It was a mouse who looked for food during the day, but it was then chased by the hound dog that we brought. When it could not escape, it wanted to act like a skunk to fart at the hound dog, but it shat instead. It's so funny."

Lu Wenbin looked indifferent. "How did you know it wanted to fart? It could have been so scared that it shat instead"

Yu Yuan was slightly stunned before she said, "Because it would not be funny that way."

"Oh, then what happened to that mouse?"

"It was bitten to death."

Lu Wenbin was so angry that he took off his pink surgical cap. "Your story is not a joke, okay!"


Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan walked into the operating theater one after another.

They saw the green draping covering the operating table, and only the patient's stomach which was slightly yellowish was exposed.

On the screen above the operating table was the view in the abdominal cavity, which looked like a bomb shelter. It was the only shade of red that could be found in the operating theater aside from the cap on top of Lu Wenbin's head.

"Doctor Ling." Lu Wenbin greeted.

"Oh, you're here." Ling Ran seemed to be quite excited, and his tone was similar to an old lady treating her guests during Chinese New Year.

To his right was Zhang Anmin, the junior attending physician from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. He stood at the chief surgeon's position.

Zhang Anmin had been followed by Ling Ran for four surgeries. At the moment, he looked very calm in the face, as if he had surrendered to fate and will just allow Ling Ran to be his assistant.

Even when he saw Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan, Zhang Anmin only looked up slightly to greet them. He said, "Oh, Lu Wenbin, you're here, and Doctor Yu as well. Are you guys here to get Doctor Ling?"

"No, Doctor Ling called us over." Lu Wenbin felt confused.

Ling Ran smiled faintly before he explained things to Chief Surgeon Zhang Anmin, "I called them over to take a look at the surgery."

Zhang Anmin had been playing with the liver with a stick. His gloomy expression finally changed. He asked, "What's the purpose?"

"If I want to perform cholecystectomy in the future, I would need doctors from my team to be my assistant," Ling Ran answered as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "So, they're here to get familiar with the surgical method beforehand."

The latter sentence was meant for Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan.

Lu Wenbin glanced at Zhang Anmin pitifully before he quietly switched his attention to the screen.

Zhang Anmin could not continue playing with the liver anymore. Although he surrendered to his fate, just like what Xuanyuan Tiance said, 'Elementary school students normally do their assignments at home, but the grade teacher reads their writing everyday'[1]

'What's the meaning of you bringing a bunch of students over to read this student's writing?

'Don't elementary school students have human rights?

'Aren't junior attending doctors human too?'

Ling Ran was already immersed in the world of cholecystectomy, and he introduced to Lu Wenbin as well as Yu Yuan, "Now, the surgery has just started. About 101 ounces of carbon dioxide has just been injected, and the pneumoperitoneum is created. Later, we will sever and close the cystic duct, followed by the cystic artery. Then, we will remove the gall bladder, and the surgery will be done"

Zhang Anmin felt so angry that he laughed. He thought secretly, 'Cholecystectomies need a lot of attention to detail, do you really think that's all there is to it?'

Ling Ran's voice was heard continuously in the operating theater. "After that, we can perform our hepatectomies by applying some of the aspects of abdominoscopy. It will be advantageous in terms of blood loss and trauma"

Zhang Anmin had just raised his chin, but he swiftly tucked it back. His expression returned to the calm look a person had when he resigned to fate.

'If the big boss has decided to bully me, then I should just stand in a way that makes it easy for him to bully me, right?'