Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 487

488 Disperse

"Adhesion has been removed. Should we suture or clip it?"

"Make six clips."

"Alright, six clips." Ling Ran repeated Chief Surgeon Zhang Anmin's decision like he was the chief officer on a ship.

Zhang Anmin still showed the classical expression of someone who had accepted fate. In the past few days, he had a completely different understanding of life in the operating theater.

"Doctor Zhang, it will be better if you lift the forceps slightly." Ling Ran's voice was heard from the side. He sounded as if he was reminding him, but at the same time, correcting Zhang Anmin.

Zhang Anmin stopped for a while before he followed Ling Ran's instructions and lifted the forceps slightly to expose the gall bladder more clearly.

He did not want to hear Ling Ran nag him by his side. It would just be like how a grade teacher would be ready to point out his errors by his side when he did his homework. Unfortunately, when a grade teacher wanted to keep a student company when he or she did homework, the student could not refuse the offer.

Every occasion Ling Ran pointed out his errors on time, Zhang Anmin did not even have any right to oppose him.

If he did not lift the liver well, he would probably injure the edge of the liver.

However, Zhang Anmin used to injure the edge of his patients' livers often. When doctors performed cholecystectomy, they normally would not pay attention to small details. It did not really matter to them whether they touched it or not. From a doctor's point of view, it did not affect the prognosis that much.

Naturally, it would be slightly better if they did not touch it.

Some people obtained a slightly healthier liver because they kept a healthy lifestyle from night to day, worked out, and did not smoke or drink. But where were they supposed to complain if the edges of their livers were injured because of one cholecystectomy?

When Zhang Anmin performed surgery, he usually did it more freely. When he stuffed plastic bag inside, he would be lazy to stuff the plastic bags into the area with the intestines, and he treated the liver as part of the operation. However, with Ling Ran paying attention to him, he dared not do that.

This was just like how elementary school students did mathematical questions, they would usually skip some of the steps, but when their grade teacher watched them, they did not have the choice but list out everything.

"Doctor Ling, I have observed the situation for two days. The fans outside have reduced. You can change your clothes, and you might be able to slip out unnoticed." Zhang Anmin held the trocar with both hands while he provided a suggestion for Ling Ran.

Ling Ran did not even blink as he stared at the movement on the screen. He then said, "I do not want to slip out."

Zhang Anmin was stunned. Then, he smiled unnaturally and said, "You're right, too. Doctor Ling is a man among men, and you did not do anything wrong. So, you don't have to slip out, but should instead walk out righteously."

"If I slip out, I still need to slip in. There's no need for that." Ling Ran looked at Zhang Anmin, and he thought that Zhang Anmin was an idiot.

Lu Wenbin felt bored as he watched by the side. He felt so bored it was as if he was a collectible item standing on a shelf. He chuckled at this moment. "Doctor Zhang, you still have something you misunderstood. Doctor Ling's base camp is the operating theater, why should he leave this place?"

Zhang Anmin could not help but say, "He can go out and perform his own surgeries!"

The reason why Ling Ran always sought to participate in surgeries from other departments and always went to help in cholecystectomies was that if he did not leave the operating theater, it would not be convenient for him to go for ward rounds and consultations. Therefore, it was not suitable for him to be the chief surgeon and handle the patients on his own.

However, seeking to participate in surgeries from other departments was different.

Lu Wenbin continued chuckling. "The beds are always not sufficient for our treatment group, and even the nurses are exhausted. Now, they are happy because everyone can take a few days' break."

Zhang Anmin pursed his lips, and he thought secretly, 'All of you are happy, but not me.'

Lu Wenbin had not fully expressed his views yet, so he continued saying, "Actually, it is quite good now. The patients from the departments they should originally belong to are now handled by the doctors from that particular department. We don't even have to provide any hospital beds. We also don't have to do any preoperative preparation and postoperative treatment. If Doctor Ling wants to perform any surgeries, we can just hop into any operating theater"

"Which means you don't have to bear any responsibilities. No foreplay is needed. After the entire thing, you can just put on your pants and leave." Zhang Anmin decided to be slightly cheeky, and he felt so happy that he worked faster.

Lu Wenbin thought for a while before he slowly replied, "It's something like that"

"Be careful of the edge of the liver." Ling Ran suddenly reminded him before he pointed at the screen and talked to Zhang Anmin, "You always make mistakes here. If you still make mistakes again, you'll have to go study again and reflect."

"Yes, sorry, sorry." Zhang Anming, the chief surgeon of this surgery and the attending physician of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery apologized before he suddenly felt that there was something wrong. 'I'm the person who should not leave the operating theater!'


Ling Ran chose to join the surgeries requiring cholecystectomy first. He also spent most of his remaining time on watching surgeries from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. After watching a few surgeries, he would start to seek to become the assistant.

If he were another resident doctor, then it was par for the course that he would not receive this kind of treatment. It was alright for him to observe, as the doctors were usually allowed to observe surgeries in the hospital. As long as the doctors had free time, no one could stop them. However, if the doctors wanted to practice their skills, it was not something easy. How could the doctor be allowed to work when he or she was not a doctor in the department?

However, if Ling Ran was the one in the operating theater, it was only natural that he would receive preferential treatment.

One of the reasons was because of his fame. Ling Ran led a team independently now. Although he did not have a complementary position and corresponding duties, what he did now were things that only associate chief physicians could do.

Another reason was due to Ling Ran's strong foundation. He did not grab the chance to become the chief surgeon either. He just worked as an assistant and did whatever he could. His Master Level Simple Interrupted Suture Technique alone could make the doctors feel satisfied.

His recent skillHemostasis by Heatwas at Perfect Level. This ensured minimal blood loss during surgery. Regardless of whether he used a monopolar or bipolar ultrasonic knife, his hands were extremely stable.

His two Specialist Level incision skills were not strong, but they reached the level of a senior attending physician, which was better than many associate chief physicians or chief physicians.

Ling Ran also had a large amount of experience in abdominal anatomical dissection. Hence, he could pretty much still spoon-feed the chief surgeon happily even if he did not know the surgical method.

Besides, it was not as if Ling Ran would perform a surgical method he absolutely did not know.

The systematic medical culture system always had the theory aspect overlap with practicals. Reading books and watching videos before attending the lectures, listening to others, observing others, and practicing on their own was basically the pathway for normal doctors to learn new surgical methods.

For medical students who just graduated, they would always face obstacles when they first start to learn performing surgeries. They even needed help to put on their surgical gown. However, for Ling Ran, who had become a part of the hospital, there would not be so many annoying matters.

He learned surgical methods by just opening his laptop, watching in the operating theatre, or working as an assistant by the operating table. In a short time, Ling Ran could learn a surgical method.

Although it was different from the systematic spoon-feeding method other surgeons employed to learn a new technique, where they learned from the beginning until they reached Specialist Level, if Ling Ran to talk about the scope of learning, the period of time in which Ling Ran stayed in the operating theater still made him learn a lot.

Day by day.

Night after night.

The spider plant was still alive.

The goose manure had been spread all around the yard.

The young ladies and gentlemen outside the operating theater became haggard. for visiting.

Finally, on one day, Attending Physician Zhang Anmin from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery ran toward the operating theater and shouted, "They left. All of them left."

"Who left?" A few other attending physicians replied cooperatively, though no one knew whether they were truly being cooperative.

"All the fans left, including those anti-fans and perverted fans. It's so peaceful outside the operating theatre, and we can come in and out freely!" Zhang Anmin sounded as if he announced the good news to everyone, but his eyes were fixed on Ling Ran.

Everybody also placed their attention on Ling Ran.

"What good news."

"Finally, we can have peace."

"There's no one blocking the door anymore. We can now perform surgeries just like we used to."

Everybody surrounded Ling Ran while they gasped in admiration of the situation.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran only listened to them without showing any expression.

Zhang Anmin could not hold himself back anymore. He walked close to Ling Ran and said sincerely, "Doctor Ling, you can live a comfortable life now, you don't have to stay in the operating theater anymore."

Once Ling Ran had his name mentioned, he raised his head, smiled, and said, "It's okay for me. If anyone of you wants to leave, please help yourself. Just let me know earlier, I can replace you at any time."

Zhang Anmin's lips twitched, he said in full alertness, "Then, I'll have to thank you in advance."

"You're welcome. " Ling Ran showed a smiled that met the society's expectations.