Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 49

49 Picking On Him

"Doctor Pan is not here... Where is Department Director Jin Xi?" Huo Congjun asked for Jin Xi, the Director of the Hand Surgery Department.

If a person had been a resident doctor for a long time, he or she would eventually be able to read another person's thoughts through the expressions on that person's face. Hou Kang immediately understood Huo Congjun's intentions. He then spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, "The M-Tang technique is Department Associate Director Pan's speciality. Department Director Jin wouldn't normally perform it."

Even if a doctor were a chief physician, that doctor would not recklessly employ a technique they were unfamiliar with in actual practice.

Huo Conjun hummed in acknowledgment. He arrived next to the operating table, put on his surgical magnifying glasses, and examined the patient's fingers meticulously.

He had never performed a hand surgery, but tendon suturing was not beyond the boundaries of an ER doctor's skillset. Their naked eyes could instantly deduce if the edges of the tendon had been aligned neatly, whether the suturing was firm, and whether the damage during the operation was minimal.

Naturally, the flexor tendon that Ling Ran had sutured using his Master Level M-Tang Technique was above average standards.

At least, Huo Conjun could see no problems from his end.

Huo Congjun's eyes gleamed through the microscopic lenses. After a long time, he exhaled and said, "Continue on."

Zhao Leyi, who had just made way for Huo Congjun, was stupefied. He asked urgently, "Department Director Huo, do you still want him to continue on?"

"What else could I possibly mean?" Huo Congjun asked rhetorically.

Zhao Leyi went blank for a few seconds. He snorted in his heart and thought to himself, 'As long as you are willing to bear the responsibility, then by all means, let Ling Ran continue. I don't want my name on this, especially when the patient ends up with a disfigured hand in the future.'

Huo Congjun retreated and handed over his spot back to Zhao Leyi.

Ling Ran exercised his neck slightly and said to the nurse, "Glasses."

The scrub nurse immediately went forward and helped Ling Ran put on the surgical magnifying glasses.

"Needle holder straight forceps."

Ling Ran immediately trained his eyes on the patient's hand. He was no longer concerned of the thoughts and expressions of others.

Zhao Leyi was so upset that he felt his skin crawling. He operated on the patient for a while and finished suturing another injury. While he stepped aside so that his assistants could take over to handle the sutured injury, Zhao Leyi took the chance to whisper into Huo Congjun's ears, "Department Director Huo, when Ling Ran is done with this tendon, let's just leave the rest to the Hand Surgery Department."

"If my men can do it, why should I let someone else handle the operation?" Huo Congjun replied softly and shot a look at Zhao Leyi. The animosity was clear.

Realization struck Zhao Leyi. His mind became clear.

'That's right. This is Huo Congjun. He is the first doctor in our country who campaigned for larger emergency departments. Because of this, he published papers and delivered even more speeches at different conferences. His core values are all based around the idea of upscaling and professionalization. By that, he definitely intends to upscale the Emergency Department and also professionalize the Emergency Department.'

In the words of the other doctors from other hospitals, Huo Congjun wanted to build a subsidiary Department of Surgery and a small Department of Internal Medicine in the Emergency Department itself. For that, he had started to perform appendectomies and ectopic pregnancies for the past decade.

During the age where expensive medicine was used to help provide for the doctors' income, the Department of Surgery was always left starved of fundings. Surgeons could not earn much, so when Huo Congjun fought for the right to perform surgeries on patients, no one stopped him.

But times were different now. The aim of the Changxi Province Medical Health Care Reform had been to increase the medical service charges significantly and to decrease the price of medicine.

Because of that, the price of medicine in the province became closer to the market price, and surgery charges instead rose to nearly tenfold. The income of a typical junior doctor in the Hand Surgery Department rose from around 10 RMB to approximately 100 RMB, so all doctors started fighting to perform surgeries. Now, it was difficult for the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital to launch new programmes.

If Ling Ran were just performing a tendon repair surgery, Huo Congjun might tell him to stop, but Huo Conjun's thoughts were different when Ling Ran had already achieved the M-Tang technique to such an extent.

Zhao Leyi was fuming inside. After he fiddled with the patient's thigh for a while, he subconsciously darted a look at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran's movements were clean and smooth. They were not too quick, but were methodical, and there were no unnecessary actions. If Zhao Leyi did not look at his face, he would think that Ling Ran was an old monster who had performed hundreds upon thousands of surgeries of the same kind.

'What an insensible medical student.' Zhao Leyi was disgruntled. He watched while thinking, 'So what if you have a pair stable hands? If I were the department director, I would have sent you back to your school and left a black mark in your record so that you will have a hard time looking for a job in the future. Son of a b*tch.'

Zhao Leyi cursed Ling Ran in his heart, and instantly felt more gratified.

Zhao Leyi's operation was tedious but simple. As he worked, he would intentionally look at Ling Ran a few times, wishing for him to make a beginner's mistake and have all hope placed on him by the department director abandoned.

Ling Ran tied the knot swiftly...

He did the separation...

And the suturing...

The time Zhao Leyi spent watching Ling Ran's operation became longer, and he felt as if two tiny Zhao Leyis had popped up in his heart.

Tiny Zhao Leyi A: Anastomosis, huh? He seems to have completed it carelessly, that son of a b*tch!

Tiny Zhao Leyi B: Son of a b*tch.

Tiny Zhao Leyi A: He avoided the blood vessels and the plexus in an instant. His movements are so quick and accurate. Son of a b*tch.

Tiny Zhao Leyi B: Son of a b*tch.

Tiny Zhao Leyi A: The position he selected for suturing is very particular. Son of a b*tch.

Tiny Zhao Leyi B: Son of a b*tch,son of a b*tch,son of a b*tch,son of a b*tch