Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 493

494 Not In A Hurry

Ling Ran looked at the system's mission notification, a little baffled.

Learning a technique on his own was a difficult thing to do, but even so, it just gave him a Basic Treasure Chest?

In the past, it would give at least an Intermediate Treasure Chest upon Ling Ran completing around ten cases.

Ling Ran could not help but speculate. 'Is the system afraid that I would improve my own techniques myself, and in the end, not need it?'

Ling Ran could not help but remember the scenario whereby his kindergarten teachers would weep and wail as they sent him away. Ling Ran still remembered up to now that a female teacher who had just graduated not long ago had lamented, "When Young Ran grows up, he would not need me anymore in the future."

He also ran into teachers like these during his elementary school years, junior high school years, high school years, and even university years.

Of course, most of the teachers would not weep and wail, they will just simply shed a few tears.

After all, not every teacher was the emotional and sensitive type. There were even some that were very casual and unconcerned. 

Ling Ran thought. 'If I look at it this way, is the system the sensitive type?'

Ling Ran originally wanted to ask the system, but after thinking about it, what if the system started weeping and wailing? Was it thinking of the moment when he would eventually leave?

Ling Ran had been in contact with some of such sensitive people. But he would be lying if he said he had grown any better at dealing with them. 

So, Ling Ran looked at the sky and let out a long sigh. He did not even bother inquiring the system. 

He also did not treat the mission as a big deal. 

'Basic Treasure Chest? Was there not enough patient's sincere gratitude for me now? Or could it be that getting the approval from my peers is not fun anymore?'

"Doctor Ling?" Zhang Anmin looked at Ling Ran daydreaming by the side and called out to him softly. 

"Oh, let's start." Ling Ran raised his hands to his chest and flexed his shoulders. He looked like he was about to go all out.

Zhang Anmin still felt somewhat diffident and said, "Doctor Ling, why not you to do a guided surgery?"

If he had to say, the hospital workplace was really a place whereby higher ranking officials could crush their subordinates. 

Scenarios like attending physicians torturing resident doctors or associate chief physicians torturing attending physicians were often like cats playing with mice. Many doctors had the experience of crying secretly at a corner, waiting room, toilet, wardrobe, beneath their bed, storage room, and other places. The reason was mostly related to the senior doctors.

However, the technique senior doctors employed to torture junior doctors in the hospitals was always by suppressing them through their skills. 

If senior doctors had inferior skills, being a senior doctor would just be a title, and they could do nothing to junior doctors. 

This was especially for doctors at the level of associate chief physicians. Powerful associate chief physicians could torture a department's attending physicians and resident doctors until they wanted to die. But those that were not capable would mostly spout some obscene words. Such associate chief physicals were most commonly seen in hospitals that were not tertiary Grade A hospitals, especially in hospitals below secondary Grade B, such as county hospitals or town hospital.

For Zhang Anmin, Ling Ran was an existence who was even more powerful than a department associate director or even a department director.

On the other hand, Zhang Anmin also really admired Ling Ran after following Ling Ran in performing so many surgeries.

To worship the skills of their peers was natural. This kind of worship as natural as a smart student worshipping a genius student, a programmer worshiping a software developer, a fighter worshipping a boxer, and street basketball fans worshiping NBA professional players.

Even if Ling Ran did not know how to perform cholecystectomy, but after seeing Ling Ran's hepatectomy, Zhang Anmin could worship no one else but him. 

Ling Ran looked at the screen in envy and shook his head before he said, "You start. You shouldn't decline the surgery out of modesty anymore."

Zhang Anmin hesitated for a moment. He did not know if he should offer Ling Ran to do the surgery again.

During ancient times, when an emperor abdicated his throne, the person who took over his crown seemed to have to decline it repeatedly before the process was over. 

However, he should not try to decline the surgery repeatedly. If he did, he might infuriate Ling Ran, and that would be too unfortunate for him. 

Zuo Cidian stood by the side as a mascot and also to learn. He coughed softly and said, "If Doctor Ling said that he's letting you to do it, then just do it. Don't look into it any deeper."

If he had to say, Zuo Cidian was the most aware of Zhang Anmin's mental state right now. However, compared with Zuo Cidian, Zhang Anmin's experience with the world was much weaker, but his medical skills were stronger. After all, he was an attending physician trained in Yun Hua Hospital, so his standard would still be quite alright. 

"Let's start." Zhang Anmin stood firmly at the chief surgeon's position, and his mood gradually calmed down.

There was one thing about performing surgeries that won over other jobs: When surgeons stood by the operating table, they would not particularly experience exhaustion, pain, anxiety, or any other feelings, especially when the operation was smooth. 

It would be easier for them to be in the fabled "zone" as well. 

It was like how a student who was taking a test paper would feel when he ran into a test that he was extremely familiar with. 

There will definitely be some difficulties, but by being able to break through those difficulties would give people encouragement instead.

It was partially because of this that many of the senior doctors were always able to perform way better than the extremely low-ranked junior doctors.

Because junior doctors always encountered such difficulties that were hard to overcome. It was like encountering a difficult problem in a test paper right from the start. If the student cannot answer the first question in the beginning, he or she would still try to write down an answer. When the student arrived at the second question, the student would begin to feel less confident. If the student continued to encounter difficulties, it would be very easy for them to lose their confidence. 

Zhang Anmin's mastery in cholecystectomy had already reached Specialist Level, and once he broke through Specialist Level, he could perform the surgical procedure smoothly if he did not encounter any problems during the way.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhang Anmin first made an incision around the navel before he pumped in carbon dioxide to create a pneumoperitoneum. Then, he used the endoscope to observe the inside of the second incision. 

When he opened up the second incision, the flesh inside could be seen jutting out on the screen. 

The first position Zhang Anmin chose was not particularly ideal looking from the inside, so he changed to another position to prod around.

This time, he prodded the right position based on what they saw on the screen.

Zhang Anmin handed the endoscope to Ling Ran. He poked with a little bit of force, and the protruding bump ruptured. A few drops of bright red liquid sprinkled on the liver.

The liver and gallbladder were not separated. When cholecystectomy was performed using endoscopes, the reddish liver took up the majority of the surgical field. The gallbladder was covered by the liver, and they could not see it at this moment. 

Zhang Anmin continued to make a third incision. With a hand holding a forcep as he looked at the screen, he wiped the blood drops on the liver with gauze.

Zuo Cidian who was standing behind him could not help but look at Zhang Anmin funnily.

"Let's look at the gallbladder's situation first." Zhang Anmin lifted the liver with a stick and started to operate as he spoke.

Ling Ran watched Zhang Anmin's operation seriously while he silently remembered the steps. He also made that the position of the lens was correct as well as stable in accordance with the surgical process.

This was what an endoscopic assistant was supposed to do. Ordinary young doctors who wanted to get an opportunity to operate an endoscope would still need to work a lot before they could do this. 

There was naturally no such problem for Ling Ran. 

Zhang Anmin routinely used seven forceps to close the bile duct and blood vessels. When he used the sixth forcep, he managed to block off the blood vessels from the bile duct. Zhang Anmin did not immediately put the last surgical forcep that was used as safety measures on the duct, but instead, he said to Ling Ran, "Come and try one."

This time, Ling Ran did not refuse.

He changed his position with Zhang Anmin with glee before he held the separating forceps. He aimed for the position a few times before placing the last forcep at the spot where it was supposed to be. 

"No problem." Zhang Anmin thought it was very good, but he felt that it was too weird to use "very good" to evaluate Ling Ran.

Ling Ran was quite satisfied as he examined the forcep that he put himself.

He had ample experience in dissection and also had skills in operating endoscopes. So, obviously, he would not make a mistake in putting in a separating forcep.

However, Ling Ran's goal was never about not making mistakes.

In fact, Ling Ran never worried about making any mistakes.

"Failure is the mother of success." Ling Ran understood it deeply at the beginning of his path of learning. When he was still very young, he was not always better than others, but there were always children who were afraid of making mistakes, and hence refused to try things. That may be the biggest difference between Ling Ran and them. Of course, Ling Ran was always able to get a chance to try things. He was also more likely to be encouraged instead of being penalized after making a mistake, which was also probably one of the reasons why he was not afraid of trying. 

"There seems to be another gallbladder surgery after this?" Once Ling Ran finished admiring how he inserted the forceps, he asked casually.

"It seems... so." Zhang Anmin had performed too many operations today, so he was getting a little dizzy. 

Zuo Cidian confirmed by the side. "There are still two cases of gallbladder surgeries today."

For the average doctor, performing three or two operations on their surgery day was considered normal, but neither was it not uncommon to do four or five.

The difference between the doctors in general and Ling Ran was that doctors in general would have about two surgery days a week, but Ling Ran can have surgery days every day.

In a normal hospital, except for chief residents, no one did the number of surgeries Ling Ran did. Furthermore, chief residents would usually operate at this intensity for only half a year to a year so as to prevent the old chief residents from completely breaking down. 

Zhang Anmin needed at least forty to fifty minutes to perform an endoscopic gallbladder surgery.

As he looked at the screen, Zhang Anmin asked, "Do you want to be the chief surgeon later, Doctor Ling?"

"I don't want to be the chief surgeon for today. I want to go back and review the surgery in the evening. I will be the chief surgeon next time." Ling Ran paused for a while before he continued, "Right, let's have a group dinner at night. Let's have it at Shao family's restaurant?"

"Sure." Zhang Anmin quickly agreed.

Zuo Cidian chuckled and said, "I will call Boss Shao and ask him to get ready."