Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 497

498 Arrangemen

"Professor Feng will depart from Beijing at noon. He is expected to reach at three o'clock in the afternoon, and he will leave at eight forty at night. He will not have his meal in between" He Yuanzheng had called for a consultation meeting for the patient, Ding Fan in the meeting room, and the main agenda of the meeting was to discuss how to welcome Professor Feng Zhixiang.

Huo Congjun also attended this meeting. They both sat at two opposite ends of the table.

After Huo Congjun listened to the introduction by He Yuanzheng, Huo Congjun frowned slightly. "The estimated time is three o'clock in the afternoon, but do you mean that he will touch down at three at the airport, or reach our hospital at three?"

"Touch down at three at the airport." He Yuanzheng looked very serious.

"As expected of Professor Feng, he's pretty confident." Huo Congjun folded his arms and did not say anything else.

He previously dabbled in general surgeries. So, he did not want to comment on Professor Feng Zhixiang, who was the best expert in general surgeries.

Naturally, Huo Congjun used to be a military doctor. He was not wary toward Feng Zhixiang, who was trained from a local hospital.

However, the conversation between Huo Congjun and He Yuanzheng could already make the doctors on the spot calculate the costs needed.

Yun Hua was a big city with tens of millions of people. If the path from the airport to the city was smooth, they will still need at least thirty minutes to reach. If they included the time where they will be caught in traffic in the city and when the professor got down from the airplane and out of the airport, then it was certain that it will be very difficult for him to reach the hospital from the airport within an hour.

If they applied the same theory to the time they left, they will need to depart at least one hour earlier from the hospital to the airport. If they included the waiting time until boarding time, they will need to estimate two hours for the professor to leave.

Therefore, the total time for Professor Feng Zhixiang in Yun Hua Hospital was five hours and forty minutes. After subtracting three hours, the time left for him to perform the surgery would be only two hours and forty minutes.

If they had to say, two hours and forty minutes of surgery time were sufficient for a normal hepatectomy. Ling Ran often completed a normal hepatectomy within slightly more than an hour.

When he performed freelance surgeries at the Second People's Hospital of Wuxin City, he could finish two surgeries within three hours. His surgeries would not go overtime even if he performed ten continuous surgeries. This was considered something legendary in Changxi Province.

However, the doctor could only be considered to be truly confident if he only reserved three hours to perform the surgery.

"If he can't finish, he'll need to change his flight ticket, and we'll not bother to arrange his time anymore." He Yuanzheng did not know Feng Zhixiang, so he did not simply make any comment. This was to prevent himself from getting into any trouble if word spread out.

"Okay," Huo Congjun replied. Then, he did not say anything else.

He Yuanzheng coughed, and he started to organize the manpower. "This patient, Ding Fan, is rather old. He's seventy-three years old, and the condition of his liver is not really good. But, the ICG clearance test is child-pugh A, and his blood serum, as well as total bilirubin, is much lower. Also, the patient has cirrhosis and portal hypertension"

After he mentioned all official matters, He Yuanzheng asked, "What does everyone think about this?"

He was actually just going through the consultation procedure, but against his expectations, Ling Ran silently raised his hand and said, "The patient should be first transfused with a hemostatic drug beforehand to stop the bleeding, right?"

He Yuanzheng was stunned and replied, "Yes. Professor Feng gave the same order."

"Can we take a look at the patient's MRI scan?" Ling Ran asked again.

He Yuanzheng was stunned again and said slowly, "Doctor Ling, if you want to analyze it, you can go to Zhang Anmin to take a look."

If Ding Fan wanted to receive surgery from a freelance surgeon, he would definitely not stay at the Emergency Medical Center, but be transferred to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. In the hospital, this was also considered a very common transfer of departments.

Without Ling Ran, all hepatobiliary diseases encountered by the Emergency Medical Center would be transferred to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

However, since the patient was transferred to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and the patient wanted to receive surgery from a freelance surgeon, it would be slightly out of bounds for Ling Ran to look at the MRI scan. He Yuanzheng also felt slightly unhappy, so he called Zhang Anmin over. He knew Zhang Anmin had performed many surgeries with Ling Ran. Although he was not a very important junior attending physician, He Yuanzheng was still slightly displeased with Zhang Anmin performing surgeries with Ling Ran.

Huo Congjun coughed and said, "Doctor Ling is more serious in doing things, and he also likes to analyze MRI scans. This is his personal habit."

He Yuanzheng's expression became slightly better. He smiled and said, "Normal people have no idea how to analyze MRI scans as well. When Doctor Ling started analyzing scans on his own, the people from the Medical Imaging Department became the ones who were the most anxious. The words on the MRI scans we received have become twice as much as the words we received from the previous scans."

Huo Congjun smiled too.

Cheerful laughter could be heard in the meeting room.

Ling Ran looked at them in a strange way and said, "We should send the original copy of the MRI scan to Professor Huang too."

"Professor Huang will take a look at it when he is here." He Yuanzheng did not listen to Ling Ran this time. What a joke, there were more than one thousand over MRI scans in the original copy. Even the people from the Medical Imaging Department analyzed it by scrolling down the scans with a mouse. Forget the fact that it was a huge challenge to send the original copy through the internet, analyzing original copies of MRI scans was never a compulsory subject to learn by surgeons, anyway.

Based on what He Yuanzheng knew, Professor Feng did not know how to analyze the original copy of MRI scans too.

'What would other people think about us if we sent the scans to them?'

"Everyone has their own habit," Huo Congjun said slowly.

Not many people could analyze the original copy of MRI scans. It was normal for Professor Feng Zhixiang to be unable to analyze MRI scans, considering his age.

"Any questions?" He Yuanzheng immediately skipped this conversation.

Ling Ran asked without any hesitation, "After the surgery is performed by Professor Feng Zhixiang, will the patient stay at Yun Hua Hospital?"

"Of course." He Yuanzheng looked at Ling Ran and made a sarcastic quip in his mind. 'If the patient does not stay at the hospital, should the patient be sent back to Beijing?'

"He'll be staying at the ICU?" Ling Ran continued and asked. for visiting.


"Oh," Ling Ran replied, and he fell silent.

The head nurse felt her heart clench as she watched him, so she quickly said, "Doctor Ling, the beds in the ICU are still quite sufficient."

Ling Ran turned around and looked at the head nurse before he replied, "I know."

"Um Ling Ran, ICU matters belong to the ICU. Professor Feng Zhixiang will just be coming over for one surgery. If the surgery is performed well, the patient will be discharged in one or two weeks." Huo Congjun comforted Ling Ran as if he was comforting a child.

When it came to their personal hobbies, everyone was a child.

However, some people could happily live like children, while some were forced to act like adults.

Regardless of whether they were doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery or from Ling Treatment Group in Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center, all the doctors in the meeting room lowered their heads and did not make any sound.

Making fun of Ling Ran was not a wise act in Yun Hua Hospital.

Forget about the fact how scathing Huo Congjun's words could be,Hospital Director Zhou, who supported Department Director Huo, could also oppress a young doctor to death.

"Alright, if there's nothing else, everyone can leave now. For those who need to perform the surgery, you can get ready now. " He Yuanzheng announced the dismissal hastily.

He just wanted to take a look at Feng Zhixiang's surgery, he did not want to offend anyone.

When he was back in his office, Zhang Anmin hung his head while he put on the MRI scans for Ling Ran.

He followed Ling Ran for surgeries every day, and the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was naturally not happy about it. But recently, most of the patients who received hepatectomy from Ling Ran recently stayed in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, so there was no one who criticized Zhang Anmin.

However, Zhang Anmin found that it was increasingly difficult to act like a fool when He Yuanzheng appointed him to the task today.

"Doctor Ling, this is Ding Fan's MRI scans." Zhang Anmin gave away the position in front of the computer.

"Thank you very much." Ling Ran quickly scanned through the electronic medical record in his hands, turned it off, and sat on the chair. Then, he moved the mouse and browsed through the MRI scans one by one.

Ling Ran looked increasingly regretful as he analyzed more scans.

"Is there a problem?" Zhang Anmin asked tentatively.

"There's no major problem. It's quite good." Ling Ran sighed and pointed at the screen before he said, "Look, portal hypertension. Just this alone is already quite good. The cirrhosis is quite serious too. There is also angiomas, but it should be benign. Yes, look, there's focal nodular hyperplasia. All this could easily cause bleeding during the surgery. Furthermore, the patient also has blood coagulation dysfunction"

"In this case, it's not easy to perform the surgery," Zhang Anmin said with a sigh.

"Yes. It's more complicated than ten hepatectomy cases in Wuxin City." Ling Ran looked at the MRI scan with a gasp, and he looked even more regretful.

It was such a waste when a good patient like this was going to be operated by a doctor from Beijing who came to perform a freelance surgery.