Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 500

501 The Phone Rang

Doctor Zhou looked at his phone lackadaisically in the emergency room. While he was looking at his phone, he even introduced what he was reading to a normal-looking resident doctor next to him who had normal skills and a dull life. He said, "You should try to read On the Medical Road. The protagonist knew straight away that he had to first go and earn money in the Orthopedics Department. His wife would feel happy if he used an imported steel plate. Of course, he's not married yet. A doctor doesn't actually need a wife. Sigh…"

"Doctor Zhou, the patient seems to be experiencing massive blood loss." The plain-looking resident doctor with a dull life and normal skills appeared quite worried. 

The patient in the resuscitation room was having a hepatic rupture. Although there had been emergency cases of hepatic rupture being sent over to Yun Hua Hospital lately, it was still a hepatic rupture! Theoretically, resident doctors like him could test their skills on such patients who were sent to the emergency room. 

Doctor Zhou remained calm as he gazed at the resuscitation room and said, "Isn't Lu Wenbin busy inside? Zuo Cidian's inside too."

"Lu Wenbin is only a second-year resident doctor. Zuo Cidian… Doctor Zuo has never handled any emergency cases of hepatic rupture before." The young resident doctor took the chance to look down on Zuo Cidian. Being looked down on for coming from a town hospital was definitely something that would haunt Zuo Cidian forever unless he became as good as Feng Zhixiang. Then, he would be praised. 

Doctor Zhou retorted, "Doctor Zuo may have never performed treatment for hepatic ruptures before, but have you?"

The young resident doctor was stunned before he answered, "No."

"Well then, try and guess if I've treated hepatic ruptures before or not." Doctor Zhou stared at the young resident doctor. 

The young resident doctor felt diffident and whispered, "You… should've treated them before, right?" 

"Are you looking down on me?" Doctor Zhou glared at him. 

"No, I…"

"I have not treated many of them either." Doctor Zhou stopped a while before he said, "Three of my patients died, and I'm likely considered to be of average standard. Do you know how many hepatectomies Lu Wenbin and the others have performed?"

The young resident doctor shook his head.

"I heard they've done around two hundred cases. Lu Wenbin should have performed at least sixty to seventy cases. Doctor Zuo… Doctor Zuo can at least help." Doctor Zhou pursed his lips and also belittled Zuo Cidian while he was at it. Then, he picked up his phone, ignored the noise around him, and calmly said, "If I go in, they'll have to listen to me. But I'm not any better than them, so why should I go in?"

"What if he has a splenic rupture as well?" The plain-looking resident doctor with a dull life and normal skills suggested an excuse, which seemed to be irrefutable.

Hepatic ruptures caused by trauma often came together with splenic ruptures, and the probability of that occurring was quite high as well. Cases such as Boss Shao, who suffered from hepatic rupture after one fall and suffered splenic rupture from another fall were actually quite rare. They seldom saw cases where the patients only had one rupture without the other. 

However, it was not the first time Doctor Zhou had decided to be lazy, so how could he fall into the young resident doctor's trap? He looked at his phone calmly and said, "You go and take a look first, then come back and report the situation."

"Ah… okay." The young resident doctor obediently left as he did not have any way to go against Doctor Zhou's commands. 

Doctor Zhou continued to look at his phone while he relaxed his mind and body at the same time. 

The young resident doctor returned after a short while and said in jealousy, "Lu Wenbin has stabilized the patient's condition. Doctor Ling came over too. The patient has been sent to the operating theater and is ready for emergency hepatectomy."

Doctor Zhou knew what the young resident doctor was thinking just by looking at him, and he said, "If you're interested, you can follow Doctor Ling and perform the surgery. Doctor Ling is very kind. If you follow him for a few surgeries and learn some basic skills, he'll teach you anything that you ask him to."

The main difference between hospitals and medical institutes was how teaching acted as the system of operation in medical institutes, but in hospitals, there were no arrangements for doctors to learn. Doctors had to rely on themselves to do that. Doctors who were clever would pass all obstacles and become well-known physicians. Some who were not so bright or selected the wrong path would slowly disappear over time. 

The young resident doctor heard what Doctor Zhou said, so he hunched in resignation and said, "I can't follow Doctor Ling with his surgeries. I already have a girlfriend." 

"You already have a girlfriend?" Doctor Zhou was very surprised. 

"Am I not allowed to have a girlfriend?" The young resident doctor looked angry.

Doctor Zhou shook his head and asked, "Does she know?"

"She knows… Doctor Zhou, we can't talk anymore if we continue this conversation this way."

"Then go and help Doctor Ling." Doctor Zhou stood and stretched before he casually sent the young resident doctor away. 

The Emergency Department was not short on manpower in the afternoon. The doctors in the Outpatient Department were still working, and the specialist departments had sufficient manpower. Besides, there were also more doctors during the daytime. 

At that moment, any resident doctor by his side would only disturb his reading.

Doctor Zhou hummed to himself as he read his book and flipped the pages in a lazy manner. 

He only put away his phone a while later when he saw Ling Ran come out. He got out of his cubicle and smiled. "Ling Ran, was the surgery successful?"

"It was successful. But the operating theater in our Emergency Medical Center doesn't have the complete set of equipment like the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery." Ling Ran exercised his wrists as he said, "The patient lost quite a lot of blood on the way to the hospital, and blood transfusion was rather slow. Also, the ultrasonic knife wasn't ready, so we took some time."

"Ultrasonic knives are expensive consumables. We need to make calls and sign contracts if we want to use them. It's very troublesome. I can't find the energy to use them." Doctor Zhou pursed his lips. He was extremely unwilling to sign forms for them. 

"We used up three and a half minutes for that emergency hepatectomy. But we needed five minutes to get an ultrasonic knife." Lu Wenbin had a whole bunch of sarcastic quips at the tip of his tongue. 

Doctor Zhou did not bother to look amiable when he saw Lu Wenbin, so he said indifferently, "Ultrasonic knives weren't allowed in the Emergency Medical Center previously. Bipolar endotherm knives are already considered expensive consumables. Next time, you should apply earlier if there's a patient who needs hepatectomy."

"The management for the operating theaters want the chief surgeon to make the call personally."

"Then, why don't you form a close relationship with the nurses who manage the operating theater?" Doctor Zhou patiently gave him systematic advice. 

Lu Wenbin seemed to understand what he said, and he nodded foolishly. 

"I'll go back to the operating area," Ling Ran said as if he were going back home. "The expert should be dissecting the ligaments by now."

"Okay, you go ahead. I'll wait in the emergency room. If there's any major surgery, I'll call you again." Doctor Zhou naturally took out his phone again. 

"No problem." Ling Ran smiled and left. 

After he took a turn, Ling Ran went straight to the lift, which was prepared for medical staff to get to the surgical floor. He then changed his attire and entered the operating theater. When he looked at the surgery on the operating table, he found that they had indeed just reached the part where they dissected the ligaments. 

Ling Ran was not surprised at all. 

He now had Master Level Hepatectomy along with experience in one hundred and seventy cases of abdominal dissections. He looked at the patient's condition and Guo Mingcheng's surgical methods, and he could already make a pretty accurate judgment on how far the surgery had progressed. 

In the hospital, the speed at which doctors operated was fixed when they performed certain surgeries. The more confident they were in a certain type of surgery, the more stable their speed was. 

However, for doctors who could not handle certain types of surgical methods, their speed in surgery would be affected by various circumstances, including the status and condition of the patient. 

According to Ling Ran's judgment, Guo Mingcheng was at advanced Specialist Level. There was still a distance for him before he could reach Master Level. Besides, there was still a big gap between his dissection experience, suture skills, bleeding control skills, and other skills compared with Ling Ran's. 

Even so, however, Guo Mingcheng was generally much better than He Yuanzheng from Yun Hua Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery when it came to hepatectomy. 

Plus, He Yuanzheng was already someone who could perform freelance surgeries in local hospitals.

Yet, the differences in doctors' surgical skills were not easily reflected in normal surgeries.

The current hepatectomy still fell within He Yuanzheng's limits, and it was, of course, within what Guo Mingcheng could cover for his surgeries. It was just that He Yuanzheng moved about a little slower. 

Ling Ran kept observing and thinking, but he did not reveal any expression on his face.

By the side, Feng Zhixiang had his arms folded, while Guo Mingcheng who was busy with the surgery looked at Ling Ran and pondered. 

Huo Congjun cast them a glance before he turned around and asked Ling Ran, "Are you done with the surgery?"

"Yes, it was an emergency hepatectomy. We removed one-third of the liver. Lu Wenbin and Zuo Cidian are wrapping up," Ling Ran simply answered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That's great." Huo Congjun smiled. 

Feng Zhixiang and Guo Mingcheng turned around to take a look at Ling Ran again. 

Ling Ran wore a socially-expected smile since they were experts who had flown over.

Feng Zhixiang and Guo Mingcheng frowned in unison.

Guo Mingcheng even thought in disdain, 'What's so great about performing a mere emergency hepatectomy quickly? If you're capable, make the patient survive. Then, we'll talk.' 

Naturally, deep in Guo Mingcheng's mind, he knew that emergency hepatectomy was actually something truly amazing. 

It was especially so for young doctors. Performing bleeding control for the liver alone was something doctors would spend their entire youth to learn. 

Guo Mingcheng looked at Ling Ran again and thought, 'He has an advantage in surgery because he's so handsome. Society nowadays is too flighty.'

A surgeon improved by the accumulation of his surgical volume. If a doctor was good looking, he could probably earn a few more surgeries. As long as he was not empty in the head, he would have an easier life than other people.

Guo Mingcheng could not help but think of the times he upgraded his own skills… 

"I want to fly around everywhere with you…" Huo Congjun's phone rang. 

Feng Zhixiang spoke with some degree of displeasure, "You even changed your ringtone?"

"Sorry about that, I'll turn off the ringtone." Huo Congjun looked like an easy-going man. He picked up his phone. "Hello… Got it."

Huo Congjun ended the call and muted his phone before he said to Ling Ran, "Beijing 120 Emergency Station wants to send over a patient with severed fingers. Do you want to do it? Three severed fingers."

Ling Ran looked at the operating table, but he could not bear to reject the patient with three severed fingers. He sighed and said, "One hand? I'll do it if it's one hand."

If the patient had three severed fingers on two hands, Ling Ran might have to ask someone from the Hand Surgery Department to come over to help so that they could increase efficiency. However, if it only happened to one hand, Ling Ran usually did not ask for any help. 

"It's a single hand. The patient was bitten by a horse," Huo Congjun said. 

Animal bites were considered some of the high-end cases in finger replantation. A single mistake could prevent the finger from being able to be replanted. Even if it was replanted, its function would still be greatly affected. 

Ling Ran said firmly and without hesitation, "Let them send the patient to the operating theater straight away. I'll be waiting there." 

After Ling Ran finished speaking, he did not go out immediately. He observed for two to three minutes more before he stepped on the door and left. 

The operating theater became silent again. 

Then, one and a half hours later…


Ling Ran opened the door and entered the operating theater once more. 

He looked very handsome in his green surgical gown.

"Finished?" Huo Congjun had been playing with his phone since the beginning. It was only then that he raised his head and asked. 

"Finished. The loss of function in the index finger is more serious. The other fingers should be fine," Ling Ran said while he looked at the operating table. He frowned and asked, "Did something happen?"

"The patient's blood coagulation is really bad, and he bled a little again just now," Huo Congjun explained. 

"Oh," Ling Ran replied, and he continued to watch curiously. 

Guo Mingcheng wanted to explain the situation, but he was too lazy, so he talked to himself, "As of right now, I really dislike the patients who come over for treatment after they've gone to Baidu to perform a self-diagnosis…"

Once he said that, his cooperative assistant instantly became very active in the conversation. 

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains…"

Ling Ran's phone rang again.