Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 504

505 A Relationship Worth Remembering

Ling Ran operated the ultrasonic knife with one hand. He made a few cuts, lifted his wrist up, and made way. 

It was common to find a bile duct or blood vessels below the knife. 

Without waiting for Ling Ran to give any instructions, Guo Mingcheng held the needle holder to ligate the bile duct or blood vessel. Then, Ling Ran severed it. 

Both of them did not interact with each other throughout the surgery. 

The doctors around them looked on, almost casually. They whispered among each other, and their voices increased as if the surgery progressed. 

This was basically how a regular operating theater operated. 

Few discussions took place between doctors during the surgery, and the atmosphere was fairly light. It was not as if tension was absent altogether, but when the doctors competed against the patient's disease earnestly, it would mean that the doctor had already reached his limits. If the level of difficulty in the surgery increased again or a mistake was made, the surgery may just reel out of control, just like what had happened to Guo Mingcheng. 

Portal hypertension and cirrhosis were his limits. If the patient had angiomas and blood coagulation dysfunction, a single mistake would lead to hemorrhage.

If Feng Zhixiang had performed the surgery in his prime or the current Ling Ran performed the surgery, the patient would not have suffered from hemorrhage. They could still perform the surgery while chatting and laughing at each other. 

But doctors who had zero communication with the other members of the surgery like the current Ling Ran were still very rare. 

Doctors also liked to chat aimlessly, just like how salespeople in the shop would gather around and chat when there were no customers in the shop. The best thing about being a doctor was that their patients were unconscious most of the time, and the few who remained conscious did not have a strong resistance toward anesthesia either. 

So, it was very weird for there to be no conversation in the operating theater. Meanwhile, it was very normal for other doctors to drop by and watch. 

If the doctors had reached the operating theater earlier, but the patient was not here yet, what should they do? After the surgeons finished their surgeries, were they supposed to wait blindly in the operating theater as they waited for the next surgery to start? 

Of course not. They would naturally go and visit other operating theaters. If they happened to meet other department directors, they could even flatter them a little. 

For doctors who were familiar with each other, they could even converse up a storm. It was the norm for surgeons to work while chatting very excitedly. From this perspective, surgeons might be as busy as bees, but they were basically constantly in a state of teenagers who stayed up late to play games and chat on QQ.

Doctors who did not know each other needed to chat with each other all the more. 

If they did not talk to each other, how would they know more about each other? Moreover, there should be more interactions taking place during the surgery when the doctors were not familiar with each other. Of course, those were things that only normal, unremarkable doctors did. 

For doctors who were above average and were familiar with the surgical method, they had the liberty of choosing not to interact with others during the entire surgery. 

Take, for example, Ling Ran. He could identify Guo Mingcheng's surgical method even if he closed his eyes. If he just followed the procedure, there was no need for him to even remind Guo Mingcheng what the next step was. It would be embarrassing for Guo Mingcheng if he forgot the primary surgical method that he had been performing for more than one year. He would not even complain if someone shot him right then. 

In fact, Guo Mingcheng was currently in a state where his mind was a mess. 

When the hemorrhage occurred at the start, his epinephrine had secreted madly in his body. When the bleeding was controlled and Ling Ran started to perform the hepatectomy, Guo Mingcheng became absent-minded, and he only followed Ling Ran to perform the surgery mechanically. 

As he performed the surgery up until this moment, Guo Mingcheng finally snapped out of his stress response, and he began to recall what had happened just now. 

'What happened just now?'

While Guo Mingcheng carried out the work of the first assistant, he listed out the things that had happened in his mind. 

'First, the patient had massive bleeding! And Ling Ran stopped the bleeding?'

Guo Mingcheng could only list out the first step, and he could no longer list it. 

This was not a joke. Massive bleeding during liver surgery was a worldwide problem. The difficulty level in performing bleeding control could be turned into a discussion that lasted for three days and nights. The solution… Before human medicine was able to progress any further to tackle this problem, the complexity of the solution was a discussion that could last for three years. 

Even if a specialist in hepatobiliary surgery who had learned bleeding control for twenty or thirty years were to encounter the hemorrhage today, he or she may be out of their depth. 

However, Ling Ran actually managed to stop the bleeding. 

In Guo Mingcheng's mind, he immediately remembered the scenario where Ling Ran pinched the liver with his right hand while he sutured quickly with his left hand. 

Guo Mingcheng could not forget that scene. 

Guo Mingcheng had actually not observed Ling Ran's barehanded bleeding control clearly, because Ling Ran's hand and the patient's liver had both been immersed in blood.

But he had sutured the liver with his left hand right in Guo Mingcheng's face. 

The action, speed, and accuracy had ingrained themselves into Guo Mingcheng's visual memory. 

Most importantly, Guo Mingcheng knew very clearly that Ling Ran's dominant hand was not his left hand. 

He would definitely use his dominant hand to pinch the liver. In other words, if Ling Ran had actually used his recessive hand to perform barehanded bleeding control, which would be even more impressive and terrifying. 

"Doctor Guo, I'll start blunt separation now," Ling Ran finally said. Once he spoke, the whispers in the room disappeared in a second.

"Oh, alright, you do it." Guo Mingcheng was not confident to continue the surgery, and at that moment, he just wanted to finish it and go back home. He wanted to take a few days' rest and carefully think about what happened today.

After Ling Ran obtained Guo Mingcheng's agreement, he used the method that he was familiar with, where he used the handle of the knife and his hand to separate the liver. 

Separating the liver with his hands was something Ling Ran was incredibly familiar with. Although he was operating on an old patient with cirrhosis, he still did not make any mistakes.

This step was different from Guo Mingcheng's operation. Guo Mingcheng was used to using curved hemostatic forceps to perform the separation. 

"Now, I'll handle the surgical section. Get the saline ready." This time, Ling Ran talked to the attending physician from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

Those two doctors who worked as assistants for Guo Mingcheng were students to Department Director He Yuanzheng from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. However, even He Yuanzheng himself was not able to perform hepatectomy with such a high difficulty level, and his students would be even less so. 

They were completely stunned when they saw the hemorrhage just now, so their current conditions were even worse than Guo Mingcheng.

Naturally, they were still capable of performing some menial tasks. 

"Saline is ready." Under Ling Ran's instruction, the attending physician slowly injected a small amount of saline into the T-shaped tube while he checked whether there was any biliary leak.

Ling Ran was also watching closely. 

When they reached this step of the surgery, the surgery could already be considered a success. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Guo Mingcheng had finally recomposed himself. He looked around, and he felt so awkward that there was a bitter taste in his mouth. 

"I have to thank you this time, Doctor Ling." Guo Mingcheng had to admit defeat even if he did not want to. He was in Yun Hua Hospital's operating theaters. If he had revealed his skills just now, Yun Hua Hospital would naturally spread his name around Changxi Province. 

But he had caused blood loss of 4000cc and almost caused the patient to have all his blood in his body exchanged. Of course, Yun Hua Hospital would not help him to this fact as well. 

Guo Mingcheng looked at Ling Ran and his instructor Feng Zhixiang, and he did not know what to say. 

Ling Ran did not care. He smiled and said, "You're welcome. Coincidentally, I had taken a look at the patient's MRI scan before the surgery. The position of his angiomas was not good, and his blood coagulation dysfunction was pretty bad. So, the surgical risk was higher."

Feng Zhixiang was a flexible man. He chuckled and said, "I didn't make any contributions during this trip. I truly embarrassed myself. Was the patient originally yours, Doctor Ling?"

"I should have been the one who performed the surgery, and the patient should have been left at the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery." Ling Ran made an unnecessary explanation. 

"Oh, yes, Doctor Ling, you're from Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department…" Feng Zhixiang who came from a general surgery background had no idea what to say either when he saw Ling Ran's operation.

Ling Ran finished the entire surgery and closed the abdomen by himself. Then, he finally sent the patient down from the operating table.

At this moment, there was a [Mission Complete] notification that popped out from the system in front of his face. 

A shining Intermediate Treasure Chest appeared in front of Ling Ran. 

At the same time, a roll of Peers' Admiration Basic Treasure Chests appeared in front of Ling Ran.