Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 505

506 Completed

When the surgery was completed, everyone released a collective sigh.

He Yuanzheng, the director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, took the lead and invited everyone out to eat.

Guo Mingcheng coughed and said, "Our flight has changed into a red-eye flight, and Professor Feng will have to do ward rounds early the next morning..."

He did not want to continue remaining at Yun Hua Hospital. It was obvious now that there was no hope in him developing another subordinate hospital. It was even more difficult for Guo Mingcheng to become Yun Hua Hospital's associate hospital director.

Professor Feng Zhixiang waved his hands instead and said, "Today's surgery was imperfect. But it's all thanks to our Doctor Ling that we managed to salvage the situation. I propose a toast to the doctor."

"Okay, then I will arrange it now," He Yuanzheng hurriedly said and asked for directions from Hospital Director Zhou again.

"I will accompany you lot to a drink. Just one. I'll need to go home tonight." Hospital Director Zhou was a woman and was not willing to stay out too late.

Persuading the others was no easier. They did not take it seriously and went out.

Huo Congjun pulled Ling Ran and said, "If Professor Feng and Hospital Director Zhou are willing to have a drink, it'll be better if you come along."

He knew Ling Ran's character, and he was afraid that Ling Ran would be reluctant to go.

Ling Ran, who was opening the Treasure Chests, let himself be pulled by Huo Congjun. He was happily examining the loot from the Treasure Chests: one, two, three, four, five...

Ling Ran picked up a total of eight bottles of "Energy Serums", and all of them came from Peers' Admiration, which greatly replenished Ling Ran's Energy Serums storage. A few days ago, he had been detained in the operating theater by Meng Xue's fans. He consumed seventeen bottles of Energy Serums, and he did not even do any ward rounds. He was sustaining himself with Peers' Admiration.

Now, he gained eight more bottles of Energy Serums, which increased Ling Ran's storage.

As for the Intermediate Treasure Chest...

Ling Ran stared at the Treasure Chest, but never opened it.

By now, Ling Ran was a bit aware that the difficulty of obtaining Intermediate Treasure Chests was not low.

Such a Treasure Chest would have to produce something of value so that it would not be considered a loss.

He went out of the operating theater. Through the window, he saw the hospital's outdoor parking lot. Ling Ran's vision was filled with commonly seen cars. He suddenly had a thought pop up in his mind. 'Even if I don't have a Transformer, it would also be okay to drive a Bumblebee around.

'Well, it'll be even better if Bumblebee could turn into a medical ambulance.

'I can also accept it if it can turn into a tent.

'At the very least, it should provide an onsite medical platform.'

After Ling Ran thought about it very specifically and seriously, he subconsciously waved his hand and opened the Intermediate Treasure Chest.

A ray of silver light shone out.

There was neither a Bumblebee in the parking lot nor a more handsome medical ambulance or anything of the sort.

Ling Ran saw a book. Its spine quivered while it appeared in front of him.

"Was it because my heart was not sincere enough?" Ling Ran thought of the words his mother would often say, "Things always happen if you really believe in them." He wondered if he should be more determined on having the same thing. Perhaps he had given too many choices for the system?

As Ling Ran was thinking, he waved open the skill book in front of him.

[Single Skill Book: Obtained skill branchArthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgery (Perfect Level) ]

Ling Ran pursed his lips. 'When compared to a Bumblebee, a Perfect Level skill is indeed'

"I still want a Bumblebee." Ling Ran reaffirmed his beliefs.

"What do you want?" Huo Congjun turned his face toward Ling Ran.

Ling Ran knew that Huo Congjun had no Transformers nor Bumblebee, so he settled for something else instead and said, "We should still have our own ICU. We can receive patients like the one we had today in our department and manage it better. The prognosis would also be better."

Huo Congjun was delighted when he heard Ling Ran use the word, "we".He could not help but racked his brain and said,"We have a place to build an ICU now, but it is not easy to get an ICU approved. It might take a few years."

The hospitals today were all very rich. If they really wanted to construct something, the one true thing that stopped the hospitals in their paths was not money, but approval.

For example, the tertiary Grade A hospitals in the region such as Yun Hua Hospital could easily sustain two hundred to three hundred pharmaceutical dealers and even more. If they had whatever they wanted to be built approved, even if the hospital had no money, one or several dealers could provide cash in advance to build the ICU.

Anyway, hospitals like Yun Hua Hospital would have no problem in paying back the money they owe.

However, the hospital cannot build whatever they wanted just because they had money. They must have the approval by the higher authorities.

For Huo Congjun, upgrading the Emergency Department into Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center had already cost a lot of effort on his part, and he also spent years trying to get it done.

Of course, the difficulty of building an ICU was much less than this, but Huo Congjun still considered it.

Feng Zhixiang turned his head around at this moment and smiled. "We built an ICU for the General Surgery Department a few years ago. It was indeed very useful. Young Guo also wrote a paper about our ICU's prognosis improvement."

"Yes, the survival rate increased, and the turnover rate of the hospital bed has also increased." Guo Mingcheng's mood was not very good, but he still answered the question.

"How much has it improved?" Ling Ran took out his phone and started to check the research paper.

"Single-digit percentage. It has statistical significance." Guo Mingcheng chuckled and concealed his guilty conscience.

There were not many first-string doctors who can do a good job in research. Most of them were done casually, and they were published casually as well. They were already considered to have good character when they did not look for pharmaceutical sales representatives to help them buy a research paper.

Before this, Guo Mingcheng had to hire an associate chief physician to help him write the papers. Because of it, he had to make some academic preparations and brag about their own newly bought equipment. It was also a well-known secret on the medical front.

Ling Ran put down his phone in disappointment after hearing that it was only a few percent.

Medicine and natural science was different. Things like a few percent in the medical world might just mean that the medical staff worked overtime, worked harder, and the patients were screened through more so than usual.

If they screened a group of patients who similarly required hepatectomy in the ICU and selected those who were aged thirty to forty but were no more than fifty years old, it was not a problem to have their survival rate increase by a few percent.

Even if they did not place age as a screening condition since it was too obvious if they did so, they could also screen the patients through the severity of their disease, or intentionally mixed a few elderly but relatively healthy patients into the sample size.

In conclusion, because of the great differences in the subjects of clinical medicine, any of the significant values obtained from research based on mice lost its significance when it came to clinical medicine.

"It's not just a question of survival rate and turnover rate. The convenience is also not the same." Feng Zhixiang chuckled and said, "The ICU is located in its own department, and the burden on our doctors is smaller, and it saved a lot of time and effort."

"But the professionalism of a unified ICU is a better guarantee, isn't it?" Associate Hospital Director Zhou was not too attracted by the idea of a department building their own ICU. The cost was too high, and the significance of the improvement was limited.

Feng Zhixiang looked at Ling Ran and smiled. "So, it is necessary to have a large department. For example, our General Surgery Department now has more than five hundred and twenty ward beds. It is still very meaningful to build a twenty-bed ICU."

"Our number of beds is also increasing quickly," Huo Congjun said.

Feng Zhixiang smiled and turned to Ling Ran. "That reminds me, Doctor Ling, you just said that you graduated from an undergraduate school. Do you have any further thoughts of pursuing a master's degree and PhD? If you take your PhD directly under me, you'll be able to graduate in four or five years."

"I am not going for further studies." Ling Ran did not wait for Huo Congjun's facial expression to change before he gave the answer decisively.

He was a systematic person. His efficiency would be too low if he had to learn by pursuing a master's degree and PhD.

Huo Congjun instantly smiled.

Feng Zhixiang was obviously disappointed. He immediately said, "True. None of the doctoral students under me can perform a hepatectomy as perfectly as Doctor Ling."

Guo Mingcheng was so embarrassed that he wanted to hide. for visiting.

He graduated as a doctoral student under Feng Zhixiang, and he progressed step by step from an attending physician to an associate chief physician.

As far as today's surgery was concerned, Guo Mingcheng was really embarrassed to say that he was utterly suppressed, but Ling Ran did not even attempt to give him pressure, he had just performed the surgery in a relaxed manner.

Guo Mincheng was still remembering Ling Ran's surgical procedures.

Guo Mingcheng had already noticed that if the surgery was handed over to Ling Ran from the beginning, the situation would turn out completely different. Those angiomas may not acted up at all.

It was Guo Mingcheng who made the surgery difficult, and then... the surgery was still completed by Ling Ran...


Huo Congjun was the first to open the big door.

"Professor Feng, Professor Feng..." Ding Fan's family members immediately gathered around them.

Feng Zhixiang did not speak immediately. He looked at He Yuanzheng instead.

He Yuanzheng was the director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Today, even if he did not touch a scalpel today, he still had to stand forth because he was the person who signed off the operation.

He Yuanzheng cursed in his mind. Then, after some pondering, he slowly said, "The operation was successful, but there were some problems during the surgery..."

The family members of Ding Fan's children listened, and their faces were grave.

The other doctors dispersed in silence.

Ding Fan's second son had been working in society for decades. He suddenly had an idea. He stared at a doctor whom he knew, quietly followed him, and found a corner to stop the doctor. He stuffed a red envelope to him and whispered, "Doctor Sun, what went wrong during my father's surgery? Can you give me a detailed explanation?"

Doctor Sun wanted to refuse but thought about it. Last year, because he did not accept the red envelope and had it banked in back to the patient's account through the hospital but had instead returned it directly to the patient, his medical ethics score was one point less than others, and he was not promoted.

As a result, Doctor Sun was "forced" to receive a red envelope. He squeezed it with his hands and said after deliberate thought, "Your father's condition was really complicated. There was major bleeding during the operation. Doctor Guo and Professor Feng could not control the bleeding, so Doctor Ling came out to control the bleeding and complete the surgery..."

"What? I don't understand." Ding Fan's second child stopped Doctor Sun and refused to let him go.

"I mean that Doctor Ling's skills are better than the doctors from Beijing. You looked for the wrong person." Doctor Sun was also Yun Hua Hospital's doctor. When he said this, he sounded strangely forthcoming.

"I think I kind of know what you mean , but I am still a bit confused. Was there a medical accident?"


"Then tell me more." Ding Fan's second child handed out another small red envelope.