Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 511

512 Emergency Stabilized

Huo Congjun stood by the fountain and looked at the big goose in the fountain. It would chase a little girl for a while, then chase a little boy for a while...

Huo Congjun wore a grave look on his face.

He simply plucked out a small section of a spider plant and put it in his mouth. As he chewed it gently, he slowly said, "This goose is called Fragrance Yard?"

"Yes, it's called Fragrance Yard. Doctor Ling named it." The person accompanying Huo Congjun was Gao Meng, a pharmaceutical sales representative.

He had a slight hunchback, and there were uneven acne scars on his face. Among the batch of pharmaceutical sales representatives, Gao Meng was the ugliest looking one.

However, Gao Meng was the best one in the group of pharmaceutical sales representative. Due to his relatively weak body, he would puke whenever he drank fake wine, so that gave him the ability to test fake wine. Doctors liked to bring him out. Even if his tolerance for real wine was only mediocre, no one minded it.

Over recent years, Huo Congjun had also begun to preserve his health.

If he were to drink wine, he would drink real wine. That was the most basic requirement to preserve health.

Huo Congjun brought Gao Meng out that day because he wanted a bit of alcohol. He smacked his lips and said, "I have to say, the name given by Ling Ran is pretty poetic."

"You're talking about... Fragrance Yard?"

"Yes... when goose meat is cooked, its aroma really fills up the whole yard." Huo Congjun's mind was full of nostalgia. "When I was young, I once went to the countryside as a doctor. I was there to treat the people in the village. The locals would kill a big goose, and we ate the meat with white wine. It tasted great."

Gao Meng was stunned as he looked at the fountain. The white goose honked while it chased a child who was 3.5 feet tall and wearing a Yun Hua Elementary School uniform. for visiting.

Gao Meng gritted his teeth. The pharmaceutical sales representative's acute awareness gave him the cognizance of a suicide squad member. "Let me go and grab it..."

"Can you win against Fragrance Yard?" Huo Congjun looked down on Gao Meng, who was only 5.5 feet tall.

Gao Meng was dumbfounded. "I could call a few friends..."

"Can't you call a few friends together to go and buy a goose at the market?" Huo Congjun looked at Gao Meng's head, which must have been tormented a long time by fake wine, and he sighed before he said, "Someone recently sent me a thirty-year-old bottle of white wine. Go and get a few boxes of Maotai, and I'll organize a drinking session."

"Sure." Gao Meng quickly agreed.

To be a pharmaceutical sales representative was to serve different people differently according to their needs. For a department director like Huo Congjun, the pharmaceutical sales representative would need to first consider how to provide the best service before he considered the output. If he were facing a secondary hospital's emergency department director, he would be facing a completely different situation, and he might even need to consider if that department director asked him to buy a goose.

"Sigh..." Huo Congjun sighed heavily.

"Department Director Huo?"

"We're in troubled times." Huo Congjun shook his head before he plucked another leaf from the spider plant, put it in his mouth, and chewed it gently.

"What's going on?" Gao Meng could not help but look at the Emergency Medical Center.

At that moment, Huo Congjun was not the only one hanging around outside. There were quite a number of doctors lingering outdoors.

That was how the Emergency Department was like. If they had no patients, then they would have no patients.

Some of the Emergency Departments in small hospitals would often have no patients coming in after a whole day. At times like that, doctors could only either hang out or treat their hemorrhoids.

Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department had been upgraded to an Emergency Medical Center. Naturally, they would never run out of patients.

However, the proportion of patients to doctors had decreased, and the doctors became idle.

As of late, especially, Ling Ran's treatment group had not been performing surgeries. Zuo Cidian as well as Yu Yuan both actively assisted the Emergency Department, and that also reduced the doctors' workload. Unlike ordinary emergency doctors, after following Ling Ran around to perform surgeries for a period of time, Zuo Cidian and Yu Yuan now possessed the mentality of grabbing patients to practice.

Both of them were lacking in their surgical skills, and they were in a state where they needed practice. Not every doctor could maintain that state in the Emergency Department.

"You don't understand, the Emergency Department can't be idle." Huo Congjun muttered to himself and said, "Once the Emergency Department is idle, it's easy for something major to happen."

"Why?" Gao Meng was even more lost.

"In terms of Yun Hua's population ratio, the number of emergency cases per month is a fixed number. We will need to make up for this idle day someday in the future." As Huo Congjun spoke, he pointed at Fragrance Yard in the fountain and said, "Get a big goose. Some parts can be made into soup, and the rest can be given to a master chef to turn into something tasty. Now, people don't pay attention to fancy appearances. As long as the main dish is made fragrant, it'll be enough if we just have some appetizers like cucumber with peanuts"

Gao Meng could not keep up with Huo Congjun's train of thought. He could only agree to his request, and Gao Meng even sounded a little like an idiot.

"Let's take this opportunity to have a break and rejuvenate so that we won't make a fool of ourselves when we're busy later," Huo Congjun said with a smile. He did not have many chances to drink. During the worst months, he would crave for it until he went drinking at three o'clock in the morning.

The free time over the past few days had made him feel a little like a boss.

"There is a bold spirit like the sea in my life..."

Department Director Huo's phone rang with Tengri's voice.

"Hello?" Huo Congjun's face showed a serious expression and a smile. His expression was still stern, but there was delight in his eyes.

"I got it. I understand. No problem. You can rest assured."

Huo Congjun said the combo of four phrases before he turned his head around to rub his eyes. The delight in his eyes vanished, and he said in a serious tone, "Look at what we have here, the hospital director's nephew has gotten into a car accident."

After he finished speaking, Huo Congjun went back in the direction of the Emergency Medical Center.

Gao Meng widened his eyes. 'Even though you were rubbing your face, you were still smiling!'

In that short moment Gao Meng was stunned, Huo Congjun had already traveled far ahead, and while he walked, he made a few calls. "Notify the General Orthopedics Department and Digestive Surgery Department to come for a consultation. Also, call the Neurosurgery Department and Cardiothoracic Department. The Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery? I've already notified them and asked Ling Ran to come over as well."

Huo Congjun seemed to have called all the departments in the hospital. Of course, he did miss out a few and did not call everyone, but as he saw it, a general car accident would only need a certain number of departments involved.

Gao Meng followed closely and did not know whether he should ask about the big goose.

After a short while, people from various departments gathered at the Emergency Medical Center.

The hospital director's nephew was involved in a car accident. It affected the doctors even more than the Education Bureau leader's father who was diagnosed with cholecystitis.

Even if the hospital director had two younger brothers-in-law and one older brother-in-law, if any of his relatives were sick or injured, those were all emergency cases in Yun Hua Hospital!

Ling Ran was also pulled out from his office.

Zuo Cidian moved next to Ling Ran at first notice and whispered, "Doctor Ling, it's better not to speak if you can. This is a big case."

Ling Ran listened to the head nurse's remarks in front of him and said, "The operation seems to be a spleen rupture plus multiple fractures. It shouldn't be a big operation."

"My dear Doctor Ling, this is the hospital director's nephew. Even removing a cyst is considered a big operation." After Zuo Cidian finished, he looked at Ling Ran's expression, and he knew that he just wasted his breath.

He thought for a moment before he said, "Doctor Ling, what do you think about performing the surgery without talking? "

"Isn't that how I've always done my work?" Ling Ran had been checking medical cases in the office prior to this. After he heard that he could perform surgery, his mood remained good.

Zuo Cidian listened and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he looked at both sides before he asked, "Doctor Ling, how confident are you when it comes to a splenectomy?"

Ling Ran looked at him and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean..." Zuo Cidian racked his brain for a while and said with an obsequious smile, "I mean, I've seen you perform splenectomies several times before, but I don't really understand it. How good would you say your skills in splenectomy are compared with your hepatectomy?"

Zuo Cidian could not think of a more euphemistic statement at that moment, and he was so anxious that he was sweating.

Ling Ran seriously thought about it, and he said, "If I have to say, it should be similar to the level of my hepatectomy, but I've been performing more hepatectomies recently, so I should be more skilled in hepatectomy. Nonetheless, the spleen has a simpler structure"

Zuo Cidian felt like he was about to go crazy when he heard that. He asked in surprise, "You've practiced splenectomy? How did you practice?"

"There is no way for me to teach you the method," Ling Ran answered very calmly. The system can't be used by others after all.

Zuo Cidian was a little disappointed, but the way he smiled made it seem as if he had been relieved of his burden a little. He turned around and saw the hospital director. He quickly said, "Doctor Ling, be confident later. That will attract the hospital director's attention. If you do that, it would at least make him think of... "

Before Zuo Cidian could finish his sentence, Ling Ran straightened his posture and looked around. He instantly made countless people around him think of the words "charming", "handsome", "imposing and impressive", as well as various other adjectives to describe him.

This was also the first time this hospital director saw Ling Ran. He solemnly and politely nodded at Ling Ran.