Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 512

513 Frontline

As the hospital director arrived, the atmosphere of the Emergency Medical Center became very tense, serious, and lively.

It was tense because the doctors were nervous psychologically and spiritually, serious because they looked serious on the face, and lively because their actions had gained new vigor.

This was especially so for the doctors who had been working. They looked even more focused, and their actions were professional as if they were filming a movie.

When the attending physician Zhao Leyi encountered a young man who had his arm injured, he first put on gloves and masks before he put on an eye mask before he took a needle to do regional anesthesia, then he stood up straight with his feet apart while he performed compressions on the patient. He was so serious it was as if he performed heart surgery.

For Nurse Wang Jia, when she gave the patients fluid transfusions, she did not just ask about the patients' names and medical history such as their allergies. When she adjusted the fluid transfusion, she kept asking the patients about their feelings toward the speed of injection so that she could adjust it to a suitable speed.

Doctor Zhou was even busier. Sometimes, he checked the patients' fluid transfusion and medical records, sometimes, he also checked the patients' conditions, sometimes, he guided young doctors in performing debridement. He did not have any patients on hand, but he could not keep looking at the phone. Even if he was staring at research papers, Doctor Zhou was still scared that people might misunderstand him.

"Department Director Huo, I will let you command the battlefront." The hospital director did not say anything too fancy or formal. He did not think that it would be a good idea to make the doctors become very anxious.

After passing the right of command to the Emergency Department very clearly, the hospital director sat alone at the corner like a normal patient's family member.

Zuo Cidian could not help but sigh in relief. He was worried the most when the hospital director asked questions on the spot and sought for opinion.

With Ling Ran's habit, he might reject and criticize some doctors' opinion. Ling Ran always did that during consultations, and it made a few doctors unhappy.

However, doctors who attended the consultation usually had a lower rank, and Ling Ran had a much higher status than them. So, Ling Ran would face absolutely no problem in criticizing them.

But criticizing others at the consultation room and criticizing others at the Emergency Department in front of everyone would be totally different. Some people would probably hate him for his entire life.

Also, Zuo Cidian was afraid of being asked questions. It would be very awkward if he could not answer in front of everyone.

It was okay if the young people could not answer the question. They could also let the senior doctors satisfy their urge to be a teacher. For a middle-aged man who was in his forties, that kind of awkward scenarios would not be suitable for him

"Three ambulances, a total of five people. ETA for the first ambulance is three minutes. The patient has an open wound in the abdomen and higher blood loss. Still conscious, blood pressure 110, cardiac rhythm 111" The head nurse immediately took over this job in front of the reception job. She listened while she reported. She also asked the paramedics in the ambulance questions.

An old nurse who had been staying in the Emergency Department for over twenty years was better in observing and understanding the patient's condition than doctors. She only lacked some basic knowledge. Although she knew what happened, she could not give any solutions.

The doctors immediately started to think when they heard the figures.

"Has the identity of the patients in every ambulance been confirmed?" Huo Congjun added.

"It's confirmed. The patient in the first ambulance is Jin Xuezhen, aged twenty-seven years old." The head nurse nodded at Huo Congjun in a barely noticeable manner.

Huo Congjun understood her. It was the hospital director's nephew.

"How about the other two ambulances?"

"The second ambulance carries Jin Xuezhen's girlfriend. There are multiple fractures, massive bleeding, and coma. The third ambulance carries Jin Xuezhen's two friends. One has minor injuries, the other has open fractures"

"Okay. Let us assign manpower first." Huo Congjun entered working mode. He appointed doctors from his department while he also called all departments over for a consultation.

The hospital director sat alone at the corner without saying a word.

The principle of panicking because of caring for a certain matter too much was something a doctor knew the most. Although doctors had always wanted to give their families the best, sometimes, the best doctor might not be the most suitable doctor. Doctors who always wanted curry up to their superior's favor might not be suitable in performing surgery for the family members of the leaders. If they overthought things, they will usually delay treatment.

Huo Congjun had brought a group of people to talk in a small meeting room. The closed environment made people become more anxious. However, Huo Congjun's tone was gentle and organized, and he gave off a feeling that he was a learned and refined man.

"The refined general at the battlefield was a Zhang Fei at the whorehouse" was a perfect description for an old military doctor like Huo Congjun.

"Save his life first before treating his injuries. Prioritize two matters. First, control the bleeding. Second, prevent circulatory collapse.

"After solving the main dangers, handle the injuries in the organs and fractures.

"Every department must distribute the manpower well, especially the Orthopedics Department and Hand Surgery Department. You have more tasks to do."

Huo Congjun first explained the arrangement for the treatment before he looked at the associate chief physician who was sent by the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and said, "If any hepatectomy is needed, we'll leave that to Doctor Ling."

There was no need for him to be polite now. Ling Ran could perform hepatectomies faster and better. If he tried to save He Yuanzheng's dignity and had the associate chief physician perform the hepatectomy instead of Ling Ran, that would mean Huo Congjun was ignoring the safety of the hospital director's nephew. Besides, He Yuanzheng was not so great that Huo Congjun needed to save his dignity.

Naturally, He Yuanzheng also knew about the situation, so he used the reason that he was currently performing surgery as an excuse and did not appear. Instead, he sent over an associate chief physician.

The associate chief physician stood among the chief physicians and just smiled without saying anything useless.

Since being a doctor was a profession where they were heavily reliant on their skills, skills would always be more dominant in their profession compared to their qualifications, and that was the awkward thing about their profession.

It was especially so for doctors from a particular department or a particular specialization. They must be the top in their fields, or else, even if he was the department director, he would still feel great discomfort when his skills were surpassed by other doctors.

Because of this, some department directors in some hospitals would take over some major surgeries and not allow other doctors to be involved in those surgeries.

No matter how good a doctor was, if he did not have a chance to participate in surgery, he would naturally not able to perform that kind of surgery. Therefore, technological monopoly became the technique for doctors to keep themselves ahead of others in terms of skills.

However, once they encountered doctors from other hospitals or doctors who came back from overseas, this kind of technological monopoly became meaningless.

He Yuanzheng had actually encountered this kind of situation.

He used to be a powerhouse in hepatectomy for Yun Hua Hospital. But if Ling Ran continued to wait for hepatectomies, he might need to change his expertise to the pancreas.

And it was only because Ling Ran only wanted to perform surgeries but not money, so He Yuanzheng could bear with the slight bruising to his ego, or else, he probably would have made some noise.

Huo Congjun glanced around, and he continued making arrangements when he saw no opposing opinion.

Three minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

Huo Congjun ended the consultation right on time. Then, he led the people out. They changed to a new attire and put on gloves to wait for the ambulance to arrive at the reception area.

Ling Ran followed behind Huo Congjun without saying anything.

He will need to depend on the patient's situation to know whether he could work.

At this time, he was still unable to independently complete all surgeries in the General Surgery Department. In fact, he was still far from this aim.

Before he could completely cover all general surgeries, he still needed to work in a team for resuscitations involving open wounds in the abdominal cavity.

In a short while, the first ambulance arrived.

Two male nurses of the Emergency Department rushed toward it immediately.

Huo Congjun also walked forward. He used the small torchlight to check on the patient's pupil while listening to the report by the paramedics. He followed them to the resuscitation room while he prescribed drugs.

The hospital director could not help but stand up and walk to the resuscitation room, but he stopped there without walking inside.

Inside the resuscitation room, Huo Congjun placed his orders accordingly. Those people who had felt slightly at a loss soon recomposed themselves.

"Hepatic rupture."

"Splenic rupture."

"Bladder rupture and pelvis fracture."

Two associate chief physicians reported while they checked and treated the patient. Their expressions were dark.

The injury was more complicated than they expected. for visiting.

"Ling Ran, you'll handle the hepatic rupture," Huo Congjun shouted and gave up his position.

Ling Ran squeezed into the space by slanting his body. He held his arms up and looked for two seconds before he put his hand into the patient's abdominal cavity without any hesitation.

Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control would be the most suitable to handle tedious cases like this.

Huo Congjun's eyes twitched. With hospital director on the spot, he dared not ask Ling Ran to move forward and perform barehanded bleeding control. To him, there were too many scenarios where barehanded bleeding control could not stop the bleeding. If he gave the order but Ling Ran could not do it, it would give a bad impression for others. Also, barehanded bleeding control could only be used in certain cases, so he was not too sure whether if this worked for the patient.

What Huo Congjun did not expect was that Ling Ran would use it without any hesitation.

"How is it?" Huo Congjun could not help but ask.

"I can control it. He needs hepatectomy and splenectomy," Ling Ran answered immediately.

"Control the blood loss." Huo Congjun only gave him this one order before he asked a few questions to the others. Then, he took off his gloves and went out of the resuscitation room to inform the patient's family.

Ling Ran nodded and started to map out the patient's anatomical structure based on what he felt through his fingers.