Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 513

514 Simple

The hospital director's wife rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible.

She occasionally came to the hospital for physical examinations, visit some old friends, arrange hospital beds for her families or get work for them… 

However, it was the first time for her to come to the hospital as a patient's family, especially waiting outside of the operating theater of the Emergency Department.

"How is the situation?" the hospital director's wife asked about her husband. Her lips were dry. 

"I just filled in the informed consent forms, along with a bunch of other things." The hospital director tried to keep calm on the outside.

"How was Xue Zhen?"

"Spleen rupture, liver rupture, pelvic fracture…"

The hospital director's wife listened to his words as she swayed. "My younger brother… my younger brother only has this one child."

"Take a seat first." The hospital director quickly helped his wife to sit down before he handed her a fan. He comforted her. "Xue Zhen has already arrived at the hospital. The best doctors in our hospital are inside. Don't be afraid. We rescued even more severely injured patients before. Xue Zhen's situation is not the most serious…"

It would have been better if he said nothing. After he did, his wife straight up wailed. 

The hospital director also felt a bit embarrassed as they were an old married couple, but he wisely stayed still.

After a while, the hospital director's wife was exhausted from crying. She looked up, wiped her face with a paper towel, and said, "Xue Zhen is my dad's favorite grandchild. He's the most loveable, the smartest, and has a high EQ. You also mentioned that he has the most promising future."


"Can you ask what is going on now? I… I have to notify his parents." The hospital director's wife narrowed his eyes at the resuscitation room. From her direction, she could not see what was inside, but she could see blood flowing to the ground.

When she saw the blood that had almost coagulated, the hospital director's wife's mind was in complete chaos.

"I'll ask her to check it out." The hospital director cast his secretary an expression. and the secretary hurried off.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The hospital director's wife was unable to cry anymore. She sat on a chair and stared ahead without saying a word. 

The secretary got out of the resuscitation room after a long time had passed. 

The hospital director's secretary was also a doctor. Just like Academician Zhu from the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, he used his own doctoral student as a secretary.

The hospital director's secretary was also selected from the doctors who joined the hospital in the same year since she was among one of the elites. She had done surgeries, handled intestines, was familiar with the processes in surgeries, and was more aware of the secrets in surgeries

The hospital director's wife also directed her attention to him.

The secretary looked solemn and said, "The bleeding has stopped and the spleen has been cut off."

"They cut off the whole spleen?" the hospital director's wife said with some disappointment, "I have heard that people who have their spleen cut off have a higher probability of getting a heart attack."

The secretary whispered, "The damage to the spleen is very severe. If it were not cut off, the bleeding would not stop."

"Is the splenectomy done well?" the hospital director's wife changed her topic.

The secretary nodded and looked at the hospital director. She said, "It was cut off by Ling Ran. He was very skilled. I had a quick look just now, and no one interfered."

"Ling Ran… is he the handsome Doctor Ling? Did… Did he do it well?"

"He did… very well." The secretary recalled the scene in the resuscitation room and said, "Doctor Ling's movements are very smooth. He performed the splenectomy very quickly."

The hospital director could not help but lowered his head to look at his watch. It had not been long since the surgery started.

"How… how about now?" the hospital director's wife asked again.

"They are still doing the surgery." The secretary thought before he gave a useless answer, but for the hospital director's wife, it was not.

The hospital director slowly said, "I remember that Ling Ran can perform hepatectomy quite well."

"He also performs hand-related surgeries and orthopedic surgeries well." The secretary herself was quite surprised as she spoke. She shuddered. 

"Go and have a look again," the hospital director said and looked back as he mentioned a couple more names to be sent to the resuscitation room.

He would not enter the resuscitation room first. Not only would it be meaningless, but he might also affect the rescue processes.

The secretary went into the resuscitation room again. 

This time, hepatectomy had begun in the resuscitation room.

Emergency hepatectomy and elective hepatectomy were two different concepts in hepatectomy.

An elective hepatectomy was very time-consuming. It was normal for it to take two to three hours. Some slow doctors had to take more than four hours.

However, doctors could not work slowly for emergency hepatectomy.

Because the liver in an emergency hepatectomy was usually bleeding.

The blood supply in the liver was the most abundant. Once it started bleeding, there was no time for the doctor to ligate slowly. If it were not done properly, in a few minutes, the patient would be dead.

At this time, it was absolutely unrealistic to slowly find the bleeding blood vessels or other things as they could in elective hepatectomy. 

Meanwhile, an emergency hepatectomy should be as fast and precise as possible so that the patient could leave the operating theater alive.

Most doctors, even those from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, frowned when they saw a patient requiring emergency hepatectomy. Most local hospitals even gave up the challenge.

However, Ling Ran performed quite a number of emergency hepatectomies recently.

As of right then, there were more people around him watching his movements, but to Ling Ran, this was a situation in which he was incredibly familiar with. 

When he was reading in the library, there would be people observing him… 

Ling Ran performed the hepatectomy step by step.

It was not particularly fast nor slow. 

Ling Ran was like a master playing Rubik's Cube. He moved his hands around the liver and even started to break off parts of it without anyone noticing it.

The hospital director's secretary stood at the corner of the operating table while she stared in bewilderment.

She had only heard that Ling Ran had good surgical skills, but she did not expect it to be so good.

As a secretary who often took the place of the hospital director to observe surgeries, she knew how difficult it was to perform a smooth surgery.

The correct way to perform surgeries such as emergency hepatectomies was exactly like what Ling Ran did—it was supposed to be performed section by section. 

Doctors would do it for a while before they paused, sped up, or slowed down.

She had never heard of any other doctor performing emergency hepatectomy at a constant speed like what Ling Ran was doing, though. 

Despite her curiosity, the secretary went out without saying a word.

More family members had already arrived outside the door. 

"Doctor Ling performed an emergency hepatectomy. By the looks of it, it is very successful," the secretary explained without needing the hospital director to say anything first.

The family members did not care that the patient was receiving emergency hepatectomy. The first thing they did was to cry together. 

"His liver is removed."

"What would happen in the future now that his liver is removed?"

"Is he okay?"

The secretary felt like her head was about to explode because of all the questions and wailing. 

"I will go in again to have a look." The secretary turned around and headed into the resuscitation room again.

At least it was quiet when she watched the surgery.

In fact, the resuscitation room itself was quiet.

"Bipolar electrodermal knife," Ling Ran extended his hand before he pulled it back. He cooperated with the doctor next to him.

He executed Perfect Level Hemostasis by Heat. He executed it beautifully at that moment. While he could not bring out a bloodless surgical field, Ling Ran managed to easily stop the patient's bleeding during this emergency treatment.