Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 514

515 Bleeding Control

"Bleeding stopped." When the secretary saw the value shown on the screen, she rushed out to make a report.

The hospital director's wife also stopped crying. She asked repeatedly, "They stopped the bleeding? So, he is alright now?"

The secretary dared not answer a question like this. She hesitantly answered, "It's Doctor Ling who is performing the surgery now, so we can say that we should be able to stabilize his condition somewhat."

The secretary was very diffident with her answer.

There were no absolutes on the operating table. Perhaps a slight jolt could take a patient's life away. The better the hospital was, the more patients died, and it was absolutely not because the doctors' level had become lower.

The hospital director's wife actually knew about it, but she just wanted to feel better.

However, before she was able to say anything, her sister-in-law, who arrived not too long ago, vomited.

She really vomited. The floor was full of her vomitus, and the sourish stink of the vomitus reached their nostrils.

"Get two people here." The secretary quickly stood up and asked two care workers to come and clean up the place while she also passed packets of tissues to the sister-in-law.

The hospital director's wife wanted to hold her sister-in-law at first, but she found herself unable to do so at that moment. She sighed and said, "Young Yuan, don't be anxious. The blood loss has been controlled, so it means that his condition is getting better. The doctors in our hospital are very good. The doctor who is performing the surgery for Xuezhen has just saved a hepatectomy patient who was initially treated by a specialist from Beijing a few days ago. Even the specialist could not do anything to stop the massive bleeding, but that doctor stopped the bleeding"

The sister-in-law whose name was Young Yuan listened to her advice. She wiped her mouth with tissue paper and said hopefully, "So, this Doctor Ling Ran is more skillful than the specialist from Beijing."

"Our Yun Hua Hospital is more skilled than the specialists from Beijing. During the time when Chief Physician Jin Xi attended the summit of the Hand Surgery Department, there were no people who dared to go up against him there." The hospital director was not satisfied with their discussion. He pursed his lips and said, "Professor Feng Zhixiang who is the top dog of the General Surgery Department in the country, and he's the specialist who came here from Beijing a few days ago. He is old now, so he brought his disciple whom he is proud of and performed a freelance surgery in Yun Hua Hospital. But in the end, they were not able to control the massive bleeding. It was Ling Ran who solved this problem."

When the hospital director mentioned this, he actually felt a little proud as well.

Indeed, Yun Hua Hospital was the top hospital in the area, and they were no longer a hospital that could be defeated by any specialist who came from Beijing. Yun Hua Hospital did have its own uniqueness in some of the settings in certain departments.

After all, a hospital depended on its doctors at the end of the day, especially when a hospital was above tertiary Grade A. The level of the department director would basically determine the upper limit of a department.

The amazingness in Mayo Clinic, Cleaveland Clinic, and Peking Union Medical College Hospital was built on the level of its doctors.

If they talked about medical facilities alone, wealthy countries like those in the Middle-East would spend a huge amount of money to build their medical centers. There were many hospitals within the country that had a much better condition than Peking Union Medical College Hospital as well, but the role of a doctor was the most important part in saving the patients' lives.

All other things were just to assist the process.

The Hand Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital used to be famous for some time. In the 1990s, there were even some units that used special cars and planes to send their workers over for treatment. However, due to the development of industrialization, the status of the Hand Surgery Department in the surgery field dropped. The Hand Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital was no longer as famous as before as one of the major government-owned corporations. The owners of private businesses were also even more willing to send their workers to private hospitals. They did not care even if the doctor's skill was lousier.

Nowadays, many big departments in Yun Hua Hospital were only famous in a few nearby provinces. The patients mainly came from Changxi Province. They even needed to compete with the People's Liberation Army General Hospital and provincial hospital

There was a time when the hospital director did not use a proud tone to introduce certain doctors from the Hand Surgery Department as well.

At this time, the hospital director felt better when he heard that his nephew's bleeding was controlled. He recalled Ling Ran's past achievements, and he could not help but say, "Doctor Ling's Achilles tendon repair technique is also one of the best in the country. He was also the one who performed open surgery for Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon. Look, he can even make it to the Golden League now."

The floor was wiped cleanly, and the sister-in-law had rinsed her mouth too. Then, she wiped her tears and said, "I just want Xuezhen to be fine. How in the world did he even get into an accident?"

This could not be answered.

Luckily, another messenger came out to report the situation. "They started to repair the bone fracture. Doctor Ling is out now."

After the messenger finished speaking, he saw Ling Ran, who had taken off his surgical gown. He was wearing blue scrubs, and his neckline was stained with blood as he walked out of the operating theater.

The color of the scrubs was navy blue, the neckline was a V-neck neckline, and it was so obvious as though it was shining.

"Doctor Ling, why did you come out?" The wife of the hospital director frowned. At this moment, she naturally hoped that the doctor could do his best to treat her nephew.

"Doctor Ling." The hospital director's voice was deep and calm, yet there was a hint of cordiality in it. He deliberately waved at Ling Ran and asked, "What's happening inside?"

"The bleeding is basically under control. Now, they are repairing his pelvis and urethra." Ling Ran paused for a moment before he said, "Since the testicles do not need to be removed, I came out."

A few people who were there did not understand Ling Ran's logic, but if they listened to it separately, they could still understand the content.

"Good, good," the hospital director immediately replied before he asked, "Does that mean the condition is basically stable?"

"Department Director Huo is giving instructions inside. The most critical period is over now." Zuo Cidian was the one who spoke right then. He was worried that Ling Ran would offend other people if he told the truth. for visiting.

If a doctor said that a patient's condition was stable but setbacks occurred later, the doctor who operated on the patient later would be blamed.

Also, if the doctors who operated on the patients later would not be happy if they heard words like this.

The hospital director basically understood their concern, but he still frowned unhappily.

"So, the Orthopedics Department is the one performing the surgery now?" the hospital director asked.

"They are prepared to perform the surgery together with the Department of Urology," Ling Ran answered.

"The Department of Urology? Who did they send?" The hospital director knew that the department director of the Department of Urology was about to retire, and he would not do such surgeries anymore, which was why he asked this question.

"Me." A doctor who had a slicked-back hairstyle walked quickly toward them.

The hospital director looked at him and asked in surprise, "Doctor Guo?"

The associate chief physician of the Department of Urology, Guo Liqing, had a gentle smile on his face as he smiled at everyone. Then, he said, "I was performing a urethroplasty just now, and it was very successful. I looked at the scans just now while I was. on the way. Later, when I go in and get ready, I'll analyze it carefully once again."

Guo Liqing's tone was filled with a strong spirit of servitude. This was the ability he trained from his frequent visitation to andrology hospitals.

There were some high-end surgeries in urology, such as kidney transplantation surgery. It was very famous in some hospitals.

However, most people would think that the Department of Urology was just a professional andrology hospital, and when Guo Liqing performed freelance surgeries, he usually needed to save and repair damaged prepuce and p*nes.

The hospital director knew Guo Liqing, so he shook hands with him and said, "Doctor Guo, thank you for your hard work. You must take good care of your body if you want to perform consecutively."

"It's fine. Please rest assured. As long the urethra is not broken into pieces, I can assure you that I can join them back properly. If I can't, you can send me to work at the Physical Examination Center." Guo Liqing casually made a promise, and it was very unlike how a doctor would usually act.

The hospital director remembered Guo Liqing's style, so he could not help but laugh out loud.

In the next moment, the hospital director felt that it was not suitable for him to laugh, so he quickly explained, "Our Doctor Guo Liqing has the nickname of the Lord of Seven Lives, the Sacred Liqing, because he is different from other doctors. He has the courage to make promises and will be sure to deliver his promises. Does Seven Lives mean that saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda for a god?"

"Not quite." Guo Liqing did not want to explain. So, he said, "That's what everyone says to tease me. I'll go in first, then. Family members, please don't worry."

When he said this, Guo Liqing immediately went to the resuscitation room.

Ling Ran did not like talking to family members, so he brought along Zuo Cidian and went to the direction of the waiting room.

Behind him, the hospital director tried to prevent his brother-in-law's family from forming their own opinions, so he tried to expose Guo Liqing by saying, "Everyone in the Yun Hua Hospital knows that Doctor Guo will do what he had promised. He even writes down in his notebook to remind himself to achieve what he promised. So, just like what Doctor Guo said, let's not worry too much."

"Is that really so?" The brother-in-law and his wife stared at each other, and their emotions became more stable.

There was a middle-aged follower who knew the hospital director well. He finally found a chance to stand forward and say, "Our Guo Liqing will do his best to do what promised. There was a time where Doctor Guo went into the mountain area to provide support. He promised he would do one hundred circumcisions. If he did not reach his target, he would provide support for a year. He was still young at that time. Who knew that the local people did not want to do this, and their source of patients who needed circumcision was not sufficient at all. Since there were not enough sources, Doctor Guo thought of an alternative way."

The patient's family who were waiting looked at that middle-aged follower curiously, but no one said anything.

The middle-aged follower coughed before he said, "Doctor Guo thought of a way later. The local people use public baths to shower. Then, he went there every day for a shower. Whenever he saw a suitable one, he will go and talk to them. After chatting for a while, he will tell them that their prepuce can now be circumcised"


Some family members could not hold but laugh on the spot.

"It's good to laugh, it's good to laugh They already mentioned that the most critical period has passed, so we shouldn't be too worried anymore." The hospital director sighed in relief quietly. His wife's family members were all here, but the atmosphere was too tense.

Meanwhile, someone came back from the resuscitation room and reported, "The Orthopedics Department said that the pelvis can be joint back, and they suggested to use the imported medical consumables"

"Tell them to use it," the hospital director just replied without considering the issue about money.

The Orthopedics Department also just wanted to ask for confirmation, so there was no orthopedist who came out. At this kind of moment, the Orthopedics Department would just use any medical consumable that was better.

That person then rushed back into the resuscitation room to report.

Immediately after, the hospital director's secretary ran back.

"Alright, rest for a while and ask about his condition later." The hospital director started to worry about the doctors inside the operating theater after he saw that the patient's family had become emotionally stable.

The secretary's expression changed slightly and said, "I came to call for Doctor Ling."


"He seems to be bleeding." The secretary did not explain in detail, but the patient's family in the area heard it.

The hospital director frowned too. "Go and call for him. Run faster!"