Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 515

516 Effor

Ling Ran had just sat down when someone called him.

The hospital director's secretary rushed over like a lost alpaca. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Ling Ran while she said loudly, "Doctor Ling, the patient is bleeding now."

Ling Ran immediately stood up and asked, "How much is the blood loss? What is the blood pressure and heart rate?"

The hospital director's secretary was confused as she cast a glance at Ling Ran before she said quickly, "I don't really know it. The hospital director asked you to go back to the operating theater now."

"Alright." Ling Ran did not even bother to take a sip of the tea he poured before he turned around and left.

Bleeding meant that the patient had just entered a race against time. Even if the patient could rely on blood infusion to survive, the postoperative complications were enough for him to suffer.

Ling Ran recalled the previous bleeding control processes in his mind while he thought about the possible bleeding points.

The doctors in the operating theater definitely had not found the correct bleeding point. If they had found it, they would be settling it on their own without calling him over again.

If the surgeon was a young resident doctor or attending physician, there would still be a possible situation for him to find the bleeding point, but had difficulty in controlling it. But doctors who were at the level of associate chief physicians would definitely not be able to do something so amateurish.

They would have performed more surgeries and witnessed more bleeding points. Even if no one taught them before, they would know how to handle it.

Naturally, if they really did not know how to handle, at least they would learn how to choose their surgeries, along with asking for help or passing the patient to others.

Ling Ran recalled the patient's anatomical structure. When he was in front of the dressing room, he was blocked by a man with a healthy face.

"Doctor Ling, I am Jin Xuezhen's father." The man introduced himself before he nodded at the hospital director's secretary.

"Hello." Ling Ran looked at both sides. The dressing room did not allow non-medical staff to enter. It was located in front of the Operating Area. Once they passed by this area, then they will need to go through the bathroom, waiting room, dining area, and other areas before they reached the operating theaters.

After the man gulped and hinted for the secretary to leave, he said, "Doctor Ling, I work in the construction industry. I have only one son. I know that you are an expert in bleeding control in this hospital, and we have been troubling you this time"

As he spoke, he quickly took out a red envelope, and he wanted to pass it to Ling Ran. His motions suggested that he was familiar in this.

Over the years he had been working in the construction business, the man had also become very fast with his hands.

However, over these years, Ling Ran was also pretty experienced in rejecting gifts.

He took a step backward before he turned to the side slightly and moved 6.5 feet away from the man. No matter how far Jin Xuezhen's father stretched out his hand, he could not reach Ling Ran.

Jin Xuezhen's father was slightly stunned. 'Does this doctor practice Wushu?'

"I don't need the red envelope. I'm going to the operating theater." Ling Ran stopped before he said in a more serious tone, "I'm racing against time."

Jin Xuezhen's father hesitated for a while once again, but he stopped trying to grab Ling Ran.

"Are the specialists in Yun Hua Hospital so young nowadays?" Jin Xuezhen's father looked at the hospital director's secretary, and he did not quite believe what he saw.

The secretary only shrugged and said, "In terms of bleeding control, Doctor Ling is truly at Specialist Level. He's the best."


"Director Jin, how would I dare to lie in this matter?"

"I spoke wrong. I'm sorry, I'm sorry" As a father, he was indeed a little at a loss as to what he should do now.


Ling Ran washed his hands as fast as he could before he entered the operating theater again. While he was wearing his surgical gown, he asked, "How's the condition?"

"The liver is bleeding, but the volume is not really high. Can you handle that?" Huo Congjun reported the main problem in simple terms before he let the anesthetists report the figures on the monitor.

The anesthetists who came today was the director of the Department of Anesthesiology and a senior attending physician. for visiting.

Ling Ran nodded while listening. He took a look at the X-ray scan taken just now. Since the portable X-ray machine was invented, the job of orthopedists had been largely simplified, and their average lifespan was inevitably reduced as well. It was unavoidable for them to absorb electromagnetic waves.

"I can put my hand inside to stop the bleeding." Ling Ran stood beside the associate chief physician of the Department of Urology, Guo Liqing, and he slowly put in his hands inside the abdominal cavity.

Bleeding in the liver was always a complicated problem.

The doctors working in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery could be said to have been dealing with bleeding throughout their entire lives.

Although there were doctors from the General Surgery Department who had dealt with livers and spleens before, at this time, they dared not touch the livers, especially if it were a liver that had just undergone hepatectomy.

Ling Ran slowly began to grope about, but he touched the liver gently while imagining the patient's condition in his mind.

"Not a big problem." Ling Ran made his judgment quickly, and he said, "You can stuff in more gauze."

Some doctors raised their doubts. "Continue to stuff in gauze to stop the bleeding? What is the main cause for the bleeding?"

"The main cause is because the other surgeries have affected it," Ling Ran replied after he heard the question.

The doctor who raised the question felt like giving himself a slap, so he immediately kept his mouth shut.

Since they were still operating on the patient, no one could promise that their operations could not affect other parts of the body.

At that time, if they were to try to find the culprit or to defend themselves, they needed to cooperate with one another.

Ling Ran was the doctor who could help Feng Zhixiang's disciple to perform barehanded bleeding control. Clearly, the doctors who were in the operating theater right then did not want to confront Ling Ran at all.

"Can the bleeding be stopped?" Huo Congjun only asked for the results while resolving the tense atmosphere in the room.

Ling Ran nodded and said, "No problem. But it is going to take some time. The blood loss will be reduced over time."

"Okay." Huo Congjun did not say anything else.

Other people continued their own work.

The blood loss was gradually reduced.

Everyone's mood became lighter.

"Looks like the bleeding has stopped."

"Once blood loss is under control, we don't have to work in such a hurry anymore."

"The abdominal cavity is a mess now."

Everyone chatted softly. The atmosphere in the operating theater started to become normal again.

"Associate Chief Physician Guo, I heard that you made a promise to the hospital director again?" The department director of the Orthopedics Department was handling the pelvis while he chatted.

Guo Liqing replied, "Yes, I promise."

"By the way, I haven't told Doctor Ling about Doctor Guo's story regarding promises." The department director of the Orthopedics Department tried to tease him.

In the hospital, the department director of the Orthopedics Department was very strict to his subordinates. But as the department that earned the most money for the hospital, the department director of the Orthopedics Department had to know how to behave properly as well.

Naturally, the leaders of the hospital's departments would not usually meet with one another.

Ling Ran stood by the side while he watched the department director of the Orthopedics Department silently, but he did not show any interest in listening to the story.

The department director of Orthopedics Department started to laugh after he talked for a long time. Then, he said, "The edition that I heard was that Guo Liqing waited inside the toilet, and if he saw any prepuce that was too long, and he would send them to the hospital."

A few people in the operating theater burst into laughter.

"I haven't reached the funniest part. Listen" The department director of the Orthopedics Department laughed and said, "In the end, he still can't get one hundred patients, and Professor Guo cut his own prepuce."