Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 516

517 Ordering Alcohol

Guo Liqing looked calm and steady in the operating theater while he worked quickly. He said, "All of you only know one side of the story."

"What's the other side of the story?" the department director of the Orthopedics Department asked.

"Do you know why people always do two or three plastic surgeries instead of one?" Guo Liqing raised his head to glance around him before he lowered his head to continue suturing the ureter.

The department director of the Orthopedics Department laughed and said, "Do you want to say that you have performed plastic surgery on yourself?"

"The process does not mean anything, but the result is meaningful," Guo Liqing calmly said, "I dare say I am the best looking, do you all dare?"

When he said this, Guo Liqing sounded very firm.

Doctors could be said to be at the top of all groups in society when it came to cracking dirty jokes, and it was not just limited to only doctors in China, but the doctors from all around the world had this habit of cracking dirty jokes.

However, in hospitals, the leading department in cracking dirty jokes must be the Department of Urology.

Well, they had the authority to do so.

When doctors faced normal people, they could proudly say, "The number of penes and testicles that I have seen is more than the amount of your urine." But they dared not say this in front of the associate chief physician of the Department of Urology, because if their penes could not produce urine, they had to go for consultation in the Department of Urology.

If a beauty pageant contest was held for penes and testicles, Guo Liqing would be the one who was qualified to be the professional judge among the doctors

"There is no best writer, nor is there a second-best fighter. How can you tell if those things are good looking or not?" When Huo Congjun saw that the surgery was going smoothly, he felt happy, so he also participated in the conversation happily.

Associate Chief Physician Guo Liqing chuckled and said, "If it's an object, it will be naturally be categorized into whether it's good looking or ugly. You can ask Doctor Ling if you don't believe me."

All doctors and nurses in the operating theater suddenly looked at Ling Ran curiously.

In the hospital, this kind of topic was considered to be at a very basic level. After all, they were all senior doctors who were chief physicians or associate chief physicians. In a situation without any stimulation of alcohol, they truly needed to have operated on a patient together for a long time before they could slowly "open up their hearts".

However, Ling Ran instantly sped up the formation of the topic. Everyone turned around and looked at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran himself clearly felt a little baffled.

As a new doctor who had not participated in conversations in the operating theater for a long time and would start to perform the surgery on his own, Ling Ran did not really participate in this kind of interactive conversations. After a few seconds, he asked, "What is the definition of good looking?"

"Good looking means it's a pleasure to the eyes," Guo Liqing said with a smile.

"Okay," Ling Ran replied, and he said, "Your standard is rather low, huh?"

Guo Liqing was stunned. He wanted to say that his standard was not low, but when he looked at Ling Ran, he felt diffident when he wanted to discuss the standards what was pleasant to the eyes. for visiting.

Two nurses suddenly looked at each other and smiled. Then, they looked at Ling Ran with blushing faces.

"Hey, hey, this atmosphere is not right." Guo Liqing immediately changed his direction.

"Whatever Doctor Ling says is right," the scrub nurse said firmly.

"Agreed." The circulating nurse stood out.

"Agreed." This time, it was the nurse anesthetist.

"Agreed!" The loudest was the attending physician from the Department of Anesthesiology.

Everyone could not help but look at the anesthetist.

The department director of the Department of Anesthesiology smiled awkwardly and glared at the young attending physician. "You've taken some drugs, huh?"

"I I didn't" The young attending physician became nervous.

Huo Congjun coughed before he forcefully changed the conversation. "Hey, do any of you know what car the patient drove?"

"Seems to be an SUV."

"An imported car, I guess? His father is a constructor."

"The hospital director's nephew. It doesn't really matter if his dad is a constructor or not. You can always borrow a car from anywhere you like."

"You make it sound as if you've never rented a car before."

"Is that the same? If my nephew dares to rent a car from a pharmaceutical sales company, I will not take any drugs from them."

The atmosphere in the operating theater changed again.

Huo Congjun sighed. He knew it. When middle-aged and old doctors talked about money, cars, and power, they would not talk about women anymore. Or rather, the reason they talked about women was to show off their power and wealth. If there was something more exciting now, they did not need any form of indirect excitement.

Zuo Cidian, who was hanging around at the side of the operating theater, breathed a sigh of relief as well.

He was truly worried that Ling Ran would say something wrong.

There were many department directors and associate department directors in the operating theater. They did not need to scold you, but they could make you feel uncomfortable every day, and you would not be able to live your life in the hospital with ease.

Based on the experiences he gathered from the traditions in China, the main reason for failure in life was not because of luck, but how a person conducted himself or herself.

From what Zuo Cidian observed, it would be a good idea if Ling Ran did not chat

"I have to say, the bladder of the hospital director's nephew is quite good-looking." Guo Liqing's laughter changed the atmosphere in the operating theater once again.

Huo Congjun looked at him in surprise. He never thought that this associate chief physician of the Department of Urology was a pure doctor from the Department of Urology who was not attracted by money

"I swear, this bladder is at least in the top 20% of the most beautiful bladders that I have seen." Guo Liqing used his hand to grope about the bladder and shouted, "Put the light nearer, please. You can have a look at this bladder. I wonder how it looks like when it is filled"

"Let me see." The doctor from the General Surgery Department came over. "It's really nice."

The attending physician from the Department of Anesthesiology had tiptoed over to take a look too.

Ling Ran who had finished doing the liver looked over as well. He gazed at it and said, "The color doesn't seem right."

"It's beautiful because its color is not right." Guo Liqing smiled faintly.

"It's the color of lacking blood. Is any other problem? Laceration?" Ling Ran tried to guess under the bright shadowless lamp.

He had experience in one hundred and seventy anatomical abdominal dissections. Performing dissections was unlike performing surgeries. During surgery, the doctors would avoid touching any parts whenever possible, especially the parts that they were not familiar with.

For example, the doctors of the Gynaecology Department would skip the urethra if they saw it.

However, when performing dissections, they could investigate the body in detail. When they faced the cadaver, they could only repay their cadaver for their teachings if they dissected the body in smaller bits and cut down the body into finer segments.

Having experience in one hundred and seventy anatomical abdominal dissections was not something unique in the medical field decades ago. At that time, the surgeons did not have so many advanced devices that they could use, so they could only think of ways to improve their abilities in performing physical examinations.

But now, performing one hundred and seventy abdominal anatomical dissections could already make a person become a dissection expert in the medical field.

With this alone, although Ling Ran was not familiar with the surgical methods of the Department of Urology and the patient's condition, he still knew the anatomy of the bladder well.

Guo Liqing was stunned. He then looked over, and he gradually sensed something was not right.

"There might be some problems with the blood vessel." Guo Liqing immediately flipped the bladder over, making the atmosphere on the operating table become tense again.

The doctors, including the orthopedists, gave up their space for Guo Liqing.

After some time, Guo Liqing straightened his back and looked relieved. "Luckily. It will be a waste if a beautiful bladder like this is cut off."

"No problem already?" Huo Congjun asked.

"It's okay now."

"Ling Ran, did you really see the problem?" Huo Congjun pretended to be curious, but he was actually showing off Ling Ran.

"Yes. The tissue is lacerated. If this is not properly handled, the bladder will really need to be cut off." Guo Liqing did not feel embarrassed at all. He pursed his lips and said, "It's a very rare situation. How did you manage to tell, Doctor Ling?"

Ling Ran told the truth calmly, "I considered it from an anatomical point of view."

"You do live up to your prestigious name." Guo Liqing was impressed. Then, he lowered his head and continued to handle the situation.

The operating theater was back to silence for the nth time.

However, for the department directors and the associate department directors from each department, Ling Ran's performance was truly impressive.

Zuo Cidian snuck a glance at Ling Ran, and he could not help but think, 'Is the reason why Doctor Ling does not like to talk during surgery because he is thinking too many things at once?'

When he thought from this perspective, he felt that it made sense.


The door of the operating theater opened, and Department Director Lei from the Medical Affairs Department entered. He looked at everyone in the operating theater and asked tentatively, "The surgery next door has been completed, and everyone is discussing what to eat for dinner. The hospital director has decided to act as the host, so please place your orders."

"Goose. Do not touch the one at the fountain pool. Buy another one and get that goose some feed," Huo Congjun said without any hesitation.

"Since the hospital director is treating us, let's get a real crab from Yangcheng Lake, then." The doctor from the General Surgery Department grinned as he made his request.

The department director of the Orthopedics Department said in the tone of a rich man, "There are no real crabs from Yangcheng Lake. Instead, we should get a few big mud crabs from Sri Lanka and get a good chef to cook it. If not, it will be a waste."

Department Director Lei smiled when he heard the group of doctors making huge demands.

If the surgery were not successful, the atmosphere in the operating theater would either be cold enough to breed a king crab, or tense enough that a person might suffer from a stroke from it.

Since they dared make such requests, it meant that the surgery was successful. If they made such great demands, it meant that the surgery was very successful.

As for the expenses to treat them The hospital director of a top tertiary Grade A hospital in the area did not really care about money. Theoretically, he was no longer at the stage where he wanted money

"No problem, I've noted it down. What alcohol do you want? Let me make things clear first. No '82 Lafite, but you can order anything else that is of a lower standard than that." Department Director Lei would not save money for the pharmaceutical sales representatives.

This time, the big directors did not say anything.

Huo Congjun also said politely, "You order."

"Why don't we let Ling Ran order?" The director from the Digestive Surgery Department was slightly more senior than the rest. He smiled and gave a suggestion.

Associate chief physician Guo Liqing from the Department of Urology immediately agreed. "Let our Doctor Ling order one."

"Doctor Ling, please order first."

"Doctor Ling, it's a tiring day for you."

Director Lei from the Medical Affairs Department felt baffled, but he also understood why the experts in the operating theater buttered up to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran was in his twenties, and he was a highly-skilled resident doctor. His technique was good, he did not talk much, did not want to participate in the competitions between doctors, and he looked really good looking, which made people feel happy looking at him

The group of experts whose careers started to build up at age forty-five and averaged at the age of fifty-five years old did not mind buttering Doctor Ling up.

"Doctor Ling, could you order one?" Director Lei smiled faintly.

Ling Ran took off his gloves before he thought about it and said, "Champagne. I don't want the ones that have been shaken."