Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 517

518 Infection

Huo Congjun walked out slowly from the operating theater, and he only had Ling Ran by his side. 

"The surgery is very successful. The vital signs of the patient are stable, and he has a high chance of getting through the critical stage…" Huo Congjun rarely explained the situation to the patient's family, but today, he was the only one qualified to explain the situation. While the doctors from every department had attended the consultation for the patient who was sent to the Emergency Medical Center, but just like any other consultation they usually attend, they do not always have the chance to talk to the patient's family. 

Of course, under most circumstances, the surgeons refused to meet the patient's family. 

And today, it was impossible for Huo Congjun to bring seven to a dozen doctors to turn up in a majestic manner. 

Doctors still had some basic integrity. Although some of them might love money, fame, power, young nurses, pharmaceutical sales representatives, caucasian women, and some other things… But most of the doctors could still control their greediness when it came to showing off. 

The hospital director moved forward together with the patient's family to listen to the matters Huo Congjun told them to pay attention to. 

Then, the patient's parents and close relatives followed them to the ICU and looked through the window outside the ICU while the others headed to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant, which was near the hospital. 

If the Shao family's restaurant was the gathering place for supper for young doctors, then Prosperous Fountain Restaurant would be the gathering place for the bosses. 

As an old restaurant in Yun Hua City, Prosperous Fountain Restaurant was located in the center of the city, so it was very convenient for people to go there. Their main dishes were the luxurious Cantonese cuisine and seafood, and they also provided some Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine. Now, they had demolished the main hall and turned them into big confined rooms, which were more welcomed among the doctors. 

Of course, it was still too luxurious to have a meal at the Prosperous Fountain Restaurant with the doctors' salary. Even the department director who earned 40,000 to 50,000 RMB every month would not spend their money in Prosperous Fountain Restaurant every day. 

Luckily, there were still pharmaceutical sales representatives around. 

For the doctors in Yun Hua Hospital, the frequency of having their meals at Prosperous Fountain Restaurant showed their status. 

Interns would ask, "What is Prosperous Fountain Restaurant?"

Housemen would say, "I heard that the Cardiology Department had left for Prosperous Fountain Restaurant for their gathering."

Resident doctors would say, "Prosperous Fountain Restaurant was booked for this year's annual dinner."

Attending physicians would say, "The stir-fried meat of Prosperous Fountain Restaurant is not too bad."

Associate chief physicians would say, "Going to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant for a drink? Okay. Let's go then."

Chief physicians would say, "Just tell them my name when you reach Prosperous Fountain Restaurant. Go straight away to Room 886."

Department directors would say, "Let's have Prosperous Fountain Restaurant cook some porridge and send it over. I need to eat something light for the time being."

Those doctors who entered the operating theater today were usually those who always went to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant. 

Of course, the power distribution in each department was different, so the frequency for the doctors going to Prosperous Fountain Restaurant was different. 

Huo Congjun was worried that Ling Ran would show hints of nervousness because he did not know how to behave in this situation, so he kept him by his side throughout the entire gathering. 

Ling Ran did not really care.

He had particular requirements for nice food and the environment where he ate. Since Ling Ran was young, Tao Ping brought him to all kinds of luxurious restaurants. When the business of the clinic became worse, they went to those restaurants less often. 

Ling Ran quite liked nice food and beautiful environments. After he entered Prosperous Fountain Restaurant, he felt even happier. 

The sense of pressure that came from a luxurious environment was much weaker on Ling Ran. 

To Ling Ran, waiters who were reverent and respectful, thorough and satisfactory in their service, and even the secretive glances were all familiar.

"Doctor Ling, please try this crab from Sri Lanka. It is the largest crab in Asia. Let's not care about whether it's the largest crab or not, no matter what, this crab is very tasty." The director of the Orthopedics Department was the one who was at ease the most compared to the other doctors. 

"Doctor Ling, try the Australia lobsters."

"Doctor Ling, let's have a cup of champagne, it hasn't been shaken before."

All the doctors were quite polite to him. 

The value of their surgical skills ultimately depended on the market's demand. 

A doctor who knew how to perform appendectomies could only exist like an ant in the hospitals in the current day and age. But in Shanghai during the 1900s, they were legendary people in the medical field, and they were VIPs for the political, business, and academic fields. 

Therefore, a surgeon who had only ordinary skills would still need the hospital, their department, their legacy from their teachers, and so on in order to obtain an average level salary. 

But many Ling Ran's skills were already at the threshold of what could be considered as above average. 

The leaders in every department were usually very busy. They might have heard of Ling Ran's skills before, but they might not have seen him at work before. 

And today, Ling Ran at least proved that his barehanded bleeding control and skills in hepatectomy were outstanding… 

Everyone was still very willing to form close relationships with skilled doctors, especially with doctors with outstanding skills. 

Ling Ran did not reject anyone. 

He performed many surgeries every day. Even after he drank an Energy Serum, the depletion of his energy will only be greater, not smaller. 

The amount of food Ling Ran ate was at least four times greater compared to the middle-aged or old doctors.

Huo Congjun chuckled when he saw this, and he said, "It's good to be young. Even a meal would cost more for them than a normal person. Hmm... Ling Ran, try some roasted goose. Cantonese roasted goose is rather nice, the skin is quite special…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Then, Huo Congjun used the serving chopsticks to pick a slice of roasted goose meat to Ling Ran. He also watched him eat. 

Next, Huo Congjun picked up a piece of duck meat to Ling Ran using serving chopsticks and said, "Try this and compare it. Goose meat won't last long on the table since there's only very little of it. Have some duck to have a change in taste."

After he said this, Huo Congjun faced everyone, smiled, and said, "Our Ling Ran can perform five surgeries in a day, so he needs to eat some food to replace his energy."

"I could perform five surgeries too when I was young." The director of the Orthopedics Department could not take this lying down. 

"Five surgeries in the Orthopedics Department? Try and compare it with finger replantations." Huo Congjun held the white wine cup and toasted the director of the Orthopedics Department, but he did not relent in mocking the department director. 

"It's best to let Department Director Jin Xi perform finger replantations." Naturally, there was some form of competition between the Orthopedics Department and the Hand Surgery Department, which had split up from them. The director of the Orthopedics Department only smiled and switched the topic immediately. He smiled and said to Ling Ran, "Our Orthopedics Department has endless surgeries to perform. If you come over, I can assign you a surgery team."

"Don't make casual promises." Huo Congjun did not like that joke from the director of the Orthopedics Department. Although the Orthopedics Department was the only department that would not headhunt people from other departments, their salary was way higher than other departments, and the level of difficulty of someone entering their department was as difficult as geometry. 

Even so, Huo Congjun still had to nip this thought that had not fully bloomed at the bud. 

Right when he wanted to say something, the director of the Orthopedics Department's phone started to ring.

"Good luck, come, may your good luck come…"

Doctors always had one phone that was active 24/7.

The director of the Orthopedics Department apologized, stood up, and went to pick up his phone. 

Guo Liqing from the Department of Urology could not help but laugh. "Please don't tell me that some random person's hip joint has fractured again."

After half a minute, the director of the Orthopedics Department came back, and he looked very serious. "A patient is infected. I gave them so many reminders, but they still ended up giving me a mess to deal with. The youngsters nowadays…"

Infection in the Orthopedics Department had always been very troublesome. He had set a rule that all infections needed to be reported to him. Although it was very troublesome, it helped him with strengthening his control over the infection. 

A few chief physicians were triggered, and they started to scold the young doctors who had just joined the medical world. 

Huo Congjun joined the rebuking session smugly as well, and he casually added, "Unlike our Ling Ran…"

"The golden wind brought good news, and the Chinese redbuds bloomed…"

Guo Liqing's phone started to ring too. 

"Hello." Guo Liqing, who did not have any affairs with anyone, picked up the phone immediately. 

All doctors did not disapprove of it. 

When doctors had their meal, the only times when no one picked up any calls at the dining table would be when the Orthopedics Department had a meal together. 

"Infected? How? How can he be infected under such situations?" Guo Liqing scolded, put down his phone, and said, "We also had an infection."

Everyone's expression changed into something profound when they heard the word "also". 

There were always patients who got infected in the hospital, but everyone never took it seriously.