Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 518

519 Outbreak

After a while, Jin Xuezhen's father rushed over and toasted everyone.

The hospital director asked, "Has his condition become stable? How are the family members feeling?"

"They're alright. A few women gathered together, and they cried and laughed. I didn't join them." Jin Xuezhen's father stopped for a while before he said, "Xuezhen is in the ICU. We are not allowed to touch him, but can we at least look at him?"

"They need to prevent infections in the ICU. If you go inside, you won't do any good to him, in fact, you might even affect his postoperative recovery. The doctors and nurses in the hospital are professionals. So, as long as they are attentive, they will take better care of him than your family." The hospital director comforted him while explaining the situation.

"I know… Sigh…" Jin Xuezhen's father sighed before he forced himself to smile and started toasting everyone.

The hospital director in a tertiary Grade A hospital had great authority, but the hospital director did not handle the specific dealings in the hospital. Jin Xuezhen's father toasted the doctors one by one, and all he hoped was that he could obtain something beneficial for his son. 

The experts from every department in the room showed great respect to the hospital director's brother in-law.

Similarly, Ling Ran did not reject the toast. He might dislike the act of toasting, and he did not like to drink all the alcohol at once, but he did not dislike drinking alcohol. Madam Tao Ping contributed a lot in this aspect. 

If it were another person, everyone would try to convince him to drink, especially in this kind of occasion. The one who was younger and had a lower position would need to be drunk.

However, Ling Ran was protected by Huo Congjun. Meanwhile, everybody in the room knew that Ling Ran was not someone who would listen to anybody just because he respected someone. 

If Ling Ran wanted to show someone respect, then he would not need to do anything else anymore. 

Even when the hospital director looked at Doctor Ling Ran, he could not help but think, 'Perhaps it's normal if a guy like Ling Ran does not show respect to anyone else.'

The hospital director's brother in-law did not want Ling Ran to drink either. After he toasted the people, he turned around and purposely sat beside Ling Ran. He chatted with Ling Ran by saying, "Doctor Ling, I have a presumptuous request, but I am not sure if I should mention it."

Ling Ran was drinking champagne while eating crab from Sri Lanka. His mood was good, so he only stared coldly at the hospital director's brother in-law without saying anything. 

Huo Congjun laughed and said, "Director Jin, you can go on ahead and say whatever it is that you wanted to say. Our Ling Ran is someone who specializes in skills. He doesn't like to talk a lot." 

"I know, I know. There are some people who do construction who are like that as well." Jin Xuezhen's father laughed in a self-deprecating manner before he said, "Doctor Ling, is it possible for you to take good care of Jin Xuezhen for the next few days? Don't doctors provide something called medical advice nowadays? Can you…"

"I'll perform frequent ward rounds for the patients whom I operated." Ling Ran had understood what he was trying to say, and he did not try to avoid the topic. He answered directly, "I have not mastered the relative nursing knowledge. But if there is a need, I can send another resident doctor over. Medical advice is not something that I am familiar with."

"Um… Doctor Ling, I have only one son, and I really have no choice. Doctor Ling, can you spend one to two weeks' time taking care of him? As long as you take care of my son, my whole family will remember your kindness forever…" This was the decision Jin Xuezhen's father made after he discussed this with the hospital director. 

Although the hospital director did not always appear in front of the doctors, he knew very clearly just who were the newcomers who had began to show how outstanding they were. 

Of course, the "newcomers" who caught his fancy were usually associate chief physicians, or at the very least, senior attending physicians.

Since Yun Hua Hospital was established, while they might not have been able to become any better, it was not easy for them to retain their standards as the best tertiary Grade A hospital in Yun Hua City. 

If they were to really compared, this hospital with more than one thousand doctors was about the size of a school. 

Most doctors were still in the process of improving their skills. 

Those who were talented or lucky enough could reach the level of an associate chief physician within five to eight years time. Based on the standard of the hospitals in America, this level was equivalent to the level of an attending physician who had ended their internship and could practice their craft independently. America did not have chief physicians or associate chief physicians. For those attending physicians who had the qualifications to practice independently, they were considered to have completed their climb on the skill tree. 

Then, they needed to continue practicing medicine and accumulating experience. Many people had become normal members within the medical system, but only a small portion of them upgraded themselves continuously, and they used five to ten years to make themselves elite doctors. 

As the hospital director in a hospital, he must be concerned about this process and pay attention to the growth of his doctors. 

And this year, the person who was worthy of him to pay attention to the most and must pay attention to was naturally Ling Ran. 

The aspects in which he paid attention was unlike other doctors. As the hospital director, Wu Zhisheng did not know about Ling Ran's skill level well, but he had seen the prognosis of the Ling Ran's treatment group through the information he gathered from all parties. He had extremely low death rates, few complications, short recovery time, and so on, and these figures were ranked among the top in the hospital. Since some of the doctors would choose their patients, the hospital director had a deeper impression on the prognoses of Ling Ran's patients. 

The prognosis indices of Ling Ran's treatment group indicated that the hospital bed turnover rate was lower, and the average hospitalization period of the patients largely surpassed the numbers set by the hospital. However, the Emergency Department did not care about that, and neither did the hospital director. 

Meanwhile, if he thought about this from the perspective of the patient's family, it was not a big deal for them to stay for a few more days.

Even the hospital beds in the ICU would only cost the normal patients a daily expense of 2,000 RMB aside from the first three days, where the fees for other necessities would make their stay more expensive. If they stayed for three to five more days and their recovery was better, most of the patients would be willing to stay in the hospital. Besides, much of the cost could be claimed, and it would have a high chance of reducing the patients' expenditure. 

Once Jin Xuezhen's father obtained the information from the hospital director, he paid even more attention regarding about Ling Ran's "uniqueness". 

Since the surgery was completed, the prognosis would be the main concern of all the family members.

Jin Xuezhen had lost half of his liver, the spleen, part of his intestines, and had an incomplete bladder as well as urethra. But if the prognosis was good, after two years, he could still drive a sports car and sleep with models. As long he ate less meat, drank less wine, and did not stay up late often, his lifespan would be greater than programmers, and he would have more hair. 

But if the prognosis were bad… the ICU might be the last place he stayed. 

Ling Ran frowned and said, "I'm not an internist, so if I treat him, his prognosis during his entire treatment will not be better than when ICU doctors treat him."

"You just need to monitor the overall situation." Jin Xuezhen's father suddenly regretted saying this in front of everyone, but only a little. 

Initially, he thought that begging Ling Ran in front a group of the department directors would work. Generally, young people would pat on their chests and give their promises to others when they were flattered. 

However, Ling Ran was obviously not a young man like this!

"The bell rings for the call home. It is a tiring life, and it seems to be meaningless…" The phone of the department director of the Digestive Surgery Department started to ring. 

The director of the Digestive Surgery Department was tearing at an Australian lobster while he picked up the phone with another hand, "Hello… Infection? How many people?"

This was the third time they heard the word "infection", so every doctor in the room stopped whatever they were doing.

The director of Digestive Surgery Department grunted a few times before he put down his phone, wiped his hands, and said, "I'm done, I'm going back to the hospital to take a look." 

"Wait a minute, how many of them?" The hospital director's expression turned dark.

Infection in the hospital was a serious topic. 

It was unavoidable for normal infections to happen. Sometimes, it was quite normal for one or two patients to get infected without knowing the reason. During the winter, it was very normal for patients with respiratory problems in the Respiratory Medicine Department to be infected.

However, if many people were infected, it would be an issue.

The degree of severity in this matter could vary. If it were not serious, the doctors could just punish themselves for their neglect by drinking three cups of wine. If it were very serious, the hospital director might need to resign. 

There could be many reasons for a hospital director in charge of administrative affairs to resign, but nosocomial infection was definitely not one of the reasons they liked. 

The director of the Digestive Surgery Department coughed and said, "Two patients are confirmed, the other is suspected to be infected."

"Is the main reason found?"

The director of the Digestive Surgery Department shook his head. 

"You go first." The hospital director did not treat such gatherings too seriously, but his face at the moment was still very dark and scary. He thought about it and said, "Give a call to all your departments and see whether there are similar cases like this." 

There was no need for him to mention this, everyone had already started to send out messages.

But once they received permission from the hospital director, everyone immediately changed to making phone calls. 

The entire room was as noisy as a market. 

One minute late, the entire room became silent again. 

"There is a patient who is suspected to be infected."

"We may also have that."

"Two cases. We sent them to a single room."

The doctors sent the messages one by one. Only Huo Congjun showed a weird expression without saying anything. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Old Huo? How many do you have? Don't try to hide it. There are many people coming in and out of the Emergency Department. It's normal if there are a few more people who are infected." Wu Zhisheng's expression was dark, but he was very particular about the way he spoke when he talked to Huo Congjun. 

Huo Congjun pursed his lips. He first held back on proclaiming that he was amazing, which was very arrogant, and he said, "There is no nosocomial infection in the Emergency Department."

"Check carefully." The hospital director did not say much. He picked up his phone and made a call.