Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 520

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The discussion in the meeting room intensified with each passing moment, and the expression of the Department of Infection Control's director similarly grew bitter.

Today may be the day that he felt that his sense of existence was the greatest in the past year. But the worst thing about being in the Department of Infection Control was that whenever its members had a sense of existence, the heavens will then make them bear countless blames. 

Moreover, these marks were not easily washable.

If there was an outbreak of MRSA in the hospital, he could provide countless explanations, but at the end of the day, explanations were just explanations, and he would still need to bear the blame. 

What was worse was that the Department of Infection Control had neither money nor power.

The Department of Infection Control's director felt that his mouth was about to be completely dry after talking so much, but when he saw the hospital director's eyes, which were getting sharper with each passing moment, he gradually lost the courage to fight back anymore. 


The meeting room's double doors were pushed open by the secretary.

"Hospital director, Doctor Ling is here." The secretary reminded her in a small voice. 

"Call him in." The hospital director turned around and looked at the direction of the meeting room's huge door.

The departments' directors had been desperately casting blame on the others, but they decided to take a break and slowly stopped to look at the door. 

Ling Ran was dressed in a white coat. He followed the secretary and walked in.

The secretary was a few steps ahead of Ling Ran, but when everyone saw Ling Ran, they automatically ignored the secretary, who was an eyesore at that point. 

A gust of wind came in through the open window and blew at Ling Ran's white coat.

The white coat was slightly wrinkled because of the wind. It moved like the motions in a film, and it looked as if it could start running by itself. 

The gazes of several female doctors were as serious as when they were performing surgery. They stared at the door of the conference room and were unwilling to remove their gazes from the door for even a millisecond.

The male doctors' expressions, on the other hand, were difficult to read. Their eyes lit up.

Ling Ran stood at the door for two seconds. After adapting to the light, he continued to walk in. He was in a state whereby he turned a blind eye toward everyone's gaze.

As early as in kindergarten, Tao Ping taught Ling Ran that different people will have different lives, and no one had the same life. So, even if he was different from others, there was nothing strange about it. Some people, by nature, will bear more pressure than others and will be scrutinized more by others. 

Ling Ran nodded at the people inside. He was greeting everyone, but in everyone's eyes, Ling Ran seemed to be greeting them individually, so they could not help but nod. The tense atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly became lighter.

Huo Congjun grabbed the opportunity before others could ask questions and said, "Ling Ran, why don't you tell everyone about the revision you did in regards to infection control in the hospital, along with the measures you took to implement those revisions during work?"

Ling Ran replied with an "ok" and said after putting in some thought, "The members involved in treatment must be in a sterilized state during the entire process of the treatment. Everyone has to rub their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer before any contact with the patients. And they have to be disinfected one by one ..."

"Hand hygiene." The Department of Infection Control's director summarized in a sentence.

Ling Ran did not answer him and continued, "Slippers have to be sanitized, and they are not allowed to wear them repeatedly."

The management of slippers was the least managed part of infection control in Yun Hua Hospital's operating theaters. The nurses in the operating theater usually only guaranteed cleaning and disinfecting them once per day, and they were repeatedly worn during that period. Since the slippers were always far from the clean rooms, most people did not treat the cleanliness of slippers as something major. 

Even now, the Department of Infection Control's director could only raise his eyebrows. His profession did not dictate that he was to care about slippers. 

"The equipment we use are sterilized and cleaned many times so that we can strengthen the sterility of the equipment," Ling Ran mentioned the policy he implemented again. 

The Department of Infection Control's director frowned. "This is our original policy."

"Triple inspection." Huo Congjun pouted and said, "And they really check. I fired three people for this, and the records are all still there."

The Department of Infection Control's director did not speak. They could not even handle a double check in the past. As long as some department did not cooperate, the Department of Infection Control could do nothing about it. 

As for the departments who cooperated with them, like the Emergency Department, they had already begun implementing their own infection control. 

The Department of Infection Control's director could not help to be silent for a while. After many years of being cast the blame for infections in the hospital, the grief and anger of being robbed of their credit surged into his heart. He felt as if he was about to fall into depression. 

"We also performed some concentrated tasks, such as cleaning the air conditioning and air conditioning vents regularly, cleaning the clamps for medical records, stethoscopes, thermometers... cleaning the beds and guardrails of the beds, bedside tables, among other things..." Ling Ran spoke in detail because no one interrupted him. Hence, he listed everything. 

The Department of Infection Control's director felt his throat constrict. 

If he were to be talking from a theoretical perspective, he could now debate against eight hundred Ling Rans.

A hospital's infection control was not just a simple wash. That was the work of a cleaner, not a doctor in the Department of Infection Control.

However, a hospital's infection control must definitely built on more things other than all that washing of equipment. If a younger infection control practitioner were around, he or she may also talk about the quality of the doctor, the patient's cooperation, a leadership's inaction, but the director, who was about to reach fifty years old, did not think so anymore. The quality of doctors was fixed, the degree of cooperation of patients will not change greatly in the years to come, and the leaders' inaction... was a thousand-year unsolved riddle. Under the circumstances where the environment would not change, those who were capable of changing their environment for themselves were the truly capable. 

In truth, changing the infection control of a department with one's own strength was something that the Department of Infection Control's director himself thought was complicated.

Everyone present could hear that he was the kind of person who did everything by the book when they listened to Ling Ran. 

It was easy to spout those words out, but it was in fact really hard to carry them out. 

Forget everything else. Hand hygiene alone was something that every department in each hospital had been emphasizing on for two hundred years, but the number of doctors who would put on alcohol-based hand sanitizer for each other patient he examined might be rare even among the top medical experts. 

The Department of Infection Control's director looked at Ling Ran, but did not know how to argue with him.

Should he talk about theories? It was meaningless. Ling Ran was a surgeon, and he was already someone who was already famous for being amazing. Even if he won against Ling Ran in terms of theory, he would still end up being a laughing stock. 

Should he talk about execution? Talk about the system? Then, reality would not support him. 

"Doctor Ling has done a good job of being meticulous." The hospital director commented in a very skillful manner. The discussions in the meeting room also died down.

Huo Congjun suppressed his pride and said, "What we support the most in the Emergency Department is Doctor Ling's attitude and working style..."

"The Department of Infection Control's director should also learn from it." Associate Hospital Director Zhou could not continue listening to this, and he made a quip by the side. 

Huo Congjun chuckled.

"Well, Doctor Ling's method might be relatively simple and straightforward, but we should learn simple, straightforward, and effective ways." The hospital director set the foundation, and thus he began to arrange infection prevention and measures to rectify the situation. 

When Ling Ran's finished speaking, he was taken to the back door by the secretary and left.

The big door was flung open.

A ray of light shone in. 

His looks could kill.

Ling Ran gradually walked away.

The hospital director averted her gaze and calmly said, "There must be rewards and penalties. Ling Ran had the courage to take action and achieved outstanding achievements in taking measures to execute infection control in the hospital. We should also give certain rewards to him..."

The purpose of today's meeting was, on the one hand, to provide a proper response to the nosocomial infection outbreak, and on the other hand, to discuss how they should report this to the higher ups. 

The former was actually very simple. Yun Hua Hospital already had a back-up plan, and it was just a matter of executing it. At most, they just needed to modify the plan a little. 

Reporting to the higher ups was not that simple. Hospital Director Wu Zhisheng not only needed to come up with a counter plan, but also had to guard against various questions from the leaders and come up with an assessment of the current situation.

Regardless of how he thought about it, the hospital director felt that he should use the zero MRSA infection rate in the Emergency Medical Center as an example.

"Department Director Huo, what do you think?" When the hospital director mentioned to reward Ling Ran, he looked at Huo Congjun.

"Our Ling Ran, Doctor Ling has actually mentioned it several times. As far as the characteristics of his skills are concerned, an extra emergency ICU should still be built..." Huo Congjun decisively raised the need of an ICU in the Emergency Medical Center. 

The ICU's director immediately sat up straight and looked at Huo Congjun with contempt. "The hospital director means to give Ling Ran a personal reward, not to give you an Emergency Medical Center."

"You can ask Ling Ran about this afterwards." Huo Congjun smiled knowingly and said, "Ling Ran's surgery skills are so good that even though he is in his twenties, he could be a chief surgeon and perform hepatectomy. Furthermore, he performed it excellently. Do you think he would need you to give him a professional title and a bonus?"

The ICU's director took such a blow that he quickly felt his anger rising, but when he saw Huo Congjun's eager face, he swallowed his anger. 

With so many people at the scene, if he could not win the fight, then he could only act as if he was magnanimous.

"I'm not going to argue with you on this. If you look down on the ICU, you don't have to send your patient over."

"That makes it even more reasonable why we need to build our own ICU in the Emergency Medical Center." Huo Congjun smiled at the hospital director. He did not care about the young ICU director. When the time came, he will still send the patient over. If any doctor in the ICU dared to refuse, he will just scold them until they died. He would not feel any sort of psychological burden.

In comparison, having an ICU of their own was a big deal.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Forget about the problems of having millions and billions of instruments and complicated expenses, the extra authorized personnel they will need to hire will also be a huge pile of trouble. 

The hospital director frowned and said, "Let's not talk about this topic today. Department Director Huo, you must take care of Ling Ran well. It is very rare for young doctors to arrive at this level..."

He went on and changed the topic to the nosocomial infection.

Huo Congjun got the message and did not say anything else. 

Needless to say, when the hospital director went to report to the higher ups, they will know whether he will be punished or rewarded. 

If Ling Ran had played a role, the Emergency Medical Center will garner some attention, and they will surely gain some benefits. 

Otherwise, Huo Congjun guessed that the hospital director would still think of some way to thank Ling Ran.

Ling Ran just saved the hospital director's nephew and had earned his favor. Right now, they were in a situation where they could directly redeem their reward.