Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 522

523 Status

"Severed fingers. Ambulance ETA in three minutes," the nurse in front of the reception desk yelled before she quickly picked up another call.

Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan quickly went to the reception door, put on their gloves, and waited with their hands held up in front of them.

An ambulance arrived in a flash.

"Excuse me." A resident doctor rushed out from behind him, cast a glance at the license plate, and picked up a patient suffering stomach spasms.

Yu Yuan cast a glance at the patient in the vehicle and whispered, "I'm guessing it's intestinal obstruction caused by constipation."

"Can't you think of something more positive?" Lu Wenbin walked two steps forward and returned to the front of the reception door.

Yu Yuan chuckled a couple of times and said, "The people from the General Surgery Department will be cleaning the feces, not you."

"So, I am lucky to have chosen the Emergency Department?" Lu Wenbin said and gestured with his chin. "The ambulance is here."

"Not yours." A resident doctor with a face so plain that no one could remember his name came forward with a calm expression while he gestured with his mouth. "The ambulance with the car plate ending with 820 has a patient suspected to have acute appendicitis."

"What is going on, recently? Appendicitis, intestinal obstructions, and severe hand injuries from fireworks? It's summer, you know?" Lu Wenbin sighed. "Where's the summer heatstrokes, fever, burnt, and scalded patients?"

"All of them went to the Emergency Medicine Division. We also receive people with brain hemorrhages and cerebral thrombosis." The resident doctor with the plain face and a name that no one could remember turned his head around and looked at Lu Wenbin's dark eyebags before he said, "You should pay attention to yourself. Don't suddenly die in the department."

Lu Wenbin was stunned for a moment before he felt warmth in his heart. As a lonely and shameless single man, he occasionally looked forward to people showing concern for him.

"Even if I suddenly die, I want to die on pork trotters." Lu Wenbin gritted his teeth as he tried to act strong.

The resident doctor with the plain face and a name that no one could remember waved his hand in front of him to show disdain.

"Meh," Yu Yuan said, "Make sure it's sterile."

Lu Wenbin looked forward and said nothing for a long while.

Another ambulance came by. The patient that was sent over was still not the one with the severed fingers.

Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department had always been an outstanding department in Yun Hua Hospital. After becoming the Emergency Medical Center, the patients who came for treatment and the number of ambulances sending over patients increased.

And this was when the Emergency Medical Center was still not fully operational. Based on Huo Congjun's thoughts, he should have the management rights for the Beijing 120 Emergency Station. At that time, the allocation of emergency patients would be determined by Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center. Naturally, the Emergency Departments of other hospitals will become their Emergency Medical Center's subordinate unit. They will have to undertake the acute and serious illness or injuries nearby, take the patients Yun Hua Hospital did not want, or develop their own departments. It was a good way to force a kick start of new innovations

Of course, Old Huo only thought about it.

In some prefecture-level cities, even when their greatest tertiary Grade A hospital's Emergency Department wanted such power, they needed all sorts of favorable conditions to help them.It was even more difficult for Yun Hua, since it was a city with a population of more than one million people.

Furthermore, the actual size of Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center was not big enough yet.

Nowadays, doctors and nurses in the Emergency Department were too busy to take on more responsibilities. If Huo Congjun wanted the department to take up more responsibilities, he might not even have enough staff even if he doubled the number of doctors and nurses. Of course, this was one of the reasons why Yun Hua Hospital and even the directors of Yun Hua Hospital actively support Huo Congjun. Expanding the department was a good thing in the long run.

Lu Wenbin impatiently asked, "So, what's our ambulance's number plate?"

"You didn't ask them?" Yu Yuan retorted.

"I thought you're the one who's supposed to ask? How annoying" Lu Wenbin was stupefied. He wanted to take out his phone, but at the same time, he could not.

Yu Yuan saw that Lu Wenbin could not even take a joke, and she shook her head before she said, "P70."

"What?" Lu Wenbin did not hear it properly.

Yu Yuan spoke with a slight accent, so she repeated, "P70, P of ABCDEFGH P in the alphabet."


"I didn't expect P to be so far." Yu Yuan suddenly fell into deep thought.


The ambulance with the number plate ending with P70 only arrived after two minutes.

When the end of the ambulance was opened, the patient's parent had already appeared, and he screamed with a hoarse voice, "Doctor, doctor!"

"How's the blood pressure and heartbeat?" Yu Yuan rushed up at once. Her hands blocked the parent's view. Then, she asked the paramedics, "Are the severed fingers with you? Give it to Doctor Lu."

The doctors entered into their professional mindsets at once. The parent could not interrupt them. They could only ask by the side, "Doctor, can the finger be reattached? My child is still so young. If he becomes crippled, his whole life will be ruined"

Yu Yuan nodded. She motioned Lu Wenbin to leave with the gurney. She then turned her head around and said coldly, "How many family members came here?"


"One stays to sign some forms, one goes to pay. Do you know that you can't apply soy sauce on a wound?"

"I can't?" The parent was stunned.

"No, you can't. Soy sauce will speed up an infection. Now, send someone to follow me to sign some forms, the other goes to pay," Yu Yuan spoke very quickly.

At that moment, a woman who came with him hesitated. She tugged the man's arm before she whispered softly, "Um, doctor, can we pay only a part of the money first?"

Yu Yuan and Lu Wenbin looked at each other and moved on as if nothing happened.

They had worked in this hospital for a long period, they could already guess what the situation was.

"Yes, if you are from a low-income household, you can explain the situation at the counter. This hospital has a green channel. The cost of finger replacement is not very high. With medical insurance, it can be reduced by a lot. Our Doctor Ling's skill is very good. For such a young child, finger replacement is very necessary," Yu Yuan said briefly.

"We we are not from a low-income household. We can still pay for the treatment. The woman twisted her body a little and said, "I'm the eldest aunt of the child. My brother and my sister-in-law have divorced. So you see, my brother can't be paying for this alone. That woman always asks for money. She said the money was to buy all sorts of things for her child. As a result, she spoiled her child too much. Now, the child needs to be treated. Since she has always asked for money, shouldn't she be paying part of the money now?"

Once the woman started to babble, she kept on talking about this topic, and she went on until she started talking about her brother's divorce.

Yu Yuan and Lu Wenbin looked at each other again and lowered their heads subconsciously.

After all, they were just resident doctors, and their experiences in life were still too little

In the operating theater, Ling Ran had checked both the monitors and the devices.

These tasks were usually done by the assistants. Ling Ran was relatively free, so he simply checked another round.

Nurse Liu, the supervisor nurse, deliberately came in while she was on her rounds. She watched Ling Ran as he did his work. She smiled and said, "Doctor Ling, you're really serious. Our hospital's attending physicians would do everything they can to avoid draping."

"Can they avoid it?" Ling Ran had stayed in the hospital for more than a year, and he did not know much about the practices of other operating theaters.

Nurse Liu smiled. "Of course not. In our Emergency Department, the only attending physician who doesn't need to do draping for surgeries is Doctor Zhou."

Ling Ran let out an understanding "Oh".

"The associate chief physicians generally do not need to do draping. They all have junior doctors to do chores for them. If Department Director Huo is performing the surgeries, everyone will rush to do draping," Nurse Liu said with a chuckle.

From the point of view of nurses, the ecological model of doctors was like children's fights in a kindergarten, especially for surgeons. They were even more straightforward in their attitude. Violent surgeons were like strong children in a kindergarten who bullied other children as they liked. And the thin children will slowly get used to it after being bullied for a while. They will then obediently work hard for the stronger kids and stay around them.

Ling Ran was incredibly strong, especially after the recent nosocomial infection incident. He left a deep impression in the medical staff around him.


The door opened. Huang Maoshi, who was not medical staff or patient of the operating theater, came in. He wore scrubs and carried a white box.

The handsome Huang Maoshi, who once worked as a model, stood next to the airtight access door as if he was on a runway show.

He had a broad smile on his face.Huang Maoshi was already used to smiling all day long.

With a smile, he could be even more handsome than before. If you were to judge Huang Maoshi's looks, he was at least at seven points when he dressed up properly. When he kept smiling, you could add another 2.1 points. Therefore, Huang Maoshi's best state was when he had a smile, and he would be a solid nine points. So there was no disadvantage of him being in the hospital. He was already a celebrity among the younger generation in Changxi Medical Company.

"Hello, Doctor Ling. I'm here to send some equipment." Huang Maoshi placed the white box on an empty shelf in front of him. He then opened it and smiled. "Please have a look. You can have a try if you find anything suitable."

Ling Ran frowned slightly and said, "I am doing finger replantation."

Finger replantation used very few consumables, so it was not welcomed by orthopedics and often became a project of private hospitals.

Huang Maoshi smiled and said, "We also have Kirschner needles. You can try the ones made using imported titanium alloy. There are several models"

"I don't use those."

"Doctor Ling, there's no harm in trying them."

Ling Ran was too lazy to reply to him. He only shook his head gently.

Huang Maoshi still wanted to try to persuade him. When he was about to open his mouth, Nurse Liu stopped him.

Nurse Liu glared at him and said, "Young Huang, Doctor Ling told you no. Stop rambling and off you go." for visiting.

Huang Maoshi was stunned. He then smiled and looked at Nurse Liu.

When young nurses faced Huang Maoshi, they were always tolerant of him.

It was a basic social order to be tolerant toward a man with a nine-point score in looks, and Huang Maoshi was also used to it.

However, comparisons were the bane in all things.

In front of Ling Ran, a nine-pointer man was like oil waste. No one wanted to look at it. This was especially true for Nurse Liu.With a sharp gaze, she said firmly, "Get out."

"Alright. I'll get out." Huang Maoshi was shocked and stepped back toward the door. He realized that he could not give up this opportunity and shouted, "Doctor Ling, our Kirschner needles are free. Some are already in the hospital catalog. The titanium alloys are also free."

"Wait a minute." Yu Yuan, who was about to enter the door, heard this. She shouted at Huang Maoshi, hurried to Ling Ran, stepped on the stepping stool, stood on her tiptoes, raised her head, and whispered to Ling Ran.