Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 536

537 Arrangemen

The operation lasted for five hours.

The second assistant and third assistant had been cycled out; even the audience was a fresh crowd.

However, the chief surgeon, Ling Ran and the first assistant, He Yuanzheng, had persisted throughout the surgery and never once stepped down.

Five hours of surgery was considered to be quite tiring, but when the surgery was completed successfully, the sweet feeling of success was enough to keep the doctor standing.

Normally, it was common for surgeons to do three operations consecutively. If someone counted the total time, those three operations would make up to four to five hours.

He Yuanzheng exhaled deep and long and smiled. "Those people who said that planting watermelons are difficult should come and try to cut a watermelon. Young Su, how much was the blood loss during the surgery?"

He Yuanzheng also remembered the anesthetist that Ling Ran often used, although the anesthetist was only a resident doctor.

"11.8 ounces of blood loss." When Su Jiafu reported, he was even more excited than Ling Ran and He Yuanzheng.

Today, he was the main person in charge of administering anesthesia.

Logically speaking, the Department of Anesthesiology should send an assistant lecturer or an attending physician to help in such a major surgery. Su Jiafu was already considered fortunate to be an anesthesiologist assistant.

However, Ling Ran had become used to using Su Jiafu, and he communicated to Su Jiafu throughout the surgery. As the messages were passed back and forth, the Department of Anesthesiology's attending physicians and assistant lecturers could not get themselves annoyed.

There were already very few people in the Department of Anesthesiology. It was very common for them to acknowledge something happening in their department quietly.

The coolest thing was that Su Jiafu had done something that only a senior ranked attending physician could do, and it was something that he should only have been able to do three years later. He had learned much from this experience.

"6 inches in diameter, a tumor that is around 20 pounds. 11.8 ounces of blood loss. There was no need for blood transfusion. Congratulations, Doctor Ling." He Yuanzheng suppressed the surge of emotion in his heart and still complimented Ling Ran.

He should give compliments when it was due. Even if He Yuanzheng had other ideas, he also had to admit that it had been fortunate for him that Ling Ran took over and removed the large liver tumor today. Otherwise, if he had to do it, there would be a high chance that he would have failed.

Failing in a major surgery in front of so many doctors was definitely not what He Yuanzheng wanted.

In comparison, He Yuanzheng was also filled with a slight degree of admiration as he watched Ling Ran, who was young and only had little experience in life, to withstand such pressure to complete the operation.

However, it was just a slight degree of admiration.

It was like the portion of beef tenderloin in a sauteed beef fillet with hot green pepper served in a small shop.

"This was a tumor that invaded the liver, diaphragm, and pelvis at the same time, but Doctor Ling, you managed to extract it in one breath. You can even do the work from the General Surgery Department and Gynaecology Department." The General Surgery Department's assistant lecturer gave an offhand remark, which sounded like praise, but also a sarcastic retort.

As far as the scope of this operation was concerned, it was indeed possible to consult the General Surgery Department and Gynaecology Department and have them perform the surgery together.

If Ling Ran faced a problem during the surgery or if there was a big problem that needed the General Surgery Department and Gynaecology Department's doctors to salvage the situation, then they will definitely be able to discuss today's surgery.

However, Ling Ran did it in a single breath, and there was really nothing much to talk about it.

The director of the Medical Affairs Department, Doctor Lei, who stepped in just in time, coughed and said loudly, "The liver tumor that is six inches in diameter was successfully removed. Congratulations, Doctor Ling."

He took the lead in clapping, and everyone followed suit and applauded.

Ling Ran revealed a smile that met the expectations of society and nodded at the crowd.

He Yuanzheng was not willing to exchange such pleasantries. He turned around and helped the first assistant in cleaning up.

The doctors in Operating Theater 1 dispersed. They moved slowly, like cows after grazing on grass for an entire afternoon.

Xiang Xueming, who had taken off his surgical gown a long time ago, looked at Department Director Lei, who was speaking with Ling Ran, and he gritted his teeth in silence.

It was said that when it came to personnel matters in the hospital, the Medical Affairs Department director's power was ranked right beneath the hospital director.

Usually, it was highly unlikely for a small intern such as Xiang Xueming to see the Medical Affairs Department director in private. He would be stopped halfway even when he was on his way to his office.

Xiang Xueming made a quick decision. He quickly went forward and followed after Department Director Lei when he was about to leave.

"Hello, Department Director Lei." Xiang Xueming greeted him before he hurried and spoke, "I am an intern this year, Xiang Xueming of Yun Hua University, can I have two minutes of your time?"

Department Director Lei frowned, but he still stood still. "I'll give you two minutes."

"Thank you, Department Director Lei." Xiang Xueming did not know how many times he had rehearsed the scenario in his head. But when the time came, he was extremely nervous. He gulped and said, "Department Director Lei, I have followed Doctor Ling for half a year. During this half a year, I believe that I have learned a lot of things, participated in hepatectomy, laparoscopic surgeries, cholecystectomies, and finger replantations..."

"If you want to stay in Yun Hua Hospital, there are already no vacancies this year." When Director Lei listened to what Xiang Xueming had to say, he already understood what he meant. Therefore, he interrupted Xiang Xueming before he made his intentions clear.

Xiang Xueming hesitated for a moment before he said doubtfully, "Compared to the interns of the same age..."

"You meant besides Ling Ran, right?" Director Lei smiled.

Xiang Xueming suddenly did not know how to continue with the conversation.

"The quota for Yun Hua Hospital is really used up this year. It is useless even if you come to me, understand?" Department Director Lei looked at Xiang Xueming's expression and decided to reveal a little more."You can ask your family to help you. You're still young, you should practice your skills more."

In fact, even without needing Department Director Lei to say this, Xiang Xueming already knew the right approach.

Xiang Xueming's eyes sparkled. He stared at Department Director Lei. "My family... Department Director Lei, I really want to be a doctor."

"I wish you all the best." Department Director Lei patted Xiang Xueming's shoulder and turned away.

"Department Director Lei." Xiang Xueming did not want to lose this opportunity, so he caught up to him again.

Department Director Lei turned around and looked at him before he said, "Our hospital, in principle, only accepts graduate students. Some departments' directors are even more critical, and their requirements have been raised to doctoral students. You are now only an undergraduate, if you want to be granted special admission, you have to show that you are truly skilled."

The impressive-sounding reasoning suddenly made Xiang Xueming speechless.

He wanted to refute Department Director Lei that ability was more important than academic qualifications.

However, Xiang Xueming could not say that an undergraduate student was more capable than a graduate student or a doctoral student for the time being.

In the next two days, Xiang Xueming seized all the time he still had left and contacted other hospitals.

His internship was coming to an end, and the interns who were still not certain where they would end up had to, at the very least, contact a training center.

It had to be said that Yun Hua University's name was actually pretty useful. If he contacted other local hospitals, he could at least get a chance to participate in a written test and interview.

But in Yun Hua Hospital, there were too many doctors who wanted to stay.

Xiang Xueming started searching from tertiary Grade A hospitals, but he failed in all the tertiary Grade A hospitals' interviews in one go, and he felt lost.

If he could not enter a tertiary Grade A hospital, then what was the point of him trying to stay in Yun Hua City?

"What are you planning to do?" When it was about time to leave the hospital, Xiang Xueming asked Zheng Jun.

"If I can't get into any hospital, then I'll just pursue further studies." Zheng Jun was very open-minded and asked, "How about you?"

"A district hospital." Xiang Xueming had a disappointed look. "It's the hospital that is at the very lowest in my list, but at least I can stay in Yun Hua."

"That's not too bad." Zheng Jun chuckled and said, "Sign the contract, then."

"If I really can't get into any other hospital, then I'll sign it." Xiang Xueming sighed. "I'll have to pay 80,000 RMB for breaching the contract."

"Can't help it."

Xiang Xueming nodded slowly.

After struggling for another day, Xiang Xueming still went to the Cangping District Hospital. For the current undergraduate students, the district hospitals in the big cities could also be considered a compromise.

After all the formalities were completed, Xiang Xueming received his own arrangement. He was stationed at Cangping District Hospital's Bazhaixiang hospital branch.