Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 537

538 Bazhaixiang Hospital Branch

The hospital branch in Cangping District's Bazhaixiang was the most unpopular post among all the hospital branches from Cangping District Hospital.

The hospital branch with five doctors and nine nurses had never been fully staffed. The doctors and nurses who were sent over looked as if they had been exiled. They will either have to think of ways to get transferred back to the city or live in self-degradation while they waited to be dismissed.

In truth, they were indeed exiled.

Bazhaixiang was not only the most remote town in Cangping District, but it was also the most remote town of Yun Hua City.

It was easy to imagine the situation in Bazhaixiang when the country had gone under the trend of combining villages into a town, but Bazhaixiang was still considered as a village, even though it was known as a town.

In comparison, Cangping District was still considered a rather good area in Yun Hua.

The local industrial development was good, but there were also many old state-owned enterprises. The district hospitals did physical examinations for each unit every year, which was enough for the daily expenses of the hospital. They usually received patients with minor illnesses, perform fluid infusion, or carried out some palliative treatment for the local residents before their deaths. The hospital staff also lived healthily.

The doctors' income was not high, but all of them could meet their own needs. Besides, they had a lot of free time in their hands, and they could be considered to be doing a job where they could meet their families' expectations and steadily provide bread for the family.

However, it was a different situation after going to Bazhaixiang.

If Cangping District was compared to a tadpole on the map, Bazhaixiang was the tail of the tadpole.

If Yun Hua was a big tadpole, Bazhaixiang was still the tail.

This branch was located very far in the distance. Not only was it inconvenient in terms of transport, but even the workload was also very small.

When the locals suffered from minor illnesses, as long as they did not seem to be fatal, they would basically go to Cangping District's Bazhaixiang hospital branch for a check-up. In their opinion, since it was a branch of the district hospital, it was not very different from hospitals in big cities.

Of course, the performance of the Bazhaixiang hospital branch was better than that of the township hospital from the neighboring counties.

Although the doctors were dispatched to the Bazhaixiang hospital branch, while they might be reluctant to work there, they were still sent to the place by Yun Hua City. When they needed to treat patients, they could still do what they needed to do.

Moreover, the facilities of the branch were indeed pretty decent.

Correspondingly, the doctors could also get a little money from the medicine and consumables, even though the amount was so tiny it was pitiful.

"We currently only have three doctors in the hospital branch. Old Wang's wife wants a divorce, so he went back to the city to deal with it. For now, we have two doctors. Regardless of who uses what medicines and consumables, we will still split it 50/50, is that okay? It is quite a lot if we calculate it. The medicine fee is better here when we compare it to the district hospital," said Zeng Xingteng, the only resident doctor in the branch. When he saw Xiang Xueming, he revealed the biggest source of income in the hospital. He did not have any intention of hiding it.

There was only one department in this place, and the department was further split into different divisions within this small three-storeyed building. It was impossible for him to hide it, anyway.

Zeng Xingteng was really afraid that Xiang Xueming would turn around and leave.

It was not as if this had not happened before.

After all, the doctors could not really be considered to have been distributed to another hospital if they were sent to a hospital branch.Any doctor who had some methods up their sleeves will think of all ways to not work in a hospital branch even if they could not be transferred back for the time being.

For many doctors, as long as they did not go to work at the Bazhaixiang hospital branch, they did not mind if their income was lesser.

Once, Zeng Xingteng went back to Yun Hua quietly on his own. He went to a private hospital to work and tried his best to not to go to work. He did not have any background, and he was finally driven back to Bazhaixiang.

Over the past few months, Old Wang, who was in the same situation as him, decided to just let things worsen when things became worse for him. He chose not to work and returned to Yun Hua to save his marriage. If Zeng Xingteng were to work alone in place of three people, he will want to die.

After all, Cangping District Hospital's Bazhaixiang hospital branch was still a hospital, not a small-town clinic. Zeng Xingteng occasionally had to perform emergency surgery, and he could not be lazy even if he wanted to.

Xiang Xueming looked down at his shoes, which was covered in dust, and he smiled dispiritedly. He really did not have the energy to talk.

He spent more than a year at Yun Hua Hospital, and he knew that the hospital's medical fees were not much when divided, and there were fewer consumables used when a doctor worked on minor surgeries. Even at Yun Hua Hospital, the commission normal doctors could get from medicine and consumables was only around the middle range, which was somewhere between 3,000 to 5,000 RMB. District hospitals will naturally earn lesser than that.

Therefore, when Zeng Xingteng said that they will get more medicine fees compared to district hospitals, there was really nothing attractive about it at all.

Besides, the district hospital will also take out some of the fees from physical examinations and other sources of income to provide bonuses for the doctors.

What did Cangping District Hospital's Bazhaixiang hospital branch have?

All they had was mud.

"Don't be in a hurry to become depressed." Zeng Xingteng gave his only reinforcement some encouragement. "Let me tell you, there are advantages to the countryside. First, we get to eat healthily, right? The eggs in the bazaar are from local farmers. The eggs are one for 1 RMB and 50 RMB for a chicken. They taste much better than the meat and eggs in the city. When the time comes for the fair, there are also villagers who will come to sell pheasants and wild boars. If you go there with 300 RMB, you can buy a tricycle's worth of things."

After Zeng Xingteng, who was nearly ten years older than Xiang Xueming, saw that Xueming Xiang still looked indifferent, he continued to smile. "There's also entertainment. The fastest broadband in this countryside is 10M, it would be very useful if you play games or watch movies. By the way, you did not bring your computer along, did you? It's all right, there're computers in the office. You can just take one home if you want. Just sign a letter in the Equipment Management Department. When you're done, just make sure everything is still intact and useable, and it'll be enough."

"The housing area in this countryside is also large. The doctor's dormitory is a large yard, and everyone has one room for themselves. There's even half an acre of land when we come out of the yard. If we're in Yun Hua City, you can only dream about getting one unless you pay ten to twenty million for it.

"It's also good if you go out and have a picnic. Bazhaixiang is connected to Eight Summits Mountain. The people from Yun Hua have to drive over when they are on holiday to reach this place"

"Doctor Zheng," Xiang Xueming could not help but interrupt Zeng Xingteng and said, "I grew up in a small mountain village."

"Oh hehe. That's better, you'd be more familiar with it," Zeng Xingteng laughed a couple of times and did not know what else to say.

Everyone was sent to this place, and it was impossible to say that they were willing to be here.

"I will bring you around so that you can become familiar with this place." Zeng Xingteng decided not to waste his breath anymore.

The doctors who came to Bazhaixiang should more or less have an idea in their minds.

Xiang Xueming forced himself to smile. He shrugged and lowered his head while he followed Zeng Xingteng.

The Bazhaixiang hospital branch was built according to the standards of a first-class hospital. It had twenty hospital beds. They had five doctors, including a radiologist who knew how to operate the machines, and nurses who were also trained from a district hospital. Not only did they know how to administer injections and bandage wounds, but they were also capable of helping out during emergency consultations and surgeries. They were also equipped with corresponding facilities and equipment.

But they could not stop themselves from losing doctors and nurses, which made it impossible for them to build a good hospital branch.

This was like Australia when it was still colonized by England.

"Doctor Xiang, this will be your office" Zeng Xingteng quickly adjusted his mood and started to made arrangements for Xiang Xueming. He was as attentive as a big brother.

Xiang Xueming did not know how to refuse him even if he wanted to. He had no choice but to pick up the basin and started to wipe his table and chair

"I'll wait for you even for a thousand years" [1]

Zeng Xingteng's phone rang.

Zeng Xingteng answered it and hummed a few times before he hung up.

"Doctor Xiang, there is an emergency," Zeng Xingteng's expression was serious. He took a white coat from a cupboard for Xiang Xueming and asked, "An arm was broken, and the patient is being sent from the mountain. Have you learned the emergency treatment?"

"I've learned it, and I do know how to deal with broken arms," Xiang Xueming became high-spirited quickly.

He often became Lu Wenbin and the others' assistants while he was in Ling Treatment Group in Yun Hua Hospital. He had done plenty of work resident doctors did.

Arm fractures were also classified into different categories. Xiang Xueming had done the simple type several times.

He did not often treat fractures, and his skills were considered average.He would only do better under the doctor in-charge's care if he were to be located at Yun Hua Hospital. In places like Bazhaixiang, instead of sending the patient to Yun Hua Hospital, it was better to treat them locally.

Xiang Xueming's battle will swiftly began burning, so much so that his face turned red.

After two hours

"They're not here yet?" Xiang Xueming played with a pair of latex gloves and blew it as if it was a balloon.

"They're almost here. The motorcycle has to go through many bumps when it goes downhill. The patient must have been in extreme pain." Zeng Xingteng handed a cigarette to Xiang Xueming. "Just do it with confidence, I'll hold the fort for you."

After another half an hour, Xiang Xueming finally saw the patient.

"It's Colles' fracture." Xiang Xueming did a brief check and immediately named the fracture. He became at ease, and he said, "I can do it."

"Then, will you do it?" Zeng Xingteng also wanted to see Xiang Xueming's skills.

Colles' fracture was the most common type of fracture, and it was also a case that branch hospitals ran into a lot. Even if Xiang Xueming did not manage to treat it, Zeng Xingteng could just take over and mend the situation.

Xiang Xueming nodded vigorously.

On the next day.

"Can you fix appendicitis? You can? You do it, then."

"Can you fix an ankle fracture? You can? You do it, then."

"You've even encountered orchiectomy before? Okay, let's do it together. We don't have time to go to the hospital, anyway. Say, are students who graduated from Yun Hua University nowadays so good?"

Zeng Xingteng had worked with Xiang Xueming for a week already. The more he worked with him, the more surprised he was.

Xiang Xueming's face was filled with nostalgia. "There is truly someone amazing from Yun Hua University, but unfortunately, I'm not that person"