Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 539

540 Upgrade

It was Saturday.

Xiang Xueming spent some time to go back to Yun Hua.

Unlike his time in Yun Hua Hospital, where his time had to be counted with every twenty minutes as a unit, during his month in Bazhaixiang, Xiang Xueming's working hours had returned to normal. His sleep had also returned to normal, and he could also defecate normally.

Before he walked down the coach bus, Xiang Xueming even felt that life like this was quite good.

Then, he raised his head and saw the 1601 feet-tall Peaceful Clouds Building.

Peaceful Clouds Building had its walls made entirely of glass, and it was built ten years ago. At that time, the concept of light pollution had not become a trend in the country yet. Therefore, this iconic building was like a sparkling gigantic glass stick that shone brightly from every angle.

When Xiang Xueming was pursuing his studies, he kept hearing about how ugly was Peaceful Clouds Building from his classmates in Yun Hua.

However, after Xiang Xueming had observed it for five years, he still felt that Peaceful Clouds Building consisted of modern beauty. The price for a cubicle on the upper floor of Peaceful Clouds Building could cost Xiang Xueming's monthly salary. Obviously, only people who were madly obsessed with its beauty would be willing to spend this huge amount of money.

While Xiang Xueming thought about it, he carried his backpack and squeezed into a bus station. Then, he went up a bus and reached Lower Groove.

He did not go back to Yun Hua Hospital directly. He might have sounded confident when he talked to Zeng Xingteng, but as an intern, Xiang Xueming knew that he was not capable of inviting the ideal chief physician over.

Paying a surgeon for 2,000 RMB for three surgeries per day was already much lower than the baseline for the price to hire freelance surgeons. This could not be considered a freelance surgery anymore, and it could not be considered as freelance surgery in reality as well. After all, there was no need for the freelance surgeon to take the plane or the bullet train, so, Zeng Xingteng and Xiang Xueming would not be able to pay for transportation as well.

Therefore, the attending physician who would take up this offer would either have to travel to and fro by bus or drove himself, and neither was really comfortable.

Also, Xiang Xueming could not invite an attending physician who was not capable. There was no way he could invite assistant lecturers or those who were ranked above either. Those people would use that time to eat a meal treated by a pharmaceutical sales representative and drink two bottles of Maotai as a return for all the effort they put into getting into their current position. Bazhaixiang was a small place, and doctors just performed the surgery based on the illnesses they encountered. Therefore, a surgeon with a comprehensive set of skills was needed.

In addition, Bazhaixiang did not have any senior chief physician with professional titles to support them if something went wrong. If anything went wrong on the operating table, the freelance surgeon himself will have to solve it on his own. This problem alone made most of the doctors not dare to take up this task.

In tertiary Grade A hospitals, most of the attending physicians did not like people trying to control them. However, when there was a problem during the surgery, everybody would still want to find an expert to support them.

The authority by senior doctors on junior doctors and the suppression from skilled experts on weaklings could all be seen in the operating theater.

Xiang Xueming did not have any confidence to hire this kind of attending physician. He knew that he was welcomed in Yun Hua Hospital because of Ling Ran's support, and Xiang Xueming knew this very clearly.

There were only a few doctors in Ling Treatment Group, but they actually managed to occupy the operating theaters in other departments for surgery, so the group could no longer be considered as averagely skilled.

Interns who came together with Xiang Xueming might begin to doubt their lives because they will be criticized to hell and back even when they just delivered a sample to the Pathology Department. On the other hand, the interns in Ling Treatment Group rarely receive such treatment.

This time, when Xiang Xueming came back, he wanted to regain this treatment.

He came down from the bus and shook his backpack slightly. Then, he felt slightly more confident.

He brought along a pork shank from a wild boar that was hunted from the mountain, along with another two pheasants who still had their feathers intact.

These were also the presents that he had picked patiently. Based on Xiang Xueming's knowledge, normal valuable products did not bring up Ling Ran's interest at all.

"Young man, who are you looking for?" An old lady who was sitting at the courtyard for a sunbathing session cast a glance at Xiang Xueming, and she knew immediately that he was not a local.

Xiang Xueming quickly came to a stop and said, "I want to look for Doctor Ling."

"You came for treatment? For what disease?"

"I have some matters to discuss with him."

"You have business with him? Then, just wait slowly." The old lady chuckled with a profound meaning.

Xiang Xueming looked around. He saw a classical wooden type corridor at both sides of the small yard. Along the corridor were wooden boards with different names: Observation Room, Emergency Room, Ultrasonography and Electrocardiogram Room, and Treatment Room...

"It's quite big." Xiang Xueming praised.

"They just renovated it." The old lady chuckled and said, "The Ling family is rich now."

Xiang Xueming nodded at a loss. "Just renovated?"

"I heard they are specializing in cosmetic sutures or something? Who will come for sutures after they received cosmetic surgery?"

"Cosmetic suture means suture that gives a smaller scar. The possibility of scar formation will also be lower. " Xiang Xueming understood it right after he heard it.

"Well, it's not illegal to lie to fools, anyway."

Xiang Xueming smiled. "The clinic by Doctor Ling's family doesn't need to cheat at all."

"You know about them?" The old lady cast him a sidelong glance.

Xiang Xueming thought about the old lady who ran a stall in his village. Then, he immediately shook his head. "It's just an offhand comment."

As he talked, Xiang Xueming quickly went in.

The courtyard of Lower Groove Clinic still remained the same, but the bricks in the middle had become slightly flatter.

The old building directly across him was the same. They retained the style in which they had the family stay upstairs while the ground floor was used as the main hall.

The only change was that the reception room, which was once in the main hall, had been shifted to the side.

There was originally a penthouse and washroom there, but now, it had become a new, small building.

The old residence across it had also been dismantled and rebuilt. It was now a modern and small Chinese-style building.

Xiang Xueming looked around. Then, he saw an ultrasonography device and a hospital bed, along with a disinfection room and hand-washing basin.

Xiang Xueming compared this with the Bazhaixiang hospital branch, and he felt that both of them were quite similar.

Naturally, the Bazhaixiang hospital branch did not have any ultrasonography device because of historical issues.

Xiang Xueming walked around. Then, he saw Ling Ran in the small observation room.

He was suturing a middle-aged lady, and he sutured while talking to the middle-aged doctor beside him. He was even talking about suturing while he was suturing.

Xiang Xueming was so jealous that his eyes almost bled.

When he reached the Bazhaixiang hospital branch, his greatest concern had been that he could not improve himself more.

"Doctor Ling." Xiang Xueming whispered a greeting and said, "I came back to the city to take a look, and I had some time"

Ling Ran hummed when he looked at the patient's wound and said, "If you have time, you can perform more surgeries."

"I'm at the Bazhaixiang hospital branch, so I can't just perform surgeries as I like." Xiang Xueming sighed in resignation.

"Oh," Ling Ran replied, and he said, "I thought you like to perform surgery?"

This sentence made Xiang Xueming almost cry.

Of course he liked to perform surgery, and he really loved it.

"I still love to perform surgeries, but I had no choice since I can't stay at Yun Hua Hospital."

"Okay," Ling Ran replied and nodded.

"I actually want to perform more surgeries." Xiang Xueming took this opportunity and quickly said, "That's why I came to seek your help."

When Xiang Xueming said this, he could not help but look at the middle-aged lady.

"Do you want me to go out?" The lady asked honestly, even though her elbow was still bleeding.

"I'll talk to him later." Xiang Xueming smiled bashfully.

"Then why don't you go out and wait? It's quite suffocating here." The middle-aged lady easily chased him away.