Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 540

541 Faction

It was not the first time Xiang Xueming was kicked out of the operating theater.

Interns were like gauzes in operating theaters. It was definitely impossible to not have them since their contributions were pretty huge. Therefore, if the chief surgeon was unhappy, the interns would be kicked out; when the assistants needed something, they would send interns to do it; when the nurses saw that there were a lot of people in the operating theater, they would send out the interns

Being kicked out by the patients was actually something that happened very often.

When they had ward rounds, there were always patients who did not like being surrounded. Most people did not say much, but some also had violent tempers and were proactive. With just a few words, they could chase away the interns.

Xiang Xueming met a middle-aged lady's gaze and was instantly able to judge her capabilities. He left the treatment room silently.

He was reluctant to leave, so he stood at the door. He listened to the sounds inside just like what he did when he was performing his internship.

"Now that we've arrived at this stage for the sutures, it's time to consider the anatomical aspects." Ling Ran's voice was loud. "The problems when it comes to scar tissue formation is very complex and can no longer be solved simply by considering the anatomical problems of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. We should also observe the sebaceous glands, sweat glands, erector hair muscles, and even skin sacs"

"That's impossible." Doctor Miao's tone was slightly skeptical. He had been doing cosmetic sutures since he left the hospital. If he did not know that Ling Ran would never speak carelessly, he would probably have laughed loudly by now.

Ling Ran spoke with a drawl, "If you do, you will be at Perfect Level."

"That'll definitely be perfect," Doctor Miao laughed.

"Well, in general, if you can do some biochemical examinations, it will be helpful for suturing. At least, it can be a guideline for doctors' surgeries"

"The patient will definitely not agree to it."


"It is times like this that we envy foreigners' free medical care. They could let doctors do whatever check-ups they want without having to bargain about money." Doctor Miao clicked his tongue a couple of times. Now, he only had one learning path. He had no way to go but to keep improving.

Xiang Xueming, who was listening outside the door, could not help but feel deeply affected by his words.

"Alright," Ling Ran quickly completed the suture, cut the thread with scissors, and spoke to the patient who was across him.

Doctor Miao quickly followed up and said, "Let me handle the bandaging."

"Okay." Ling Ran stood up and said to the patient, "Don't expose the wound to water and don't use force. It will recover very soon."

"Will it leave a scar?"

Doctor Miao said even faster, "The possibility of leaving a scar is related to your physique, not the problem of a simple suture"

He said a bunch of stuff, and since he said them every day, he was very familiar with them.

Ling Ran is already out when the patient was still a little dazed from Doctor Miao's words.

He looked at Xiang Xueming, who was at the door, again and asked, "Did you just say that you are looking for help with surgeries?"

"This is what happened. I'm working at Cangping District Hospital now, and I'm posted to the Bazhaixiang hospital branch. There are only two doctors there" Xiang Xueming gave a brief introduction and said, "Doctor Ling, I wonder if you can send two people to the Bazhaixiang hospital branch for regular surgeries."

"You are from Cangping District Hospital. Shouldn't Cangping District Hospital be sending people to perform surgeries?" Ling Ran asked in puzzlement.

"It is supposed to be like this, but the doctors who can perform surgeries in the district hospitals are few, and they are afraid of being asked to stay in the branch. So, they are not willing to go." After he said this, Xiang Xueming continued to speak carefully. "The other reason is that when doctors from the district hospital perform surgeries at the branch, they are considered to be doing their normal jobs, but if doctors from other hospitals come over, we count them as freelance surgeons."

This was the first time Xiang Xueming tried to hire a freelance surgeon, and he was incredibly unused to doing this.

Ling Ran was used to it. For him, regardless of who it was who asked him, whether they were medical students, interns, or chief physicians of a county hospital, they were not very different.

Ling Ran thought a little and asked, "You have the appropriate conditions for surgeries, right? How many beds and nurses are there? What about the equipment in the operating theater?"

"There are twenty beds and five nurses. All are certified and have worked in operating theaters before. Our devices allow us to perform laparotomy, laparoscopes, and X-rays. As for medical consumables could the pharmaceutical sales representatives send them to us?" Xiang Xueming did not know much, but he could only force himself to pretend that he knew a lot.

The doctor-in-charge at Lower Groove Clinic, Doctor Xiong passed by the area seemingly on purpose, and he interjected, "If you use only a few medical consumables, the pharmaceutical sales representatives will not them send to you."

Xiang Xueming said reluctantly, "I have seen them sending one Kirschner needle"

"It depends on who it is for. I've also seen a pharmaceutical sales representative send a Darlie's toothpaste to a department director at three in the morning. Will you be able to get someone to do something like that?" Doctor Xiong did not show any courtesy to a small intern like Xiang Xueming.He then said to Ling Ran, "Young Boss, our clinic has just been renovated, and whatever we do gets us money. Why would you bother to go to a small place to be a freelance surgeon?"

"I would not want to bother Doctor Ling. Of course, it is best if Doctor Ling is willing to come, but other doctors will do, too. It'll be enough as long as they're willing to perform surgeries." Xiang Xueming planned to pay 2,000 RMB per day, which was equal to 600 RMB each surgery. The fees Ling Ran received when he was a freelance surgeon was ten times this price, and he was even paid assistant fees and travel expenses.

Ling Ran said indifferently, "If there are special cases, you can hit me up or send them to Yun Hua Hospital. If work is done efficiently, twenty hospital beds are considered a lot. It's enough to be used by two attending physicians."

"We can offer up ten beds." Xiang Xueming quickly added.

He was really afraid that Ling Ran would use up all twenty beds, and there would be no beds left.

For patients who needed surgeries, ten beds and five nurses were already a scarce number of resources.

"Ten beds, then," Ling Ran gave Xiang Xueming a glance and asked, "Who do you want?"

The people present in the room could feel Ling Ran's interest decrease rapidly.

For Ling Ran, ten beds will be filled up in about two days. If he did laparoscopic surgeries and finish in around one hour each, he could fill up ten beds in a day

For a small hospital like Bazhaixiang hospital branch, if those ten beds were filled, who knew how long it would take before they were cleared?

And with the gap of the nurses' standard in providing nursing care, letting Ling Ran be a freelance surgeon at Bazhaixiang hospital branch would be meaningless.

However, there were always doctors who were willing to do it.

Xiang Xueming had already thought of one person. At this time, he quickly said, "I want Doctor Zhang Anmin."

Ling Ran raised his chin and said, "Zhang Anmin is from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery."

"If you approve of it, I will go to him," Xiang Xueming said a little nervously. After he gave some thought to the matter, he felt that Zhang Anmin was the most suitable person.

Compared to the other members of Ling Ran's treatment group, Zhang Anmin had mastered a more comprehensive set of skills, had more experience and qualifications, and Xiang Xueming could save a lot of trouble if he went to him.

Zhang Anmin was easier to hire than those attending physicians who were not from Ling Ran's treatment group.

Most importantly, Zhang Anmin was still poor.

What Xiang Xueming needed was an attending physician with a comprehensive set of abilities, could solve problems alone, and was willing to work six hours every weekend and another eight hours just to earn 2,000 RMB.

Honestly, even if he wanted to ask Zhang Anmin, Xiang Xueming felt that he needed to have Ling Ran's approval.

"I'll give Zhang Anmin a call," Ling Ran said as he took out his phone.

Xiang Xueming became even more nervous, but at the same time, he was excited.

The effect of Ling Ran's phone call and him going to Zhang Anmin was obviously not the same.

Ling Ran moved away. When he came back, he had already hung up his phone. He then said, "Zhang Anmin will give it a try later. You can contact him again."

"You're done?" Xiang Xueming was stunned.

"This is what you call a faction." Doctor Xiong suddenly sighed.

Both Ling Ran and Xiang Xueming looked at Doctor Xiong.

"Doctor's faction, don't you understand?" Doctor Xiong asked.

Ling Ran and Xiang Xueming shook their heads.

Doctor Xiong wanted to explain the theory of earning money, but when he thought about it, he chuckled and said, "What does an old man know? By the way, Ling Ran, tell your dad that since the clinic has been renovated, it's time to increase my pay."