Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 542

543 Authority

The ambulance entered the special passageway of the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital. The moment it stopped, a burly and muscular man yanked the back door open like a tiger. He then took over from Ling Ran and started performing CPR on the patient.

If it were not for the fact that he was wearing a large white coat, the patient's family member would have knocked him unconscious with an oxygen tank.

Ling Ran was already super tired at this point in time. He hopped off the ambulance and said, "We used the defibrillator twice and administered two shots of epinephrine. We have already opened his airway, and the patient shows signs of abdominal bloating. Send people from the Cardiology Department over."

The paramedic who came with the ambulance, too, reported the patient's condition.

Lu Wenbin immediately understood what was going on. He yelled for someone to take over, and the petite Yu Yuan nimbly hopped onto the gurney and took over.

Lu Wenbin pushed the gurney and entered the hospital at lightning speed.

Ling Ran followed him and gave some orders before stopping in his tracks. Lu Wenbin and the others were already very skilled in CPR, and he did not need to give much guidance.

The patient's family member who was tailing Ling Ran was still in shock. He thanked Ling Ran again and continued, "That doctor is even more burly than the inmates in our prison."

Ling Ran could not help but look at the other party.

It was a short and muscular man who was about the age of thirty, and he seemed like a blue-collar worker.

"We are from the justice bureau and are working in the municipal prison. We are what you guys call prison guards." The patient's family member introduced himself. "My name is Jin Feng, and the patient is my younger brother, Jin Huo."

Ling Ran nodded. He did not know what to say.

When the paramedic who had been looking for a chance to join the conversation realized that she should be leaving soon, she quickly chipped in when she saw that no one was speaking, "It seems that prison guards often suffer from myocardial infarction. It's pretty tough to be a prison guard, isn't it?"

Jin Feng nodded solemnly. "That's true. Half a year ago, a cook from Hunan joined the prison. He's very generous with seasoning when he cooks, and his dishes are oily and spicy. It has only been half a year, but it totally ruined my younger brother's health. He went for a medical checkup last year, and the only thing he suffered from was fatty liver. Who would have thought that this would happen…"

The paramedic froze. "I thought that it would be because he got angry too often at the inmates."

"We are prison guards, not fathers. What's there to be angry about?" As Jin Feng spoke, his expression turned dark. "If something happens to my brother, I'll definitely behave like a stepfather to that cook…"

"He received adequate emergency care before he arrived at the hospital, so there's still hope for him." Ling Ran consoled Jin Feng for a bit before heading to the emergency room.

It was past dinner time, and Doctor Zhou who was on shift was the only attending physician there. Aside from him, all the other doctors were resident doctors. However, there were usually quite a lot of patients who required emergency care at this time. Because of this, everyone was extremely busy.

As soon as Ling Ran arrived at the emergency room, he called a houseman over to help him. He then looked for a patient to suture.

This was one of the methods he used to unwind himself.

Suturing patients was a simple and relaxing task. Not only could he relieve patients of their sufferings, but he could also customize the scars according to how the patients wanted them to look like.

When Doctor Zhou saw Ling Ran, he was so happy that he started trembling in joy.

"Ling Ran, I thought you got off work just now? Why are you back?" Doctor Zhou had his hands behind his back. He went toward Ling Ran and stood beside a patient so that he looked like he was working.

Ling Ran was debriding the wound of a young man who got into a parkour accident. "Sister Juan Zi's diet failed."

"What?" Doctor Zhou could not register what Ling Ran was saying.

"That's just how it is," Ling Ran said.

"How what?"

"I usually stay away from home when this happens."

"Alright, then." Doctor Zhou knew that he would not get a proper answer from Ling Ran. Of course, he was also too lazy to ask more questions.

The young man who got into a parkour accident looked like he was in shock as he stared at Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou. He only said in a low voice after a long time, "Doctor, if I remember correctly, I think I hit my head somewhere too."

"Okay, how do you feel right now?" Ling Ran had carried out a physical examination on the patient's head before he started debriding his wound. However, the human brain was very complicated, and symptoms like a concussion could basically only be diagnosed via chief complaints.

Even though the young man did not yelp at all when Ling Ran applied the antiseptic solution on his wound earlier, his voice was trembling right now. "I think I was only able to hear certain parts of what you guys were saying. Am I going deaf? Or did I damage my head during the accident? I saw something like this in an American movie…"

Ling Ran could not help but fall into deep contemplation. "You could only hear certain parts of what we were saying? You're still able to hear, so you definitely haven't gone deaf…"

The corners of Doctor Zhou's lips twitched a few times. He suddenly recalled something, but forcibly held his tongue.

"Doctor Zhou?" Ling Ran turned to face Doctor Zhou.

Doctor Zhou coughed a few times and said, "I was wondering if I would be able to freak him out so much that he goes crazy if I deliberately speak in fragments."



Both Ling Ran and the patient turned to look at Doctor Zhou.

"I was just kidding." Doctor Zhou laughed and said to the patient, "We were making an inside joke just now. It's not your problem. Your hearing and comprehension should be normal."

"I don't understand what you're saying. What do you mean by normal problem, and what's an inside hearing?" The young man wore a terrified expression as he spoke.

This time, Doctor Zhou froze. He could not help but ask carefully, "You don't understand what I just said?"

"Ah, I do understand. I was just kidding." There was a smile on the young man's face. "If it's not for the fact that you guys are holding scalpels, I would have freaked you guys out so much that you guys go crazy."

Doctor Zhou sighed in relief. He then started laughing in exasperation.

After Ling Ran bandaged the young man's wound and sent him away, Doctor Zhou could not help but shake his head as he laughed. "Young people nowadays are seriously gutsy. I can't believe that he just played a prank on us doctors."

"What?" Ling Ran asked.

"Huh? Doctor Zhou wore a surprised expression as he looked at Ling Ran once again.

Ling Ran flashed a socially appropriate smile.

Doctor Zhou could not help but freeze.

This was when Ling Ran said to the nurse who was standing beside him, "Please ask the next patient to come in."

For some reason, Doctor Zhou started doubting his own comprehension skills.


"Doctor Ling, Doctor Ling." Jin Feng who had just exited an elevator jogged over.

"Mister Jin, how's your brother doing?" Ling Ran was just wondering whether he should give Lu Wenbin a call to ask about the situation.

"The doctors said that he was sent here in time. It seems that he'll be able to recover." Jin Feng shook his head and said, "All my family members have come over. I heard that erm… Doctor Ling, everyone was saying that you're an authoritative figure in the hospital when it comes to CPR?"

Jin Feng had his doubts because of how young Ling Ran was. Ling Ran looked like he was about the age of the rookie criminals in the prison he worked at. How could he be an authoritative figure? Even the kings among thieves were probably above the age of forty, were they not? The kings among robbers might be slightly younger, though, as older robbers had probably retired or died from a gunshot wound by now...

Jin Feng shook his head with force to get rid of these thoughts. He then looked at Ling Ran and continued, "Doctor Ling, all of them are saying the CPR comes with a lot of sequelae. Can you take a look at my younger brother?"

"Sure." Ling Ran agreed without hesitation.

Even if Jin Feng did not make this request, he was also planning to head over to check on Jin Huo.

Since Ling Ran possessed Perfect Level Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, his skills also extended to the care of patients who had undergone CPR. There would indeed be fewer complications and sequelae if Ling Ran was the one planning the patient's post-CPR care.

The same did not apply to the son of the hospital director's brother-in-law.

This was because only the prognoses of patients who had undergone CPR were under Ling Ran's control. There was nothing he could contribute to when it came to the prognoses of car accident victims who had undergone all kinds of surgeries.

When Jin Feng saw that Ling Ran had agreed to his request, he immediately thanked Ling Ran. "Thank you so much. I came in a rush today, but tomorrow I'll bring over some of the pickled garlic one of my inmates made. It's really delicious."