Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 543

544 Succession

After Ling Ran went to the ICU and inquired about Jin Huo's situation, who was just sent in, he gave medical advice.

The young attending physician in the ICU agreed to it with a gloomy look. He looked as if he was resigned to his fate.

If this were in Japan's medical bureau, the entire ICU might fight with their lives to stand up against the Emergency Department's invasion. However, in China, while there was indeed a vast gap between the departments, it was nothing more than the distance of a small jump for high-ranked doctors.

Most doctors only had the attitude of not involving themselves in any conflict and not interfere with the work of other departments. When it was necessary, they will rely on their own methods.

Within Yun Hua Hospital, small departments such as the ICU, Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, or Digestive Surgery Department were typically weak departments. Compared with departments such as the General Surgery Department, Orthopedics Department, or Emergency Department, they were not just slightly weaker than the great departments.

Departments which were a bit more powerful, such as the Hand Surgery Department had Department Director Jin Xi, who was a committee member of the Chinese Medical Association Surgery within the surgery branch, a central committee member of the Professional Surgeon Committee of the Chinese Medical Association of Changxi Province, a committee member of the Ministry of Health National Assessment Committee of the Professional Skills of Microsurgeons, along with thirty other titles. If necessary, it was indeed possible for him to squash several young chief physicians from multiple angles.

In the world of doctors, if a doctor's skills were good, glory and titles will come along. Of course, most of them were not of much use, but the accumulated power was still considered worth noting.

Of course, the most important thing was to see how doctors with these titles use them.

For example, Department Director Jin Xi was a doctor who was inclined to peace and quiet. Not only did he not rely on power, but he also consciously suppressed other people from using his titles to order others to do things.

On the other hand, Huo Congjun was at the other extreme. Sometimes, even though he did not have much power in his hands, he would be able to get his way just by violently scolding someone.

Ling Ran now had no titles and honorary titles, and he had no administrative power, but many average doctors could not handle his straightforward character, which allowed him to say whatever he wanted.

Take, for example, Jin Huo, who was sent here today. The young attending physician in the ICU could firmly reject and refuse to accept Ling Ran's suggestion. But while he would be fine if he could send Jin Huo out of the ICU later in perfect condition after he rejected Ling Ran's suggestions, if he could not... there was no one who could guess just what Ling Ran would do.

There was one thing that ICU doctors knew. When they needed to perform patient mortality discussion,Ling Ran would not allow them to preserve any dignity.

Correspondingly, if the patient died because of Ling Ran's commands, the ICU's doctors believed that they will not be polite to Ling Ran when they had the patient mortality discussion. However, when it came to their confidence in discussing treatment plans, the young ICU doctors could not help but cower before Ling Ran's might.

There were several patients who have been rescued by Ling Ran through prolonged CPR. The ICU doctors who had seen the medical records of these patients really could not bring up any urge to go against Ling Ran.

If they could win, it would be fine, but if they could not, then their principles would no longer be important.

About twenty minutes later, Ling Ran ended his ward round in the ICU and walked out.

Jin Huo's family and colleagues, who had been waiting for him for a long time outside the door, went up to him in a swarm.

Lu Wenbin stood in front vigilantly and extended both of his arms like an iron fence. He was like a prison guard stopping the crowd from 6.5 feet away.

"The patient is in good shape. If he passes through the critical period today, his survival rate will be very high." Ling Ran had considerable experience in situations like this.

Jin Huo's parents and his wife listened a little absentmindedly they asked a bunch of questions after they racked their brains for them.

This time, Zuo Cidian came to the front. His face was tanned and wrinkled, like a half-peeled tea egg. He easily won the patient's family's trust.

Both sides asked questions and answered, and Zuo Cidian quickly cleared the doubts within the patient's family.

As Ling Ran listened, he could tell that they were just some basic problems, and so he just gave a series of nods before he turned around and left.

Jin Feng carried the bag without saying anything as he followed Ling Ran while he observed his surroundings.

After a while, when Jin Feng was certain that there was no camera in front, he quickly caught up with Ling Ran and whispered, "Hello, Doctor Ling."

"Mister Jin, do you have any more questions?" Ling Ran was not surprised. Many family members did not like explanations by junior doctors. Even if the answers of the senior doctors were the same, they would like to hear the senior doctors say them again.

Jin Feng shook his head and laughed. "Didn't I tell you before this that I'll bring you some pickled garlic made by prisoners? It's really delicious. Right, I forgot to ask, Doctor Ling, do you eat garlic?"

"I do eat garlic, but it's not necessary..."

"Doctor Ling, don't underestimate this garlic. It's really a famous product in our prison. Those who have eaten say it's delicious. Some people even came to us all year round for them." Jin Feng was very experienced as he introduced the pickled garlic made by criminals. He patted his backpack and said, "You better not look down on this pickled garlic. The process is very complicated. If you think about it, just peeling off the garlic, cutting it into pieces, and marinating it would take a lot of effort. Who would do this kind of work for decades and years? Only the prisoners in prison, right?"

Ling Ran thought about it carefully. He was not able to refute Jin Feng's words and could only say, "Our doctors cannot receive gifts, especially when yours is so expensive."

Jin Feng patted his thigh and said, "That's the second point, it's not expensive. It's just because it's not expensive, that's why ordinary people like ourselves could afford them. The working hours of prisoners are also counted as working hours, and it's not like we don't give them money. Of course, their working hours are cheap, but the cost of doing this kind of thing can only go so high, but since there is a short supply of pickled garlic, we don't eat a lot of them ourselves."

"I don't usually eat pickled garlic."

"Then you have to taste it." Jin Feng was very experienced in giving gifts, and as he spoke, he started introducing the garlic and said, "Doctor Ling, don't look down on our pickled garlic, the ingredients like pepper and chili are all individually selected. Plus, the method of making this pickled garlic in our prison has been passed down through a few generations. The chef is going to be released from prison soon, and he has to be able to develop a few apprentices. This inheritance has not been lost over the past few decades."

Jin Feng proudly raised his head and said, "Let's not compare how other chefs not from our prison do their other food. When it comes to pickled garlic, even those Michelin chefs would have to stand by the side."

Jin Feng's voice was loud, and it really made sense. Ling Ran nodded and said, "Indeed, when you compare it that way, it's harder to look for successors."

"Isn't it?" Once Jin Feng received an acknowledgment, he said happily, "That's why people say having mutual understanding is very valuable. When it comes to pickled garlic, it's really dirty, bitter, and tiring work. You have to peel garlic for an entire day. Cutting them is tiring and uncomfortable, and the pickling process is also not easy. After doing it for an entire day, your whole body would stink. Those people in the world would at most pickle garlic during the holidays, but they would not be able to keep on doing it continuously. Finding an apprentice in such situations is even harder."

As Jin Feng was talking, he changed his tone and continued with a smile. "It's just as you said. The first generation of successors are pretty good. Even when they're tired, they continue on once they start working in this profession. When they want to look for second-generation successors, it'll be too difficult, not to mention the third generation. In our prison, our pickled garlic has been passed down for eight generations. If it were to be outside, you don't even have to think about it."

When he saw that Ling Ran had listened to his words, Jin Feng laughed again. "I brought a few pounds of garlic, and you can try them and see how they taste. It's not worth much, anyway, after all, they're just local specialties. How about I place them in your office?"

Ling Ran hesitated for a while. He made it sound as if the garlic was really delicious, but receiving gifts was not really appropriate.

Jin Feng had given off garlic as gifts for many years. When he saw how Ling Rang acted, he knew what was going on. He immediately smiled and said, "It's my fault. How about this? Don't worry about it. You go ahead and get busy, I will send you the garlic later."

Once he finished speaking, he did not wait for Ling Ran's answer. Jin Feng chuckled, turned around, and walked away.

Ling Ran looked at him with slight regret as he left with the backpack of pickled garlic. He no longer worried about the matter and turned to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Through Zhang Anmin, he recently accumulated a few patients who had cholecystitis, gallbladder polyps, and gallstones in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. When he had spare time, he would arrange a few surgeries.

At the same time, Jin Feng and Zuo Cidian, who had quickly finished their conversation, hid in the unsupervised stairwell and started a secretive transaction.

Jin Feng said, "I have eight bottles here."

Zuo Cidian said, "Alright, I have received it. Thanks."

Jin Feng, "No I should be the one thanking you. If you come to the First Prison in the future, just tell them my name, Jin Feng... No, I mean, if you have any relatives or friends coming..."

"It's nothing, I understand." Zuo Cidian patted Jin Feng's shoulder.

Jin Feng relaxed and smiled, "Having mutual understanding is very valuable. In fact, we don't accept someone as old as you into prison-no, I mean..."

"Let's go." Zuo Cidian patted Jin Feng's shoulder again, and the garlic in his hand became heavy. He thought to himself. 'Fortunately, when I caught my wife cheating, I did not have a knife with me. If not, I would be working on making this pickled garlic as well.'