Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 544

545 Multiply By Two

Ling Ran stood in the bathroom outside the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery's operating theater. He faced the mirror and seriously washed his hands.

He alternated in brushing his arms, his fingers were directed at the faucet, and his elbows faced down to form a triangle. In order to maintain this position, Ling Ran leaned forward, and this motion naturally revealed his arms' muscular lines.

The nurses and female doctors who stood in the corners of the bathroom looked at the scene very seriously.

Currently, in Yun Hua Hospital's operating theater, Ling Ran's preoperative preparation was considered a welfare project for everyone.

"I really want to see if his other body parts are as yummy."

"Wow, you are so ambitious. I think this is all right, his lines are just right. Thick arms like Lu Wenbin's are really unbearable."

"Yeah, Lu Wenbin is so ugly."

"When we look at Doctor Ling, can you not mention him? My mood is becoming worse... Wow, Doctor Ling is looking in the mirror, he's so handsome."

"Just think about how Doctor Ling gets up in the morning He'll look into the mirror in a daze and get awakened by how good he looks. Just thinking about it is such bliss."

Everyone spoke softly, as though those were the happy thoughts in their hearts.

Ling Ran could not hear the discussion outside, so he just concentrated on doing his own tasks.

When he faced the mirror in the bathroom, Ling Ran asked in his mind, 'System, what is my current rank for cholecystectomy?'

"The cholecystectomy skill level you possess is currently ranked 2,380th in Yun Hua City, and you may rise up one rank by performing three to ten cholecystectomies," the system answered very quickly. There was practically no pause between its answer and Ling Ran's question.

Ling Ran could not help but pout.

Yun Hua City had more than twenty tertiary Grade A hospitals as well as a large number of Grade A and Grade B hospitals.

If he only counted the tertiary Grade A hospitals, his ranking was at 2,380. That meant that there was an average of nearly one hundred people in each of the tertiary Grade A hospitals whose cholecystectomy skill surpassed Ling Ran's.

Since cholecystectomy was not a high-end operation, there were quite a lot of doctors in Grade A and Grade B hospitals that were either in advanced Beginner Level or Specialist Level.

In this case, there should be more than fifty people who possessed cholecystectomy skills that surpassed Ling Ran's in Yun Hua Hospital alone.

Of course, when he made the calculations, there were not many who were better than Ling Ran. First of all, there was Department Director He Yuanzheng of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, several assistant lecturers, as well as senior doctors. Their cholecystectomy skills should be higher than Ling Ran's. When he thought along those lines, it would be fairly simple for the General Surgery Department's director, assistant lecturers, and most of the senior ranked doctors to be able to easily cut gallbladders.

In fact, when the surgical departments were divided, it did not mean that the doctor's skills were split as well. From this point of view, if a cholecystectomy was needed, the Digestive Surgery Department's doctors, Cardiothoracic Department's doctors, Emergency Department's doctors, and even the Neurosurgery Department's doctor's skill levels would not be too bad if they needed to perform cholecystectomy. There would be plenty of people whose skills surpassed Ling Ran's, who was at advanced Novice Level.

If he looked at the doctors in a provincial hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, which was a department that could perform liver transplants, he might not have a problem searching for a group of skilled elites who can perform in cholecystectomy. In the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, which had no Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, there might be even more of such masters in the General Surgery Department.

Ling Ran could not help but take a deep breath and thought. 'I have a long way to go. This feels good...'

Although he was a bronze player when it came to playing games, his love for leveling up was still the same.

The nurses and female doctors outside the bathroom did not know what Ling Ran was thinking. They just saw Ling Ran pouting, and their feelings stirred up uncontrollably.

"Ling Ran is pouting."

"Is he not happy?"

"Is it because the mirror was not cleaned?"

"Could it be that he is dissatisfied with his face? I heard that some stars are like this."

"Tsk, a star?"


"Oh, I can't imagine Doctor Ling being like that."

"We better pay attention during the next surgery. Let's not make Doctor Ling unhappy."

"We would never."

"How would we?"

"What are we eating for supper? Doctor Ling will be hungry, and there are still three operations at night."

"He'll need to eat more food with protein. He should also get some calories."

The conversation quickly shifted from real life to social applications, WeChat, QQ, Momo, and other applications icons flashed madly on mobile phones that were of different ages.

After washing his hands for ten minutes, he entered the operating theater.

Yu Yuan had already entered the operating theater a long time ago to make preparations. She took the disinfected surgical gown from the instrument table, dragged a footstool using her leg, and stepped on it.

She carried both ends of the collar of her surgical gown and shook it open. Once Ling Ran inserted both of his hands into the sleeves, she then stepped down from the stepstool. Naturally, there were nurses who helped Ling Ran to fasten his clothes from behind.

Zhang Anmin, who was beside him, watched with so much envy that he felt his vision going blurry.

The whole procedure, except for stepping on the stepstool, was basically a treatment that only assistant lecturers would receive.

Occasionally, some attending physician could also meet such housemen or resident doctors who were so attentive, but usually, they will not be able to use them for long before they were snatched away by other chief physicians.

Zhang Anmin had never enjoyed such treatment even after he became a doctor for ten years.

Sometimes, when he was performing surgery, he had to take the initiative to stand next to the nurse and ask people to help him to fasten the strings on his surgical gown.

When he watched the young nurse who proactively helped to spread out the gloves, Zhang Anmin could not help but miss the operating theater of Cangping District Hospital's Bazhaixiang hospital branch.

But Bazhaixiang was a little far away.

The quality of their operating theater was also subpar.

The surgical instruments were also not very easy to use.

However, the atmosphere in which he was respected in the operating theater was enthralling.

Zhang Anmin took a deep breath as if he could breathe in the sweet air of Bazhaixiang.

"Doctor Zhang, it's your turn." The young nurse shouted and placed a stepstool on Ling Ran's left side.

When performing cholecystectomy, Ling Ran liked to raise the operating table so much that Zhang Anmin would also need to step on a stepstool.

Even when Yu Yuan stacked two stepstools together, it was still a bit low for her, but there was no need for her to help today.

"Take a look at the location." Ling Ran reminded them and began performing the surgery.

Zhang Anmin agreed and focused again.

He was also already somewhat familiar with being Ling Ran's assistant.

It was especially so during cholecystectomy. Ling Ran did not operate quickly, nor was he particularly skillful in it.

Zhang Anmin, who was more familiar with the procedure, might not be able to use the great spoon-feeding technique, but he could still serve Ling Ran until he was comfortable.

"Today's surgery seems to be going pretty smoothly." When Zhang Anmin performed surgery, he could not keep quiet. In fact, very few surgeons were quiet in the operating theater.

"Yeah," Ling Ran replied and continued to stare at the screen.

With his current skill level, he would still need to concentrate fully.

Moreover, Ling Ran had always disliked chatting.

Yu Yuan stood by the side and answered the question smoothly, "Doctor Ling, you're getting better and better."

"Since he performed a lot of it, it's only natural that he improved."

"That makes sense." Ling Ran suddenly looked up and said, "I will continue to do cholecystectomy tomorrow morning."

"Tomorrow morning?" Zhang Anmin asked with slight uncertainty.

"Let's do it at three o'clock in the morning tomorrow." Ling Ran quickly made a decision and said, "There's a surgery scheduled at six o'clock in the morning tomorrow, right?"

"Yes, a hepatectomy followed by an Achilles tendon repair surgery."

"Okay. Please arrange three cholecystectomies from three to six in the morning. After the Achilles tendon repair surgery, we'll also continue to do cholecystectomy." Ling Ran then stopped talking and concentrated on the operation.

Zhang Anmin asked in slight doubt, "Aren't you going to sleep tomorrow?"

Ling Ran was too lazy to repeat himself. He had accumulated enough Energy Serums, and he had no problem to go on without sleeping.

At the same time, the system also gave him a mission right on time.

[Mission: Cholecystectomy]

[Mission Details: Complete multiple cholecystectomies.]

[Reward: During the mission, Sincere Gratitude Basic Treasure Chests obtained through cholecystectomy will be multiplied by two.]