Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 545

546 Plan Worked

'It's a double Basic Treasure Chest event, huh?' Ling Ran immediately translated the mission provided by the system, and he did not look interested in the task given.

The patients and their family members were very sensitive. It was especially so on young people nowadays who knew how to surf on the internet. They had the basic knowledge of questions regarding situations post surgery, including "when is the surgery considered good depending on the days before the patient can get down from bed?" and "what is the normal blood loss rate?"

Most importantly, the patient would have a perceptual understanding of their own body. Of course, they would not have a great knowledge of their body after major surgery, but for a small surgery like cholecystectomy, once the patients finished their surgery, they would have a new understanding of their body. They were also very ingenious when it came to whether they should give Ling Ran Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests.

Besides, the influence of his reputation was not to be ignored as well.

For example, among the surgeries performed by Ling Ran, the Achilles tendon repair technique was the surgery where he would receive the most Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests, which was mainly because he had performed surgery for Liu Weichen, and the effect was very good. So, he could easily get trusted by the patients who came from afar.

In comparison, his finger replantation, which was also at Perfect Level and led to very good recovery, had a slightly lower ratio of obtaining Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests, and the next was his arthroscopy and other forms of surgery.

If Ling Ran just wanted to farm treasure chests, it would be meaningless for him to perform cholecystectomy.

The ratio of Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests that he obtained from cholecystectomy was much lower than his personal average number of treasure chests. Even if it was a double event, the number of Treasure Chests he obtained might not be up to the ideal number.

'But' Ling Ran changed his mindset and thought that he should still pursue more Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests.

The Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests indicated that the patients and their family members were satisfied with the surgery effect.

Even though doctors needed to care about the practical significance and scientific significance of the surgery effects the most, medical science was a human science. It was not a bad thing to satisfy the patients.

This was especially so for cholecystectomy. It did not require the doctor to practice it for a long time, and neither was it a skill that can only be mastered after the doctor acquired a lot of knowledge about it. Many doctors knew this skill. Although there were not many good doctors, those who were skilled were still not rare.

Then, if he practiced so hard, there was no way his goal would be to become a normal doctor with normal skills, right?

Ling Ran started to contemplate this as he thought more.

Ling Ran's skills in cholecystectomy alone made him equivalent to the level of an attending physician from a normal hospital. Yet, his level was a bit lower when compared to the average level of attending physicians from Yun Hua Hospital's Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

However, skills was just one aspect of this comparison. Most of the attending physicians in the hospital would not be able to perform every surgery at their best level. Forget about performing at their best, they might not even reach their average level, which was why it was called an average level in the first place.

For surgeons, surgery was considered work as well. If the job in the hospitals were to be compared to the system in school, surgeries would at most be midterms for the doctors. If anyone described this with a better perspective, doctors who did surgeries frequently would be just like the senior year high school students who practiced doing exam questions so much that midterms were like their daily routine.

Even so, during the surgery, their bodies would be tired, and they might space out sometime. Doctors who were performing surgery would sometimes think about their sick mothers, bullied sons, rebellious daughters, cheating wives, Old Zhang who got cheated by his wife, the mistress they just received, the assistant lecturer from the Orthopedics Department who tried to steal their other mistress

Ling Ran felt that he could do much better.

Perhaps it would be a more suitable path if he set getting Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests as a goal to work harder

Ling Ran thought about this until the surgery was almost finished. Then, he said, "Let's have a preoperative discussion tonight after the surgery is completed."

"There are three surgeries tonight" Zhang Anmin was shocked. 'Are you trying to drive me to die of fatigue? I just came back from the Bazhaixiang hospital branch.'

Ling Ran just nodded and said, "Tonight's surgery can be an extra discussion to see which part we can do better. As for the time... Doctor Zhang, after you finish the surgery later, please join us for the extra discussion and tomorrow's preoperative discussion. Also, please tell Lu Wenbin and the others, so that they can join if they want to. Then, Doctor Zhang, you can go back and rest. The three cholecystectomies tomorrow are from three to six in the morning. You can just perform them with Yu Yuan. We will perform the surgeries after six in the morning according to our original arrangement."

Ling Ran's treatment group had more manpower now. Since Ling Ran was the only chief surgeon, the surgery time could still be arranged well.

Of course, this was because laparoscopic surgeries like cholecystectomy only needed one assistant to hold the laparoscope. This type of surgery saved a lot of manpower as compared to hepatectomy and finger replantation.

Yu Yuan and the others had become used to this, and their expressions did not change at all.

Yu Yuan only took out her phone secretly before she hid behind a stool to verify the control of temperature in her wareroom.

She did not need to join the postoperative discussion, so she could sleep for two more hours. Then, after she joined the preoperative discussion, she could sleep for another two hours until three in the morning the next day. She should be able to sleep for a total of four hours, although she might have sleep deprivation, for doctors, this was something normal for them.

After tomorrow's surgery ended, she would get more sleep, and she could survive tenaciously.

The doctors in most countries survived this way.

Ling Ran's living style was even more special.

In the morning, once Ling Ran finished the surgery and did a postoperative discussion, he did a detailed preoperative analysis for tomorrow's surgery.

The current hospital was now lacking a good systematic way to perform preoperative analysis.

Many assistant lecturers only met the patients in person when they reached the operating table. They relied on learning the specific details of the patients' condition from the reports of the resident doctor.

This was obviously not a perfect way to solve this matter. The perfect way would be that when the leaders accepted the surgery, they will at least apply the same procedures as what the other doctors do.

Of course, even with Ling Ran's current advanced Novice Level, he was still far away from reaching Perfect Level.

The preoperative analysis could help him to do better.

So, Ling Ran drank an Energy Serum.

Ling Ran started the surgery at three in the morning.

He purposely slowed down his surgery speed. However, as he had prepared for the surgery earlier, the total time used for the three surgeries became shorter.

"We have an extra hour!" Ling Ran looked at the clock, and the clock hand showed that it was five in the morning. He hesitated for a moment.

If he left the operating theater, he would need to come back a while later.

"We will be performing hepatectomy and an Achilles tendon repair later, right?" Ling Ran confirmed again.

Lu Wenbin had just finished cooking his pork trotters. He shook his notebook and said, "That's right."

"Then, we will go for another preoperative consultation." Ling Ran looked at the clock and made a decision.

"Since it's a consultation, does it mean that everyone can speak?" Lu Wenbin's body and mind worked the best in the morning. His mind was much clearer than any other time of the day.

Ling Ran nodded.

"In this case, we we can raise our opinions and suggestions if we have any?" Lu Wenbin could not help but pointed at himself. Before this, the preoperative diagnosis had always been carried out by Ling Ran himself.

Usually, Ling Ran would analyze the medical imaging scans by himself, look through all reports, ask the resident doctors about the condition of the patients before he made his decision. The other resident doctors just needed to follow his orders.

For Lu Wenbin, being able to speak from just obeying orders was a huge change.

Zuo Cidian, who was daydreaming by the side, also immediately stood straight and asked, "That's right. Does consultation mean we can raise questions and speak?"

Ling Ran did not have any comment about it, and he said, "Consultation works this way. Yes, it will help all of you to grow more."

"Thank you, Doctor Ling." Lu Wenbin flexed his muscles.

Zuo Cidian even felt excited and recited in his mind, 'I grew up'