Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 546

547 Refreshing

"Doctor Ling, I came across a research paper saying that opening up with a curving medial incision in the Achilles tendon would produce fewer complications than using the posterolateral incision, especially for gastrocnemius injury. Posterolateral incisions will have a higher occurrence rate of complications."

"The situation of the blood supply for the parts covered by the Achilles tendon is still quite complicated as of right now. It can only lead to more problems."

"We still need to consider the postoperative functional recovery."

Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, and Zuo Cidian were having an intense discussion in the meeting room.

Sometimes, Ling Ran would nod, sometimes, he shook his head, sometimes, he would give a few comments, each giving them great motivation.

For three resident doctors who just started to participate in Achilles tendon repairs for a year, the scenario in front of them was so precious that their hardship over the past few days was not worth being mentioned.

What kind of experience would they gain by being able to talk about surgery plans with the nation's top Achilles tendon repair expert?

Ling Ran was truly a great listener.

When they thought about how the surgery later would involve their participation and contribution, the trio could not help but feel excited.

They had been following Ling Ran around various surgical tables for a long time, but resident doctors were still resident doctors. No matter how you took it, resident doctors were still learning.

Forget about the fact that they were in a hospital; even if they were in the field of humanities, a newcomer who had just joined the field for one year would not be able to say anything useful.

However, since they had been working under Ling Ran and had undergone high-intensity training for almost a year, they had the right to talk.

Ling Ran was also willing to listen to their opinions.

After all, they were assistants who had followed him down the same types of surgery for more than one hundred times if they were put in other hospitals, they would each be fully-fledged surgeons on their own rights.

Even though the questions that they asked as an assistant might bring instant solutions, they could inadvertently bring key matters to Ling Ran's attention and change the outcome of the surgery.

At Ling Ran's current standard, there was no harm in him thinking out the box.

"Let's go for the surgery." As there was not much time left, Ling Ran looked at the clock on the wall, stood up, and left.

The three resident doctors gave each other knowing looks and immediately followed his steps.

The consultation seemed to have ended without any conclusion despite the strong start, but three of them were quite excited.

Considering Ling Ran's character, it was already very difficult for him to speak much.

In truth, forget about Ling Ran, the other attending physicians at Yun Hua Hospital rarely gave chances for resident doctors to talk that much, much less in in-group consultations like this.

If the precious time of in-group consultations was not used by assistant lecturers to argue with each other, then it was used as a reward for them to show off.

As for the surgery content? There was no point in discussions,because it was their main surgical method which had been performed thousands of times in the group. If it were not the main surgical method, then it would be someone's new surgical method, and the amateurs had no place in discussing it.

These three resident doctors appreciated the chance given to them today. When they went up to the operating table, they were very serious, and they started to discuss the patient's condition. The nurse found this very surprising.

There were four surgeons in a room, and three of them were male, but none of them attempting to hit on any of the nurses. The atmosphere was obviously not right.

The circulating nurse could not help but look at the camera in the operating theater, and found that there was no red light on it.

"What's the background for today's patient?" The circulating nurse was slightly puzzled, so she came to Lu Wenbin and asked him in a whisper.

Lu Wenbin now believed that friendliness will bring about success, so he treated everyone as cordially as it was possible. When interrupted by the young nurse, he smiled brightly. "He seems to be someone who sells recycled items. He had his Achilles tendon ruptured when he was carrying paper boxes. The patient came to the hospital two days after that. There are some difficulties in this surgery, but it's mainly because the patient had some demands on the recovery time and the strength of his Achilles tendon. We can't just treat the patient and make the patient lose his job, right?"

"Selling recycled items will earn you a lot nowadays, right?"

"The workload must be high."

"Does he come from a family with a strong background?"

"What kind of background can someone who does not even have a recycling station have? He's just someone who earns money through hard work."

The circulating nurse asked a few other questions, but she could not get the answer she wanted, so she started to get annoyed. She stared at Lu Wenbin and said, "No matter how tough selling the recyclable items are, it will never be as tough as being a doctor, right?"

"You're right"

"And they earn more than doctors."

Doctor Lu's expression stiffened, but he immediately snorted and said, "There are many ways for doctors to earn more."

"That's a definite for Doctor Ling" The circulating nurse laughed. She walked around the operating table and stood beside the scrub nurse so that it was easy for her to look at Ling Ran.

Lu Wenbin had many retorts in his mind. Very soon, he changed his mindset and found out that he indeed earned more than the patient who sold recycled items. However, he still needed to wake up much earlier than others as well.

"Suture the vessels over here." Ling Ran was energetically performing the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique.

Those who came and looked for him to perform the Achilles tendon repair technique usually had a higher demand for the recovery of their Achilles tendon.

Otherwise, most people would go for minimally invasive surgery for a simple patching-up.

The effect of minimally invasive surgery performed by a normal doctor would be better than open surgeries.

Ling Ran performed the Achilles tendon repair technique slowly for an hour before he passed it to Lu Wenbin to suture the skin.

As compared to one year ago, Lu Wenbin's skill had taken leaps and bounds. He had sutured many hairy legs, so he left very few scars behind.

"The surgery is completed. Doctor Zuo, send the patient out." Ling Ran took off his scrubs. He stretched and said, "Let's do the hepatectomy next."

"I'll go and make preparations first." Yu Yuan immediately jumped down from the stepping stool and left quickly for the operating theater of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

The operating theater of the Emergency Medical Center was not located on the surgical floor. Since they had to go to another operating theater now, they would need to take a few more steps.

Ling Ran was not in a rush to go over either. Preoperative preparations would delay the start of the surgery a little, and that usually took twenty minutes. Yu Yuan did things carefully. Although her surgical skills were slightly inferior, she had no problem with the draping, disinfection, and checking on the patient's condition again.

While Ling Ran was still in the building for the Emergency Medical Center, he planned to go to the ward area. He decided to go for a ward round and also take a rest.

He had ingested an Energy Serum at three in the morning, and it had been more than four hours since then. Ling Ran had performed three cholecystectomies and an open surgery for an Achilles tendon repair. In between, he even attended a preoperative consultation If he excluded his other chores, he had basically fulfilled the quota of a surgeon's job for a day.

Ma Yanlin was performing the ward round alone in the ward area of the Emergency Medical Center.

The interns had all graduated, and he no longer had any subordinates. Most importantly, Ma Yanlin's "department citizenship" still fell under the Orthopedics Department. Since he was not officially a member of the Emergency Department, he could not say anything, even if he wanted some people to help.

Today's spontaneous task was the same as well. Ma Yanlin still needed to handle the shifts from the Orthopedics Department lest his colleagues start complaining. Even if he did not perform any surgery and write any medical records, it was fine. The income of the Orthopedics Department was lucrative, to begin with, so everyone wanted to grab onto the available work, and they were never lacking in any manpower. The only thing that the doctors hated were the night shifts.

Ma Yanlin lowered his head. He wanted to be transferred under Ling Ran. But if he transferred from the Orthopedics Department to the Emergency Department, those who were familiar with the hospital environment would think that he suffered from brain damage!

The Orthopedics Department was a rich department, so rich that even the attending physician did not need to have the urge to have affairs, instead, they used the money to buy sexual services. Meanwhile, the Emergency Department was the typical example of being a tiring but also very poor department. Even the assistant lecturer would mind their own business to keep out of trouble.

Ma Yanlin's current income was no less than that of his colleagues. But when he considered his future development, Ma Yanlin still preferred orthopedics surgery Even if he followed Ling Ran, he would still be working on the orthopedics surgery. But if he was transferred to the Emergency Department, Ma Yanlin was worried that he would not have time for himself because of the workload in the Emergency Department.

"How many beds have you checked?" Ling Ran walked out quickly from the back and instantly snapped Ma Yanlin out of his daze.

"Oh I just started." Ma Yanlin whispered, "There are no more interns"

"This is really a problem. I'll have a few personnel transferred soon." When Ling Ran spoke, he looked at his phone and checked on the bed numbers sent by Zuo Cidian and said, "Take a look at these people who had surgery yesterday. Then,follow me to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery for a ward round."

Patients who just had cholecystectomy all stayed at the ward in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

"Then, I will inform Doctor Zhang." Ma Yanlin quickly nodded before he looked at Ling Ran's back and felt jealous. Those who dared to go for ward rounds in other departments must be either very capable or had a strong mindset that made them unfearful of rumors. Otherwise, the unspoken rules in the hospital would take a toll on one.

However, Ling Ran grew up together with rumors and gossip, and he did not care about the unspoken rules in this small community.

This kind of talent was something Ma Yanlin would never learn.

Ling Ran put his hands behind his back and visited the patients from one room to another.

He was now the person in charge of the treatment group. According to the three-stage treatment system, a ward round once a week would be sufficient. Details would not be focused during the ward round. The main focus would be on solving the problems that the resident doctors and attending physicians could not solve.

In terms of the actual scenario in the hospital, the person in charge of the treatment group mainly needed to say three things, "Recovering soon? Rest well. Look for the doctors if there is an emergency."

When the patients and their family members faced the person in charge of the treatment group, they would usually trust them a lot or even became more tolerant.

The Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests that appeared one after another was enough to verify their moods.

He did not receive double the Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests that were from surgeries that were not cholecystostomy. Even so, Ling Ran had obtained seven Treasure Chests at once. If it were not due to insufficient timing and the absence of other resident doctors in charge of the other beds, he would want to continue the ward round

"Doctor Ling." Zhang Anmin ran over with another doctor that he did not know.

"Doctor Zhang, you started work already?" Ling Ran smiled. "You didn't have to specifically come over. The surgery is arranged on the surgical floor"

"Doctor Ling, let me introduce you to someone." Zhang Anmin braced his courage and interrupted the conversation. "This is Attending Physician Qiu Zhongren from our Digestive Surgery Department, he used to lead me previously"

Qiu Zhongren looked honest. He smiled with a worried look at Ling Ran and said, "I've observed a few surgeries from you, Doctor Ling, and I purposely came over this time"

"What's the matter?" Ling Ran did not change his expression. He was used to being asked for favors on all kinds of things.

"Today, we had a gastroesophageal varices surgery. When we opened the abdomen, we found out that the patient had cirrhosis and started to bleed. We stuffed it with gauze, but the effect was not that good" Qiu Zhongren's expression was full of helplessness.

Liver surgeries were known for their complexity. Now, he did not even know the reason of the bleeding and dared not touch the liver. So, he could only quickly look for help from other sources.

This kind of intraoperative problem was no longer the same as a normal consultation. Qiu Zhongren made himself humble and said, "Doctor Ling, you are the liver surgery expert in our hospital. Can you come to the operating theater and help us take a look at this?"