Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 548

549 Ten Seconds Made Him A True Hero

Ling Ran had obtained the Skill Serum from a treasure chest after completing the Self-Improvement mission.

Compared to the Energy Serum he had obtained before that lasted for two hours, the small Energy Serum only lasted for ten seconds, a ridiculously insignificant period of time.

Even though there were so-called pivotal moments in every surgery, was there really any critical period that lasted for only ten seconds? After carrying out so many surgeries, Ling Ran had long since come to the realization that most pivotal moments were accidents.

This was because Ling Ran had not found the right time to consume the content of this small, purple bottle. For some time, Ling Ran actually felt that this small Skill Serum served no purpose other than to let him experience how it felt like to possess Legendary Level skills.

But after thinking through, Ling Ran decided that this was not the case.

This was because he had experienced how it felt like to possess Legendary Level skills before.

Even though it made him feel extremely empowered, Ling Ran did not think that he would be able to experience anything in ten seconds.

Even two hours were not enough for a person to thoroughly experience how it felt like to possess Legendary Level skills!

And at this moment, Ling Ran did not even need to think about it before coming to a conclusion.

Ten seconds were perfect for a person to confirm his judgment.

After Ling Ran consumed the small Skill Serum, his Master Level Hepatectomy was immediately elevated to Perfect Level. At the same time, his Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control and Perfect Level Hemostasis by Heat were elevated to Legendary Level.

Ling Ran only took one second to confirm his judgment. He nodded and immediately said, "The left lobe of his liver must be resected."




The doctors from the Digestive Surgery Department let out a cacophony of sound effects.

Ling Ran had no intention to explain things to them. The patient bled profusely. He had no time to explain things to them and ask for their agreement.

Ling Ran was only able to make such an accurate judgment because of the Skill Serum he just consumed. Without consuming the serum, even though he possessed Master Level Hepatectomy, Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, Perfect Level Hemostasis by Heat and experience in one hundred abdominal anatomical dissections, he would not have been able to make this decision with such resolution.

He did not expect those doctors from the Digestive Surgery Department to understand and agree with his decision.

Their hepatectomy skills were nonexistent.

Even the associate chief physician of the Digestive Surgery Department could not possibly have acted as the chief surgeon for a hepatectomy unless he had special experiences. He might have acted as an assistant for a hepatectomy when he was in the General Surgery Department, but that was all.

Ling Ran was extremely focused.

As he spoke, Ling Ran had already lifted the gauze. The moment he finished speaking, Ling Ran removed the gauze from the liver and exposed it.

As the hemorrhage started during an exploratory laparotomy, the doctors had expanded the incision on the abdomen to look for the bleeding point to the point that the incision was the size of a luggage bag. Blood flow of the hepatic blood vessels had also been stopped.

Ling Ran bravely placed his left hand below the liver before taking a scalpel and swinging it with another hand. He then raised his left hand and placed the left lobe of the liver on the blade of the scalpel. He utilized his Master Level Hepatectomy skills to separate the left lobe from the rest of the liver with both hands using nothing but blunt force.

The operating theater was so quiet that everyone inside felt like they were standing in a morgue at four in the morning.

"This" Associate Chief Physician Liu was so shocked that he was at a loss for words.

How shocked was he? It was as if he just saw a ghost. Who would have expected the doctor he asked for help from would place the patient's liver on the scalpel and pull off one of the lobes?

Even those who had drunk 141 ounces of Maotai would not believe it!

Meanwhile, Ling Ran swiftly returned the liver to the abdominal cavity and raced against time as he ligated the blood vessels and bile ducts. He tossed the left lobe of the patient's liver that he had just torn off onto a stainless-steel tray.

The left lobe of the patient's liver, which was the size of a child's fist, fell onto the stainless-steel tray with a thud, and this made everyone in the operating theater shudder.

Ten seconds later

Thirty seconds later...

One minute later...

Associate Chief Physician Liu's cracked lips parted, and he asked, "Did you cut it off just like that?"

"Ordinary hemihepatectomy takes one and a half hours, and we don't have enough time for that." Ling Ran had thought things through. Even though he only spent ten seconds doing so, the thoughts that ran through the minds of excellent doctors in ten seconds were more valuable than what a weak doctor could come up with after spending his whole life contemplating something.

"Erm" Associate Chief Physician Liu did not know what to say.

He was quite experienced, and he knew that when it came to emergency hepatectomy, it was very important that the surgeon was able to maneuver the scalpel in a quick and steady manner. He had also heard about legendary surgeons who only took around three or four minutes from the time they made an incision to the time the liver was resected to complete a hepatectomy.

Ling Ran neither had to make an incision nor stop the blood flow of the hepatic blood vessels. He also had a direct view of what was going on inside the abdomen. Moreover, he also had time to think things through and analyze the situation beforehand. But it was still extremely impressive that he was able to get it done in a few seconds.

By now, Ling Ran had already slowed down. The effect of the small Skill Serum was over in the blink of an eye.

However, for Ling Ran, who possessed Master Level Hepatectomy, the resection of the liver was the part that required the most analytic skills and perfect maneuvers. Now that the step was over, he merely had to carry out some miscellaneous tasks.

Ling Ran quietly got things done. He then turned and said, "Next, perform wound packing using gauze. When you guys are done with the surgery, send him to the ICU. The patient is quite old, and what happens next depends on his will to live. I'll leave the rest up to you guys."

Associate Chief Physician Liu hummed in acknowledgment and took the position of chief surgeon again. When he lowered his head, he saw that blood was no longer pooling in the abdominal cavity even though blood was still seeping out of the liver. This meant that the bleeding was successfully controlled.

Associate Chief Physician Liu watched as Ling Ran took off his gloves and surgical gown. Even though he wanted to say something, he did not do so in the end.

Even though the incident today was unfortunate, he was already thanking the stars that the patient did not die on the operating table.

"Thank you, Doctor Ling." Qiu Zhongren was being extremely respectful.

Since Liu Sixian was a senior associate chief physician, he had the right to silence. Qiu Zhongren, though, felt that he was obligated to say something.

To him, emergency hepatectomy itself was an extremely difficult procedure to pull off. He was really astonished that Ling Ran was able to get it done within a few seconds.

Ling Ran nodded slightly. He contemplated for a while and continued. "Let me know when the patient is sent to the ICU."

"Oh, okay." For a moment, Qiu Zhongren could not register what Ling Ran was saying. Every time a patient in their department was sent to the ICU, they would at most pay the patient a visit. They did not have the "bad habit" of giving medical advice to the doctors working in the ICU.

But since Ling Ran was extremely skillful, any bad habit of his could be excused.

Qiu Zhongren tried his best to scrunch up all the muscles on his face to flash Ling Ran the brightest smile. "Doctor Ling, I'll bring a bottle of Maotai tomorrow so that you can give a try of fresh Maotai-no, I meant aged Maotai. You should try some aged Maotai."

After Qiu Zhongren sent Ling Ran off, he thought about how he should make Associate Chief Physician Liu pay for the bottle of Maotai.

Zhang Anmin rushed out of the operating theater behind Ling Ran. By the time they arrived at the corridor, Zhang Anmin said in slight embarrassment, "Doctor Ling, the people in the Digestive Surgery Department are quite political. Associate Chief Physician Liu is very experienced and is extremely used to having things his way in his department. He's not actually a bad person. He just likes to show off how experienced he is, and he doesn't like to bow down"

"Wait." Ling Ran was savoring the surgery he had just carried out in his mind. He waved and cut Zhang Anmin off, since he found Zhang Anmin noisy.

Ling Ran only asked two minutes later, "What were you saying just now?"

Zhang Anmin said in a low voice as he gazed at Ling Ran, "Did you feel unhappy when you were in the operating theater just now?"

"No." Ling Ran thought about it. He was actually quite happy because he got to use the Skill Serum.

His chances of saving a life increased dramatically because of those ten seconds. For a doctor, it was an extraordinary experience.

Zhang Anmin froze for a moment. He carefully scrutinized Ling Ran's expression, and he realized that Ling Ran really did not seem affected by the atmosphere in the operating theater.

In reality, Ling Ran was still in high spirits after exiting the operating theater. He looked at the clock and said with a smile, "Give Yu Yuan another call. We'll proceed with the scheduled surgery."

"Oh, okay." Zhang Anmin immediately whipped out his phone and told Yu Yuan to wheel the patient who had been wheeled out of the operating theater back into the operating theater.

"Oh, by the way, do schedule a few cholecystectomies for the afternoon. I'm feeling pretty great today." Ling Ran who had just consumed a bottle was Energy Serum a few minutes back was feeling extremely energetic.