Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 550

551 Not Tired

At the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was Gao Meng, the pharmaceutical sales representative. He brought a bag of sugar oranges to the nurses' station. He first called out to the nurses before he put two sugar oranges on everyone's table. Then, he looked for the young nurse who was the easiest to talk to and asked, "Did you see Department Director He? How's his mood today?"

"Yo,Representative Gao, you finally decided to come to our department?" The old nurse at the back was quite nasty with her words. She was not happy when she saw the small oranges.

Gao Meng immediately turned around and asked for forgiveness, "Sister, it's all my fault. I rarely woke up this week because I was almost drunk every day. It's not that I don't want to come, but it's because I can't make it."

"I know that you're welcomed by most of the leaders."

"Sister, I'll get you an account for a movie streaming website tomorrow. You can just watch your Koreans drama. Please stop ridiculing me."

"That's a deal." The middle-aged lady gained the membership of a video streaming website that was worth about 10 RMB or 20 RMB with just a few words. She felt comforted, and she was no longer as imposing as before.

Gao Meng chuckled. The gifts brought by the pharmaceutical sales representative could be considered as part of their performance as well. Therefore, they should be more generous in giving gifts to the department director. They must try to work in a way where they must be willing to give their gifts as long as the other party was willing to accept their gifts. But they would need to exert control over the gifts given to the nurses. They could give more sugar oranges, but as for the membership for a movie streaming website, if they really wanted to offer it as a gift, the nurses must have helped him with a favor.

As compared to the old nurse who could extort pharmaceutical sales representatives to their limits, the young nurse who sat near the door was more naive. When Gao Meng finished talking with the old nurse, the young nurse reminded him kindly. "Department Director He has been sitting in the office for the whole afternoon, and he has not even come out yet."

Gao Meng's frail body swayed. "Does this mean that he's happy or unhappy?"

"I can't say, what if I said something wrong?" The young nurse was not dumb too, and she only offered him the information.

Gao Meng laughed and said, "How can that be? I only remember good information."

"Heh." The young nurse was quite immune to the sweet words from pharmaceutical sales representatives. They would listen if they wanted to, while they could also choose not to listen if they did not want to.

It was mainly because pharmaceutical sales representatives really could not dish out sincere comments, and as time passed, when doctors were corrupted by their words, the nurses would just stand by and watch with a clear mind.

Gao Meng could not do anything about it as well.

Since Gao Meng was standing at the nurses' station, he could not talk too much to the nurses. He smiled and wrapped his arm around his slightly hurting abdomen before he shifted to the doctor's office like a hyena that had shed all its fur.

*Knock, knock.*

Gao Meng knocked on the door.

After a few seconds, Gao Meng knocked on the door again. *Knock, knock, knock.*

"Come in," He Yuanzheng replied very quickly this time.

"Department Director He, I'm Gao Meng. I came to visit you." Gao Meng felt uneasy when he entered.

Gao Meng was not quite familiar with the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, mainly because he went to many departments, and the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was just a small department for him.

However, a small department was still a department. The standard drug usage was not any lesser. In Gao Meng's impression, He Yuanzheng was a middle-aged doctor who was rather quiet. Because He Yuanzheng was young, he spoke with his skills. He was not very outstanding as compared to the other senior department directors, therefore, Gao Meng did not have much of an impression regarding He Yuanzheng's situation with his job.

However, he had some impressions of He Yuanzheng's drinking condition. Now, if they were on the wine table, Gao Meng needed only three seconds in order to judge whether the director was truly drunk, pretended to be drunk, was partially drunk, or slightly drunk.

He Yuanzheng looked up and said, "Young Gao, is there anything you want?"

"Isn't it going to be a new year soon? I came over to see if you needed anything. Then, I can prepare some gifts for you. It's just a small gift, so I hope you don't mind." Gao Meng first passed over a small envelope, and he saw that He Yuanzheng's expression was no longer as cold as before.

"You guys are so kind." He Yuanzheng gently opened his drawer and used his hand to sweep the envelope into it. He raised his head and frowned subconsciously. He then said, "Young Gao, you know Department Director Huo too, right?"

"Department Director Huo from the Emergency Medical Center?" Gao Meng asked and tried to guess in his heart.

The relationship between department directors was extraordinarily complicated, so irrelevant people like pharmaceutical sales representatives dared not to interfere with it.

He Yuanzheng hummed.

"I meet Department Director Huo quite often too." Gao Meng smiled.

"How about Ling Ran? Have you seen him before?"

Gao Meng was stunned before he shook his head and said, "I have seen him before, but we did not really communicate in person."

"How about the Digestive Surgery Department?"

"We don't come into contact much either."

"Oh" He Yuanzheng spoke with a drawl and said, "Ling Ran performed an emergency hepatectomy at the Digestive Surgery Department today, did you know that?"

"Performed an emergency hepatectomy at the Digestive Surgery Department? The leap is quite big." Gao Meng laughed.

"Do you think it is funny?" He Yuanzheng looked unhappy.

"No, no" Gao Meng immediately said, "By the way, when I was here just now, I had a feeling that Doctor Ling should be coming over soon too."

He Yuanzheng stood up. "Feeling?"

"I saw many many patients' families rushing over, but they don't belong to this department." Gao Meng stopped for a while and said, "Our hospital has some young fans who are chasing after Ling Ran. You should know that, right?"

"What?" He Yuanzheng looked at Gao Meng as if he was a fool.

Gao Meng coughed and said, "Just like the fans of a celebrity."

He Yuanzheng came to a swift realization. "Ling Ran is more handsome than any celebrity."

Suddenly, He Yuanzheng did not want to talk with Gao Meng anymore. He opened the door and said, "Let's go and take a look."

Gao Meng obediently walked out of the door and followed He Yuanzheng closely.

Ling Ran did physical examinations for those patients who would be going for surgery later one after another in the ward area.

Even if they were all to receive cholecystectomy, different patients would have different conditions, and the difference in their bodies was also great.

If Ling Ran had Master Level Cholecystectomy or even Specialist Level Cholecystectomy, he would not need to spend time and effort in doing extra physical examinations. At that time, he would have an idea of the different conditions of the patients' gallbladders.

However, with Ling Ran's current level, physical examinations would be more beneficial.

Regardless of whether the patients were willing or not, they would just lie on the hospital beds and be examined by Ling Ran from their heads to their toes.

When He Yuanzheng came over, he was just in time to see Ling Ran doing a physical examination on the abdomen for an old man in a room.

"Doctor Ling, you aren't off work yet?" When He Yuanzheng saw Ling Ran, he subconsciously showed a smile.

"Yes," Ling Ran replied and said, "I plan to perform a few more surgeries in the afternoon."

"You still have a few more surgeries to perform, huh?" He Yuanzheng chuckled before he said, "I heard that you have just performed an emergency hepatectomy at the Digestive Surgery Department. Why don't you rest first?"

Ling Ran stared at He Yuanzheng and said, "Because I'm not tired at all."

He Yuanzheng hesitated for a few seconds before he smiled bashfully. "That's true. It's just for a few seconds. It's true that if you don't consume a lot of time and energy"

Ling Ran nodded and agreed with He Yuanzheng.

"Since you can already perform hepatectomy, you still want to perform cholecystectomy?" He Yuanzheng was a bit unhappy.

"Yes," Ling Ran replied with only one word this time.

His answer did not provide the explanation nor excuse that He Yuanzheng wanted to hear.

But when he thought about it in another manner, He Yuanzheng realized that Ling Ran did not need to explain to him about what surgery he wanted to perform and why he needed to perform the surgery!

"By the way, we're running short of operating theaters in our Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery over the next few days" He Yuanzheng could not help but get tongue-tied for a while.

It was clear that Ling Ran thought about this for a while before he asked, "Need any help?"

"No, I did not mean that" He Yuanzheng regretted his decision. 'What am I saying'