Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 555

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Yun Hua Hospital's gymnasium was made of four semi-open functional areas forming a hall, and there was a complete sauna and a bathroom.

Many doctors came to the gym, the main purpose was not to work out, but to bathe.

This was particularly the case for surgeons who were unable to go to the surgical floor yet needed to be on their shifts. They would often sit in the sauna naked and talk about medical records.

When Lu Wenbin went to the gym, he felt like he was going home. 

When he went to any place in any city, he first looked for a gym, just like how he would first look for a cyber cafe when he moved to a different place when he was a child. 

Lu Wenbin breathed in the air in the gym, even though the air was not fresh. He only felt that his mind was shocked awake, and his spirit was lifted to a higher level. 

"How are you planning to work out?" Lu Wenbin's voice was steadier than when he was standing at the operating table.

Ling Ran looked around and said, "Let's start with the treadmill."

"The treadmill is friendly to novices. However, since you've come all the way here, it's better to follow me to do strength training. We can spot each other. Let's practice on our arms today."

Ling Ran went with the flow and said, "Alright, I'll follow your workout schedule."

"Alright, alright." Lu Wenbin almost laughed out loud and said, "I am going to change. By the way, Doctor Ling, do you have a waist trainer?"

"No." Ling Ran shook his head.

Lu Wenbin said, "I have one extra, I'll bring it to you in a bit. Let's meet each other in the weights section."

Ling Ran gave his promise and went to prepare himself.

Lu Wenbin ran quickly into the locker room. He put on his full set of equipment, which will also mentally prepare his spirit. Then, he carried two waist trainers, walked out valiantly and went straight to the weights section.

The weights section... was overcrowded.

A few girls were seen holding a barbell without any bells while they performed doing some deadlifts, and they looked like Monkey Kings who had received Brazilian wax hair removal. 

There were a few girls leaning against the Smith Machine. There were girls on either side, and two of them sat in the middle. They were like girls who sat on a horizontal bar when they took medical leave during a physical education class.

There was a girl leaning against the bench of the leg press machine. She stepped against the machine limply. The other two girls standing next to her chatted with excitement like three hungry giant pandas.

As one of the four functional areas, the weights section of ​​Yun Hua's Hospital Gym had more than 1,076 square feet in area, which was larger than the weights section of ​​many commercial gyms.

Lu Wenbin usually focused on strength training. He spent the longest amount of time here, and he knew this place the most. 

However, he was familiar with an empty weights section and a weights section that was full of sweaty muscular men. But today's strength training zone…

"It's too fragrant here." Lu Wenbin could not help but rubbed his nose. "What the hell? How can one work out if it's so fragrant?"

"You've heard the news as well?" A man dressed in tights appeared beside Lu Wenbin.

Lu Wenbin felt that the voice was very familiar. When he turned around, he saw the wrinkled and bald old man, Zuo Cidian baring his arms and shoulders, his hairy legs, and knees. He also perfectly showed the curves in his body. 

"Urk... Old Zuo, what the heck are you doing?" Lu Wenbin's voice cracked. He looked as if he was dealt a mental blow.

Zuo Cidian chuckled and said, "I saw a lot of young nurses running to the gym, so I came over to see, you know? Look, heh... Young Lu, I didn't think you were this sort of person. Looks like there's a reason why you always hit the gym when you're free."

"The gym is not usually like this." Lu Wenbin wrinkled his nose again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A weights section without the stench of smelly sweat was like putting the spirit of fitness into the washing machine, and after washing it, not a single bit of its essence was left. 

"But it also indirectly proves that your training is effective." Zuo Cidian patted his stomach and patted Lu Wenbin's shoulder. He laughed."Your body is built well. I envy you, kid, if I have your body, I could get myself a girl at any moment."

Lu Wenbin did not want to look at Zuo Cidian's stomach while he was dressed in tight-fitting clothes. He averted his gaze and said, "It's not that simple to get hooked up."

"You train to get a girlfriend right?" Zuo Cidian looked around and smiled. "Or at the very least, for a boyfriend, right?"

"It's absolutely for a girlfriend!" Lu Wenbin stressed before he said, "Fitness is the improvement of oneself. When you have a fit body, finding a girlfriend is not a problem. I still lack practice. Last year, I saw someone who trained really well at a gym in Shanghai..."

Zuo Cidian did not want to listen anymore. He interrupted Lu Wenbin's words and said, "But you still don't have a girlfriend."

"It's not as if girlfriends are sent as gift cards by the gym. In fact, I am also puzzled," Lu Wenbin said helplessly, "If it were in the past, yes, I am a resident doctor who had no future. I had no car, no house, and no good background. But now, I'm different, I have a house, a car, and it's even a BMW, and look at me now in the end... I'm telling you, the current social orientation is wrong-I mean-value orientation."

"I understand." Zuo Cidian tugged his tights and looked at both sides before he said, "Well, I'm going to walk around, you can train by yourself first."

"Do you want to train together?"

"It's alright, I'm just going to casually walk on the treadmill for a while." Zuo Cidian took a few steps at a slow pace and looked around while walking.

Lu Wenbin's mouth twitched, and he whispered at a volume only he could hear, "The thing is called a treadmill for a reason."

Ling Ran also quickly changed his clothes and came to the weights section.

"There're many people here." Ling Ran looked around. There was almost no room for him to stand. 

Lu Wenbin hummed in agreement and said, "It's like a beehive."

"That's how a gym is like." Ling Ran smiled. "There are even more people in the sports arena."

Lu Wenbin looked at Ling Ran with a strange look before he coughed and said, "In any case, let's lift some dumbbells first."

Ling Ran nodded. "I'll listen to you when it comes to working out."

Lu Wenbin then took Ling Ran to lift some dumbbells. If there had not been people who came over constantly to ask for directions, the effect would have been better.

"Let's rest for a while." Lu Wenbin finished five sets with Ling Ran and stopped.

Ling Ran panted, and it actually felt pretty good.

The two of them stopped. Suddenly, there were many people passing by around them, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally.

Lu Wenbin glanced at the leg press machine and quickly said, "You rest first, I'm going to work on my legs as an extra."

As Lu Wenbin spoke, he hurriedly ran over and sat on the leg press machine before he let out a comfortable sigh. 

Lu Wenbin did not increase too much weight on the leg press machine. He did each set with a twenty-second interval in between, and very soon, he began sweating profusely. 

At this time, a young lady with a built but graceful body stared at Lu Wenbin's leg hair for a while before she came over and waited for Lu Wenbin to finish a set. She then said with a tender voice, "Hey, handsome, how do you use this machine? Can you teach me?"

Lu Wenbin looked up and saw a young lady wearing a sports bra. Her chest was big, and her waist was thin. She looked like a goddess.

Lu Wenbin secretly gasped in admiration and said, "Sorry, if it were on a normal day, I will definitely help, but I'm rushing for time today. I will need to practice my chest muscles for a while, and I don't have enough time."

Lu Wenbin sighed in his heart and thought, 'There's no other way. I'm still single. If I don't build my body, who knows when I can find a girlfriend.'

As Lu Wenbin spoke, he did another fifteen sets before he got up and gave up his position. He left without looking back. 

Zuo Cidian, who was just passing by, cast a profound look at Lu Wenbin's back.