Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 556

557 Scenery

Ling Ran followed Lu Wenbin for his workout for half an hour before he quickly left.

According to the equipment in the gym, the strength training area could originally accommodate fewer than twenty people. The facilities could not be used if more people squeezed into the area.

The area around Ling Ran was not crowded, but the whole entire area was crowded, and it made people annoyed.

On the contrary, wiping the barbell also made Ling Ran feel slightly uncomfortable.

"The gym is not quite suitable for me." Ling Ran got himself a cup of water before he drank all of it at once before he talked to Lu Wenbin, "There are too many people here, and I sweat too much."

"I admit that you will sweat a lot, but the number of people is Sigh, what else I can say?" Lu Wenbin looked at the women in the gym and felt speechless. He had been to many gyms before, and he had even come to the gym in the hospital several times, but this situation was really strange.

There had always been girls in the gym, but they would at least wear sneakers and sportswear, right?

Wearing spaghetti straps in the gym? Alright, it was quite useful.

Lu Wenbin gazed at the girls in the gym before he shook his head and said, "So unprofessional. Forget it, let's take a bath and go. Do you want to go to the sauna? It can improve your blood circulation."

"I'll go take a shower. I'll continue doing surgeries next." Ling Ran did not like crowded environments.

Lu Wenbin quickly said, "Then, I will go back and sleep after I shower."

He was really scared that Ling Ran would drag him along to perform surgeries overnight.

Ling Ran did not have that intention. He now had three resident doctors, one chief resident, and an attending physician in his team. From the scale of a treatment group, he could be considered worse off than the best, but better off than the ones who were inferior to his group.

There was no need for him to actually work his junior doctors until they were running about helter-skelter.

However, since participating in surgeries was the main method for junior doctors to learn, they would always participate in the surgeries while feeling pained and happy at the same time.

After Ling Ran took a simple bath, he changed to a new set of clothes and blew dry his hair before he stepped out of the dressing room.


"How can someone be that handsome?!"

"Doctor Ling Just showered! Oh my god, I'm dying"

A group of people sat in a circle in the main hall, and they automatically formed an audience group while they stared at the Ling Ran who just came out.

Some people took out their phones and snapped photos, some talked to the friends beside them to reduce the awkwardness, while some opened their mouths but said nothing.

The ones with the most exaggerated responses were a few women and men, who held the single-lens reflex cameras and kept pressing on the shutter without releasing it. Only the shutter sounds that sounded like someone firing a gun at slow-motion were heard.

A young man suddenly walked out from behind Ling Ran. He was trembling when he saw the scenario in front of him. He staggered out of the crowd's line of sight.

Naturally, there were not many people who cared about his existence.

Everyone stared at Ling Ran who had just showered while there was still steam wafting off his body.

"Once I go to the gym, the feeling I have is different from what I have in the gym."

"Maybe it is hotter in the gym."

"Maybe it is the testosterone. Wow, the air is filled with Doctor Ling's testosterone. It makes me feel that he's so handsome when I think about it."

Ling Ran always behaved coldly toward the strangers who surrounded him to watch him.

He did not find himself averse to it. After all, he got used to it already.

Ling Ran nodded his head very gently before he took his bag and headed to the operating theater.

When he came out of the door, he heard a shout ahead of him, "Doctor Ling!"

"Tian Qi." Ling Ran raised his head and saw Tian Qi waving her hand in the corridor.

Tian Qi wore a green long dress, along with a white T-shirt and green jacket, which made her look young and mischievous. She looked extremely unique.

"Doctor Ling, did you go to the gym?" Tian Qi smiled faintly and looked at Ling Ran.

"Too many people," Ling Ran said.

"Just in time Let's go for tea," Tian Qi said, "I've asked people to send some mineral water and all kinds of tea leaves over here."

"Okay." Ling Ran looked at the bag in his hands and thought about whether he should put it back or not.

When Tian Qi saw that, she smiled and said, "Just put it in the car, we can just drink in the car."

"Drink in the car?"

"I put a tea table in one of the recreational vehicles. The mineral water is in the car too. So, we can drink tea while the scenery around us changes. If you want to look at the sea, we can look at the sea. If you want to look at the mountains, we can look at the mountains."


During the night, Ling Ran went back to the ward area when he was full of tea and got ready for the ward round while he was full of energy.

There were fewer doctors who went for ward rounds at midnight. Ling Ran paid a visit to the patients who would undergo cholecystectomy tomorrow to increase the fault tolerance rate of the surgery.

There were usually a few doctors who worked on shift in the specialist department at night. The presence of attending physicians as first-string doctors was enough to tell just how large the department was.

There was only a resident doctor and a houseman who worked on the night shift in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Both of them were focused on writing medical records before someone knocked on the door to their office.

"Doctor Ling is here." The nurse reminded in low voice.

"Now?" The resident doctor was confused.

"Doctor Ling is here to do a physical examination on the patients who will undergo cholecystectomy tomorrow. Hurry up." The nurse urged them to make a move.

"Let me check their information first." The resident doctor quickly opened the electronic medical record and glanced through the information of a few patients who would go for cholecystectomy before he ran to the ward.

Ling Ran waited quietly outside the door.

Without the patient's information and his or her doctor-in-charge, it was meaningless for him to perform a physical examination for the patient. Furthermore, efficiency would also be very low.

After the resident doctor ran over while stumbling, Ling Ran nodded and knocked on the door before he entered.

"Hello, ward round." Ling Ran said the systematic content before he followed the procedure to do a ward round for the patient.

His physical examination was also carried out systematically. His Specialist Level Physical Examination would be more than enough for the cholecystectomy-related checks.

Ling Ran did not use any weird poses or body positions to perform the check. He just used simple physical examination methods and did them accordingly. But during the time he performed the physical examination, Ling Ran kept thinking in his mind.

He integrated the patient's biological and chemical indices to make judgments on the patient's liver condition and heart condition as well as made guesses on the patient's body structure because he knew that no two leaves were identical, and no two humans would be exactly the same.

While everyone basically had the same internal structure from their organs to their blood vessels, yet they were largely different as well.

At normal times, it might not matter by much. However, during the surgery, if the blood vessels could not be found in the place it should be found, or places without blood vessels started to bleed, it would eventually kill the patient.

For cholecystectomy, the main difficulty would be to identify the location of the cystic artery.

If Ling Ran put in a broader scope, this meant that he had to identify the Calot's triangle.

For a cholecystectomy, if the Calot's triangle could be found and if the common bile duct and cystic duct could be identified and titanium clips were used to intercept the cystic artery, the major problem in the surgery would be solved.

Ling Ran, who had 170 anatomical dissection experiences, possessed a great advantage on this point alone.

The preoperative physical examination was also meant to reinforce his advantage.

The resident doctor and houseman who came later felt slightly baffled. They only saw that Ling Ran did things in a mechanical way, just like someone whose job was to carry bricks.

"That's all?"The houseman complained softly, "Could it be that he can't sleep at night?"

The resident doctor trembled before he looked around. His slightly muddled mind instantly snapped awake. He looked at the houseman with a murderous look and asked, "Do you think that your work in this rotation is too easy, so you're trying to make things difficult for yourself?"

The houseman slowly turned his neck around and looked at the two nurses behind him, who were taking photos of him.

"I" The houseman was rendered speechless.

"Don't worry." The young nurse who followed behind them waved and said, "You will only be out after three strikes."