Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 557

558 Waiting For A Level Up

Within the 24-inch screen was a red liver. It could be seen at the bottom, and the ligamentum flavum of the bile duct was at the top.

If anyone used forceps to lift the liver, the swollen gallbladder in the color of braised pork with chestnuts could be seen, and it was in the shape of a kiwi.

This was the Calot's triangle. For an experienced surgeon, once he found the Calot's triangle, the surgery was partially successful. Naturally, the Calot's triangle could also be easily found in a normal person. Therefore, cholecystectomy could be considered as a simple surgery.

The doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery were not the only ones who knew how to perform cholecystectomy. The doctors from the General Surgery Department or surgeons from other departments could also handle the gallbladder.

Even some housemen who had performed their initiation surgeryappendectomyand were lucky enough would have started handling the gallbladder.

However, even though it was easy to do it, it was not easy to do it well.

Even the simplest thing like how long the bile duct should be retained was very crucial, and the handling of the parts that suffered through adhesion would directly affect the quality of the prognosis.

What Ling Ran demanded would definitely not be to merely perform his cholecystectomy at the level of a normal doctor who was transferred from another department.

This usually made his surgeries become more serious and quiet.

Correspondingly, doctors who worked as his assistants, which were Zhang Anmin and Lu Wenbin, would chat as hard as they could.

It was extremely boring to be the assistant of laparoscopic surgery. If they did not talk, they would have been so depressed that they might end up lying on the operating table.

Once Ling Ran completed one surgery, he would move on to another one, and he would basically not rest between the surgeries.

Now that there were more chances for him to become a freelance surgeon, he spent less time at Yun Hua Hospital. Therefore, he naturally needed to increase his daily surgery time to complete the same number of surgeries

It was not easy to accumulate the number of cholecystectomy for a week. It would be a waste if the surgeries were not finished because of the time.

"If we finish this surgery, it would be the tenth for today." Lu Wenbin felt that his back and legs were more tired than doing one hundred squats. He said as he trembled, "Old Zuo will be your assistant next."

"Yes," Ling Ran replied before he said, "Go back and have a good rest."

"Um Doctor Ling, are you not going to get some rest?" Lu Wenbin looked at Ling Ran's unnaturally handsome look and was very puzzled by how energetic he was.

Ling Ran said faintly, "Didn't I go to sleep between the surgeries?"

There was always a gap between one surgery and the next. Having no gap in between surgeries was something that would only exist in a person's imagination. Sometimes, when Ling Ran reached the operating theater and found out that the surgery was not prepared yet, he would lie down on the floor and sleep for a while to recover his energy.

Even though he had many Energy Serums, he still needed to save as many as possible.

The doctors always slept in the operating theater. Lu Wenbin had also slept in the operating theater before, so he had the right to speak, "How can those few minutes be counted? That will not make you last."

Ling Ran pursed his lips. He knew it was hard to be explained things, and besides, he did not need to provide any explanation.

Lu Wenbin could only sigh in admiration and say again, "Doctor Ling, sometimes you also need to sleep. If you end up getting sick"

"Yes" the scrub nurse who was helping shouted.

The circulating nurse also came to a sudden realization. "Yes. We can't let Doctor Ling continue doing surgeries anymore. Last year, there was someone from the Department of Anesthesiology who died of overwork."

"Bah! Bah! Bah!" the scrub nurse said angrily, "Don't say nonsense. Doctor Ling is too handsome, so he won't die."

Lu Wenbin quietly looked at the two nurses who were arguing, and he felt that his concern toward Ling Ran was really unnecessary.

There were too many people who were concerned about him.

He raised his head to look at Ling Ran again, and Ling Ran's face seemed to be surrounded by a halo under the light from the shadowless lamp.

"The clip is off." Ling Ran's words snapped Lu Wenbin out from his imagination.

"Urk, it has already been separated?" As Lu Wenbin watched Ling Ran's operation, he could not help but say, "Doctor Ling, you're much faster than your previous operations."

"Yes, I'm almost around Specialist Level." Ling Ran also made some judgments on his own status.

When he said this, Ling Ran thought in his mind that he did not know how many more cholecystectomy surgeries he would need in order to reach Specialist Level.

As he thought, a system notification popped out in front of Ling Ran.

[Mission: Self-Improvement]

[Mission Details: Achieve Specialist Level in Cholecystectomy.]

[Reward: Physical Examination (Master Level)]

Ling Ran could not help but quirk his eyebrows.

He would not find it strange if a mission suddenly popped out.

However, it was slightly more impressive when a Master Level Physical Examination popped out.

A high-level physical examination skill was the most efficient tool in performing diagnoses.

Ling Ran suddenly became excited. He told Lu Wenbin, "Focus and complete the last surgery, then you can clock off work."

"Oh Okay!" Lu Wenbin had his spirits boosted, and he looked at the two young nurses, smiled, and said, "I drive alone, if anyone of you needs a ride, you may follow us."

"Can we all fit?"

"Sure. My BMW 5 Series has wide front and back seats."

"Then, my boyfriend and I will sit there." The scrub nurse registered herself and her boyfriend for the ride.

The circulating nurse also raised her hand. "Send me to South Gate Square, please. My husband will come and pick me up."

Lu Wenbin was stunned. "All of you already have partners, huh?"

"Yes. I've been married for two years." The circulating nurse nodded.

The scrub nurse smiled and asked, "Are you saying that your car only picks up single ladies?"

Lu Wenbin immediately laughed foolishly. "How can that be?"

If he dared say it, he could guarantee that no single ladies would want to sit in his car in the future.

Although there was none now, humans must always have some hope, right?

Ling Ran was not listening to the conversation between these people.

The progress of his surgery was smooth, and there were no abnormal situations until the end.

Once he took out the gallbladder from the belly button, Ling Ran looked at the patient's condition again before he left the rest for Lu Wenbin.

Two nurses started to make calls while waiting for Lu Wenbin to complete the surgery.

Ling Ran washed his hands again and drank a bottle of Energy Serum before he changed to another operating theater.

The assistant who was on night shift duty was Zuo Cidian. Although he was in his forties, a resident doctor would always be a resident doctor. If Ling Ran really wanted to take care of him and let him skip his shifts, other people would need to bear more work.

It did not really matter to Zuo Cidian. Since he did not have a wife, he would go for night shifts if he had to do so

Both of them stayed up late and performed surgery until two in the morning. When Ling Ran was thinking about whether he should drink a bottle of Energy Serum, both of their phones rang at the same time.

"Something happened." Zuo Cidian's big brain was activated by the ringtone, so he quickly picked up the phone and said, "Hello"

A few seconds later, Zuo Cidian lowered his phone from his ear and pressed on the loudspeaker.

"The ambulances will reach in ten minutes. Everyone in the Emergency Department, please get ready to receive the ambulances. It's a large accident, and at least seven people are seriously injured!"

Zuo Cidian hung up and looked at Ling Ran before he said, "Doctor Ling, do you know what that means?"

"We need to complete the cholecystectomy in ten minutes?" Ling Ran replied.

Zuo Cidian shook his head. "You are the only second-string doctor in the Emergency Medical Center now. Tonight, the resuscitation belongs to you."