Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 558

559 Improvemen

"Focus and finish up this surgery first." Ling Ran raised his head to glance at the clock on the wall and said to the nurse, "Set the countdown timer to six minutes."

Ling Ran reserved some time for himself to run over to the Emergency Department as well as freshen up.

"Countdown start. Six minutes," the nurse immediately said.

The nurses in the operating theater were very well-trained too. They perked up, and even the atmosphere in the operating theater had become different because of this.

The circulating nurse picked up the phone in the operating theater and called the Emergency Department. She said solemnly, "Doctor Ling is with us now. He's in the middle of a cholecystectomy. Yes."

After the circulating nurse hung up, she said to Ling Ran, "Only three resident doctors and two housemen are on night shift today in the Emergency Department. All the second-string doctors have gone home. They'll probably be back in one and a half hours. Wow, this young man's really gutsy."

The scrub nurse praised the patient too. "I can't believe that he waited until it's so swollen to seek medical help. Well, I guess young men nowadays are really strong."

"How strong is his horsepower? Hm?"

"Hey, Doctor Ling's here." The young nurse blushed a little. Unlike usual, she did not feel like telling dirty jokes.

Zuo Cidian waited for a few seconds, and when he saw that no one else was saying anything interesting, he said, "Doctor Ling, do you want me to call Zhang Anmin over to finish up the cholecystectomy? Since the second-string doctors of the Emergency Department are not around, I think that it's better that we head over as soon as possible."

Deep down inside, Zuo Cidian hoped that Ling Ran could direct the other doctors in administering emergency treatment.

Ling Treatment Group put the least focus on administering emergency treatment. Zuo Cidian felt like Ling Ran would be able to change other doctors' opinions of him if he were to direct other doctors in administering emergency treatment in a few major cases.

Ling Ran, though, glanced at the screen and said, "Let's finish up the cholecystectomy first. Zhang Anmin wouldn't be able to make it here within half an hour. Hmm... call a doctor from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery who's on night shift over."

Calling over a doctor on shift from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was exactly what Zuo Cidian hated to do the most. Unfortunately, he did not know how to perform cholecystectomy. Even though he wanted to say no, he had no choice but to nod and say, "How could the second-string doctor go home just like this? And isn't one and a half hours a bit too long?"

Because of the operation model of Yun Hua Hospital, the best part about being a second-string doctor was that one got to go home at night. In other words, when a doctor ceased being a first-string doctor in their department, it could be considered that they had made it in life.

Even though they still needed to be on the night shift, they got a lot more freedom and were required to do a lot less.

Most of the time, second-string doctors got to sleep through the night even though they were on the night shift. Other people would only wake them up when the first-string doctors were unable to settle a case.

Ever since the Emergency Medical Center was established, second-string doctors were needed at night fewer than five days a month. And as there were quite a few second-string doctors, each of them only needed to stay up at night around once or twice a month. This was not really a burden.

Zuo Cidian, who was holding the laparoscope, could not help but ramble, "Who is this second-string doctor who stays so far away? Who the heck stays one and a half hours away from their workplace?"

"His surname is Zhao," The nurses of the operating theater were not familiar with ordinary doctors who worked in the Emergency Department. After all, the Emergency Department had its own operating theaters, and they did not usually perform surgery on the operating floor.

Zuo Cidian had a sudden realization.

"Hey, spill the beans." A nurse yelled out loud when she saw Zuo Cidian's expression.

"Nothing much." As Zuo Cidian spoke, he flashed a wan smile. "He has a wife."

The scrub nurse nodded. "So, he takes half an hour to get out of bed?"

"Are you looking down on him?" Zuo Cidian started giggling.

"Not including the time he takes to shower and put on clothes."

"Eh?" Zuo Cidian arched an eyebrow. 'Are all of the women nowadays so demanding?'

"Prepare the titanium clips." Ling Ran totally ignored their conversation.

Zuo Cidian could not help but say in astonishment, "That was quick."

"I feel like I work quicker when I'm focused." Even though Ling Ran was racing against time, he felt that things were going more smoothly than usual.

He thought about it, and he realized that ever since he started carrying out cholecystectomy, he had never felt this kind of urgency.

Even though he tried to carry out as many surgeries as possible every day, Ling Ran was slower than usual when it came to cholecystectomy as he took his skill level and the fault tolerance of cholecystectomy into consideration.

Ordinarily, this would bring about a better outcome. However, for Ling Ran, he kind of felt like he lacked the necessary drive when he did so.

It was just like how it was hard for a student who was not under the pressure to study for his college entrance examination to unleash his full potential. And unless an athlete was not facing competition from other athletes who were around his level, it was hard for him to be at his best. And a rabbit ran the fastest when it was being chased by a dog.

Compared with the patients receiving scheduled surgery in the operating theaters, of course, the accident patients in the Emergency Department had to be prioritized.

However, rather than letting a resident doctor from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery take over, Ling Ran preferred to finish up the surgery by himself if he could.

Ling Ran had carried out quite a lot of cholecystectomy. Truth be told, if a person were to look only at the numbers, Ling Ran had performed a lot of cholecystectomies. It was one of his most-performed surgery among all the surgical methods he knew.

It was just that his progress was slower as he had to start from the beginning of the skill tree.

As he was racing against time, the sense of urgency forced Ling Ran to focus even more than usual. Since he had a clear aim right now, he was able to make swift judgments.

"I'm done. Do finish it up for me." Ling Ran only took five minutes to remove the gallbladder.

"Alright, sure. I'll take it from here." Zuo Cidian immediately took over.

Truth be told, even though he had witnessed greater feats from Ling Ran, he was still quite astonished to see Ling Ran who was a novice in cholecystectomy performing so well.

"I'll head to the Emergency Medical Center now. Do seek out the doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery if there's a problem," Ling Ran said and exited the operating theater. He took off his surgical gown and gloves as he walked.


That was when a notification from the system appeared.

[Mission completed: Self-Improvement]

[Mission Details: Achieve Specialist Level in Cholecystectomy]

[Mission Reward: Physical Examination (Master Level)]

Ling Ran could not help but ask the system, "I have achieved specialist level in cholecystectomy?"


"So, I possess Master Level Physical Examination now? Can I start using it immediately?"


Ling Ran could not help but break into a run.

He might even be able to put it to use right now.

In the middle of the night, urgent footsteps rang out from one of the corridors in Yun Hua Hospital. Even those from far away could hear it.

When one of the patients who had stayed up late heard the footsteps, he could not help but tremble violently as he stared at the flickering yellow light on top of him. He peed himself and farted loudly at the same time. He even shat himself a little.

"I farted! That's awesome, I farted!" The patient was extremely happy. He immediately ran back to the room and told another person in a hushed tone.

"I told you that your recovery is going well. You don't have to worry anymore.

"I'm not worried. What's there to worry about?" The patient laughed out loud for a bit. He then rose vigilantly and said, "Oh yeah, can you give me some tissue paper? I want to try it out again."